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File: 1407579697062.jpg (98.91 KB, 1280x720, angry-maka.jpg)


Hey guys. Did you ever thinked that maybe there's something wrong with normal people and not whith us? They're hypocritical, traitors, arrongant, ignorant, they hate the "different ones" for no reason etc. I always had bad experiences in my life I know. I have this thought lately who agree with me?


I've thought that before, but I think that's just egotism. Egocentrism, perhaps? Either way, it works on acknowledging everyone's viewpoint is flawed except your own - when you realize you yourself are flawed too, you come to think more along the lines of self-improvement than blamecasting.


I would suggest you read

Erich Fromm's :The Pathology of Normalcy

It is a great book. You'll like it.


File: 1407618495477.jpg (77.6 KB, 500x375, 1359057185409.jpg)


People are only doing what they can, really. In my experience, holding that kind of preconception towards everyone IRL only makes you feel worse. I know it's hard to feel otherwise when it's all you have seen in life, but once you change the way you see people, they change too. It's really miraculous. Just try it for a month. But remember, you really have to believe that, for it to work. There is no reason for a person to be malice-filled unless they were taught these things through a lifetime of suffering. So, I feel that, at the core, all people are good.


File: 1407637306696.png (561.82 KB, 803x678, Capture26.PNG)

I agree with >>11654

While there are a lot of obvious flaws within society, I can very clearly see that there are also very many things wrong with me as well. I could stand to learn a few things from normal people, just as they could afford to learn some from me.

With that said, I often find it difficult not to blame myself for everything. When my attempts at friendship fail, or when I wind up in some kind of conflict with the people around me, I always turn to myself first when looking for the cause. Sometimes it will take me a while to realize when things aren't my fault, which has, on several occasions, resulted in people taking advantage of me. There's a healthy balance of outward criticism and self-criticism, is all I'm trying to say, I guess.


This question always tears me up.
On one hand there is so much wrong with society.
I often think about these things, but i fail to come up with anything useful.
On the other im just pissed because im denied most of the things i would want from society, simple things, yet so out of reach.

I try to remain neutral and analytic, but i cant overlook that the problem lies with me, no matter how things have turned out and i couldnt have known better, but in the end il have to face that im in a fucked up position from which il unlikely can pull myself out from.


File: 1407705207125.png (131.89 KB, 459x476, img000021.png)

I think I was at my potentially lowest point, mentally, right before I came to the conclusion that it's not my fault. Why should I continuously want to kill myself because of other people and how they/I let them affect my life? It didn't make sense. I shouldn't. It's not my fault. I wouldn't say it's everyone's else fault. Just the people around me that interfere with my happiness and make it hard for me to take it easy.Since I've come to this realization, life's been a bit more bearable and it feels like I'm able to move forward.


I fail to see the difference betwen me (cannot speak for "us") and "normal people".

It is within my nature as well to be hypocrytical, a traitor, arrogant, ignorant, hateful of outliers for no reason, etc.


File: 1407725818114.jpg (273.89 KB, 676x862, 1284063047432.jpg)

Oh yes, I definitely used to blame myself for a lot of things other people brought on to me. I was very skeptical of blaming my problems on others to a level that ultimately ended up hurting me, although it's not surprising, one time I tried so hard to avoid confirmation bias but I ended up with reverse confirmation bias. I felt so much better after I found out that I didn't have to become something I didn't want to, or else my life would be a total failure, I didn't have to do things the way they told me to or else I would never be happy, that's what they told me.

Sure you can learn things from other people, and they could stand to learn things from you but at the end of the day both of you cannot be happy, well, in a way. Everyone cannot be happy with the way the world is, we may want it one way that will make them unhappy and they will want it another way that will make us unhappy. There is compromise of course, but it still leaves something to be desired. In the end it all boils down to who has the power and resources to make the world the way they want, who is the dominant species. No one deserves to have the world they want, and no one earns it either, they simply do what they can to get it, and so should we. We should be the dominant species because we want to and no other reason. We should start by asserting our position on the food chain.


File: 1407776783064.png (140.13 KB, 334x329, kougyoku is somewhat of a ….png)

There has to be something wrong with anyone who wants to go to school while theyre young so they can work until they die… who in their right mind would be ok with that? Theyre like a hivemind.


