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Whats your best and worst experiences with roommates? How did they feel about your neetdom?

Ive never had one (never even shared a bedroom) so Im interested in finding out what theyre like… Sorry if this thread is a shitpost.


It's a shitpost, Tim.


I didn't have any really bad experiences in college dorms. The worst were two separate instances where they caught onto my reclusiveness immediately and didn't talk to me whatsoever. Not even 'hello' or anything like that. It was kind of eerie. I didn't spend all my time in the room or anything like that, I tried my best with introductions, but after the very first day they had written me off.
There was one good year where I had a roommate and suitemates who treated me like a person. We weren't friends or anything but they extended common courtesies to me and tried to talk to me occasionally. That made that entire year a lot better.


File: 1407094714118.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2152, lain9.jpg)

Don't worry this topic is actually quite interesting.
I lived together with roommates for 3 years. While being a NEET 2 of them. We were pretty anonymous and haven't had much in common. At the end everyone lived their own life so being a NEET never really bothered anyone.
I had big problems talking to people at that time and left my room only in the evening and at night so I wouldn't meet the others. But it's in the nature of sharing an apartment to have different roommates every year. In the last year I actually had a great time. One guy (he was 30+) moved in and really helped me coming out of my shell for the first time. Then again he introduced me to synthetic drugs. Nvm. :)
Those have to be the best times I had yet. Driving to festivals in the summer. Playing Soccer + Basketball together and having barbecue in the garden. Two of us were NEET's and the third tried to find his "true" self :D Damn I miss those times.
But I know I wasn't well. I tried to kill myself at one point and everything we built up collapsed. We all went our separate ways.

There are some things that often suck about roommates. One left the kitchen dirty and didn't clean. He also had a dog that was pain in the neck sometimes. Sometimes one did not pay his share of the rent and I had to ask him over and over until I got the money. In cash!
But in the end everything always worked out in some way or the other.
One guy was in a relationship with an ecofreak that drove me crazy. She commented on my cooking and at one point changed all the light bulbs in the corridor with energy efficient ones. Got how much I hated her and how equally glad I was when they broke up.

I want to live with roommates again after living alone for some time. If you fit together it can be the greatest thing ever. It really helped me out of my lonely existence I could overcome my fear of others a little. They can be like a small family and you have to deal with them. I feel lonely at my own and having people around fixes that.

My tip for people how have trouble connecting with them:
I can cook a little bit and made dinner once or twice a week for everyone. Seeing them enjoying my meals was nice :) And we started talking in the kitchen. The kitchen was the centre of most social activity.


File: 1407097098742.png (176.8 KB, 467x650, 1405233206203.png)

Yeah it seems like having a roommate is actually pretty good, sadly in my country it's not a big thing. You live with your parents and then you either live with your partner, or you live alone.

It's a good post, don't worry Caremu :)


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This thread is relevant to something I been talking to with an internet friend of mine!

He lives in Wenatchee and wants to move to where I live, which is in Olympia, cuz where he is now is kind of shit and he doesn't wanna deal with his homophobic folks anymore [he has identified himself as a trans woman]. And I myself wanna move out because I wanna go and be my own person instead of hanging around with my parents and older sister, as I have outgrown them.

So the two of us are gunna rent an apartment not too far from where I live, but good nuff to distance ourselves from our families and whatnot. We got everything all planned out, what we'll take, where to go to shop, get our laundry done [the apartment doesn't have laundry within the complex…], and etc.

So hopefully an experience with a roomate should be a good one.


Please use her Preferred Pronouns even when you aren't directly addressing her, otherwise you just look really shitty.


He hasn't gotten to that point yet. He'll let me know when to do so.


File: 1407187329160.jpg (219.35 KB, 1280x1280, litwik.jpg)

Any roomates I had liked my neetdom because I would have the time to cook homemade meals for everyone and I cleaned up when no one else was home and stuff. I didn't talk with anyone, kept to myself, caused no trouble. No one wanted to interact with me either, since it was clear I didn't care for interaction but also didn't mind casually doing chores as long as no one tried to get in on my personal life.


Mostly live with a rotating cast of housemates due to poverty. A few I have actually gotten to know and got on well with. Most, we just leave each other alone, which is also an excellent outcome.

However, I lived with one guy who seemed to have people round and to play thumping shit metal music 24/7. I couldn't sleep at all, it was truly awful. Another time someone had their shit everywhere and kept moaning about random nothing stuff even if they were the problem.

Well, this all comes from having to live with strangers. I'd say 90% of the time its been fine but 10% total disaster. I've start living in 3 story houses and renting on the top floor as this reduces issues of noise and interaction.


File: 1407368185994.gif (218.1 KB, 270x211, 1374214677890.gif)

I've only ever lived with a roommate for a year during my college period. That was four years ago. We shared a tiny dorm room.

He was a bona fide neckbeard and a pretty cool guy. We didn't get along too well because we were both social outcasts at the time and had little social skills, but I liked him.

Worst experience: I don't think he ever showered! He did not smell, but his lack of towels, soap, etc. was gross. He was gross, in fact. His neckbeard was gross. He was fat. His hair and face were awfully greasy. He was kinda obsessed with Gardevoir (the Pokemon), which was sorta creepy.

Best experiences: we got to nerd out together! He gave me 4GBs worth of Pokemon ROMs and rekindled my interest in the franchise. He also showed me Minecraft, TV Tropes, tons of interesting stuff. We watched some DBZ Abridged together on YouTube once, and a complete playthrough of Ace Combat 5. Normalfags would be bored to death or judge you, but not him! Best of all, he was in the room pretty much all the time, just like me, so we had lots of time to waste on silly unproductive nonsense such as video games.

All in all, he might have been a sperg, but he was fuckin' BASED as hell. I hope to meet more such people I can share my nerdy interests with. He's the indirect reason why I've started going to conventions.

Wherever you are now, neckbeardbro, I hope life is treating you well. ;_;


In my only year of college, I had a roommate that was a "DJ". He kept playing obnoxious music while I just wanted to watch my anime, play some VNs, read my books and listen to my Rossini. He even had people over drinking when I'd go out for class and they'd usually spill beer everywhere and had sex a couple of times at 3 in the damned morning. The Res Hall Advisor fined him 3 times for all his shit but he still kept doing it.

He put up some foam letters on the door the first day of the year and didn't take them down after I told him to take it down on the last day of finals. Bastard made me pay $30 for the fine we got since they split it. People felt sorry for me having him as a roommate (especially so when his girlfriend broke up with him because he was too possessive) and they even let me do my usual stuff in their rooms so more than half the day I was in friends' rooms because everyone hated him and that got him kicked from pledging for frats or whatever they ask you to do.

The best day I had was when it rained and he didn't show up. I even got chowder from one of the students who loved to cook.

Wow, I really hated the guy.

I'd so have you as a roommate.

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