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New scanlations released!
All scanlations now available for reading and download through the Patchy Illusion Team Reader.

File: 1456635019856.png (121.34 KB, 272x499, sabitsuki.png)


Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)


File: 1456642603624.png (27.45 KB, 241x247, avi.png)

A Sabi is always welcome.


File: 1456655314458.jpg (332.11 KB, 762x939, 512ef2aa529aa2ec998152583c….jpg)


I got really upset when I saw they deleted /flow/ >:^(
I lurked there for months
But hey i'm with my people now


It's still there for posterity at least
or if that doesn't work


It's the same… No one posted there before and no one posts there now, and the content is still there…


File: 1460944713964.jpg (111.97 KB, 1280x720, [BakedFish] Anne Happy♪ - ….jpg)

Well what do we have here?


Applocale is MIA from the windows site, and I really wanted to try this out. Anyone know a workaround?


Temporarily switch your computer's locale to Japanese.



Better than AppLocale and works on more systems.


File: 1465494591914.png (14.75 KB, 646x509, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm getting errors with the English version. After the static event when first beginning the game, it crashes, and the errors usually contain a lot of question marks in them.


Install Applocale and re-do the entire installation process through it.


File: 1467717729564.png (98.84 KB, 480x640, sabitsuki2.png)

i like this image a lot


File: 1468249758536.jpg (67.88 KB, 1024x768, guess_what__even_more__flo….jpg)

Love this, it has no much edge.


Is there a way to turn off automatic running in fullscreen mode?


Creata shorcut and add the following in the source path (after the path)

NormalPlay ShowTitle Window

So that it looks like
X:\path\to\.flow.exe NormalPlay ShowTitle Window


hmm do you mean the target? Does not seem to work. could there be a setting I could put into flow.exe.le.config that would do something?


Yes that, I haven't touched windows in ages.
>could there be a setting I could put into flow.exe.le.config that would do something?
No, there isn't anything like that. Be aware the thing is case sensitive, and the order of the arguments matter. If you only want windowed mode then write garbage two times separated by a space.
q q Windowed


File: 1475180200540.png (14.66 KB, 364x369, Capture.PNG)

Like so? Doesn't seem to work unfortunately. Not a big deal but it's annoying resizing the window every time to enable my controller after running the program.


Also using 'Window' instead of 'Windowed' was the same since I wasn't sure which you meant to use.


Was the executable named flow.exe?
Nevermind that, try with the RPG_RT.exe inside the game folder.


File: 1475295123037.png (16.56 KB, 362x508, Capture2.PNG)

Fuck I figured it out. I used RPG_RT, which worked but when I ran it in Japanese locale it no longer worked. So I then made a locale shortcut and did the same but it also did not work. So then I tried pic related, putting the keywords outside the quotes and it worked.
locale program.


File: 1495155944839-0.png (52.92 KB, 933x604, First Case.png)

File: 1495155944839-1.jpg (133.42 KB, 1082x725, Second Case.jpg)

>Repeated "Not Implemented" Error into the Bottom Right Corner

The same will actually happen in a lot of RPG Maker games like certain versions of Yume Nikki and Ib, and I've even heard of it happening for a GTA title.

This is a common problem for Europeans and Koreans because Microsoft distributes a stripped down version of Windows to those regions to comply with antitrust regulations. These are differentiated from the Windows images released to the rest of the world by being called N or KN version of Windows (e.g. Windows 10 N).

The N/KN versions of Windows don't ship with Windows Media Player or any of its libraries, which means they can only handle WAV files (and probably not all variations of them, at that). Some applications, like games, rely on Windows Media Player's libraries to play specific filetypes. Filetypes include MPEG (.mp3), AAC (.aac), and FLAC (.flac).

If you're winning Solitaire with "Not Implemented", you probably can't play MP3 files. Do you have Windows Media Player installed? If not, when the game tries to play the following songs in the Music folder, it's going to crash:

fc bgm.mp3
fc bgm3.mp3

Crashing every time you enter a certain map? You can check with online resources like the wiki to see if you're opening one of these music files when you enter the map.

There are two workarounds:

> 1) Install Microsoft's Media Feature Pack

To install the Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows, right click Start, select System. Note the version number (4 digits). Copy that number and look for the matching Media Feature Pack on Google. Obviously, only download/install it from microsoft.com.

