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Hi, I'm the one who made the original Junko v 1.02 post (and who helped search for it on reddit). Since I haven't seen anyone comment on it, I recently went to the YNOnline page and saw that a mysterious door appears at the top and if you click on it, it takes you to a semi-mysterious image.

It turns out that this is about a new project called "Collective Unconscious" and of which I took some images on Twitter. What do you think?


File: 1715165351253.jpg (81.22 KB, 300x300, 1580877805364.jpg)

Is this a new fan game or is it a social hub world for YNO? Collective Unconscious sounds sort of like a Yume Nikki-themed chat hub world.


It's a YNO exclusive fan game that started in their discord. A lot of western devs have been working on it since it's the easiest collaborative ynfg to contribute to and has an actually organized development


When it comes to the YNFG archive I might give it a try, till then it's dead. I do not like people putting practically always-online DRM into my games.


>>16076 Yeah it probably won't take too long for it to get onto an archive since devs and wiki contributors will have access to the builds but some of the in-game multiplayer features mught be broken


File: 1715253501337-0.jpg (58.89 KB, 422x768, BknjHhTCAAAz9qR.jpg)

CU is just Yume Poopy #2, but with better (hopefully) or worse (probably) content quality control. A fangame, which I heard will not have downloads available. Only online play.

I guess we shall see. I heard they plan to release it this month, but I'm personally expecting it to release in June 26th, right at 20th YN Anniversary.


>>16078 does 2kki even have quality control? developers are free to add nexus worlds with shitter mspaint art or crash the game
e.g. delta judgment

bikini beach is unironically hilarious though


File: 1715424116175-0.png (3.53 KB, 241x341, tumblr_p2z905w7WJ1tlrxyto1….png)

They lost all their quality control when they opened the gates for western contributors. Judging by the latest contributions, they are either very lenient with quality control or lacking it completely. But I'm not playing the game, so I'm not the one who should judge.

And speaking of delta judgement, don't you find it funny that they let Big Booty Bimbo Urotsuki stay in the game, but went apeshit a while back when someone sneaked a loss meme reference in it, forcing the creator to remove it? This says a lot about our society…


>They lost all their quality control when they opened the gates for western contributors.

Because drama and low quality obviously can only ever be the fault of the eternal westoid and the glorious warriors of Yamato are inherently and in fact genetically incapable of making crap content or causing idiotic online drama, amirite?


File: 1716243029364-0.png (14.78 KB, 179x179, 44254427.png)

Of course, my dear anonymous friend, you're absolutely right. All these stinky westoids know nothing better but make up shit and cause petty drama with anyone who doesn't match their political views, while glorious warriors of Japan are locked in to make mind-blowing content in a 21 years piece of cr- I mean game engine. Jokes aside though, both parties have their "good" and "bad" creators, but this judgement is entirely subjective and may vary in opposite directions from one person to another. I mean, someone could probably feel ecstatic from notorious Omurice Labyrinth for example. Chances are low, but never zero.

But let's get back to the topic. It has been announced that CU will be released in June 8th. Surely they will not make it online-exclusive, isn't it? Is there still a hope for that?


I hope they'll release a singleplayer build eventually, since it looks very pretty, but I doubt it. It's designed with multiplayer in mind.


Western devs? I will pass…


You have to be 18 years age or older to browse this site. Please leave.


But anon, I'm 35…


File: 1717251641507.png (6.93 KB, 171x322, 045654323456.PNG)

I've been there recently and the totem started to glow while music played in the background. Above, I've seen a timer counting down to Collective Unconscious's release. At least under a week. Had anybody seen this?


Sorry, it's HOURS, not weeks.

Art thou prepared?


File: 1717264117299.jpg (37.75 KB, 432x591, 1716314062059186.jpg)

It's close to 7 days to me, I mean technically yeah that's hours but…


Sorry, I was right the first time.

Only six days to go…


Five days until release. Art thou prepared?


File: 1717392786336.png (52.53 KB, 167x173, 1.png)

I for one can't wait for this discord-spawned disaster to come to life. Billions must get groomed.


