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The solution to all your Japanese fangames troubles are in this very thread! Links provided.
Implying you read it carefully and do stuff consequtively. Otherwise, it's your problem.
Still post here if something doesn't work.

There we go:

1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system - what the hell are you doing in /fg/ without that anyway?..
In case you're still here w/out it:
But you most probably have it already.

2) Install Applocale - it works both for XP and Win7.
There is also a patch and some register keys on the same page, install'em all. Well, when you read that page, it's all pretty obvious.

3) Install Japanese RTP with Applocale - if you've installed all the stuff for AppLoc from the step above, you have to just right-click the RTP installer and click "Locale Japanese". DO NOT LAUNCH IT WITHOUT APPLOCALE.

4) Install 7-Zip
This is critical to success! WinRar won't do, it messes up Japanese chars regardless of locale. Most of the time.

5) Run 7-Zip with Applocale - right-click on 7zFM.exe, choose "Locale Japanese". YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT JAPANESE LOCALED EVERY TIME YOU LAUNCH 7-ZIP!

See second post for further instructions.


6) Unpack your fangame with your Applocaled 7-Zip.
You might also need to rename your fangame folder to some English or numeric name if your fangame folder name is in Japanese/scrambled symbols. And for God's sake, make the path to your fangame short, e.g. D:/fg/flow

7) In case there's no executable file in the freshly unpacked fangame folder, download RPG_RT.exe
http://www.mediafire.com/?mmk32nn2jtm) and put it into fangame directory

9) Run RPG_RT.exe with Applocale

9a) If you still got shit and errors, go to CharSet folder inside your fangame folder, copy and paste ANY .png you find there and rename the copy into 乗り物.


Dead link for RPG_RT.exe, here's working one: http://www.mediafire.com/?2fxi353ishdzj36


>>229 Ah, thank you! Solved most of my problems.


Actually those who have windows 7 doesn't need Applocale as long their non-unicode is set to Japanese.

But i dont know if this works with vista since I only have windows 7 Starter and Home Premium and both worked prefectly!


Oh you.


Shouldn't this be bumped forever?


By the way, mods, wouldn't it be natural to sticky this?




rpg2000 japanese RTP won't install for me.


Are you sure you tried to install it according to my instructions? Also, screens, please.


File: 1319780431212.jpg (35.2 KB, 484x453, 1298193827883.jpg)

What the hell did I take my time to write all this for? For you /fg/tts to ask your same old "derp won't launch herp" questions ANYWHERE but here? Dammit, Uboachan, why so stupid?


File: 1319834017798.jpg (55.84 KB, 380x328, NOFUCKTHIS.jpg)

OP is a god.
Thank you.
I came buckets.


So is >>1323 OP too? If he is, then first it's strange to see him not using his name, and second he's acting a bit boohoo on this one.
Well I'll pester some mod to sticky this on IRC or something.
Until then we'll just bump this.
(ohey, I applied for mod o.o I guess this is on my "to-do-list", if I'm not selected I'll just bug one of the others on IRC)


File: 1319890024207.jpg (64.97 KB, 540x593, 80f1b64ae6a76c1b6c4dba40c7….jpg)

Oh well, I am prone to butthurt and occasional name absence. Anonymous imageboards are anonymous.
Thanks anyway, stickyness would make sure my tedious research was not in vain.

You mean it worked for you?

And I think I broke my tripcode, too


File: 1319895203372.jpg (29.7 KB, 319x418, 1319750613860.jpg)

Was just passing through, saw this. No reason not to sticky, I think. It'll most likely be useful to someone down the road. Thanks for the contribution, Perverse.


i keep getting an error for a game that says file system2c cannot be opened. I have the renamed png, I unzipped it with 7zip, I used applocale.. I'm not sure what the issue is.




So i followed all the instructions up to step 5 and I tried opening a fangame with 7-zip and whenever i try and open it up a black console box quickly opens up and closes, saying something about (c) (yyyy) 7-zip). I think i saw an inquiry about this once but I think it's very old and i cant find it. Help?


Oh heres the problem i tried opening it with the 7-zip console application instead of the file manager -_- I'm not proud of myself…
Also i should leave this here incase anybody else has the same problem, I guess.


This might be the problem with differences between RPG2000 RTP and RPG2003 RTP. What fangame was it?


i am a bit confused about step 9a) rename .pngs

so my charset folder has a lot of pngs in it, am i making a copy of every file and adding "乗り物" into the filename or am i making a "乗り物" folder with copies of all those files inside of it. if that is the case, where does that folder go ect…


Basically, you just need 1 .png with the specified name in the specified folder, that's it.


I'm having trouble with Applocale, my computer won't read it and I pretty much tried everything I searched on google.


>won't read it
Details, please?


File: 1320600895144.png (15.84 KB, 398x301, applocpic.png)

Every time I try to download I get this message, but when I click 'run' nothing happens. I even tried using CMD to make it work but it's still unresponsive… I'm not sure if I have the correct program for the file to be read


Woah, what kind of Windows is that? Anyway, try all kinds of compatibility options or something.


It's Windows 7 :( Any suggestions on what I should do with the compatibility options?


Well, try running it as an admin. Try WinXP SP2/3 compatibility, too. Well, try putting the file itself somewhere else. Try downloading AppLoc from Microsoft site.


File: 1320818948247.jpg (16.96 KB, 373x224, 13196846.jpg)

>>1514 (from the locked helpthread)

Thing is is that nobody has ever said that. I've checked all the threads on this board as well as the help threads on the old board. It's either an answer to that certain picture solution or a "fuck you go find it yourself" which doesn't help anything. Whereas you actually provided an answer. I don't read Japanese and the pop-up box doesn't allow me to copy its text for translation. I didn't know those characters had to do with a name error. I'd just figured they had to do with that missing vehicle file because it always seemed that way.

Anyway my error was posted before this was stickied so I'll be re-posting it. I take it something is corrupted? What am I suppose to do?

This is with Sickmind. I already have the vehicle files in there (both English and Japanese) and made sure to unzip with 7-zip.


>You might also need to rename your fangame folder to some English or numeric name if your fangame folder name is in Japanese/scrambled symbols. And for God's sake, make the path to your fangame short, e.g. D:/fg/flow

Have you tried this? Also, more info, please.


File: 1320905033871.jpg (92.66 KB, 805x605, fg path.jpg)


Nope still nothing. As you can see the folder is in English and the path to it is super simple

what other information would you need?


