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Hi :D
My name is Adrian and i am a swiss student in my last year of school. During thiy year, we have to write a big assignment about any topic we want. For this, i chose HIkkikomori or NEET. BEcause of this, i would like you all to support me and quickly answer this survey: https://de.surveymonkey.com/s/JC9H2W5 if you want to contact me, feel free to do so at: ad.z.e@hotmail.com

Looking forward to your answers

Adrian Zermin


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Dude don't link us to a survey just ask us here.


File: 1404667156905.jpg (63.39 KB, 600x329, GitS_SAC_ask_nsa.jpg)

this does not respect my freedoms


He probably needs some data, its much easier getting it of a fixed survey form rather than having to parse the replies.

I would also like to see the data too.


anyone who would like to see the data can mail me at ad.z.e@hotmail.com


File: 1404747638010.jpg (159.18 KB, 470x800, 5126859 - unbalance.jpg)

I filled it out. Kind of half assed it but I hope it helps anyway.


yeah it probalby seems a bit half assed, but survey monkey only lets me have 10 mquestions and that really sux…


I meant my reply was half assed, sorry for not being clear enough.


ahhh lol ^^nah it is fine, i understand that filling out surveys isnt that entertaining :P


Remember the distinction between hiki and NEET. Anyone can be NEET, but on imageboards, the NEET users also tend to commonly exhibit hiki qualities so the two sometimes are used interchangeably. This is also because hiki's are practically NEET by default. Although they could survive with taking a few online courses every now and then. Also, you might want to watch the anime "Welcome to the NHK!" which is about a hikikomori.


File: 1404965970332.jpg (113.11 KB, 886x426, neet vs hiki ven.jpg)

I prepared a ven diagram of NEET vs Hikikomori. Spent like two minutes on it, but you get the idea.


I thought a hikki is a person who (almost) never leaves the house.
Also a hikki can work from home, rare but could happen.
And the first part doesnt fit at all, nothing says neets have or have not to be "socially normal".


IMO this chart is both overgeneralized and inaccurate.


File: 1404988060417.jpg (353.38 KB, 800x800, 1404775864550.jpg)

The degree of socialization to distinguish NEETs from hikikomori works. Despite what you think about what NEETs are on imageboards, OP is doing an academic study and there's a shitton more normie NEETs in the general population than your special snowflake imageboard summer truNEETs. On the other hand, hikikomori are by and large completely non-sociable and despite what Welcome to the NHK! taught you, they do not have otacool next door neighbors or cute girls knocking on their door to socialize with. They have nothing. These imageboard NEETs, however, leave their room often so that counts as at least a minimal amount of socialization which is infinitely more than a hiki gets, thereby making NEETs appear to be a normie in their eyes, if not outright normies.

>sperging out over minor exceptions to the general theme and attacks the graphic calling it inaccurate without refuting any points
pic related


Now thats a weird way to see things.
First i never heard much about normie neets, usually what causes one to be a neet is some sort of social shortcoming that prevents them from gaining work or just downright disability of some kind.
I have a very hard time imagining normies be able to live a normal life without the funds earned by a job, unless the were born into a family of milionaires.
Even more what makes me disbelive this is that most normies have their life defined be their jobs, i doubt regular people can live just come up with something to do in their lifes without jobs.
Most people try hard to build their life by having a career and the rest is usually auxilary to support their work in some way.

And just how the fuck does leaving your room count as socialization?


This is a good discourse that we are having. Basically, NEETs can survive a long time with decent income through receiving unemployment benefits or welfare. I used to be hiki but after a tragic event just outside the door of my room happened, I felt the need to change my ways. So I started going out to the bars. I found one bar that I was comfortable with, and despite my severe lack of social competence, I somehow wound up in a circle of people and doing recreational drugs with them. Two of them are NEETs, and are the worst kind of normie scum. One basically professionally couch surfs but all he would do is approach girls ect. The other one lives with his parents and collects welfare but he always has girls over at his place. He's also normie scum despite being a NEET. Also, through my years, I've met plenty of NEETs that had girlfriends. So I guess you can see now why I have been insisting that real world NEETs are a different bag than imageboard NEETs. There are also a ton of shithead normies that happen to not be employed like immigrant state suckers and convicts. So a distinction must be made.


File: 1405011948562.jpg (457.05 KB, 805x714, 1394958832212.jpg)

>And just how the fuck does leaving your room count as socialization?
This is a grey area. I think you can still talk and interact with your immediate family and still be hikki. Even the occasional banter with a roommmate and you can still be hikki. Even if you go to college, you can still be hikki because all the socialization that entails is showing up to lectures and sitting in a room listening to someone talk for an hour or two. No socialization there. In fact, it's worse because you get a glimpse of all those fucking normies and their normal lives and how they have everything that you don't and how profoundly shallow and robot-like they are. But you can't be hikki if you work. Work gives you money, respect from women and society, and often social contacts which fast track you to normie land and next thing you know you're at Chad's party being the norm you always were. However, a hikki can absolutely work from home. You can make music or be an author or do art commissions or do whatever.