Not if you haven't tried the game out on 8.06.2024; a few days time


Collective Unconscious has a totem that calls back to YN's tribal imagery, relaxing music and stellar assets. I've watched the trailer and it's beutifully amazing.

It wasn't dead, just in development. Only three days to go!


File: 1717772855203.jpg (73.56 KB, 615x598, E4REi5-WUAAv3zf.jpg)

>avatar fags with le heckin smug anime girls
>talks about discord groomers


Heh heh heh…

You're too funny.

Anyways, I can't wait for the game releasing tomorrow, how about you?


File: 1717836000891.jpg (108.27 KB, 1280x720, 171419839735.jpg)

6 hours, 20 minutes.


imagine if sun looked like that


Only three minutes to go…!


I mean hours hehe


File: 1717850634427.jpg (7.83 KB, 220x240, FJqoUA3VEAAnOmg.jpg)

Don't you "hehe" at me! Where's the game?! ;_;


The Spirit World emerges…


File: 1717863864114.png (95.78 KB, 642x480, 1000123432.PNG)

It's finally here! Click the link above and enjoy the game!


File: 1717864890765-0.jpg (28.35 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oznljdfmcj1vgnueno3….jpg)


You are missing out on literally 800 people being online.



File: 1717889604063.png (66.63 KB, 420x348, Screenshot_2024-06-09_01-0….png)

Whoa that's crazy! I stand corrected. 524 million players?!? Who knew that yumenigi was so popular…


My first run was awesome. The only drawback, which may be totally subjective, is the NPCs in this game look less like the unexplainable and alluring entities of actual YN and more and more like the creatures a furry-frenzied 14 year old mind would come up with. Like they haven't understood what was the recipe that made the original characters so appealing. I love it nonetheless.


File: 1717913103767-0.jpg (30.5 KB, 200x200, DHg9fG0UwAEidwd.jpg)



At some point the servers got so full that they crashed and I didn't reconnect, so I got the single player experience (the better one). The game feels basically the same as any other YNFG without multiplayer, there is nothing particular about it that gets lost without other people running around.
Hopin that someone will make an offline version. Not just because it is a better experience (my audio was crackling constantly because it was running in a browser) but also for archival purposes. Who knows what they will remove or change in the inevitable day one patch? I tried archiving some of it manually by downloading things that individually came into the Network panel but the game is so big with so many assets it was too much for one person by hand. But if someone smarter than me automated it with a script of some sort it would be easy.

This. Some of the NPCs I saw around felt more like someone's OCs (especially the ones in the apartment building with the sleeping bear woman with the kaiju carpet and the tree person). Some of the worlds also feel way too populated and alive for YN (like Dust Bunny World and Corvid City). Don't forget some generic TikTok "liminal space" horror too, like the playplace maze, because OOOOOO scaryyy playplace with crying children I'm shitting my pants as we speak.
There are some worlds that capture the energy though, like the Fantasy Forest, Hydrangia Path, or Side Scroller world, and it is very high quality. But the multiplayer aspect brings it down for me personally. Hard to get focused on the art when the chat is firing off with a bunch of children and you see some guy running around on ocassion (though I guess it makes the lonely parts more atmospheric and ominous)


That kinda sums up my experience, the music and atmosphere of some of the rooms is very interesting and fun, yet I would go as far as to state that the majority of the content isn't a YNFG. It's interesting and technically a walking adventure but not filling the same niche. And some of the worlds are just too stringent, feeling more like a maze than a dream.

Also, I didn't appreciate the puter jumpscare.


screenshots and hype make me optimistic about this. feels like i'm missing out on a lot. but i'll wait for the download. the idea of it being browser only is just so uncomfortable to me.


File: 1718020874938.jpeg (400.65 KB, 3000x3000, wrwe.jpeg)

And you don't have to wait any longer! Sharing some 7z love with you all <3


Password is "2kki_Electric_Boogaloo".

lmk if I left my first son's blood in there or something.