This is not necessarily the link you will use but it is a sample, and this particular link worked for me. You have to match the patch with your build number, and make sure you have the latest patch for that build number. Usually it will say on the top of the page if a later patch is available.


>2) Replace the MP3 files with WAV files

Alternatively you may have some luck converting those files to WAV files and and replacing them. Here is a link to a zip file containing all the MP3 music files converted to WAVs:


You're going to have to delete the MP3 files from the data/Music folder and drop the WAV files in before testing it out. I haven't personally tried with this game but it used to work with Yume Nikki.


>???? , □™, ?????? error at start of game or similar

Installing AppLocale isn't well supported on newer versions of Windows anymore. Locale Emulator seems to work without any issues for me (Windows 10 N).

Here are the steps I just followed:
1) Installed RPGMaker runtime from here:

Note, you don't have to sign up for the mailing list. Right below the blue "Download Now" button is blue text that says, "If you have already joined the mailing list, please click here to download the RTP." Just click on that.

I've installed all of them over the course of time, but I think the one you need is RPG Maker 2003. Not sure though.

2. Installed the latest version of Locale Emulator from here:

3) Unzipped the English version of .flow 0.192 from here:

4) Right clicked flow.exe, hovered over the "Locale Emulator" option (orange L), and selected the first option: "Run in Japanese" (purple L).

That's it! I was able to get past the initial hurdle of the game crashing almost immediately but I'll most likely be playing through the game in the next few days, so I'll let you guys know if I run into any snags.


File: 1495629395684.png (17.69 KB, 670x532, ClipboardImage.png)

cries blood, wtf


Invalid bitmap. Whatever you tried to load, it's more than likely corrupted/not indexed.


Reporting back, just finished the game. No issues. Remember to run in the Japanese locale.


File: 1506959831473.png (12.49 KB, 503x317, 1314752908359.png)

Was looking at some of the dead wiki's for some help to find the Uniform effect, and i noticed something changed:


Seems that some fella checked the filenames and event switches in the game and renamed these creatures/areas accordingly. So Red Demons are actually named Fetuses? Changes some of the theories if true. I can't check to confirm because my RPG Maker is in English so it can't display Japanese characters.


>So Red Demons are actually named Fetuses?
Go figure, I've always thought of them as those before local theory crackheads brainwashed me into the "le deadly cancerous disease" meme.

Next thing you know people will start saying that the maid in the ending is not the evidence of her being real, but of Sabitsuki's mind going off the deep end.




> local theory crackheads brainwashed me into the "le deadly cancerous disease" meme.

But doesn't Sabi gradually turn into one of them?


You mean Rust's transformation upon colliding with those Fetuses? There are many ways to interpret that, a disease is just the most literal of them. Generally speaking it can be just about anything unpleasant, from a metaphor for cruelty to teen pregnancy. And assuming Shoujo series expands upon the themes established in .flow, the teen pregnancy interpretation would make a whole lot of sense.


File: 1507034805016.png (101.23 KB, 654x473, 123.PNG)

That and the gas mask effect+maids and the Microscopic World (the one where if you knock the kaibutsu a bunch of red demons come out) and of course the hospital.

The game DOES present teen pregnancy as a viable alternative to whatever vague disease Sabitsuki has (i always interpeted Rust not as a literal disease but as a disease of the mind) with the Hotel, the "Sugar Hole" (props on lol for making that innuendo-ish name), that weird area with the statue doing a bunch of suggestive poses and of course the infamous womb area and the exploding girls event.


>I can't check to confirm because my RPG Maker is in English so it can't display Japanese characters.
Just download the RPG demo from their site. It's free, and it only won't let you create events after a month.
Click on the 「同意する」 box at the bottom of the page and then 「RPGツクール2000 30日間無料体験版ダウンロード」.


>Next thing you know people will start saying that the maid in the ending is not the evidence of her being real, but of Sabitsuki's mind going off the deep end

To be fair i think it's pretty evident Sabitsuki is delusional at some point. I think the #1 thing that points to this is how she pinches her cheek after the Nightmare Event (the one where the Sabi kaibutsu kills you in your bedroom if she is rusted enough or engaged in bad events) as if to make sure she's still in reality. That and the whole Rust endgame where you go to flow inside the dreamland.