Woah, for now I'm stuck. Oh, I know - highlight the error window, press Ctrl+C (it should do the usual "chime" sound), then paste to Google Translate and see what the problem is. We'll go from there.



Google: Can not open file monster
Excite: File The monster 1 does not open

and Atlas says roughly the same thing about some monster 1 file


Well, is there such a file in the folder? If not, I'd recommend redownloading.


File: 1321033429896.png (83.5 KB, 778x568, thumbsfile.png)


There is a folder called monster in the sickmind folder. It has a thumbs file in it.

I've re-downloaded it at least 4 times from as many sources as I can possibly find (which seems to be only 2 maybe 3). I got mine from this post >>178 and there are two other links in the sickmind thread on the old board too that I used. After I upzip them they're all the same and none of them work for me. I get the same error from all of them.

Maybe it would be possible for somebody whose game does work to upload their game and see if it's any different from what I've been downloading.


There is no モンスター1 file in sickmind which means its a default file included in the rtp, which means your rtp was installed wrong


This. Did you follow the instructions at all?



I'll go back and recheck if I did. It's weird every other fangame I have works fine except for this one and I've never ever had a problem playing other Japanese games :/

Also I'm getting problem loading errors when I try to download the Japanese RTP in #3 can't really do anything if it's not letting me download it


There's always Google for download.


>Downloads NJ like every other fangame.
>Extracts it in Japanese like every other fangame.
>Launches it in Japanese like every other fangame
>Doesn't work.


>implying NJ is N'oubliez Jamais

Made by a Russian in English. Any more questions as to why it does not work in Jap locale?


Does anyone have a working copy of Yume Shosen Moso? I'm used to installing fangames, but I've hit the "Can't open _____ file" error multiple times with this game. I know a tiny bit of Japanese and the files the game is looking for don't seem to be there at all.


Gimme your copy, I'll see what I can do.


I've been downloading the patched version from here: http://loda.jp/henatyoko/

The only other thing I did to my copy was add the 乗り物 file and a file called 宇宙.png that I got a not found error for when I first entered the nexus


Oh, THAT game… It's heavily bugged AFAIK, so no wonder. Play something else (no, really).


If you want to go through the trouble, you could screenshot all your files or you could just email me and I could send you my copy. I've downloaded it a few times, as have my friends, and it has never been buggy. It's got to be my favorite fangame, but it's up to you if you want me to help you trouble shoot it.


If you have a working copy, why don't you upload it and post it in /media/ or something so that all of us can get it?


File: 1322774454500.png (68.44 KB, 653x515, help.png)

Problem loading error in Dream Number? It happens whenever I try to use an effect, which is problematic for obvious reasons.


Try this version http://www.mediafire.com/?arudtm2haa92lqd I searched all through the files but couldn't find a file by that name, and going to that area doesn't crash for me


File: 1323365393606.png (35.66 KB, 654x517, error gnfdujhdg.png)

I get this error every time I try to run the fangame "Me", what do?


Create such file with .png extension in System folder.


Wait what. How do I do that? I'm a complete retard when it comes to this kind of stuff


Gee, get a grip, you're in /fg/, you are required to have that knowledge by default.
Find a "System" folder in your fangame folder or something. There you should see a "system.png". Just copy it, paste in the same folder, rename it to "system2c.png", see if that works.


Apologies if this has been posted before.

I'm having troubles playing Yume Nisshi. I extracted the files, added the vehicle file (w/ moonspeak characters), and played it, but I get an error if I get past the title screen.

Am I missing something here?



Please perform the actions in the specified post .


File: 1323823638056.bmp (83.23 KB, 225x126, error444.bmp)

Here is the error I'm getting.

It appears to be a missing file error. I just don't know what file I'm missing.


You should translate that with Google Translate.



Can't do that… there's no way to highlight the text on the error message.


Jesus. Have you read the post? CLOSELY? Re-read it and THEN post again.


Wow, OK, you don't need to get all worked up about it.

Anyways, I found out that Ctrl+A worked, and the error message apparently says "Chip opened the file room."

OK, I guess the program can't read the name of the room chipset, so I have to rename it, is this correct?


Actually, disregard that, I found the problem and I fixed it.

(I wasn't using an AppLocaled 7-Zip to extract the files)


Glad to hear. %%Yup, I'm quick on anger%%


I'm having a problem trying to play Hallucigenia. Everytime a click the RPG_RT.exe with Applocale I get a RPG_RT.lmt error. a.k.a I can't play the game.


I get a RPG_RT.lmt error when trying to open the .exe of Hallucigenia. Help


File: 1324238664464.png (299.77 KB, 1600x900, Help.png)

Here the screen.


Check the name of the folder.
Now look at the sixth step of the solution.
Now back at the name of your folder.
OP is now enraged beyond all limits.


File: 1324483301318.jpg (104.03 KB, 397x301, 120.jpg)


Andy García, la "i" con tilde es un carácter especial. Estás jodido, porque tu usuario se llama así. La única solución sería cambiar tu nombre de usuario o poner la carpeta de Hallucigenia en el escritorio.


File: 1324585513013.png (22.15 KB, 467x171, welp3.2.png)

Whoops it's me again kinda forgot about this, and went to start from step 1 and by step 2 I'm already done in. Apparently Applocale wants nothing to do with me and my computer.

I downloaded the file from the source I was suppose to. What the hell went wrong??


Woah. Try running it in compatibility modes, all possible combinations.



You have to run command prompt as an administrator and install applocale that way.


File: 1328373042796.jpg (164.27 KB, 1280x800, whatdo.jpg)

This happened. WHAT DO I DO?


If that what you trying to japlocale-launch is the installer of the 7-Zip,


WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. I do not recall writing that in my guide.

if else, then



Because people keep saying they get an error that says they are missing the system2c file,


You people getting errors need to check the goddamn help thread first.


I followed every step, but when I try to launch the Japanese RTP, I get an error message about my computer not having the supported language, and I don't have my startup disc for XP. Am I just screwed or is there anything I can do?



The link in step 1 the Japanese language pack for XP, isn't it? Are you sure you both downloaded and installed that?


Yes, I installed that first and it said it installed successfully, but I still get the language error message when I try to install the RTP.



Hmm, are you running the RTP either with Applocale set to Japanese, or the computer's language switched to Japanese? Cause you should be doing it one of those ways.

Also, did you restart your PC after installing the language pack? Not sure this is necessary, but it might be, and sure doesn't hurt.