PS: For the project's manager being all like "Copying is an act of love" there seems to be a lack of copying.


Here's the same file unsplitted for ubuus who can't stand passwords on archives https://pixeldrain.com/u/XqLJKkHa


Can verify that the executable is indeed unaltered. I personally do not like pixeldrain because of their bandwidth limit (which is constantly being hit by those sharing my IP) and Catbox seemed to be kinda squeamish about uploading archives with .exe in listings. My bad tho.


File: 1718039313142.jpg (7.06 KB, 250x250, Quality6.jpg)

No it's all good, thanks for your service.


File: 1718056896589.png (92.35 KB, 834x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you for your generosity oh kind anon. Now we may experience the game without it's always online DRM.


LET'S GOOOO. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm thinking we're so back (it was never over but i'm just saying it).


File: 1718093717254.png (95.06 KB, 500x500, monoe123.png)

This will surely make a great addition to my collection.


File: 1718121345462.png (113.24 KB, 1284x1429, madotsuki-witch_memorislee….png)

so i played the game finally, as of yesterday. it honestly looks visually beautiful and amazing, really have to hand it to these guys.

on the other side, yes, it is true some of the npcs in the game do kind of come off as OC's of the developers/contributors and less of organic creatures you would find in the dream world.

that being said, i think the criticisms for the online experience can easily be shot down if you take into account you can just simply disable the chat and other players around you for a solo experience…it's what i did. i didn't have issues regarding browser stuff, in fact i almost never when it comes to the ynoproject site. i admit, i didn't play the game on launch so maybe there is issues players came across that i didn't.

solid art direction, solid game and aesthetics. the pixel art is beautiful and detailed. this could be a detriment to some people as they feel more simplistic map design is better but i digress.


the fact that there are other players you can interact with isn't my issue. it's the difficulty in keeping track of additions, removals and modifications of the game. idk. it's just so weird. and i don't want to deal with stuff like playing the game for 2 hours, not playing it for a few months, then your save file being all messed up. still giving it a go anyways because it looks stunning. apologies if my concerns sound a little strange.


File: 1718545216976.jpg (133.3 KB, 981x768, 1718058438694688.jpg)

You know what? No. You actually have a valid point. 95% of the fags in this board talk shit about the game for the sake of contrarianism. I bet a good 80% has never tried the website at all. I don't really gave it a lot of thought, but now that you mention it i must agree that the fact this is an online project comes with some annoying hurdles. I have lost my Yume 2kki savefiles more times than i can count, and when i was just getting into YNO it was devastating. The people that run that bastard website are very dismissive of the issue too. Its been years and they dont even try and fix it or find some workaround, they just go 'oops i guess your save will be gone every two months tehee! just backup it lil bro!'

If i can stand it at all is because i got friends willing to lend me their backuped saves when i inevitably forget to keep mine and i lose months of progress. Well, now that it got leaked i wont have to give thought to those issues at all. I hope you can enjoy the game anon, have fun.


File: 1718546717608.gif (83.39 KB, 960x540, araara_aiu.gif)

You all would be real mad if every time Uboachan updated the software all posts got permanently wiped with no archive.

You know what…


File: 1718738342380.png (1.33 MB, 870x900, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….png)

you know what, you're right. save file concerns are a big thing. i use the YNO website for convenience and always back up my saves but that is incredibly shitty for them to just shrug their shoulders to. i've also seen people throw out security concerns, i'm not too familiar with that so it's something i'll have to look into myself.
i still believe the game is worth trying because there does exist a method where you can play the game on your actual device for a true single-player experience.