And her dreamworlds compared to other characters seem to have more (supposedly) real locations.

I do think the maids are real and all though.


>To be fair i think it's pretty evident Sabitsuki is delusional at some point. I think the #1 thing that points to this is how she pinches her cheek after the Nightmare Event (the one where the Sabi kaibutsu kills you in your bedroom if she is rusted enough or engaged in bad events) as if to make sure she's still in reality.

Yeah, the disease interpretation used to be very much clean cut but now there's this event, which bring up all sorts of ramfications. Could it be that all those bloodstains in her room are not real? Or is there nothing in the room from Sabi's point of view, and the stains are just cues for the player? You see, another thing is that there are smarter and dumber ways to interpret the game, but looking at lol's other work I'm not quite sure he would've thought of the smarter ones himself.

Or maybe he is just throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks. Frankly I'd rather have that over those uninspired theories that people come up with.

I don't like the perception of maid(s) being real, as it poses way more questions than it answers, and I absolutely despise the "le open to interpretation" card that some writers pull. I surely hope lol is not one of them.


>you see, another thing is that there are smarter and dumber ways to interpret the game
Most people (including me) often overlook the most obvious things. What did the intro mean? What is the role of the computer? Why is there excessive and seemingly important (a vined-up Sabitsuki appears in the Rust transformation cutscene) plant imagery?
Many questions still remain but i haven't seen much theories about it. Most people opt for the popular option instead of trying to dig deep.


You know, I have this sort of guideline for interpreting dream-like fiction, and it kind of helped me make sense of things most people scratch their heads over (like David Lynch's movies). So feel free to adopt it if you like.

1. Not everything has to have a distinct meaning. In fact, trying to hard to push a meaning into things is a sure sign of a mediocre writing. There are, however, recurring themes. When there's no exposition, those are the ones establishing the world and telling most of the story.
2. Most of the dreams are wishful (or fearful – you think something bad will happen and then it does) thinking to the extreme. Therefore if, say, we see Sabi get sick in her dreams, it may not necessarily be that she is in fact sick in real life, but it certainly means that she feels sick for whatever reason.
3. Art in general, but expressionsist art like dream diaries in particular, exaggerates like no one else. Therefore whatever you see on the screen could be dialed back a notch or two in the interpretation. [OFF spoilers inbound] Remember Mortis Ghost's interview about the ending where you go against the Batter, and he appears as a monster. He explicitly said that Batter himself didn't change, but he used that artwork solely in order to emphasize the fact that your hero for most of the game is now your enemy. That's a prime example of exaggeration.


File: 1514930286563.png (203.43 KB, 1680x1003, fetus.png)

Hey, this fella who's editing that wiki is me.

Here's a screenshot of the event for the Television effect in the so-called "Deranged Mouth World", where the player can meet Fetuses before they control Rust. It says "胎児", which could mean "fetus", "embryo", or "unborn child​". I especially like the last one.

>Next thing you know people will start saying that the maid in the ending is not the evidence of her being real, but of Sabitsuki's mind going off the deep end.

And this is the reason I'm writing this post. I suppose you are talking about the "True Ending", which requires the player to collect three empty boxes while controlling Rust.

By the way, these "boxes" actually have their own names. The rooms where they are acquired and the switches they trigger are named "無垢" ("purity"; Sabitsuki in the glass tube), "笑顔" ("smile"; the open mouth), and "鬼" ("demon"; the eviscerated woman). Collecting each one adds a point to the "puritysmiledemon" variable, and once it reaches the value of 3, the elevator will appear.

More to the point, there's this Rust Corridor, there are those Fetuses, and there is that Demon Sabitsuki. By hitting her five times, Rust gets sent back to her bed in the real world…

Except after she gets out of bed, the game turns on the "dream" switch, "夢", which triggers this whole ending.


Now that Yume Nikki has been released on Steam wouldn't it be great if .flow was released on Steam as well?
.flow is an excellent game so it would definitely be approved for Steam release if lol would put it on Steam direct,also if i'm not mistaken putting a game up on Steam direct is only 100$ so it's not that expensive either.


File: 1516191570085.gif (1.08 MB, 450x600, sabiglitch2.gif)

It seems like a pretty good idea. Even better if more fg devs did this, and also made the OST readily available for ~$5 on the game's store page. I know I'm not the only one who would love to have the music in a good format, and the $$ made from the OST would pay back the initial $100 pretty quickly.


