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Do you too feel sad because Desuchan seems so empty? It breaks my heart to see chans in general and in particular the ones I loved to be hollowed out.


All the old imageboards I used to hang out in are dead…

I guess 4chan is still around.


File: 1405233536495.jpg (730.81 KB, 1280x1024, 1258590443563.jpg)

I've never seen an imageboard hollow out and die, this place is like a home to me and I would hate to see it happen. I suppose I am semi-prepared for that, I have all the hosts on Skype now (except #2) so I could still keep in contact, but I would have to move our operations somewhere else. Also I hate to see this place died because I find entropy to be terrifying.


Uboachan will never die!


File: 1405239603290.png (219.39 KB, 340x368, 1385250162496.png)

>denying the truth
it is already dead
RIP vomitive shithole


We had 16 posts today, but we had 22 posts yesterday, and 39 the day before. It varies. We're not as big as in our bigger days, and a lot of that is probably my fault in ways I will never totally understand. Accounting for lurkers, we probably currently have a hundred or so returning users.

/ot/, /n/, and /fg/ are our most active boards, leaving these cores of the community intact, possibly in a different shape and form than when it started. Over the past 3 months, we have had on average ~70 visitors per day.


You seem to forget Ubuu died with project yume nikki fraud thread #1



File: 1405258487273.png (234.93 KB, 442x308, ohreallyfaggot.png)

And yet you two are still posting here.


File: 1405273302130.png (15.48 KB, 495x276, じょ~だん、じょ~だん.png)

To be honest, we haven't had anything interesting going on since this year started or so, saving some threads that sadly didn't last too much. Jokes aside, that's what I was referring to. And I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

My condolences to you as well, Sei. I don't know how you died but I still have a special place for you in my heart.

I partially killed this site too of course I'm here to witness how it will end.

>you two


In any case, why the tsundereness?


File: 1405288283966.jpg (105.94 KB, 400x400, can'tdealwithit.jpg)

>In any case, why the tsundereness?

You know perfectly well why. My life is empty and I have no friends. Even my parents, brothers and sister have stopped talking to me. Uboachan is the closest thing to family that I have left.


Holy crap that's sad!


How do we make Uboachan more interesting?


File: 1405293802471.jpg (106.9 KB, 494x490, enhanced-buzz-32475-130047….jpg)

Do you need a hug?


File: 1405305996152.png (148.3 KB, 395x395, 1336960524551.png)

Oh, you too? ubuuchon, the only family for worthless piece of shit like us. That's why I am here I guess.
Though it's a good thing I'm in good terms with my mother and brother, but it's not like I talk with them that much.
Don't give up anon-kun, I believe in you. Hold your waifu's hand tighter and keep going on. You're stronger than you think.

I'm warning you I have a strong cold right now and the fever is making me delirious, and no, I'm not joking. If anything doesn't makes sense or grammar is awful it's probably that.

Well, I think a good start would be promoting discussion of threads and topics that weren't discussed endlessly here. You know, the major problem of /n/ is that actually most of the threads/post are actually the same thing, and we hardly see anything new. And the problem that comes next to that is that people post more of those threads as it seems like to be the right thing to post here. You eventually realize that once one thread has finally been abandoned, a new one, with more or less the same content, is created, getting generally the same responses, which lead new people to think they should post only those things here, and so. Another thing is that most of other lurkers actually don't feel like posting because they see the same things repeating over and over again.

You know, being a N.E.E.T. is actually about taking it easy, as a previous thread stated. Why don't you guys start showing the stuff you do in your daily base and you enjoy, trying to meet new people who is into the same thing? Say, you like doing origami. Either /2/ or /n/ is good for that, origami is cool, and you're likely to get responses of other people who are into it and/or want to learn origami. Ok, let's suppose the thread dies (which is actually what happens with these kinds of threads). You still can post about your crochet sewing, getting other anons into making their own clothes. That can also lead to people posting their creations, say, I don't know, animu-related things or something, and crochet-fashion things, or even other sewing techniques. You wouldn't only be learning about uboachan's interest but also learning things you can do and possibly get money thanks to that, which (possibly) would help anons, motivating them to get involved. And so on, for every board.