my reply is the same to the other anon but yes, save files are a big thing they should actively keep an eye on.
on the other hand, i agree with your sentiment on how the board talks about this game. a lot of people are weirdly dismissive of it for incredibly shallow reasons, when it takes little effort to just try the game out for yourself. it just seems like there is this weird mentality of people who will only enjoy YNFGs if they are japanese made, which is retarded considering uproars over some japanese devs not wanting overseas players to experience their game. this is also a western based chan for yn fans, so you would think people had some self-awareness…

anyways, rants aside. i think the game is solid. i'm not too big of a fan of puzzle segments because the enjoyment from yn is the fact it's an exploration game where you can trial and error your way into finding secrets about the game. i dont like puzzles since it can be difficult to figure out sometimes yourself and you're locked out of some areas because of it. i also think the art direction, while great, does play a lot on established "internet horror" tropes we commonly see such as liminal spaces, though a lot of yn is open space that loops around. i'm more or so talking about stuff like the giant pools, unending hallways, or the backrooms type. i also think the art direction gets a bit too complex and i wish it was more simplified and amateurish, that's the beauty of yn after all.

i do highly recommend this game for anybody curious. there is beautiful animations, cool events, secrets and all of the like.


> The people that run that bastard website are very dismissive of the issue too.

From what little I know, the guys that started YNO are not very interested in the project anymore especially after Sam got busy with pokerogue (and then relgious stuff) so the website is pretty understaffed which is maybe half the reason the first hour or two of CU's launch was such a mess.


File: 1718849342024.jpeg (233.46 KB, 1024x1024, gnome.jpeg)

Not even considering any technical aspects, I don't know how anyone can take this game seriously or not get bored of it after a week. With my 4 hours of gameplay I have found 0 intriguing secrets or themes that give any of the depth that nikki has. And it's less me jerking off nikki than it is bombing on how superficial this shit is. It reeks chronically online, tumbler faggot. Even ignoring all the self indulging furry wank, the gameplay is a step lower than 2kki. At least 2kki has some thematics and abstractness to it, while this is straight up "lets do 2kki again but even more dumbed down". And at least with 2kki it felt like a new direction when all the new detailed maps came out, but with this it's practically just walking whatever annoying distance just to see the same rehashed "le pretty" pixel art scene. I'm no writer, so I can't describe these feelings too well, but what I get from CU is akin to all these modern remakes with their contrived ass 'next gen' emphasis and their reliance on reference after reference to the predecessors. Is it really that hard to do something original when the subject matter is dreams? But no, all they've done is a shitty rehash, with added injections of furry shit and overweening graphics. Where is the uncanniness? Where is the randomness? Where are the themes? Etc. etc., how anyone can shill this is beyond me.

Inb4 suspend ur disbelief: Go play flappy bird or something then. The appeal of these games isn't to be a mindless distraction; they specifically appeal to certain modes of thought or perspectives. Or if you think otherwise then fuck off too.

Inb4 "But you didn't play enough because 'this example'":I bet it's still just a westernized rehash and even if you argue it's somehow a good rehash, I doubt it. It's more likely you are just suspending your disbelief.


> Where is the uncanniness?
anyway i dont see how this games shortcomings are any different from 2kkis just replace tumblr with 2chan and backrooms with tanasinn.
whatever cant argue with the taste of someone posting aigen gnome


>putting tumblr faggotry and zoomer retardation on the same level as 2kki.


File: 1719076713876.png (7.94 KB, 656x496, 13920111.png)

Found that after interacting with the mannequin in Isolation (provided that you've visited the room surrounded by eyes first), it didn't trigger the Shadow Sentinel event. Instead, it caused a softlock while displaying "Unknown event with id (number)" text strings. The yume.wiki page mentioned the event is "currently broken".

Another one was exploring Garden causes a big FPS drop from 60FPS to 20FPS, especially for mobile users. This only applies to this location, thanks to exploring and the chat logs, who said this was to do with the EasyRPG.org emulator.

Lastly, Collective Unconscious devs fixed a bug where the game would crash after exiting the megaphone, just after the game's launch (that's when 800 players flocked to enjoy the game).

Also, speaking of the game's post-launch, yume.wiki now has a wiki for Collective Unconscious if you need a guide on locations and maps.