Are derivative/fangames even allowed on Steam on the first place?


File: 1516209987792.jpg (347.18 KB, 1618x645, 1464920954102.jpg)

Where is this steam fever coming from? Jesus Christ, do you people realize orient doesn't really care for you? lol_rust is a really cool guy but I don't see he spending 10k yens just to pander to the western fandom when he can post for free in a site oriented to RPGtsukuru and get well received there. You don't see western authors posting in Japanese sites and vice versa because there's the whole language barrier problem and also because these kind of games are a niche that only runs well inside the circles it originated from, and doesn't even sell that well outside of it.
If people can't even find these kind of games because it isn't in steam then they're not meant to be played be them.


Obviously because if I can't show all my friends that I'm playing a game it's not worth playing.


People like that have friends?


Or, it's simply easier to maintain a vast game library as well as keep it up to date via Steam.



Anyway,ive contacted lol and asked him about releasing his game on Steam,this is his answer.

I will reply in Japanese. I'm sorry.


"Yume Nikki"がSteamリリースされたことは非常にうれしく思います。
また、あたらしい(リメイク?)作品の発表の事もあり、Yume Nikkiファンとしては嬉しいことが続いております。


"Yume Nikkiファンゲーム"は、"Yume Nikki"の製作者である"KIKIYAMA"の承認を受けておりません。



What do you guys this


File: 1517926425841.png (120.43 KB, 342x593, 1510276098411.png)

You guys didn't read my post? It's a cultural problem. Orient doesn't care about occident. These kind of games don't work well outside their circles. lol just said that his game should remain flowing over the bottom of the internet as a meme (copycat, not the shitty western meaning). There's also the problem of not having received the approval of the original dev, which brings copyright problems onto the table. We already discussed this on 2kki' thread.
If any japanese developer is interested in publishing through steam, they'd do so on their own. Stop pesting people with this stupid agenda.


he's basically saying that .flow won't be released on steam due to one, yume nikki fangames not having any official approval, and two, games imitating the yume nikki style are best left as a more underground thing - something you have to look for to find.


Why are people pushing for this shit?


File: 1517965478163.gif (111.71 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o51gs0ZSyk1ubn7fro2….gif)

i didn't think i could find a place where people are still talking about this game


Anyone else noticed that using the whistle in the creepy downtown area where you get the handgun makes all the residing NPCs try to rush you? Gave me a real shock when I randomly tried the whistle there.



I did a similar thing a couple years ago when I was really into .flow (I still really like it, but haven't really played it or messed with it in a long time). I dug through most of the events and triggers in the game and these are my notes on what I found interesting/potentially relevant for theories. It's worth noting, I used machine translation on these so they might not be accurate (I built a tool at the time to run the original Japanese through a handful of different online translation services and usually accepted whatever most services agreed upon as the translation). Basically what I'm saying is, take all of my notes with a giant grain of salt. It's also worth saying that lol can use whatever names he wants for these triggers, events, etc. so trying to read into their naming is arguably questionable, it's possible nothing in the game has any real meaning behind it.

Worth noting, when I did this the latest version of the game was .17 (that's how old this is) so I haven't looked at anything beyond that version. Also, I make references in the notes to areas of the game via names, by descriptions, or NPC locations (I think I referenced the wiki at the time for most names)- because of this I actually have a hard time following these notes anymore myself as I don't remember much about the layout/locations/NPCs in .flow.

Gonna put my notes in a pastebin so I don't add a giant wall of text to this post: https://pastebin.com/raw/5WMkt0SQ

I did this because I was really into .flow and it left me with a lot of questions/ideas about what was behind it. I like to think a lot of what I found let me piece together my own theory about the overarching themes of the game, so maybe others will get the same from it. However, as I said, take this all with a grain of salt, the only reason I really did this was simply because almost everything in .flow is such a mystery and (while also being really creepy) leaves you trying to piece together some kind of meaning. This was my way of trying to satisfy my curiosity.


That is quite helpful, thank you!

>lol can use whatever names he wants for these triggers, events, etc. so trying to read into their naming is arguably questionable, it's possible nothing in the game has any real meaning behind it.

