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File: 1402377522316.jpg (85.22 KB, 1280x720, 1396836443674.jpg)


Can we have a thread for the all the little things that make life just a bit more bearable? Every thread on the front page except for the drug thread is mostly negative and contrary to popular belief, NEET life is supposed to be about taking it easy, not hating yourself 24/7. What are some little things that you can always count on to cheer you up?

Today my grandma finally went grocery shopping. Shit man I was seriously starting to starve to death but walking into the kitchen and seeing those bags on the counter almost made it worth it


File: 1402381181261.jpg (392.36 KB, 640x480, 013eb58dad2b6f955dc7362159….jpg)

The great thing about Minecraft is that even after you grow bored of it you will probably come back to it later after you grow bored of other games. The bad thing about it is the crushing loneliness you get when you build a massive castle that is also completely empty.

I may get back into it soon.


Discovering a new song that makes you incredibly happy and feel at peace, like you could die right then and there.


Pen and paper games with buddies on irc.


File: 1402426791166.png (213.66 KB, 732x1091, elsen35.png)

Music is great. Every few days I come across a tune I'm super into or lyrics that I really connect to and it's like a reward for being alive a few more days.

Also, soon I'll be in a situation where I can start cooking meals for the family. It'll be great. There's very little I can deny to insult myself when I have picky eaters, total strangers and guests telling me how good I cook food. It makes me proud to beautifully sear salmon, bake delicious skyrim sweetrolls, hand-make dumplings from scratch, etc. It's like the feeling of being productive without the pressure.

There's a certain magic when it comes to baking, too. You mix up a buncha ingredients and pop it in an oven, then go play a game or something. Come back, and a delicious fluffy moist pastry is waiting for you!


When cats show you they love you by pretending your body is going to become a loaf of bread if they work hard enough.


File: 1402478476907.jpg (28.01 KB, 699x637, 251927_10150865728942694_1….jpg)

Oh yeah, I'm glad I don't have to deal with school projects more.

I'm glad I'm not expected to log into a website hosted by the school on a server that is down most of the time and running like ass the rest of the time on which there is no clear indication of where or how to log in or that it's even the correct school website and must be logged in with some code containing three numbers 5 upper case letters 2 1/2 lower case letters and the smudge that kind of looks like Antarctica all located on a long-lost piece of paper that was handed to you in a fortune cookie when you first registered and got our student ID at the beginning of the year all so that you can log in and download some manner of PDF containing the cutout image of a paper cube that's too large to print on ordinary paper and must be printed in the library's copy room in a similarly tedious manner. You must then choose a historically significant figure, but not just any historically significant figure, one from a set list of historically significant figures of which no one cares about or is ever heard about, and then you must research them properly citing sources from at least two books from the library, one newspaper, one almanac, the Rosetta Stone, one interview, and one website that does not end in .com .org .net or .gov and then put interesting facts about that person on three sides of the cube all your source citation on another side of the cube, a 3-D object representing part of their career and their impact on the world glued onto one side of the cube a picture of them on the other side of the cube and an entire PowerPoint presentation on another side of the cube which must then be presented in front of the class while patting your head rubbing your belly and holding the cube, 90% of your score is based on your presentation and if any of the criteria for your project are not met it's an automatic zero.

Fuck school
Fuck school
Fuck school


File: 1402498119725.jpg (137.81 KB, 1000x1000, aceofbassrules.jpg)

I really like the little things.

I've been sick the past year and just had small intestine surgery. This means I can eat and drink all sorts of things I couldn't have before. Today, I'll be making my first cup of coffee in over a year. It sounds stupid, but I'm SO excited. I'm going to celebrate a little.

Also, putting pen to paper can be really gratifying, when ideas strike. I like to write, but that's more difficult than drawing to me. I use my 3DS to draw on Nintendo's Miiverse boards and yesterday I had something hit the "Popular" page on one of their communities. It's just a silly little cartoon, but knowing other people saw it and smiled is a really good feeling.


That was beautiful man.


You should look into mods! I'm really into Terrafirma craft right now, etho is doing a series if you're interested…

Maybe look into Colors 3d, I really like drawing on that and it gives you a lot of good tools. It's pretty cheap too! I like posting on miiverse too though, dem likes.