Well I tried restarting; AppLocale is set to Japanese, but my computer won't let me change ANY language setting without a startup disk. And in case you're wondering, yes I'm on a pirated copy of XP.

I've already got .flow and Answered Prayers, are there any more fangames I can play that don't require Japanese?



Well, you may be able to find an .iso of the windows XP startup disc for download somewhere, then use that, though if it's not working even with applocale set to japanese, then I'm not sure that'd help any.

As for Non-Japanese fangames, pretty much anything created by people on these boards ends up using the English version of RPG maker. There's too many to list, so I'd suggest taking a look at the following thread:

It's usually not too hard to tell whether a FG's something made here or a Japanese one someone's posting if you read the first few posts.


File: 1330721768248.jpg (157.77 KB, 1366x768, nisshi.jpg)

Does Nisshi English need AppLocale?


File: 1330992004111.png (222.36 KB, 1600x837, help.png)

Help me out here guys, maybe I'm just lame, but all I get is this error message. I'm pretty sure I ran everything like this thread says…



According to this error message, you're missing the RPG Maker 2000 RTP.


Alright, iderp. How do I fix this little problem?



1. Download the RPG maker 2000 RTP (Link in step 3 of >>229)


And that should be it! Pretty simple, huh?


Just thought I'd say this here, if you get an error saying something like "RPG2000???????????" or whatever,

You can _try_ opening the rpg_rt.config and putting "FullPackageFlag=1" at the bottom, and see if that works.


In the first place, if you get the ?????? stuff, you've fucked up with either the installation of RTP or the path to your game. Not to mention you should actually get japanese character instead of those question mark, so you basically must've fucked up with the AppLocale.
No need to lead people astray.


I once got the error and fixed it by putting the FullPackageFlag=1 line in the config file. :/


File: 1333142293725.png (13.28 KB, 300x168, Derp.png)

I got this error when I tried starting up the new version of Dreamarbleng, any ideas of what the fuck I'm doing wrong?


File: 1333142364757.png (12.69 KB, 266x166, nostAlgic error.png)

I got this error when I started a new game on the new version of NostAlgic after I just DLed it!! What do?


You've a file missing.


I can't figure out what file it is though, I can't copypaste this to google translate!


Go to Google Translate
Copy into the box
Post your findings here


The file is "Dream 1".

As for the folder it's in, can't help you there. It doesn't tell you.


If you mean ctrl+a to highlight the error so I can copy it, it won't do it :(


I see, I'll try to have a friend with the same game send it to me :D

And for the anon who needs help with Dreamarbleng, I hope you get help soon :3


File: 1333311234809.png (34.4 KB, 658x517, sigh.png)

First dreamarbleng (which everybody promptly IGNORED) and now dayDream.

cntrl+a wont work, I know I apparently have files missing, but what fucking files?



It says you are missing "System", which is the default system file. It contains the windowskin, cursor, etc.


Do you know any other fangames that could have it? So i can just copypaste?


File: 1333313174443.bmp (13.55 KB, 160x80, システ&#….bmp)

Well, because it looks like it's written so strangely (i.e. システム instead of システム), I'm not sure just copying and pasting from another game would work.
Here's the same file in my version of dayDream (v.0.01) which is named exactly as the missing file your error message shows. Download it, and if its name is messed up name it システム instead. Then just copy and paste it into the "System" folder in dayDream's main folder (and overwrite/delete the old one)and it should work.


File: 1333313334682.png (34.03 KB, 654x521, WHY.png)

Thanks! I got to the title screen!
Then I clicked start and I'm getting this error QAQ


Press Ctrl+A
Then press Ctrl+C
and then paste the text to Google Translate (or wherever).
It may not highlight, but trust me, when you press Ctrl+C it will copy the text.


So it gave me this…
File does not open his room


It's just sad how people won't read threads even though I specified the way of copying Japanese errors (anonymously, though; a most unwise thing on UC, I guess). I think I also indirectly implied to provide as many specifications of the problem encountered as possible. Oh well.

You there,
You fucked up the installation, it seems. Files that are ACTUALLY missing is a rare, delicate problem. You've most probably fucked up the installation. Check the path to ye fangame folder, etc. Try
it is a move most random and without any connection to anything whatever, but hey, what works, works.

Anyway, finding out how to counter the Japanese-related problems on a PC yourself is one of the greatest and most glorious challenges an average-skill PC-using uboachanner can take on. Asking for help? Fine, that's your choice. Asking twice? Pathetic. Thrice? You do not deserve to be helped, for you cannot even accept that help graciously.


It's been the same as always, I'm only having these errors with Daydream, NostAlgic, Hallucigenia, and now that I've downloaded it as well, Dreamarbleng!


Can someone please upload a copy of the RPG_RT exe for RPG2000? The only downloads I can find are either 2003 or won't let me download them.


2003 will do, I think.


File: 1333796111314.png (29.17 KB, 786x419, damn.png)

Oh anons ;_;
Pic related. When I try to open 2000/2003rtp with Locale Japanese nothing is happening. When without it i've got this 'instalation' window, it has an error at 44th%.
Anyway it can be installed like that but it doesn't work. I translated the message and I've saw this. Wat do? I tried even renaming file.
And yes, I run 7-zip with Locale Japanese and I've got Applocate instaled… good I think.
Dunno wat do. It happens with ultraviolet and nostAlgic.


Try and set your whole PC to Japanese non-unicode language. Forgot to include that in the guide, darn.
I think that trying Applocale on a German system is pants on koala weird, anyway. Y'know, umlauts and stuff, the non-standard characters.


File: 1333807835375.png (72.27 KB, 285x315, ohgodhappy.png)

i missed to check something… derp.


File: 1333839273686.png (14.27 KB, 275x109, Screen shot 2012-04-07 at ….png)

ultra violet always gives me this
it can't open some file, a system one i think?

i don't know what to do
also the ctrl+a ctrl+c stuff doesn't work in crossover


No it doesn't, it messes up menus and text and such, believe me I've tried.


I was able to play game by switching my OS locale to Japan but that's messed up some things.

I can't get applocale to install.


File: 1334095291110.jpg (23.46 KB, 459x177, applocale.jpg)


I am getting this error. Anyone know what I can do?



Ok never mind. I got it to work by doing this. Just in case someone else is having troubles try this out

1. Place the AppLocale installer (apploc.msi) in your C: drive.
2. Go to your start menu, type cmd in the search box.
3. Hold down crtl+shift and click on cmd.exe.
4. Select Yes when a dialog asks if you want the program to make chances to your computer.
5. The command prompt should show C:\Windows\System32.
6. Type cd\ and press enter to navigate to the C: drive.
7. Type apploc.msi and press enter, the installer will appear.
8. Install the application.