While it is quite possible that "Kaibutsu" (Monster) is just a meaningless generic name, I doubt that lol named Fetuses like that for no reason.

And a little note about something in that wall of text…
>Switches related to Oreko commonly translate to 'My Child'
That's 'Oreko', actually. "Ore" is a way to say "I" in Japanese, while "Ko" translates as "child" and often stands at the end of Japanese female names. Like "Hanako" (Flower Child) or "Tsukiko" (Moon Child), or Monoko. Machine translators tend to mistake stuff like that.


File: 1520458307810.png (193.13 KB, 600x560, 56910a24SiL2JaHw.png)

Huh, I'm surprised that someone's posting this only just now. Quite interesting, either way.

>There are two islands in the Hell area (which is otherwise pretty useless as an area) that seem to have skinned humans/things on them. To my knowledge, there is no way to get them. One island has a single animated (squirming) one and a fishing guy that teleports you to the Water Depth area. The other island contains 4 of them but they aren't animated and there doesn't seem to be a way to get off.

I realise that you already mentioned how old the notes are, but I think the area you described is used in this little event added in 0.19: https://youtu.be/zIKAF7sR9Gc?t=333
Interesting how it seems to have been present in the files even before the update.

I thought the 'Ore' in Oreko stood for orange - オレンジ - as in, Orange child, because of the colours associated with her? Even the menu theme you unlock from interacting with her is called Orange.


She is called oreko for orange, but the translator (if anon did run it through translation software) might have misunderstood it for "ore no ko", i.e. "my child".



File: 1527810523933.png (98.1 KB, 341x369, sabi.png)


don't know how old this actually is but it was uploaded less than 24 hours from this post

what are y'all's thoughts on this
i rate it one skeptical grimace out of ten


The translation came out a few years ago. It's a pretty nice fan interpretation with fairly decent art. From what little I remember, some of the theories presented are a bit different from the usual western stuff, so I suppose there's some worth in that as well.


File: 1527877693973.gif (937.02 KB, 450x270, giphy.gif)


File: 1527902731058.png (473.53 KB, 778x831, y63.png)


ah, okay

personally not a fan of time/event loops since they've been done to hell and back over the past decade (and before that, yeah, but it seems like it's the answer to everything these days). too much shit went down in this supposed loop, it would be impossible to replicate as is implied. you could try to fill one of the plotholes by saying one of the maid clones could act as a physical stand-in for her mother every loop, but her father didn't have anything like that

the kaibutsu sister knowing what was going on kind of implies everyone else had been there as singular entities for at least a couple sabs, but that could be disproven by the end - which, if sabi-tsuki were going to remake the world and continue the flow… why would she introduce another sabi when it's pretty clear it would just come after her dumb ass too. she'd have to be a fucking moron to not realize this before adding a new one.. how could she even be in control of the flow or any experiments to begin with if the ending goes on to contradict and say her mother was still the one ultimately running everything and knew the consequences of each flow

the first two chapters were relatively okay and i like how the author managed to cram almost all of the effects in; really, boiling it down though i wouldn't say the theories are any different in comparison to the west aside from it beginning with there only being one 'real' sabi and her suicide/they're all clones in a loop.
fatal illness leading to physical decay, temporary cure in plants, experiments on children similar to (if not) herself, the kaibutsu (and smile) being friends until they're done in by the decay/turn against her, kills 'herself'. it was just handled a different, more literal way.

three less skeptical grimaces because the art was cute and haha disregard this i suck cocks


File: 1549287013034.jpg (66.18 KB, 810x500, serveimage.jpg)


So… Aruma Ketera. I guess lol_rust played a lot of touhou, and this happened…

There's a lot of .flow reminiscent imagery (also some elements of the music), but most important, at stage 4 shit hits the fan and rust demons appear!. They are called Eaters, by the way. It's the exact same abominations, so we now have an official name?

Also, what are the implications for .flow and Sabitsuki? It is interesting to notice that the end boss is an "Antithesis" of the protagonist, kind of like at the end of .flow

I wish I could someday understand the Eldritch Outer God mind of lol_rust…


>It's the exact same abominations
Not really. The fetus monsters from .flow have horns and stomach mouths, the ones in AruMa KeteRa don't.

There's actually a lot of recycled sprites from .flow and Ki/Gidan in the game, so I wouldn't put too much stock in things looking the same.