Think I'll give the project a chance but I expect to agree with this statement. Fangames were always more interested in copying the rather superficial aspects of YN, and this seems like going all in on the superficial


One world really speaks to mind, and there's an event that requires four effects to start: https://yume.wiki/unconscious/Uncanny_World#Fourth_Wall_Break_Event

What follows is a complex process. Getting four eye signposts to open this way (loop the level time and time again because the signs are randomized per loop) will trigger a cutscene leading up to a portal. This is a one-way trip unless you complete the event.

On the other side of the portal is a small area that seems to be overlooking the Nexus with other Minnatsukis. Close your menu twice (the game will automatically open it again after you close it once) to cause two of the distant Minnatsukis to return from the spirit worlds. Opening and closing the menu will then ha a random chance to have one of the remaining distant Minnatsukis return. After the you rounded up all Minnatsukis, the music will slowly fade out.

After the music fully fades out, opening the menu will reveal it to be "corrupted." DO NOT CLOSE THE MENU at this point OR THE EVENT WILL NEED TO BE RESTARTED.

I was trying to get the event, but it's a complex process trying to make all eye signs open and the menu to glitch out.

Very weird, as I couldn't get it to work, but the event gets more bizarre from this point on.

I was watching another user interacting with the Nexus overlook, but nothing happened and they left.

Had anybody got this event?


File: 1719145473764-0.png (55.3 KB, 638x481, 0100012343222.PNG)

File: 1719145473764-1.png (5.9 KB, 630x463, 0000100.PNG)

File: 1719145473764-2.png (21.63 KB, 525x426, 101231111111.PNG)

It's working.

Gets bizarre, knows the chatlog, and one of those scenes looks like Evangileon.


File: 1719145822674.png (6.18 KB, 273x52, 0101123222.PNG)

Someone mentioned the Shadow Sentinel "Unknown event with id (number)" softlock in chat. Hopefully CU devs will fix this problem!


File: 1719150204977-0.png (5.91 KB, 271x50, 0111111112.PNG)

File: 1719150204977-1.png (55.34 KB, 634x475, 111121444.PNG)

In regards to >>16177 - here's another one concerning said event not working.

In Glass Shards Path, there's an NPC that will interact with the current eight eidolons (effects). Soulfire, Rodentia, Specter and Youth/Rodentia mixed eidolons give the NPC a confused look on its face, however, it's annoyed by the Youth Eidolon (refer to image), and will eat Minnatsuki if you annoy this creature too much, thus earning you a book cover. Try that for yourself and see!

Well, for the four hours you spent on CU, there is more than what you've seen and I digress it if you hadn't found any secrets. The game has LOTS of mysteries, you just have to look deep while playing the game.

The YNOProject devs are great. I hadn't checked their Tumblr but they are kind from the get-go from recent CU chatlogs; it would be great if you could ask them questions like I'm recording secrets/events in CU on the fly. I think you all need to respect Tumblr since it's been over 10 years, much like I respect insects for their efforts to help our planet.


The CU dev community is very sweet, even if I don't gel with all the characters there. I dont think i would be half as interested in playing or contributing if the community was as bad as the straw man zoomer tumblrfag yadda yadda


>zoomer tumblr users
You mean "Tumblr's new generation of users"? I mean, it shouldn't be disrespected in any way.

Loved what you said about the CU dev community!

There's open areas to contributing maps for CU; some have already been reserved and devs are already onto making fresh ideas for a bigger love letter to Yume Nikki, better than Yume 2kki, so indeed I have high hopes for that in future updates.

Sometimes, player comments in CU's chat logs are mostly sane, some funny than others (like a player talking about the Instant Death Disease creepypasta, which was old and lost to time).


Telling board users they should not do something is a sure-fire way to have them do exactly that.


Now it just mentions the event is an intentional softlock?



File: 1719657199608-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.15 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20240629-111542….jpg)

File: 1719657199608-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.08 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20240629-111548….jpg)

Here's the screenshots of the Glass Eater event in general, done on my Samsung tablet… I really like this NPC.

If you only have the Youth effect, this WILL make things easier. (Somebody commented on this while I tried this and I laughed so hard; this is why the CU community is great haha!)