Intriging tale.

I dont want to intrude, but i cant help wonder what made you want to and be able to go to bars and stuff? Seems like a interesting story behind this.
And also what do you think of this sort of thing? Do you like it or was it just sort a way to escape without satisfying you?

Now how did you manage to make friends there? I went to bars only 3 times in my life and from what i observed its rather hard to make friends if you dont already have friends.
I would like to go more often but i have no income and shit is expensive, which brings me to my next question.
How can you and said "NEETs" be able to afford this?
I have a hard time to think someone without a job can do this regularly, even considering an illegal "job", drug dealer, scammer, robber etc.
And just which country do you live in that you get this much NEETbux?
Im not inclined to disbelive that some neets cant score chicks, but downright normie level lifes, WTF!

Im not sure if having a job means having a life, i mean im not going so far to say a hikki can have a job, but to say that job = auto-life is far fetched.

Lots of jobs are total crap and people hate it often and their coworkers.
Many of them underpaid, menial and not respectable at all.
I cant see that statement as truthful.


File: 1405065079520.jpg (202.34 KB, 600x600, 1376987298068.jpg)

The tragic event that happened made me no longer comfortable in my home. It was a lifetime in the making, but it only took a moment for the table to be flipped over. Where else to go and get a drink besides the pub? I also had achieved something important and I felt not totally worthless so it took the edge off the severe and debilitating anxiety that I have been struggling with. I also enjoy a quality craft brew so it was only natural. Yes, there was a certain amount of desperation to get out of the depressing situation I was and practically always have been in.

I went there a few times before someone approached me when I was sitting at a table outside on the patio. I regress. At first, I would just take the bus into downtown so I could drink as much as I wanted. I would show up around 4 pm when there weren't many people there. I would sit at the bar and study my lecture powerpoint slides and nurse my pint for a while before ordering another one and going out to the patio to vape. It would go like this for the first few times I went there. So the guy that approached me was really nice, but then later in my somewhat drunken conversation I could tell that he was gay and he was hitting on me. I said I was pansexual polyromantic, as I sometimes browse /lgbt/ for shits and giggles, but never reciprocated his subtle advances. The conversation went well and I ended up buying him a drink and we sat outside and talked for a while. Eventually I caught the bus back home. I saw him again and ended up bringing him back to my home because he was a pretty cool guy. Too bad I'm not interested in men. We started hanging out together at the bar, and he knew all the regulars that came there, and I got to know some people. Then somehow I met another guy who ended up having his own circle of friends that I met. Our common interest was recreational drugs and drinking. So that's how it started. I met someone who knew the regulars who would sit down with us because they knew that person.

I was able to afford it because I got a grant that paid for most of my tuition for that year which left me a good chunk of my student loan to work with. Other NEETs get unemployment or disability and if you can get in on some subsidized housing then you could have enough to afford the expensive price of drinks, but not much else.

>to say that job = auto-life is far fetched

That is true, but having a job is like the first step towards having a stable life and without a job, you're pretty much fucked.


So as long as I'm blogshitting I might as well finish the story. I basically spent all my money and the rest was stolen. I got rejected by a few girls. I don't really care about the people I met because I disagree with the path they chose to live their life. So fast forward to now, I basically went full hikki again. The fire that was started inside of me has gone out, but the ashes will remain forever.


random bumb


File: 1406104143066.png (732.24 KB, 1920x1080, 1355425027_1.png)

If you ask someone that is a NEET but still socially "okay" he will tell you that being a NEET isn't that bad and he/she might even get a job at some point in the next few moths.
After a while of doing nothing your friends will gradually turn their backs on you. If they got a job they'll create a new more fitting circle of friends.
You only got your family left that supports you. You maybe even found your comfort zone in some way. Most times it's the internet because you stopped socializing completely and need a replacement.
You can get by while lying to your financial backers your investors back home. You gradually get the feeling of being a bad investment and you feel shame for it.
The NEET becomes an outcast and with all your social anxiety and just plain fear of change and incalculable things like the future you will try to keep your ears shut your eyes closed just to keep the status quo.

You start to hate it and yourself. You want to be normal agian but don't want to leave you comfort zone at the same time. The world changes around you and everyone seems to move so fast. It is always you and the world and you need help at this point.

Being a Hikikomori can be treated and should be.
After some months in the clinic you hopefully understand what made you the way you are and if you are lucky and get new friends your confidence might grow enough to forget this period of your life.

I think being a Hikikomori is mostly a problem of the young generation (of course it is present in every age bracket over 18) because their thoughts are still idealistic enough to care about their raison d'être.
Drugs and alcohol often speed up the process because you can supplant responsibilities even better.

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