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File: 1439559947613.jpg (853.52 KB, 1600x1200, whats the matter mado lady.jpg)


Everyone has disgusting thoughts they believe to be inhumane, but it's BECAUSE we are human that we have those thoughts.

If you have anything you're too disgusted by yourself with, that you need to get off your chest, post it in this thread.


I fucking hate otherkin faggots


I'm disgusted by 14 year olds who believe their anime inspired ideational vestiges are a substitute for centuries of philosophy and psychiatric literature.


I think this thread is more aimed at thoughts you have yourself that you think are taboo.

I consider female virginity to be one of the most important or possibly worse things a human being can go through.
It seems like most girls are pressured to have sex at young ages now, instead of having loving relationships. It seems like promiscuous women are trying to devalue it and make it seem like it's not a big deal.
On another note I think that girls that experiment early, accidentally tear their hymen to the point where it won't regenerate or are raped are sincerely tragic.

I'm obsessed with deflowering and marriage fantasies now. I used to be into really slutty and disgusting fetishes but not for years. I think most channers call this "Going full circle"?

Well, that's my ramble.
inb4 fedora


File: 1439590661317.jpg (108.03 KB, 613x517, datalaugh.jpg)

Do you know anything about what a hymen is for?
Having sex at any age the first time can result in it being messed up anyway or anytime after that. There's other things besides sex that cause to mess up as well. Exercising, masturbating, injury, etc. It's meant to shield a child/babies vagina from dirt and other things.


File: 1439627554315.jpg (58.83 KB, 1280x720, 10466992_672110472914796_4….jpg)

I really dislike it people tell me to "grow up" and try to get me to rush into things. i also find it annoying when you constantly tell me that life is hard, will shit you out, etc. I'm not aiming to be the best at anything, only doing what i can and go from there and if i want to be the best it'll be the best of me. I don't believe in karma or belong in an organized religion. I will prefer not to fight and will only do so in extreme circumstances. So what if i still like to do things from when i was a kid. in other words Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you

~sincerely anon


That's not a thought to be disgusted at yourself over.


A couple months ago I had some intrusive thoughts about inflicted injury, particularly visions of an eye getting stabbed with a glass shard or other such gory things.

Meds made it go away but damn that shit is not nice to deal with.


That's some deep web level shit.


File: 1439771939682.jpg (781.26 KB, 800x800, ruin.jpg)

I sometimes have thoughts about driving the human race to extinction. Sure, I have people that I love and care about but I honestly think this planet, no, the universe would be better without us. If I were to ever find a way to spread a virus/disease to annihilate humans or just destroy the whole planet and take us out with it, I would in a heartbeat.



I feel you anon.


You're just upset that your own life didn't go the way it was supposed to go. And yes, I think it's totally possible to enjoy things while holding disgust for humanity. If you must take your life, that is totally your choice but it's kind of unfair when you want to take down others with you.


Whoa bad vibes.
I can see where he's coming from and if one day life put me in front of that big red button I would push it too. Although for different yet similar reasons. Such as no one being free from suffering, death or the entropy of the universe.


maybe not disgusting and inhumane… but so naive, and i am aware of that, but when im lost in thoughts i cannot help it.
I am crazy about Japanese people, you can show me homeless Japanese man who lost everything because of pachinko or something similar, and i will still look at him and have idea like
>yeah.. i could live like that, he's Japanese after all..

but at the same time
>european homeless? shit, i dont want to end like those bums..

european or american porn star? slut
JAV actress? seem like a nice girl!

european garbageman? kinda stinky job..
japanese garbageman? ah, id like to meet him

why, why do i think like this, i sometimes think im in some way retarded

when i see some guy on nico douga live literally sitting for 6 hours on that chat streaming his face and doing absolutely nothing, just staring at the screen with his mouth half open i thin
>but he's Japanese, he must be nice and smart

im obsessed


Atleast youre aware of it, thats a whole lot better than most idiots with that sort of obsession.


you think its more common?


I think it's called being wapanese? A person who pretty much considers Japanese culture superior to their own. I believe that's what the word originally meant, before it turned into a slightly more general insult.

By the way, just out of curiousity - is there any substantial difference between the Japanese homeless and the European/American ones?



You can think the universe would e better off, you can think it would be peaceful and calm without us, and that's all well and good, but keep in mind those are also all human concepts.

Most of the rest of the universe is awesome nothingness. I don't think it fares much better or worse because of us. And we fuck up a lot of species here, but also create new environments for others.
I dunno. We're very self-important as a race but self-importance is basically one of if not the the defining attribute of any organism that excels.


I really don't get this.
"I got to actually experience this amazing thing called life and self-awareness which 99.99999% of everything ever won't get to but it hurts and it's not eternal so fuck it."
That's good for you but I'm infinitely glad we at least get the chance to be and feel something.