Most of us don't want to go to school but it's something forces us to do and for some like myself our families want us to go. Working 9-5 at any job just seems so meh… I just wish i could get sucked into a new world or be able to travel without restrictions


Definetly, it seemed to me that most other kids i was in school with enjoyed it somewhat, but i hated and was always scared and angry.
Rightfully so, i always knew instinctively that school was just an institution to make us conform and sort out the ones who wouldnt fit in.
How can you not be frightened and angry when taken to a new environment without any idea of what or why you are doing there.

It is only after many years that i realize that i was the one who reacted properly, while the other simply accepted the situation without any idea that its wrong.


File: 1407855563922.jpg (412.1 KB, 850x1259, Kyoko-0008.jpg)

It's healthy to recognize that everything that goes wrong in your life isn't necessarily your fault. There are and will be numerous occasions where something bad will occur, but it will be the result of the influence or decisions of someone else rather than any shortcoming or oversight of your own. That said, you'll also be the cause of many things that go poorly. Therefore, it's not that we're the ones who are always at fault, nor is it the case that "normal" people are without exception to blame. Instead, everyone makes mistakes or short-sighted judgements.

Put another way, we have several undesirable characteristics, but "normals" possess other equally distasteful traits. Thus, it's unfair to deem any one group inferior – or superior, for that matter – to another.

Indeed, it's highly egoistic to think that your perspective is the only meritorious or correct one. Identifying the errors in your viewpoint and repairing them through self-improvement is far preferable than blindly asserting that you're right and they're wrong. Another idea to consider is to attempt to help others find and excise their flaws – in a gentle and considerate fashion, of course. Through recognizing and learning about common oversights in human thinking and opinions, your ability to notice such defects in yourself will likewise improve, provided that you expend effort to locate them.


This is good advice. Those around you can generally sense your attitude and feelings toward them, so bulging with dislike will make others feel tense or uneasy in your presence and consequently wish you weren't there. Moreover, the negativity towards others that fills your mind will osmose into other thoughts, coloring your overall mood for the worse and thereby lessening your mental well-being.

>I could stand to learn a few things from normal people, just as they could afford to learn some from me.
I like your thinking, and I agree wholeheartedly. The more that we as a whole understand about the feelings and experiences of others, the more adept we are at helping and sympathizing with them and thus reducing the hatred and suffering that infest the world.

I'm sorry to hear that you've had people exploit you. It's like you said: One should maintain a balance between exterior and interior criticism. Your dedication towards uprooting and discarding your shortcomings is admirable, but there are individuals out there who brim with ill will and nastiness; they'll cause you trouble no matter how civil and polite and kind you are to them. Do what you can to remember that before surmising that the issue at hand is your fault.

You're being unfair to yourself, Anon. As I've said earlier in this post, though some things are a result of your decision-making, other hardships arise from what others tell you and how they treat you. Everything isn't your fault, and it breaks my heart to hear that you're losing hope and blaming yourself due to the wrongdoings that others have inflicted upon you. Don't lose hope; you can pull yourself up, I know you can. Also, it's perfectly alright to have problems with society's operation and expectations without having a solution. If there were an easy and straightforward solution, it surely would've been attempted or at least mentioned by now, right? Please hang in there.


File: 1407855642795.jpeg (197.16 KB, 485x600, Kyoko-0037.jpeg)

I'm very glad to hear that you overcame feeling suicidal and now feel well enough to push forward. It's certainly true that no one should want to kill themselves due to the negativity poured onto them by others, and that said negativity isn't the result of any kind of fault or shortcoming on their part. I'd tell you to be wary of shifting the blame for everything onto others, but you seem to have that under control already. I'm happy for you, Anon. ^^

Likewise. I'm entirely capable of those feelings and behaviors and have expressed them in the past, though I now do everything in my power to avoid them. Ultimately, we and "normals" are the same in that regard, hence why it's dangerous to dump the blame for our personal troubles and for the more loathsome aspects of society entirely on one party or another.

>I ended up with reverse confirmation bias
What would that be, favoring evidence that proves you wrong?

In any case, you're right that compromise leaves all of those involved feeling less satisfied than they'd otherwise be if they got what they wanted, but simply because everyone can't be happy doesn't mean that we shouldn't do what we can to exchange knowledge about our experiences, since that will better enable us to show empathy and help one another. The idea of asserting dominance by taking what we want and forcing others to deal with it doesn't sit well with me, even if that's the only way to happiness as you say.