So many humans going to waste. School should be serving to enrich people instead. I wish my parents sent me to an alternative one sometimes.


Oh I'm already deep into mods mostly with the DW20 pack, I did try out and quite liked Terrafirma craft although that was ages ago when it was a bit broken and unbalanced. My favorite mod is probably Thaumcraft I've been playing it since TC1! It was actually my suggestion to Azanor in one of his previews of TC2 that the "airy vis crystal" be called the "vaporous vis crystal"

Updated mods are the reason I keep coming back.


File: 1402526238395.gif (2.48 MB, 512x288, 1395483690548.gif)

When I order something and it comes after I patiently wait 2~ weeks.

When something doesn't work after I spend so much time on it and one day, when I least expect it, it just works.

When I actually draw something and finish it.

When I remember my dreams.

Switching to Yotsuba or Futaba themes.

When I actually finish a video games.

When my favorite Soundcloud artist uploads something.

Watching anime and reading manga.

When I stop drawing for a while, go back, and I can still draw.

When neither the doorbell nor my phone rings for a whole day.

Waking up to an empty house.


File: 1402564036002.gif (1.5 MB, 417x394, 1389958630035.gif)

Ahhh Minecraft, I'm not into video games much but I used to play with my lil sister on our own private server and it was always a blast. I can imagine how lonely it would get by yourself. Then again I can also see how the solitude could be relaxing.
Finding a new song that just clicks with you.. the feeling is indescribable. I live for those moments. This is the latest song that's done it for me -
Can't say I relate to this one as I've never tried pen and paper games and I never use irc but playing games with good friends is always a blast, I know that much.
Oh man I've been trying to get around to learning how to cook/bake for the longest time. It just seems like such an invaluable skill to have under you belt, not to mention the fun. And I'd love to cook for my family every once in a while.
Hell yeah, I love my cats. I really need to get around to trimming their nails though; I haven't been able to let them do that kneading thing because of it, it just hurts tooo much lol
Good for you! I hate coffee myself but I can imagine how exciting that is for you. Enjoy
>Waking up to an empty house
This is the best


Studying, growing, collecting and consuming plants is a great way of getting something good out of life for free.


Taking a walk through the vast empty rural areas just outside of town in the evening or at night is pretty cool. It's very quiet there, except for the sounds of crickets and some occasional cars passing by. I like gazing at the Moon or the stars while I'm there.

I spend most of my life on the internet, always connected, so being all alone with my thoughts is very comforting.

Also, some alcohol once in a while.

And cuddling with my large plush bear in bed. Or taking a nap during the day.

The pleasant feeling in your body after a good workout.

Going swimming or to the cinema with a friend. I guess coming to his place to watch him play video games is fine, too.

$$$-PAY DAY-$$$ (I've only worked for a really short time in my life, but getting money for my menial work felt pretty good)

Having a tasty meal after deliberately staying hungry for a few hours.

Petting a cat.

However, I'd like to add something:
>What are some little things that you can always count on to cheer you up?
I cannot really always count on them. You have to take everything in moderation. It's good to always have something to look forward to, instead of doing the same thing every day. A life devoid of change gets old really fast.

For example, it's been months since I last browsed or posted on Uboachan. I missed you guys, and your despair-filled threads. I can't stand staying here for long, but it's good to take a brief break from reality and revisit the underworld.


File: 1402583065675.png (328.57 KB, 500x373, sugarfeed.png)

>Oh man I've been trying to get around to learning how to cook/bake for the longest time. It just seems like such an invaluable skill to have under you belt, not to mention the fun. And I'd love to cook for my family every once in a while.

It's actually really easy (baking). You follow instructions which for easy recipies is just putting like flour and egg and sugar together and then putting the dough in the oven and waiting. For other cooking, it's like 80% prep work and 20% putting stuff in pans. e.g. if I wanted to make a chili, 80% of chili-making is putting something in a pot, the 20% is letting it sit on a stove for 8 hours. It's not really complicated unless you want to get fancy or explore other cultures (e.g. thai food is a complex mix 3-5 fundamental taste senses at once, indian cuisine balances a lot of spices, other ingredients are hard to get like hunagarian paprika or japanese yakisoba sauce).

It's so worth it, even in the little things like frying an egg just right. There isn't any kind of "yeah I did it!" feeling similar.