This. Seriously don't understand your logic here, anon. Sure what we have isn't eternal but that's no reason to throw it away even sooner. Why not just enjoy it while you have it?
It's a good thing there isn't a button to end the world. Cause it would have been pressed 1000 times a minute at this rate. Geez.


File: 1440005152945.gif (259.13 KB, 365x320, 1439808121312.gif)

>or the entropy of the universe
Why does people missuse the word entropy so much; it's a meassure, not a process. It's like saying that what killed a man that jumped from a tall building were the meters/feet instead of the fucking fall.


File: 1440163926794.png (222.08 KB, 342x750, tumblr_n3zpw23USo1qlmegvo1….png)


here's a disgusting and related thought: in spite of how wrecked my hymen gets, if i wait a month or so, it's like poppin' my cherry all over again. with the shit i do it really should not be able to do that

pretty awesome, actually.


File: 1440169448031.jpg (72.54 KB, 523x810, tumblr.jpg)

Some people say there is no such thing as "ugly art" and every style is just different.
Well I think that's bullshit, I see a lot of ugly pig disgusting art every day.
I'd give examples but mod chan would probably get tsundere


Mtf shouldn't be put in group with biological women and ftm shouldn't be put in group with biological men. Public places with changing rooms etc. should create rooms for those individuals, separate room for mtf and ftm.


>should create rooms for those individuals

No they shouldn't. You should not condone special snowflake behavior or go out of you way to please them.


This is a vent thread, so you shouldn't reply to anyone trying to argue why you think they're wrong.

But, no. Trans people are offended by being separated from biological males and females. They want to be treated and seen exactly the same way as the sex they make transition into.


File: 1442494127382.jpg (84.87 KB, 640x360, 1441672438558.jpg)

That is often wrong though, and it creates inconvinience for the normal Women and Men, and Children. There should be a middle sex facility though, not one for each kind of fag, but for all of them together.
I'm a fag and i understand i should be in a room with fag, no matter how much of fakeness i put on i know i'm no real woman and i shouldn't be sharing facilities with one, unless i have an operation where there are no real differences between me and a real woman aside from organism structure (cuz that would mean that autistic people can't use the same facilities as normies)


Hello, also a fag. I wouldn't mind a room for all of us together. Everyone in the room would be experiencing the same thing, so there wouldn't be as many feelings of discomfort or fear.


File: 1442504999693.png (304.19 KB, 720x964, kyynep_2015-09-17_11-43-43.png)

Your conversation reminded me of something I saw at some university about 2 months ago. I forget which.


Sounds good enough for me. Just thought mtf and ftm wouldn't feel comfortable naked next to each other.


Have you guys never used a gender neutral restroom?
You've never known the pleasure of waltzing in and whipping out your privates in the urinal while listening to girls gossip and fix their makeup?

You fucking children, grow up. There's literally nothing wrong with everybody sharing the same restroom.


Nope, but I've stood outside of one! (>>15368)


I don't know about you but I've never gotten naked inside of a restroom before


They're talking about changing rooms


I read a NTR rape doujinshi and I self inserted with myself and a close friend I know in real life. I was the one raping them. I've jacked off to it a couple times and think about it a lot when I'm around them. Sometimes I really consider trying it.


I think my programming instructor is a seriously incompetent guy who does the minimum amount of work and just about doesn't help students at all and has the worst written English out of anyone I've ever met. I mean EVER. That almost includes everyone on the internet too i mean god damn




File: 1443700553930.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281, idiotsandwich.gif)

You hate yourself but yo want to love…


i dont want to hate myself i wish i was lovable and i wish i had the strength to make myself lovable so that i may find love for myself


I feel bad for some of you, not cause of pity, but cause I have had the same experiences.


>You hate yourself but yo want to love…
Dont we all secretly.


File: 1443811472982.png (248.36 KB, 471x347, mypants.png)

No, I love myself and my life, and I don't think loving someone is even necessary to live.


File: 1443812568771.jpg (119.56 KB, 1280x720, chiruden poruno.jpg)

>and I don't think loving someone is even necessary to live.
It always amazes me the number of faggots who don't realize this and suffer so much because "they can't find that someone". The best example is r9k and derivates.
gg what a way to waste wizard potential in shit.


Okay, what if I'm aware it isn't necessary to love someone to live but I ultimately feel empty without it? What if I realize all I've wanted to do for the last decade is go out, build a fort, have adventures with someone and be able to relate, basically experience the childhood I got to have, and I realize also nobody but someone who's about as fuck and loves me would want to even do that?


Myabe some people do, while others dont.
My life just feels so empty, even filed with activities i can do.
I just wish there was a place i feel i belonged to.


I get that shit too, anon.

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