File: 1550530556001.png (49.23 KB, 1078x753, DzsyHTgVAAEEhgp.png)


I can't believe .flow just had its tenth anniversary.


File: 1550557303408.jpg (7.33 KB, 200x200, 2014-08-25-669292.jpg)

shit, i was about to celebrate until i saw you were actually >4 days late

but also, same






File: 1550576475160.jpg (334.08 KB, 1123x1200, sias.jpg)

hello is sias


File: 1550611231045.png (1.08 KB, 630x464, Untitled.png)

After I open the game it shows this image, but I don't know what to do from here. If I press z it glitches and the window closes.


File: 1550611570420.png (4.56 KB, 271x190, Untitled2.png)

Also I forgot this, it shows this error.


You don't have the file my, whatever it is (probably an image of sorts).


rename your folder to something smaller


File: 1550895218185.png (187.15 KB, 460x250, omedeto.png)

Thought you guys would be interested. Seems like lol married this past 5th.
Only 9 days before .flow's 10th year anniversary.

Congratulations to the guy. Wish I could've sent him a message back then.



Either that, or he's making the aruma ketera page to add to his site.


File: 1552693537442.jpg (68.34 KB, 1070x925, D1YfodSUYAAoUVU.jpg)


lol posted another preview of a new map!


is there a .flow update coming?


I sure hope so. There is also another screenshot, posted above, with a map that looks like Hell (but there's no such place in in-game Hell) and a giant arm of AruMa KeteRa protagonist. Here:


damn, lol is one of the only major fg devs to be working and communicating with fans (albeit, not in english). it's been a while since the last update but i trust the guy 10x more than other devs to actually release updates, especially with the new screenshots


What if it's a new game altogether?


good thing we refused to make an effort to translate what he was saying or anything


"progress" and "status" could mean anything, really. Especially when he uses the same words for every game update he makes (be it either Milya's remake, .flow? maybe, aruma ketera, etc).


File: 1554829000952.png (22.06 KB, 514x375, D3uPW_gU0AEXR_h.png)


So we're sure this is still .flow? Looks like a new project to me.


File: 1554832342503.png (21.69 KB, 640x480, 1269980393_preview_Own_roo….png)

Well, that's definitely Sabi's TV. And isn't that NPC the one in the hospital who gives you the hood effect? Also, the tile set looks like the Alleyway one.

Of course lol is free to reuse assets, but there's nothing concrete either way yet…


You're right, this probably is an update. Amazing.


lol did reuse the particles from Arm effect world in AruMa KeteRa. But still, with this and the Hell-like area preview from earlier, there's too much .flow in this current work for it to be an unrelated project.

I couldn't even launch Kidan/Gidan, so can anyone tell me if there are many reused assets? There are none in Milya, and in AK I noticed only the krm things.


I wasn't necessarily paying attention to this but from what I recall Kidan/Gidan had a totally unique style and tileset compared to .flow.


The current English translation of v0.192 had several vital pieces of text left in Japanese, so I have translated that text. I also copied over translated pictures from the English v0.18, and added in missing sounds from previous versions.

You can download my fixed version here: https://mega.nz/#!fIcCSSzT!BWsTSs3Yk4_VAt4u9WP_UucxwGBm8fklaHCRglZ7ytc

Please inform me if there's something I've missed, and I will upload another fixed version.


>several vital pieces of text left in Japanese, so I have translated that text
Text?! Can you post it here?


Rust's name was left untranslated, as was the dialogue to discard all effects. The readme was also left untranslated.

The rest of the untranslated text was just small things, like the 'flow' on the side of the countdown.


File: 1555667893498.png (23.74 KB, 643x481, Снимок.PNG)

Oh, I see. I didn't remember there was dialogue to discard effects. There is flavor text in the Debug Room though, but when I checked there, it was still in Japanese, so it confused me.

Can you take a look at it maybe?


The debug room text was left untranslated in v0.192. I'm not sure if I want to translate it myself, since the debug room is not supposed to be accessed in a normal game. But if people really want a translation of the text in there, I can provide one.


While debug is not meant for the players, there's flavor text and items that only change Sabitsuki's appearance, like twintail Gasmask, or Santa hat, lol woudln't leave it there just for himself.

And iirc it can be accessed without modding the game, by using a glitch.

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