Another thing I found was the framerate dropped drastically in Surreal Zoo, only happening on mobile devices. Garden seems to suffer from this as well; not my doing.

As such, I feel this could now be considered a "general" thread for people finding new events and whatnot in CU.


File: 1719969989628.jpg (587.22 KB, 2480x2720, GRQ-nSsakAAv1d1.jpg)

>lets do 2kki again
Funny, considering one of the devs was exposed for tracing shit from other fangames and was publicly called out by a major fangame creator on xitter
Funniest thing is Gaida out of all people making pasive aggresive hate art of Yamitsuki targeted at the other protag this dev created who is also surprise surprise called Yamitsuki before the shit fest started, man what a time to be alive.


People discussing 2kki/YNOproject…

I had enjoyed a lot of YNFG's and CU is going to big as 2kki, or possibly bigger that said game. Still, the YNFGs are special hidden gems, CU's a love letter to 2kki and the classic YN.

Proud to say CU is getting it's very first update this week.


It's a bug.

I disagree with you; CU's a relaxing innovative MMO,you're making it look bad.


File: 1720022681821-0.jpg (136.07 KB, 700x420, 46401329_p63_master1200.jpg)

I was lucky enough to obtain that funny gen.loss fangame before it got removed. Once I update the archive, everyone will be able to enjoy it in it's full glory.


Hard agree, sadly


Oh good, seen it 1/7 but didn't expected anything


21keb is lit take that back


What do you think of Muma Rope?


CU dev spotted


If it's supposed to be a cozy MMO and not a 2kki ripoff with a chat, it's a very bad one.

Even the dumpster fire that is CoTL has at least actual multi-player content, incentives to play with other players (players sharing resources, h$nd-holding parties and multi-player emotes), actual (temporary) win and lose states, actual long-term goals and regular events.

Looking at the numbers it has severely failed to retain its audience for longer than a few hours after the novelty wore out.

Nice. But what is that game about and why are you posting about it here?


I definitely dont think it's meant to be an MMO, its something more like a marginally interactive art gallery via yume nikki pastiche. or something like that
even as that it might not be all that good of one


File: 1720274894049-0.png (42.56 KB, 640x480, 6.flv_snapshot_01.14_[2015….png)

Because gen.loss developer also happened to be a CUnny game contributor, and his contributions also happened to be traced from other various fangames. Which probably means in that above mentioned "very first update" his content will likely be removed.

Also, wanna know something funny? CUnny game guidelines didn't have a "do not copy or plagiarize other's work" rule up until the moment when that shit with gen.loss developer caught fire. Makes me wonder if there any more traced content in the game that left unnoticed.


a "do not copy or plagiarize other's work" rule was probably expected to be implied by the "don't use works you did not make yourself or have the rights to use" rule, its even listed as a subrule of it

Also it shouldn't be misconstrued that the tracing/ overly-reliance-on-references was done in bad faith and as far as I know no other devs were implicated. Drifter's initial vaguepostings led to a lot of devs being paranoid that they were the ones he was talking about rather than looking into other devs' works; CU devs avoid being openly critical in any way of other devs' work, and as shown in this incident, to a fault. I'm sure that other devs were aware that Orchid's work was excessively derivative in many places, but didn't see it as their place to say anything about it.


2kki has a music track that uses the Amen break
So it makes no sense to single out CU for copying


Been playing Collective Unconscious on and off and I do agree somewhat to some of the criticism in this thread.
It's not a bad fangame, and it has potential and some nice areas, but first of all, for a game called "Collective Unconscious" there's a surprising lack of, dunno, Archetypes, more monstrous designs, more soul-pulling, thought-provoking themes.

The general vibe is indeed tumblr girl core, you know, too many pastel colors, too safe, too many humanoid creatures, too many OCs, a huge lack of abstraction and suggestive symbolism, everything precisely at this level: not exactly in your face, but rather exactly 1 puddle deep, suggesting at most some random teenager sad issue. I wish there was less derivative content and it was less "feels-safe-but-boring-shallow" and "crouching pastel, hidden sadness" like.