File: 1334324091133.jpg (9.38 KB, 324x175, mnqpgsa.jpg)

can someone upload here this file for me? Yume Nikki.


When I play Lcd Dem, many sounds aren't there. There is no sound when she walks, when I flip through menus, use effects, ect. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Does anyone know how to use the games that use the little sun looking thing instead of RPG_RT.


Those are most likely RPG Maker XP games, you would need the RTP for that.


I'm going to be annoying and ask which one I should download, and what all I should do.


Also, thank you for your answer and thanks to anyone that answers this.


Google "RPG Maker XP RTP" or something similar.


I downloaded that and actually got to install what I wanted to install but it says RGSS Player has stopped working.


File: 1336946565613.png (28.69 KB, 491x193, im cry.png)

Hey /fg/, what the fuck is this? I get it every other time I open Yume Nisshi. I've never seen an error like this before and I've been playing fangames for a good while now. It seems like only Nisshi gives my computer issues.
Sorry, forgot to translate it.


Looks like some serious business. Have you tried moving it to a different folder and using a different RPG_RT.exe? That's all I can think of. It's centered around the RPG_RT, it seems.


O hai I have a bunch of JP games I'd like to play but I can't install any on my Win 7 STARTER. I wasable installing one few weeks abo (Wagamama Capriccio) and now I have other ones (Alice Parade, Chu x Chu Idol 1 and 2) I'm totally unable playing with. I triesinstalling AppLocale but it says that I'm not allowed doing it because I miss some components (???) and I'm quite sad and worried about what should I do now. Any adice? Thanks a lot.


Download said components.

You also probably miss the Asian languages support.


File: 1341433414207.png (13.09 KB, 640x480, screenshot.png)

I finally got the game to open without crashing but every time I do it freezes here.


File: 1342552926529.png (13.22 KB, 284x174, problemo.png)

When I try to open Yume Nisshi, this error appears. I've seen some other errors like this and I'm pretty sure it's missing the file boxed in red. If someone could type out those kanjis for me I think I can fix it.



that isn't a filename. you need to install the rpg maker runtime package. see here


Wow! Thank you. That shows how much I know about fixing errors.


File: 1344375112603.png (60.34 KB, 656x520, Captured.PNG)

Guys >:U I just got 2kki to work after weeks of suffRAGE thanks to this thread. But, I've been getting a few errors. Specifically in the hospital, there's this… purplish thing in one of the rooms that leads to another world, but every time I try and enter, this error pops up. I'm sure there's a very important effect in there. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? … er. I hope I'm posting in the right thread ;__;


I'm guessing you have windows Vista or 7 seeing the window frame.
Go to Control Panel > Change keyboard and other input methods (the name might be different because my version of windows is in Spanish so I'm guessing)
Anyway, clicking that will bring up a window with 4 tabs. Click on the last one, should say "Administrative". You'll have an option that says "Language for non-unicode programs". Change it to Japanese. It'll ask you to restart your computer. Do it. Ta-da.
(You might have to re-extract 2kki though)


>Windows 7
>Windows XP Mode
>Japanese support in XP Mode
>Enable integration
Easiest way to enjoy your eroges.


Every time I try to install AppLocale, I get an error message telling me that there was a problem with the Windows Installer package.

Does anyone know how to help me?


File: 1351231660417.png (155.04 KB, 1600x900, Untitled.png)

I don't wanna incur the OP's wrath here. I've followed the top guide to the letter, and read the whole thread. Even so, I can't solve the problem I'm having. ._.;

I'm trying to play sickmind. It loads the title screen just fine but I keep getting the represented error whenever I hit the 'new game' button. The error reads,

"sick mind ver.0.00
Can not open file room"

I've tried to follow everything perfectly. Japanese is installed on my computer, Applocale is installed and was used with 7zip to unzip the game in the first place as well as to run the game, I have the Japanese RTP installed via Applocale as well, the Charset folder already has a 乗り物.png… So, everything's correct. Yet…error. One that I don't really understand either.

I saw elsewhere here that somebody had trouble with a 'room' file error and figured out that they forgot to use an Applocale'd 7zip to unzip their game, which solved their problem. I'm doing this, yet I still get the error…

What I've been doing is right-clicking on 7zFM.exe, choosing Locale Japanese, then opening the game's zip via a double-click from the resulting 7zip window that pops up, before extracting all the game files out.

Or maybe (likely?) I've made some mistake along this. Thanks for any help, and sorry for noobishness.


File: 1351233564833.png (37.14 KB, 659x522, wow.png)

Ignore my previous post, >>6655 . I eventually came to the astounding conclusion that I should perhaps examine the sickmind thread for possible tips. :V

Solved the trouble with the 'room' file, which seemed to be asking for a 部屋.png file in the ChipSet folder; I figured out what png that was exactly supposed to be and added it.

Unfortunately, while this fixed my first problem, I could only move one screen in. Upon pressing any keys when the little (help?) menu appears after starting the game, the game will crash again, this time giving the error "ファイル システム2 は開けません", or "2 file system can not be opened".

Seeing the word system in there, and the fact it happened when I pressed a key, I'd assume there's some problem involving the files in the System folder…something UI-based. Saw earlier that >>4883 was having a similar issue, so I went ahead and logic'd that out, simply put, and I got the game to agree to the fix I did (adding newly-named system2.png files in).

Then I get yet another error next time I turn the game on. Which is what you see on the screenshot. "Door will not open files and chairs" it says.

I'm pretty sure I must've done something completely wrong to get this many file errors in a row, but I don't know what. Any clue?

Again, apologies for my being apparently kind of dumb. :s


Missing file error. オブジェクト1 cant be found.


File: 1357969996282.png (8.39 KB, 645x513, error.png)

I'm trying to play nostAlgic, and I followed all the instructions on this board but it comes up with this error. Ctrl+A does not work, can someone translate this for me?


The classic "Missing Vehicle" error.
^see here
(credit for that goes to Toropikaru)


Wow, thank you so much! Works perfectly :)


File: 1358136139726.png (69.43 KB, 859x557, 2013-01-13 23_00_45-Yahoo!….png)

Ok! i have searched far and wide, this error comes up when i try to install the kit what the hell dose it mean?????