The other big problem is that people seems to be posting less. That is something that I personally don't know what to do about; either get a thread where people would like to get involved in, or turn this into a porn page. Who knows.
Personally, I think it's because the topics available in the page are way too narrow and most of the things they could say were already said, either coming from other anon or by themselves in a previous thread.

That, or we can fight against another forum or start a new drama. I wouldn't mind that, we haven't have a real funny thread in a good while. Uboachan used to be a funny place populated by sad people, but it was fun because even if we are not in our best moments of our lives we could still make fun things to laugh together at, just like a hikkichan (I think, if I remember well) user said. And that was what made this place special for us.



I generally agree with this, well, not about starting new dramas, I never really cared for that. Although it is good to start new threads with new topics there are some old threads that deserve a good necrobump, I think I'm going to go resurrect one right now.


File: 1405407214816.gif (506.25 KB, 500x283, mrmln2lyn91rdsnxoo1.gif)

>brb bath
What happened to haru? After haru disappeared in 2008 I never went back…


File: 1405411542442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.33 KB, 1900x1414, 1402136805566.jpg)

What strucks me about uboachan is it's users. The users here seem to be more kind, dedicated and thoughtfull than many of the other boards I frequent. I like you guys and I would be content with n/ staying exactly the same it is now.



About 4 months ago when I recently discovered this site, I tried to make a thread focusing on other NEET artist but was told to post it on /o/. While understanding, I figured /n/ would be a better place to get some attention.

I feel bad that I haven't contributed much in the last months, mainly because I flocked over to Wizardchan when traffic for this thread started to slow down.


File: 1405817634121.jpg (78.74 KB, 640x480, 1405785160832.jpg)

The thing that happened is that you certainly posted something that not everyone does/is into, which made there be minimum responses (And with this I'm not meaning you did something wrong; in fact, that was new activity and discussion, so it was ok).
As much as it may seem like thanks to the "free time" NEETs seem to have in their hands, I'm pretty sure most of them aren't artists, even though most of them are interested in art. And let's not forget everybody here is not a NEET.

If I remember well I also suggested you to post in /o/ too because it'd fit better there; the same as with my origami example, which would fit more in /2/, even though the origami example could be here and there would be no problems. That's because, again, since most of the userbase here aren't artists but people who do not aim too high and are into japanese culture, that would be a more appropriate topic for this board more than "NEET Art".
With this I'm not trying to say my topic is better than yours, I just picked it up because it's the first example I found.


Users != activity. If you were responding to my post, I recommend you to read it twice because I never said users were the problem.
In case you weren't, just ignore this post.


I would hate to see this site die, I am still new around here but in my short time browsing the new and old threads I have really enjoyed myself. I like this site, and I wish for it to live on much longer.


File: 1405924133737.png (120.21 KB, 337x680, request_elsens_by_grumpyda….png)

I been part of Uboachan since I first discovered it back in… 2009? 2010? Fuck I forget, it's been a long time now! Started out as a lurker before deciding to become a full-fledged [or part time?] member.

It would break my heart to see this place slowly die to a trickle and then stop. I know it's not as active like it used to be in its heydays, but seeing people still posting gives me a small smile to my face, even if the post might be depressive or something. It still says to me that people still come here.

I know I used to be part of a forum a long time ago, which sadly has died due to reasons…

Pic unrelated.


Ya know, I'd hate to see this place die. I consider it my "home" online.

People are friendly, new people blow in, and those who choose to leave never quite forget us. We're a unique breed of Chan where we don't rely on porn, dick jokes, or even racism to make a funny thing. we reflect life's pulse. Fun and wild when we're high (active), deep and soulful when we're low (like now).

We're a group who once you meet us, you're never the same again. We live, think, work and even act as a community. Now this might be my tired mind talking, but if we all got together, we could make a town where people care for each other, and oddness is just a normality to us all.

I guess what I'm saying is, we're the dreams, and the dreams are us. One cannot exist without the other. Don't ever die out, Uboachan. We all would be broken without you.

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