There's also too many YN/2kki derivative/copycat areas for the current size of the game. Like the vaporwave shoals being a complete ripoff of noildoof style (vaporwave mall + lost shoal, even in name!). Or Deep Woods being a YN woods copypaste (complete with background YN creature knockoffs).
Or the Yume Nikki TV event ripoff (which by the way, I saw a stream of mimimichan finding it and it fell flat on mimimi and the viewers, so it's not just me but the goddamn .flow creator). I felt a bit of second hand embarrassment watching that.
Also,some of the puzzles are too brainy/rational for a dreamlike game. There's a reason YN avoided meaningful text, numbers and conversation, and it's grounded on neurological reasons. Same should apply to rational puzzles.

That said, the mandatory retrogame areas are nice, the neighborhood with the house you can go into has an amazing atmosphere (despite being a YN reference, it's a very well done one), the trip to the climate eidolon is good, there are enough well done atmospheric areas to chill in, and also I must say the way eidolons, running and gestures are separate things is brilliant, as well as how the Nexus is done.


what game is "CoTL"?


Call of Tlutty


Not that Anon but The actual answer is Sky: Children of The Light and I know because I played that game for a year despite growing far less fond of it, and the playerbase


File: 1720379938907-0.jpg (30.04 KB, 720x720, 20240423_143457.jpg)

Even if it was actually implied, it is now clear that not everyone understood, if anyone did.

CUnny game is a joke of all fangames. Even something like Dickme Dicki would probably be more fun than this.


It's also short for Cult of the Lamb.

Of course, thought it was private but the page gave me a 404 error…

I disagree with you because CU's not a joke game in any way; it's pretty much innovative as a HUGE love letter to Yume 2kki and Yume Nikki in general. I've played a lot of YNFGs and they seem to be inspired by older works, even online ones. Some YNFGs like Is This Undertale (never played) are jokes, but not CU by a long shot.

Despite players falling drastically behind 2kki (due to how it's updating ever so fast), there's a new update that will come out tomorrow; hopefully it will make the MMO better.

You can join CU's Discord server if you want. Take care dreamers and people roaming the spirit world <3


Pretty cool review, I like it! Looking forward tomorrow for the new update :D


File: 1720387284438-0.jpg (364.62 KB, 933x1381, FHmmTCZaQAIXQSR.jpg)

> thought it was private but the page gave me a 404 error
Because the developer took it down after the backlash. I've managed to obtain the game before the moment when shit hit the fan.
> CU's not a joke game in any way
If it's not a joke, then it's absolute comedy. Collective Unconscious? More like Completely Unimpressive.
> it's pretty much innovative as a HUGE love letter to Yume 2kki and Yume Nikki in general
Sure, renaming "effects" to "eidola" is quite innovative! I'm sure no one has EVER come up with such idea before. Aside from that I see nothing "innovative" about the game.
And if by "HUGE love letter" to said games you mean simply making a copycat from Yume 2kki - then you guys did a great job at it.
> there's a new update that will come out tomorrow
It would've make a great addition to the Fangames Archive, if it was available to download, but I'm sure you guys would never make it happen. Hope you'll reconsider this matter soon.
> CU's Discord
I don't like diddling with kids, so no, thanks.


There is no expiry date for when this game will no longer be playable.
Can players be assured they will continue to play the game forever?


There hasn't been an update. Where did you get the information from that there would be an update on July 8th?


File: 1720515250524-0.png (4.86 KB, 80x150, 24859682_p3.png)

You WILL be able to play the game forever. Trust me, bro.
Not even the project managers know when they're gonna update the game. Just saying. They probably wanted to update the game yesterday, but failed miserably due to doomscrolling TikTok.


Dumbest post in this thread


In defense of the rest of us I thought it was a total shitpost so I didn't call it out


That's impressive considering this thread is a monument to pettiness


File: 1720637307332-0.png (83.42 KB, 440x1000, 29806992(1).png)

Whatever you say, this doesn't change the fact that >>16219 is a stinky liar. Not even the project managers themselves know when they are gonna update their game.


