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Today I've learned that I'm going to be unemployed (all part-time workers at my job are getting laid off as a result of a boycott) past Saturday.

As much as I like having a job so I can pay for my apartment and never have to leave aside from work, I only have entry-level retail experience. Finding another job is going to be a ridiculous ordeal that will likely last longer than it'll take to find a new job. With no savings, things aren't looking very good.

Odds are, I'm going to have to lean on the government and desperately search for work, ultimately putting off my goal of getting back to college and getting a degree that I can put towards an actual career.

I've been on this path before, and it lead to spending two+ years living out of a friend's house, doing nothing with my life. Anyone else been in a similar position? I'm hoping I can do some freelance work to supplement whatever government benefits/unemployment I qualify for and hope I don't have to leave my house anymore, aside from my plans for the future.


Live at a relatives house for the time being? Im doing that. I was evicted from my apartment. Almost everyone here is very kind to me, excluding two folks who wont acknowledge I exist for the most part (I am very grateful for that though, Im terrified of one of them and the other is just as socially awkward as me)

Im sure at least one family member will be willing to take you in


File: 1407468430367.png (20.36 KB, 197x196, 5M4O77.png)

I have a relatively small family and they're all incapable of helping me or I can't stomach being a burden to them, with the lives they have to lead.

The only two people I could consider friends, one still lives with his parents and the other has a tiny apartment with her fiancee.

When I was homeless/couch surfing, I explored my options. The resulting years of depression and burden on a former friend of mine is enough to put me off from the idea.

It's just one of those overwhelmingly hopeless feeling situations and I don't really have anyone to really talk to about it.


Living with family is almost the next best thing in this situation. You could always…

If you're good with computers or just fixing stuff in general, you could always post something on places like craigslist. I had a friend who repaired computers and a toaster and she never left the house and worked on the stuff whenever she felt like it. People always break their electronics and you can even Google some stuff if you get stuck.

If you decide to leave your house, there's always jobs that require more people like construction workers, security officers and nurses but I can't say anything about going into retail. For the last two, you need to be able to work with people and study for about 6 months for a chance at landing a job but construction you just need to be able to follow orders and be able to lift about 20 pounds. You don't even have to talk to people except for asking about your next task. Oh, and you need to be able to be in the sun for a few hours if that's the way the weather is in your location unless you get lucky and they just make you sweep or grab tools or something. You get to bulk up too!

For Security you need an 8 hour course in some states, pass a background and drug test and take the required classes which you can take during your employment; some companies even pay for your Guard Card if you get the job. Sometimes, you can go several shifts without talking to anyone and you're basically free if you operate the camera room unless it's right at the entrance which is dumb(I remember watching Psycho-Pass with one of my co-workers because the building was closed for the weekend and there were about 3 other patrols on the other floors.) You just write a report on the day and check in with a supervisor every once in a while.

Nursing is a 6 month course in most places and you get the job right after your certification. I heard the benefits are great depending on your place of employment but you need a driver's license as well for emergency responding just in case they need you to go.

You could go into a post office and ask for a job. I think you just need a license for that one but I've never had a friend or relative go for it.

I wish we wouldn't have to leave our homes in situations like these but sometimes we have to, even if it kills us. Oh, and why not just work full-time? Are you taking classes or something?


File: 1407470927337.png (43.32 KB, 424x435, 911M5B.png)

No one wants to hire me for some reason that I can't fathom. Applied to plenty of places, even had people put in good words for me. Usually falls flat. I keep my hair cut, I'm charismatic when I want to be and generally talk my way through interviews with ease.

I don't have any money to invest in any sort of certifications and being of small stature and poor lungs really strikes out construction. I suppose the guard bit would work, but again, I'm not exactly that big or remotely intimidating aside from possibly my empty stare. The post office one is one I hadn't thought about and could work.

I'm not full time/can't seem to find full-time employment because of this drought in employment.

Honestly, I'm just considering hitting a temp agency, but I really would prefer to not have to interact with people anymore or sit around and wait for people to hand me something I need. My last job being in retail has more or less sapped any interest in working with people.


The thing about working in GenSec is that you don't have to be intimidating, I'm not buff at all, I'm a skinny guy and being 5'6 won't help me loom over people but I got hired anyway by the head of security (balding, somewhat heavy, 5'7 with boots on) and got paid $12.50. The building I worked at had keycard scanners installed after a while so we just scanned in, changed into our uniform and then went to our posts without talking. For reports, we just wrote on a sheet they had for us and dropped it off into a filing box.

Post Office work, you just talk to people if you work front desk or in the pick-up area and even then it's just "Sign this, that, we have stamps and oh you forgot that paper, NEXT!" anywhere else you just sort, drive and organise.


Hm, I'll have to look into that then. Thanks for the tip.


I think welfare gives you money (though probably not enough for rent) and makes you apply for more jobs. Considering you're not trying to cheat the system, just get welfare and food stamps to help out. Maybe consider renting your apartment/ moving into a shared apartment and renting a room in it? Also, sometimes families rent out rooms for cheap to help with bills, you could probably rent a room for cheap if you don't mind sharing the house with other people.


File: 1407533168145.png (259.45 KB, 640x480, pxYM4.png)

Yeah, I just moved in my new roommate (my last one got evicted for not paying rent) but the whole "no job" thing is really putting a damper on my spirits. On the bright side, no job means I can finally grow out my beard of sorrow instead of having to shave every day for work.

He can probably cover utilities for me while I get back on my feet, but the whole "finding a new job" thing is probably going to prove a hassle. I just hope welfare/benefits + unemployment makes it easier to bridge this gap. I can't stand going to that office, last time I went there I didn't follow up because the office gave me serious anxiety. Hopefully my roommate will come with me, but he's working the Sunday I plan to start working on my unemployment/benefits stuff.

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