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I have the next few months off and figured I might as well do something productive, so I've been trying to pick up hobbies. Started on a new crochet plushie and am trying to learn how to cook but it seems to be hard to find a good youtube channel for it. Anyone know any good videos for someone new to cooking?

Also, what do you guys do for fun? Post projects/pictures if ya got em!

>Pic related, my only cooking experience


If you need any tips on cooking, I can help you with basics like how to cut vegetables. If you're looking for videos and recipies… Well, do you like Japanese food? There's this youtube channel called Cooking with Dog, which is youtube channel in which a woman cooks simple Japanese cuisine and her pet dog watches and 'narrates' (which is actually the voice of the husband).

But for the most basics, you might want to learn how to boil water/fry a meat/cut vegetables. Once you get those basics, you can basically move on to do anything else you can think of.

I'd also suggest http://www.cookingcomically.com/ , by the same guy who made the really popular Teriyaki Burger and 2 AM Chili comics. If you like his style, you can probably buy his book. He's a poor comic guy, so it helps him a lot.

If you're on a budget, I'd suggest http://www.budgetbytes.com/ as they have not only recipies with prices but also how to save money with food and also how to balance your food budget.


File: 1403456918416.png (14.1 KB, 494x495, 1295299443673.png)

Holy crap thanks so much for your answer, its super helpful :) I love cooking with dog and japanese food, only her food always seems kind of complicated for me haha. Maybe I just gotta be braver and just try it. I'll search up how to do all those things, since the reason I avoid cooking with meat is because I have no idea how to cook it lmao. Also those two other links are pretty awesome, about to go on a binge read of the budget one because its amazing. Thanks again! :) If I make anything and this thread is alive ill post it I suppose, my shitty breakfast this morning inspired me to make this thread…

You seem like you know your stuff, any stuff you got to show? Also, any advice on vegetarian cooking? Boyfriend is vegetarian and I like cooking dinner for him. Usually I substitute some really good veggie stuff like beef and chickn but certain stuff doesn't seem to have a good substitute, like ground beef. Maybe its a brand thing?


File: 1403460390863.jpg (759.76 KB, 4416x3312, DSCF0267.JPG)

I enjoy cooking when I get the opportunity but I don't exactly have the money to get decent ingredients so the extent to which I'm normally able to cook consists of trying to find different ways to make sandwiches or prepare ramen. If that weren't the case I'd be more enthusiastic about learning how to cook better. Anyway, it's still pretty cool that you're sharing all this stuff for future reference Soulless.

I've been learning to play the piano for a few months now, though I've been slacking since the person who was teaching my began taking a break a few weeks ago.
I can't exactly show you photos of "completed projects" and I'd rather not upload anything I've played just yet, I don't know if I'm very good at this point, but here's a photo of something nice I've found since I began learning the the story of how I got it.

About a month ago now I went to a store in my town which is essentially a local variation on Goodwill, with the difference being that the money from donations goes to a local hospital and those who work there are mostly just normal volunteers. Occasionally they have nice clothes or other worthwhile stuff and it's almost always for dirt cheap. On the day in question I found a small organ (which technically is just a synthesizer in the fashion of an organ but apparently even when they're just synthesizers they're always called "organs"). It was marked at fifty dollars, which was more than i could have payed, but as i was messing with it one of the people who worked there happened to pass by, saw that I was actually interested in it and asked if I wanted it. I said yes but that I couldn't pay the full price and he said that that didn't matter, that it had sat there for a month and they were going to have to throw it out soon anyway and it would be a shame if it came to that. The guy let me have it for free. I was pretty happy over it, I'd wanted to have a decent synthesizer for awhile and I'd also wanted to try an organ for some time.

I've been messing with it for a little while now, I really need to get some sheet-music that lends itself to learning to play the organ with. Some of the note-types sound quite nice and the machine has some interesting features for manipulating notes.

I also like to write. I managed to get something published thanks to a friend's favor last year and that same friend is publishing another collection of essays/stories. I need to prepare something for it, and I still have more than a month to do that, but writer's block combined with losing what I had of it so far hasn't exactly helped me along.
Sorry if this has been longwinded and my camera's shitty quality is enough to bug ya.