You probably want to rename your folder name to something non-Japanese, i.e. NOT "RTP%japanese jumble%".
Judging by how that jumble also makes little sense, you might want to re-install/re-unpack that installer properly.


File: 1362668465790.png (15.05 KB, 616x464, ultra violet.png)

Whenever I'm playing Ultra Violet I can't go to the effects menu and it sucks because I really wanna play, it's such a well put together fangame.


Pic related; it's what the menu looks like when I go to it. I'm sorry for being retarded.


File: 1362668567429.png (50.62 KB, 800x800, 1343118311558.png)


Oh, and yes, I've done everything OP has said to do, it's frustrating! I wanna plaaaaaaaayyy


File: 1362786504434.png (33.55 KB, 1920x1080, thang.png)

Perhaps someone here can help me.

I'm trying to record YN fangames with fraps, but whenever I want to start recording the game freezes and I get this message.


>>7319 Try aTube Catcher, but on 2x mode, not fullscreen. Free, easy, you can choose recording area, little to no lag (for me), you can choose the format, it also downloads videos from YouTube in a heartbeat (or just the audio if you want), and converts videos/audio files from your computer, even from wav to mp3.

I feel like an ad.


File: 1363247396720.png (249.19 KB, 1920x1080, fuck.png)

Any solution?
I use Windows 8.


Use an OS that doesn't suck?


What were you thinking!?


File: 1363556385362.png (24.41 KB, 126x129, tumblr_mdlxzgkxLG1qh3b7ao1….png)


Awwaaaaa, nevermind, I figured it out!


I need help for yume nisshi. I keep trying to play it but a error message keeps popping up. i have windows 7, i tried re-installing, using 7zip, adding a new rpg_RT, and i have rpg maker 2003. so what do i do???



>so what do i do???

Install Gentoo.


it wasn't me this time


hey folks,

i'm trying to play a japanese rpgmaker2000 game called 'the piper at the gates of dawn' – thanks to this thread i've been able to get it to go to the menu screen, but when i attempt to begin the game itself this error appears. i appreciate any suggestions you might have!

ファイル オブジェクト1 は開けません

which google translate says means :

You can not open the file object 1


File: 1372094608023.png (60.65 KB, 1161x578, Japanese appearing as gibb….png)

Hey, I've been trying to open up some Yume Nikki fangames in RPGmaker 2k and 2k3 to see how they work, but I've come across a problem where Japanese text appears as a bunch of symbols.

I've set my system locale to Japanese (I'd done this a long while back to play some Japanese games), installed Applocale, installed Japanese RTPs for both 2k and 2k3, and right clicked + ran the makers as Japanese Locale, but to no avail.

I've taken a few screen shots if it helps.
1 shows how the event editor looks when I open up a Japanese fg in rm2k, I've tried opening it with and without setting Japanese Locale but no difference.
2 shows that the maps of the game when opened in rm2k do show as Japanese characters.
3 shows that games I open in rm2k3 show gibberish.

Does anyone know what to do to fix this?



So.. I'm using Win8, and seems like RPG Maker 2000 doesn't work with Win8. What should I do? ;w;


File: 1376535253152.png (17.08 KB, 500x386, aniu2.png)

So I'm playing Ultraviolet and I get to the snow world, right? There's a tree that's got leaves instead of being bare like the rest of the trees. Well, when I try to interact with it, I get this error message. What do I do?


Do you have the RPG Maker 2000 RTP (Japanese) installed?
If not, get it.


Yes, I do! Evidently it still isn't working.


File: 1377978288069.png (102.12 KB, 1243x533, problemwithmicrosoftapploc….png)

'Kay, I can't figure this out. Sorry for the tardedness. D8

Downloaded Jap RPG Maker 2000 for game Touhou Mother. Have Japanese language installed. Tried to download AppLocale and for some reason it comes up with this error? Did use 7-Zip. And when run alone, RPG Maker stops at 44%.

Help would be appreciated. <3 Thank you so much for making this thread.


Whenever i try to go to the 3rd or 4th ending of Debris i get this message.
"The file c cannot be opened"
Please help.
I should mention that I am using the english translated version without applocale.
It has worked well untill the ending, which really sucks.
I have tried opening it with applocale but going to the ending then results in:
"the file … cannot be opened"


I had a similar problem.
What you have to do is run applocale.msi as administrator.
Sadly you do not have a right click option for that.
so what you do is you open start, type cmd, then right click the
command prompt and open it as administrator.
after that type in the complete directory of where applocale is.
so C:/crawling/in/my/skin/applocale.msi

I hope this works, as it did for me


In the Chipset folder, there should a file called "üc" or something like that. Rename it to "c". It worked for me. You're probably missing some music files too, for example the gray stairs with the blue creatures blocking the way should have "üH" playing in the background. If it's silent, there's an error. I forgot what the title was supposed to be. I reassigned it with RPG Maker to fix it.


Found the file and renamed it. Still got the same error.
What should i try next?
Thanks for the help by the way.


Never mind, ended up fucking around
a bit with rpgmaker and renaming the
file to an already existing file.
needless to say it distorted some other maps
but at least I was able to watch the endings.
Thanks for the help.


File: 1387580518547.png (9.42 KB, 596x229, why.png)

RPG2000RTP won't install and it comes up with this error message even though I'm using applocale with it. I've followed these instructions exactly as mentioned on my old computer about a year ago and everything worked perfectly, but now I don't know what the problem is to why it's not installing properly even though I'm doing the same exact thing as one year ago. Also the error that comes up when I try to launch a fangame is the classic RPG2000??????????, so the RTP is definitely a problem…could anyone help?


File: 1391811276964.png (95.56 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (113).png)

Trying to play Hide&Seek. Wat do?


File: 1392159470132.jpg (98.9 KB, 1024x1140, kyuukyuu.jpg)

Got the file missing error, translated it. Says I'm missing the 'Vehicle' file. Where do I find such a thing?


Cope any image file, rename it Vehicle and put it in the folder with all the character sprites (I believe it's named CharaSets or something like that).



I copied the 'people' file and renamed it 'vehicle', and put it in charset if that was what you meant. Unless you meant chipset or faceset…


File: 1392225295697.jpg (25.64 KB, 300x240, Forest World.jpg)


Nevermind, I got it to work. While the translation said the 'Vehicle' file was missing, it just needed the japanese characters for vehicle and not the english. If anyone has the same problem, just use the japanese characters you copied as the name.