File: 1402660970557.jpg (522.05 KB, 756x1057, tumblr_n47ec4mUJ81qbhnpno1….jpg)

Being able to go to bed with your bedroom window open, the sheets cool and the room filled with fresher air than in the rest of the house.


Being able to torrent any sort of music you can think of.

Being connected to vast nexus of knowledge, emotion, ugliness, creativity and stupidity; being able to witness the spectacle that is the free-flow of thoughts between physically distant people.


Also everything this person said.


Going to bed really late and having no sense of time can really wear down on me, and since i do it all the time, i feel like a psycho. So when i go to be on time and wake up on time for a week on end i usually feel very normal and relaxed in my own way. It's nice to fully make use of my brain once in a while.


>Being able to go to bed with your bedroom window open
I don't know when's the last time I was able to do this. The apartment I moved into not too long ago doesn't even have a window. I'm moving again soon anyway, so I hope my new room has a window and nothing obstructing it.


i'm saving up to buy a pinball machine on ebay, shit will be so cash


Do you enjoy pinball that much, or is there another reason why you're buying it?




Having almost infinite time to work on the various arts I pursue is a staple of my NEET life. I get sad when I don't educate myself further for too long. I've found that when I get too wrapped up in things I also fail to exercise and that will make me unhappy after a while. I'm glad I live near a park and that I have built up the courage to go there sometimes.


small little glimpses of being fully okay with myself


File: 1403486491540.png (29.09 KB, 218x196, smug anime girl.png)

I'm still alive, surprisingly, although some of you might not find that makes your life more bearable. I really missed ubuu, it was comforting to have a little corner of the internet to go to.
I got a part time job at a tech program because I could no longer afford to be NEET and I enjoy walking down from the bus stop to the building more than I'd thought. While that's not exactly NEET, it's been making me enjoy whatever few moments of my old life I have - waking up to an empty house, taking a moment to enjoy the silence with coffee, etc. I think after the program's finished I'll go full NEET for a few more months.


File: 1403487049579.jpg (369.56 KB, 650x920, 1398701058383.jpg)


I thought you were dead. It's nice you're still here, though. And congratulations for your job, it's always nice to have some money to use for yourself.
Welcome back.


Jesus Christ look who's not dead!
Welcome back I guess.


I'm really glad you're still alive. I doubt you really care much about me and I've probably already made this pretty obvious but I've liked you since I just lurked on this site once every few weeks. It's nice to hear you're doing relatively well.

I'm sorry for derailing but I have to ask, how did trying to appeal to that friend of a friend who was a deteriorating schizophrenic go?


Hah, and just yesterday I was wondering where you went while I was gone, no kidding. Good to see you.


File: 1403582729678.png (66.56 KB, 255x225, huh ee-eh.png)

Shit, did I really worry people that much? Th-Thanks.
>I'm sorry for derailing but I have to ask, how did trying to appeal to that friend of a friend who was a deteriorating schizophrenic go?
I never saw him again. I assume he's either dead or in a mental asylum, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure he was homeless the last time my friend saw him.


Whoa, it's Chewky! Thank the stars you're alright! We've been worried about you; it's very good to see you again. I hope you'll stick around here. ^^


Video games are always a nice distraction, until I realize I've wasted all of my day playing them.

Watching good anime and reading manga is also nice.

Hanging out with my one RL friend can ease things up a bit.

It's when I'm distracted that I don't feel horrible, worthless, and completely unlovable.


She still loves me.


i drunk alcohol and fapped, it made me feel better


File: 1406877505837.png (993.18 KB, 1280x720, 14096836443674.png)

I love that my family still gives me birthday money. As a NEET, my birthday feels like my annual payday. It feels sooo good to have more than $20 in my wallet, especially when I didn't have to work for it. Employed people always say having money feels better when you've worked for it, but I think having money feels better when you never have it and then you get a bunch for no reason. I'm gonna buy some drugs and a ukulele :3


File: 1406882689681.png (221.63 KB, 330x310, Capture9.PNG)

Can we trade parents?

Just kidding. My mom is nice, and I'm sure she'd give me birthday money too if she could afford it.


I like ukuleles.