File: 1720645007075.png (7.67 KB, 270x76, CUVer0.12Update.PNG)

This was a rumour that I've found on CU's chat logs. However, they may be busy coding bugfixes (eg. using Soulfire on Sun Forest NPCs may cause the game to softlock so hopefully CU wouldn't cause issues with that again) or making new content and all this time, the player count for CU had dropped heavily to around 50-60 players.

If you are thinking "this game seems unimpressive", it's not correct; I had been playing other YNFGs and CU takes cues from them as a whole MMO YNFG.

I'm not sure when there's going to be an update for CU. I wish it would come out as fast as Yume 2kki's updates. I'm just sharing opinions.


CU updates will always update slower than 2kki since implementation is done all at one by managers rather than passing the build around from dev to dev like 2kki.
as for the playercount, it's probably going to stay low for a while but will grow as updates slowly roll in and it develops a playerbase of its own, the contributions as far as new worlds go is growing so when they are eventually implemented it will be a real event


File: 1720787190793.png (33.76 KB, 1280x960, 4.png)

Well, I played this and i've explored every single world in this game so far. I liked it, my favourite worlds are weeping monsters world, karoushi, everything after sun reactor, uncanny world, wisteria grove and tatami galaxy.
One thing that stood out to me was that this game is incredibly pretty


Oh. I see the problem now. Of course we're still waiting for a CU update release; been to their discord?

Thanks friend <3


Do wish more things in CU were surreal. There are a lot of pretty worlds but it lacks severely in bizarreness that made the original and 2kki so good. I am not against beautiful atmospheric worlds, I get in awe at some of them, but I feel like they should be sparse and put at the end of journeys where it is a nice resting spot. Think of Sky Garden in the original where you have to pass Dark World and the Wilderness and climb up some long stairs with falling men in the sky before you get to see something pretty and serene.
That said, I think that CU is far above most YNFGs in its quality of content, and I say this as someone who probably played over a hundred YNFGs. I can see that it has many talented people in its team. Things like Agoraphobia, Wisteria Grove, Tatami Galaxy, Surreal Zoo, Loading Zone, Festering Tomb, Sabbatical Complex, and Uncanny world are pure gems. I'm excited to see CU grow. Hope the developers put more attention in making unique things like the examples I said above.


File: 1721150772050.png (2.63 KB, 482x43, ClipboardImage.png)

Collective Unconscious has just updated and it's nothing new except the fact that all of the worlds that had stolen assets were removed so good for them


File: 1721162180138.png (71.08 KB, 342x324, co10rs_.png)

And which worlds would these be?


>>16235 they weren't stolen so much as copied but same difference
>>16238 from the changelog
* Map[0996] - Streetlight Path
| Removed entrance to Streetlight Interior Rooms. Moved menu theme seller.
* Map[0998] - Cloud City Trail
| Removed bridge. Will replace later.
* Map[1181] - Basalt Fields
| Connection leads to the flower room girl at the end of Orchid Haven (Interior) now.
* Map[1187] - Orchid Interior
| Connection leads back to Basalt Fields instead of Orchid Haven now
* Map[1189] - Prmvl. Stairs
| Connection leads back to Orchid Interior instead of Orchid Haven now
* Map[1212] - St.Light Bed
| Changed teleport to lead to Deep Woods.
* Map[1220] - Hometown_Interior
| Removed teleport back to Hometown.
* Map[1292] - Train_Hometown
| Connection leads straight to Hometown_Interior instead of the exterior map now.
- Map[0993] - Body Bog
| Removed, to be replaced later.
- Map[1182] - Orchid Haven
| Removed, to be replaced later.
- Map[1183] - Hometown
| Removed, to be replaced later.
- Map[1186] - Orchid Bridge
| Removed, to be replaced later.
- Map[1188] - St.Light Rooms
| Removed, to be replaced later.
- Map[1216] - Red Staircase
| Removed, to be replaced later.

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