And I'm wronged again. When I press start it says it can't open 'Basic file'. I'm sorry for asking for help a lot, but I'm not sure where or if I should create this file.


I think that originates from not having the right RTP installed. I believe there's an english RTP and a japanese RTP so make sure you have both installed



File: 1400429735712.bmp (Spoiler Image, 958.51 KB, 643x508, Nueva imagen (77).bmp)

Have you any suggestions for this problem? Thanks-


Have you copied and pasted the message into Google translate?


Fairu Shisutemu4 Wa Akemasen
File: System4 Could not be opened.

(Using mod tag to see if ubuuscript will decide my post isn't automated.)


File: 1405680357569.png (11.78 KB, 679x428, damn.PNG)

I've installed the rpg2000 rtp probably a hundred times but this is the first time I've gotten an error like this. The dl page for the rtp seems different too… is that it or smth?


Set your System Locale to Japanese


I used applocale with 7zip and to run the installer. My system crashes whenever I set the whole thing to Japanese.


Okay. So, I do not have a problem with most fangames I have downloaded, but this happens with Yume Nisshi. I originally had the "vehicle" error, but I fixed it with the picture on imgur that someone posted. Now I have this:

Yume Nisshi
ファイル 忔傝暔 は開けません

Which says I cannot open the file "忔傝 暔". I am at a loss for what to do about this.


Guys !!
I had the same problem as most of you here getting the japanese message popping out and that of course i couldnt understand
Forget about trying to understand what it says, instead try this and you'll never have to see it again !!
==> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-system-locale#1TC=windows-7
Hope it works out for you just like it did for me :D
Have fun playing ^w^


File: 1423762211116.jpg (442.99 KB, 750x1000, 47f14318cad23318368f549075….jpg)

You know that's just changing your locale manually to japanese, right? No big secret or anything, it's a pretty common thing when executing software in other languages. In fact, is the first thing you have to try *if* applocale doesn't work for you (though I'd say having your locale already set to the language of the application is better, but…), and we've been recommending if for ages.


File: 1427916938281.jpg (199.99 KB, 1007x662, IncorrectNames.jpg)

Tried changing my display language. Ran 7zip AND browser in Applocale.
Downloaded file and got this.

Is there any hope for Windows 8 users? ; ;


Since it says "english" in the title, I'm assuming whoever uploaded it was autistic enough as to not even check they extracted the files properly.


File: 1434074470164.png (50.93 KB, 652x521, Sin título.png)

I need assistance with NostAlgic.I have a very big mistake that will not let me play other games*help please*


File: 1434084939001.png (10.94 KB, 288x256, 乗り.png)


You're lacking the sprite called "vehicle".
Download attached file and put it in the charset folder.


Does anyone know how to fix the garbled Japanese text problem like in >>7314? (I only have the garbled text problem, not the menu problem.)


File: 1439608502757.jpg (26.04 KB, 320x529, YO-LO.jpg)

Alas. Did you extract the file with your locale in japanese?


Yes. Perhaps I should try running the games again with my locale manually switched to Japanese…


Can someone please help? I seem to be having a problem. When I start up any RPGmaker 2000/2003-based fangame, the game looks small even in fullscreen mode, yet looks fine in windowed mode. Does anyone know what could be causing this?


Could be a video hardware scaling issue.

Have you tried pressing F5 to work around this? It toggles scaling modes in both fullscreen and windowed.


So whenever I start up a game of Yume Nikki. My controls "lock up." I really can't do anything. Nikki (as I call her) forcibly walks north until she hits a wall. In this case her closet. Trying to move south was a problem.
I tried it with a controller and now she only moves WEST (left). It's even HARDER to move her in any other direction
So I reinstalled the game and still have the same result. Move left, hit a wall, stop.
I really can't play this game.
Any advice?


File: 1443148498125.png (1011.37 KB, 1027x860, 1442335284752.png)

>no OS
>no game
>not even a pic

My best guess is that the feminists took your computer and their worms won't let you play anything involving little girls because that's only for pedoshit. Not only that, the police is going to your house at this very moment: you've been reported as a child molester.
My best advice? Pick up any magnet and shit the HDD, and burn your computer case.
No evidence, no crime.

Good luck.



Advice: Try unplugging any controllers you have, maybe even temporarily disabling any associated drivers while you're at it. That's a common problem with RPG Maker games.

Also, her name's Madotsuki. (nikki = diary)


File: 1443290131045.png (8.9 KB, 350x308, 1406854019698.png)

Hey guys, I just downloaded Yume Nikki for the first time and have been really enjoying what I see. The only issue is that the screen frequently flickers for a frame or two when in fullscreened mode, and its really distracting (and hurts my eyes).

This is probably a common error but I can't seem to find any fixes for it. I'd provide an image or gif or something if I had better editing skills then a toddler, but sadly I don't. Anything beyond providing a screencap is beyond my ability sadly.

Anyway, I seem to be having a graphical issue in Yume Nikki and really would appreciate the help. Thanks!


File: 1443290627076.jpg (99.48 KB, 521x810, why.jpg)

This isn't /yn/, and that question was already made in its corresponding thread.
Lurk more, ffs.


File: 1443297669238.jpg (31.26 KB, 272x368, Touhou_Cirno_Let_me_expali….jpg)

cirnoget says LURK MORE


Okay, so.. I already searched this post, and I couldn't find anything relevant to what i'm about sooo.. hopefully this won't bring about a shit storm of angry people who are really good at computers bashing me

so, I just recently finished Yume Nikki, loved it, and i want to play .flow

i downloaded the latest version in English and installed it. after starting it, the graphics on the very first start screen are distorted, and when i choose start, it takes me to a black screen with only the protagonist, the graphics are still distorted, and when i press the button to move along the dialogue, the whole thing crashes

i've already tried googling it, but so far i've found nothing

Note: just got a new computer and haven't had the time to downgrade yet, so i'm running windows 10

i hope someone can help me, and if they do, then i'd like to thank you beforehand


File: 1464927515794.jpg (107.3 KB, 648x514, SuperMoonrunes.jpg)

Any way to make the moonrunes less moonrunes?


File: 1464928784820.jpg (239.63 KB, 600x861, c59545d881c67383508cf33782….jpg)



File: 1464934668572.jpg (39.16 KB, 287x161, SuperErrorMoonrunes.jpg)

Funny thing is, that's the way it looks with Locale Emulator. I just tried re-installing AppLocale and using that to run it, and I get super moonrunes in an error message.

This is one of those things I'll need to switch locales for, huh?