File: 1403460848419.png (640.56 KB, 576x617, sweetroll.png)


Cooking with Dog has a few simpler recipies in the older videos, like the miso ramen w/instant ramen one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7fZjiLV36c and the yakisoba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDy1Twcj4cs

Cooking a meat is not too difficult once you learn not to fear the pan. For a big hunk of meat like cooking steak, you leave the meat in the pan and don't touch it until it's about halfway, then flip it over for the next half. Typically you might work with slices instead like in Cooking with Dog for some kinda stirfry. That order is put meat in pan, you can stir it around a bit, wait until it's white looking. If it's a little thicker slice, add a few minutes in the pan after it's gone white. If you want to check if it's ready, you can always cut the thickest piece and check.

A helpful meat/general cooking tip is to be careful with the temperature. Hot pan is great, but a very hot pan to try and make your food cook faster actually gives you the chef less control with your food. It'd suck if your food was burnt on the bottom but not cooked on the top.

I don't honestly know how vegetarian meat-replacements work. I grew up with and mainly cook chinese food. No one in my family's vegetarian and if we want a "vegetarian" we just cook a tofu dish. I'm sorry…

As for show… let's see. I tried to get into baking recently. It's a different beast than cooking, methinks. I made some Skyrim sweetrolls and it was pretty goddamn great. Pic is the resulting sweetrolls. Please forgive the lack of proper icing placements… I have no idea how to make icing smooth.

Holy shit this is long I'm sorry. Either way I wish you best of luck! No need to be afraid, the worst thing that can happen is you learn something for the next attempt.


Cooking with dog is a really great show, but it's incredibly difficult to get the exotic japanese ingredients she uses.

I like baking and cooking for fun too. Baking is nice because it really doesn't use a lot of special or expensive ingredients. Flours and yeasts and things are really cheap, or even free. The other day I made focaccia. It was really good.


I'm sure you have, but have you tried ramen omlettes? Or maybe even add rice for egg fried rice and ramen? The site that >>10828 linked to has a ton of cheap dishes! :) As for the synth organ thing, dude. That thing looks sweet as hell, awesome find. I'm not very good at music (though I can play a few instruments! Just not very well haha) so much respect for your skills lol :) The published thing is awesome too! Must be cool to be able to point at something and be like "I wrote that!" haha :) Good luck on the next one and your cool-ass-synth/organ'ing :) And don't worry about post length or anything, I love that people even replied to my post lol! :) Plus its nice to read about what other people are doing, gives me ideas on what to do next :)

Hey! Thanks for the extra tips :) Just got back from browsing one of the sites you linked, I bookmarked so many recipies that I'm hyped about making :) Its not really a status update but I was so hyped I wanted to cook something, so I made Jello! It's not really cooking, but I'm proud anyway lmao. Its cool, I use tofu sometimes too, its pretty nice sometimes. I've only baked with box stuff so "real" baking is pretty awesome to me! Those sweet rolls are so cool! and tasty looking too :) Like I said to above poster, don't worry about post length, I love reading about other people, its really fun :) and thanks for those words, though I do always worry what will happen if I mess up so bad the meal is inedible lmao… guess its good to always stock some emergency cup noodles huh? :P


>writer's block combined with losing what I had of it so far hasn't exactly helped me along.

Yeah, I hear ya. Just keep pushing at it. Sometimes you just gotta write, even if it's shitty. How else you gonna edit?


File: 1403485043818.jpg (558.58 KB, 1600x1600, 1278160009311.jpg)

I actually recently started a project where I will write down my ideas and such into a text file and then dump them all into a folder. The problem is that my ideas move faster than I can write them even with my voice-to-text-program so if I were to try and write something down after a already having thought about it it would've already passed through my mind enough times that it would feel like doing the same thing over again and it would become rather boring by the time I tried to write it down, which is also why I write it down without using punctuation or proofreading.


File: 1403582458662.png (598.32 KB, 1064x793, computer_related_stuff.png)

Computer stuff, riding my bicycle, drawing, watching anime, reading manga, fapping.

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