Indeed, I don't understand at all why someone would be OK with spending their life that way. Wage slavery is exactly what the name would suggest: You're a laborer constructing a pyramid for rich and powerful people, except you get paid in little strips of papery cloth instead of food. Public schooling is a joke, but higher education can be pleasant and interesting once you get past the drudgery of "general education" classes and once you locate a field of study that intrigues you, though that has more to do with learning about what fascinates you and less to do with preparing for a job in it. Of course, if you're doing it simply because you want to learn about it, I suppose online lectures and classes would be a suitable alternative. That way, you wouldn't further enslave yourself due to student loans.

I hear you. I'm not particularly excited about the prospect of working a menial job endlessly; the routine of school nauseates me as it is, and that changes every semester, so trying to imagine something that NEVER changes… *shudder*. If I had stable and continuous Internet access and something akin to a Ring of Sustenance, I'd be quite content being jobless, since I could busy myself with personal projects and online education. I'm hoping that I can at least locate a job that engages and challenges me, but we'll see how well that unfolds.

Public schooling was miserable for me. I get the impression that the people who enjoyed it are either confusingly talented at obtaining friends or are the sort that like provoking drama, since continual drama seems to be the name of the game from middle school onward. It truly is a ridiculous situation, especially in light of how ineffectual it is at its ostensible goal to educate children. I'm quite relieved to have finished it, though I fear for our future.


I didn't mind highschool up until senior year everyone changed and started being judgemental of me for being into Anime and Hentai, also dokng hentai voices. There was one time where a freshman rode past us with a skateboard and my "friends" were being dicks saying he needs to know his place i replied to them "he's just a kid and we're all kids too" then one of them replied " Yeah he's a kid just like you're a kid!' They'd always get on me telling me to grow up. i really dislike Senior year….


My problem with "normal" people is that they try to enforce this idea of "normality" and harshly judge and inflict undue social violence and ostracism on anyone who doesn't meet this standard. Anyone who isn't "normal" is labelled as a weirdo, an outsider, a creep, and gets strategically excluded by normals. normals spread gossip and lies about non-normals in order to destroy them. "normal people" undermine anyone who can't fit in. (the mentally ill, minorities, people with hard childhoods, etc.)

Normal people are also quite selfish and egocentric, trampling the lives and well-being of others for the slightest benefit to themselves. It's important to take care of oneself, but normals take it to the max and act entirely without consideration to the rights, freedom, and personal space of others.

Anyone who forms their morals and judgments solely based off of what their society deems is acceptable is not a good person.


File: 1407878495257.png (351.51 KB, 531x564, Capture5.PNG)

>Anyone who forms their morals and judgments solely based off of what their society deems is acceptable is not a good person.
Well said. And don't forget the rampant, unchecked narcissism going on in social media. People taking 5 selfies a day and status posting about every little thing they do. It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.

Normal people are scary sometimes.


>It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.

Attention and fame lead to more social influence for them, and the ability to move up the ladder and control a greater percentage of the group's collective identity. Wielding control over the other members of the group means more food and more sex. Primitive pack mentality, but it still comes into play today with normals.

We're largely individuals here, so it doesn't make much sense to us when we look in from outside.


>It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.
Okay, fame is pretty hard to get. Actually, it's quite random. But to put it this way, attention can be synonymous with social contact. That's not a honor, it's one of man's basic needs.

I don't post on Facebook often. I'm not entirely sure how it works. I mostly use it to share music I like with others. I get zero replies from my ~15 FB friends, not even a "Like", while they are pretty active and post stuff from their lives.

So from what I get, you should keep it real life-related. Preferably post a photo of yourself because a picture is worth a thousand words, etc. You should also keep a positive tone in your posts, because people are attracted to positivity and repulsed by negativity. It also helps to actually meet those people in real life from time to time, I suppose. This might be my problem - I haven't seen any of them since last December, when I moved quite far away.

Having others' attention is nice.


>> once you change the way you see people, they change too.

I've noticed this too. Both as a quirk of your own perception, and as a consequence of others' perception of yourself, the people around you tend to some extent to reflect yourself in their interactions with you. Changing your view will affect the view of others. Mood, demeanor, belief, and perception are very contagious.

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