>super moonrunes
It's called mojibake.

You don't just have to run the game with applocale, but also the file extractor and everything else.
And yes, if possible, change your locale, it doesn't really affect much things actually in your system actually.


Oh, I didn't even know it HAD a name. Thanks, mang.
Well, alright I guess I'll do that. Do I have to keep it in the Japanese locale every time I want to run it if this works?


File: 1464935834918.gif (126.09 KB, 500x389, セーラームーンのトランス.gif)

Depends. Do you understand japanese? If you don't then there's no real any difference between reading mojibake and japanese. However, if you actually want to see moonrunes instead of garbage, then yes; if applocale fails, you will have to set the system language to japanese and test if it works.
Again, it doesn't really affect much on windogs since the main language of the system will still be the one it came with from installation. Some special characters (Accented vowels: á, à,é, è, ô, ü, ö, etc) will be rendered as kanji or kana or other oriental symbols, but if your mother language doesn't use those then you will find almost 0 problems. Setting it permanently to japanese may be a wise choice if you run many programs with that encoding.


Well, you guys definitely solved the problem!
Call me weird for this but I'd much rather see the Japanese than just a garbled mess.

But yeah, makes installing things a whole lot easier. Thanks for the help, guys!


Hey, was having trouble getting the RTV zip to extract on Windows 8 but no matter what I did it kept coming out as mojibake- even with jp system locale and running 7zip/winrar in Applocale. Anyway, this guy helped me out and explained that it was somehow being caused by it being a .zip, so he re-packed the RTV as a .7z and gave it to me. Fixed the mojibake, so I'd recommend it to anyone having trouble extracting the official .zip RTV (not sure what the best place to upload this would be, but I can mirror it somewhere else if anybody wants):



I ran .flow on a virtual desktop with Windows XP, the machine was set up locale Japanese, it worked well.


Hi. Getting an error with Yume Nisshi where the game opens, but it just stays on a black screen. Happens with both Eng and Jap versions. No error. Cause?


same poster here. fixed problem by replacing the rt_rtp.exe with yume 2kki's.


What is it with /fg/ makers leaving out required assets (system2a, vehicle, etc.)?

Its not done on purpose, is it?


They're on the RTP they have installed, so when they test it they see no problems.
That's why having testers is important.


File: 1487538605581.png (13.01 KB, 644x511, Screenshot from 2017-02-20….png)

Wine - Check
Japanese Locale Enabled - Check
RTP2000 installed with Japanese Locale - Check
Launched with Japanese Locale - Check

What do I miss here?


Did you install japanese fonts for wine? I had a similar problem before.


File: 1488398192430.png (8.52 KB, 294x165, pSNK223.png)

i followed the instructions on the yume 2kki wiki and when i use locale emulator on start.exe, it comes up with this message. can someone translate?


Failed to start the game.
Please, execute directly ゆめ2っき\RPG_RT.exe


How do I run WolfRPG games in Full Screen?

I press F4 but it only makes the screen a little bigger without being Full Screen


when did you guys start learning moonrunes, did Yume Nikki or it's fangames made you do that?

i'm currently learning the kana (i figured out the hiragana in 2 days, im currently learning katakana) and it just awes me how people do something so great for something so minor, great source of inspiration

sorry if its a bit too much /ot/ for /fg/


F11 and Alt+Enter are also common keypresses to fullscreen a window. Not sure if they'll apply here.


File: 1488511799824.png (31.35 KB, 640x400, Untitled.png)

I am a maniac for PC-98 games, it's either learn or don't enjoy anything. I've been learning since 8 years or so, but I started to study ACTIVELY over the past 2 years, I still have problems with kanji but rikaichan usually fix that.
YN games have baby tier japanese, all you need to know is kana plus the most common game words in japanese (get, start, continue, quit), and some basic vocabulary. Really, it's not really that much.

Polite sage for off-topic.


I downloaded the applocale from a different link, wouldn't run on Windows 7. Got an error half way through installing it. The link for the Japanese language didn't work, not available anymore. What do?


the guide is worthless
all you ACTUALLY need to do is just set your system locale to Japanese (read: system locale, not download app locale for windows xp) and download the japanese RPG 2000 RTP if your playing 2kki.

that's literally all
you don't need to set language to Japanese lol




File: 1518798052871-0.png (34.76 KB, 640x480, yns.png)

File: 1518798052871-1.png (119 KB, 640x480, yn.png)

File: 1518798052871-2.png (108.05 KB, 640x480, y2.png)

File: 1518798052871-3.png (125.31 KB, 640x480, flow.png)

Hello, I'm having some issues with the fullscreen display of RPG maker games and I'm not sure what to do. When running the games in fullscreen, the scaling(?) seems to be weird and blurry. The games aren't affected beyond that, however. This happens with 2kki, .flow and classing YN alike. However, if I play the Steam version of YN it looks sharper, but I'm not sure what about it makes it different. Any ideas on what I can do to sharpen/fix the fullscreen display on 2kki and .flow? First picture is the Steam release of YN in fullscreen, the rest are classic/fangames in fullscreen.


Cam back to play some YN but now I cant
Getting dderr errors no matter what compatibility settings I get
Is there no hope of playing this again


Im on Win10 by the way


I don't think there's a way to fix that. Just play on windowed mode. Windowed is better anyway.


After looking a bit more into it, it seems that the problem is that fullscreen mode resizes stuff using bicubic as opposed to nearest neighbor. Not that I know how I'd go about changing that, but I just figured it would be good to know.


I want to run .flow on Android using an app called EasyRPG, it runs RPG Maker 2000 games, and works very well with Yume Nikki. However, I cannot figure out how to get .flow to work on my phone, as it has the same locale problems as always, and there don't seem to be any extractors on Android that could remedy this. Please help!


Never mind, I fixed it. For anyone who wants to play fangames using EasyRPG, see this guide:



When trying to install the RPG2k RTP, I get the following error:

RPGツクール2000 ランタイムパッケージ
Setup failed to run installation:

One or more arguments are not correct.

I have tried installing this using Japanese locale (which I downloaded and extracted the setup files in) and my home locale, but neither works, and the error message is extremely vague. Help?


OS? is that the official RTP? Japanese version? English version?
We need more info to provide an answer.


AppLocale is kind of a meme, change your system locale out right and extract the RTP with 7zip. Make sure you get it from here https://tkool.jp/assets/files/2000rtp.zip. Run as admin too.


Apologies, details slipped my mind. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium x64, trying to install the Japanese RTP for some untranslated RM2k games.

I'm using Locale Emulator and 7-zip under an admin account to unpack the files. I've used Japanese locale to download, unpack, and install the files as well, and got the installer straight from the website.

I've also tried using compatibility mode, but so far none of the options I've tried have worked either. Frankly, I'm stumped.


That's a win7 error, I don't remember if disabling the firewall or reinstalling the 20xx C++ redistributable fixed it. I'd try the first method and if it doesn't work then bother to check which C++ was the one that fixes it.


Tried disabling my firewall as well as my antivirus and redownloaded, unpacked, and installed. Still got the same error.

I've tried searching for info on the specific C++ distributable used, but haven't dug up anything. Are you able to give more details on it?


Welp, I tried installing all available C++ distributables. RTP setup still refuses to run. I have no idea what it wants anymore.


From fresh installs of Windows (XP/7/10) RTP installed just fine as long as I changed my locale from the Windows settings (no isolated container meme programs) and extracted it from 7zip.
I never had to disable firewall or install C++ libraries or other hi-jinks


See, that's the thing, I already tried extracting and installing the RTP before doing all of these tricks, and that completely failed. I'm getting the error no matter what I try, and the error message is infuriatingly vague on what I need to do to fix it.

Hm…I wonder if there's something else on my computer that might be preventing one of the apparently agreements from being met? Some sort of other program or file. Could you provide more details on your systems? How about >>13962; do you remember anything else that may have helped the RTP get working on your end?

…I'm also wondering if maybe someone with the RTP could just upload the installed files for me to manually set up in the program files, without having to bother with the installer. Though I think I may need to fiddle with the registry as well, to make sure the games know it's there? Not sure how to go about that.

Ugh. It's so annoying to think about how all this hassle could've been prevented if only the creators had bothered to include the required RTP files with their games…


I'm getting these errors when trying to install the Japanese RTP for RPG Maker 2003:


エラー番号: 0x80040707

I'm using Windows 7 x64.


I'm trying to launch 7-Zip using Local Emulator… And the option to launch it in Japanese doesn't appear when I right-click, despite showing up fine with everything else. How would I go about fixing this?


Change the locale of the system, extract, then change it again to your language.


That's probably because you're using the 64-bit version of 7-Zip. Either get the 32-bit version or do what >>14107 said.


So were the problem, I tried to change the locale to Japanese to play games with that problem of Japanese locale, but it not only didnt work to play those, that I couldnt play other RPG maker games that could work under not a Japanese locale, and actually worked before doing that (it said that the files were corrupted or that important couldnt be found) so I put the locale how it was originally and those games started working again, and yet those games that needed japanese locale continue not working. I also install locale emulator (because I have windows 10 and applocale isnt compatible with windows 10) and that thing is useless, I also dont know how to use it. So I have zero clue on what to do, I need help. Help is appreaciated, thanks.


File: 1564839590082.png (5.6 KB, 332x182, Capture.PNG)

Hey I'm trying to play the fangame B.P. and pic related is the error message it gives me when i try to start a new game. The game will load the menu perfectly fine, but it crashes with that message when I try and select new game. My PC is japanese localed, I installed the japanese RPG Maker 2000 RTP, and I've tried compatibility and admin modes. From what I can tell, the error message says there's a missing file in the RTP, but I haven't been able to find the file name because I don't speak japanese and translators are shit. If anyone with a decent grasp of japanese could help translate the error message to find out what RTP file I'm missing (or even link me the file so I can put into my RTP) that'd be great.


OK I've fixed my own problem (sorry). The problem I was having (for anyone else who may be unable to get their game working despite doing everything I mentioned) was that my PC was not JP localed (via control panel) when I downloaded the game, so all the files in the game with Japanese characters in their names got mojibaked, and thus the game couldn't recognise those filenames. To anyone having the same problem as me, or who simply can't get a japanese fangame working despite doing everything in here, try deleting and reinstalling the game while your PC is JP localed, to prevent japanese-named filenames from becoming mojibake. Worked for me.


so tl;dr:
Make sure to set your PC to JP locale BEFORE downloading japanese fangames.


File: 1564883202598.jpg (480.86 KB, 1200x1600, 1564666882725.jpg)

Yeah, pretty much.
The error says "Can't open file Role_ゲームの流れ", which is more than likely a picture from the system, chipset, picture or character folder. As you pointed out, it's because your files had mojibake in the filenames and RPGmaker couldn't find that file, hence it was reporting that.


I can't get the Japanese 2k RTP to install for some reason. I've been running it in admin, Japanese locale, with various different compatibility settings, but nothing works. All I get is a "one or more arguments are not correct" error.

I'm using Windows 7 x64.


I figured out the problem: apparently I just needed to have the RPG Maker installed first. Seems pretty obvious in hindsight…


File: 1588458741307.png (6.88 KB, 283x151, error.PNG)

Been trying to play Gnosis and interacting with the top left symbol in the Nexus crashes the game with that error. Found a file named bin111ç in the picture folder so I guess I have to rename that, but no idea what kind of dot symbol that is. Already tried downloading and extracting on Spanich locales but same problem. Can anyone who is able to to interact with the top left symbol in the nexus paste the name of their bin111 file?


When that error pops up press "ctrl+c"
Then open a txt and press "ctrl+v"
That will copy the whole error message, including the character you're looking for.


Thanks, but sadly it didn't work. Guess it wasn't the bin111 file I found in the picture folder but something else that needs renaming. Did anyone manage to fix this error I've been getting?


Hello. I'm trying to play Hallucigenia but I have a strange error. I have RTP, I have Applocale, and .flow/Yume 2kki works PERFECTLY fine.
I also copied the files of DataFiles and renamed my folder. I did everything in OP's post but I still get this :


in english :

The body of the work cannot be found.
We recommend contacting the creator.

Does someone has a solution to this ?


I'm getting the same errors for the Japanese RTPs for both 2k and 2k3.

I'm using Windows 10 x64. I've tried Locale Emulator, changing system locale, administrator mode, compatibility settings… nothing works. I'm lost for ideas, and search engines aren't much help. Is this a lost cause?


It seems a bit counter-intuitive to install a program to play something that should run natively on your system, but give this a try


It allows me to play on my phone, a tablet, and my laptop running linux. I have never had any issues with it, and would assume the windows release is just as quality.


Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.


This program works like a charm, thanks very much.


Im just glad it works for you. I think its a great program im happy to share it

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