File: 1406920685537.png (103.4 KB, 480x320, Screenshot_2014-07-28-18-0….png)

AWA I know what you mean… birthday money is always nice to have. I got 25 dollars last birthday and I soared through the roof. I was so happy

I guess… video games and anime make life more bearable. Im sick and in pain almost all the time and im afraid and paranoid about everything but those things take my mind off things for a little while


File: 1406922380576.jpg (104.5 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mbpgg8HObO1rvc2vjo1….jpg)

Music, video games, RPing with my internet friends about similar interest and whatnot, and sometimes the little things that make you smile makes life much more bearable for me.

And yes, birthday money is the best, I always go and spend it on candy and sweets.


Stuff that cheers me up, huh?

Well, my usual schedule of playing video games, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, late nights and sometimes watching TV is relaxing.

I'm glad I don't have to deal with school anymore, too. Ever since my school merged with another to form a single giant one, my time in school dropped. I really disliked how some things were ran and I didn't enjoy the large influx of strangers.

Not a riveting life. It is considered mostly to be pathetic, but it probably keeps me from going insane.


Today my on-sale tea samples arrived (free shipping, only 90 cents! holy damn), I am trying a completely new style of tea and I'm finding I really like it. Today was a good day.


File: 1407190748189.jpg (24.64 KB, 137x100, 3541.jpg)

Uh I dont know.. Im new here I guess

Well Im glad I found this place by accident and lurkin a bit around,

>today orderd some new pc stuff

>got a milkshake at 21:30 ish

Reading in this thread feeling pretty good atm


I can take an extra day off work every 4 weeks with no loss of pay. I also no longer need to go in until 10.

Like this, it feels like maybe I can keep on going.


Welcome to ubuu.


File: 1407352975361.png (287.79 KB, 877x678, 1407031243643.png)

I applied for welfare after trying and failing to get a job. So hopefully soon I might have a slight income coming in, which will hopefully help my anxiety.


If you're in the United States and you don't have a job you can get food stamps / EBT.

1) Apply
2) Get them

Yes, it's actually that simple. You'll have to visit the government office at the end of the process though where they basically confirm the information and print your card.


What state do you live in? Was definitely not that simply here in Ohio.


File: 1407369899650.jpg (123.84 KB, 400x240, HNI_0030.JPG)

'twere simple for me here. Just had to go onto the website and sign up, and register the card I received by putting in a 4 digit code over phone.

And I'm from Washington state, the place of pretty forestry and near-perpetual rain.


File: 1407398826676.png (15.23 KB, 100x100, tumblr_mkgammgMlP1qh3b7ao1….png)

??? Really? When I was younger my mom dragged me off to apply for them with her. There was a line and she had to wait for her name to be called so that she could do an interview

That was in Texas. I guess its different for each state


That almost sounds like when I had to go get my state ID. I had to wait for my number to be called to get stuff done, though I had pre-applied online on the official site.

I think it's with the luxury of the internet nowadays makes thing a little easier. Can still be quite a hassle at times but it's better than taking hours filling out paperwork.


I don't know how I'd feel about applying for welfare. I still have quite a bit of money from the "job" I had for a month and like 5k from a mistake by the university I used to go to. I think if my parents found out, they'd probably think even less of me for dropping out and working construction.


My mom actually told me to go on welfare, because I still haven't found a job. The only interviews I got I stuttered through and was a general nervous wreck. It was for the best.


What's it like, being on welfare? Do people look at you differently when you pay for food (assuming food stamps), is it less stressful or more so?

How does the welfare work?


Where I am in Ohio it's like that. Have to go to a place, take a number, wait for the number to get called, do an interview, and they basically tell you to fuck off and find work.


File: 1407467276503.jpg (31.04 KB, 229x350, 1406261661095.jpg)

I applied, but I haven't gotten an appointment or anything for it yet. I'm slightly less stressed , although I keep applying for jobs. But in Ontario at least, they just give you money for food and rent, so really no one would know you are on it. They also try and find you a job too, so you aren't such a burden on the system. They are notoriously slow here, mostly because everybody is unemployed and signing up for it. I could have done it months ago, I was just stubborn and preferred a job to get me out of NEETdom. At least I can buy actual food now.


I used to go to the store to buy food all the time using a food stamps card. No one looked at me differantly


Are you expected to pay it back to the government?


Oh my god I was just thinking about this the other day! Shout out to all the amazing parents who do that, mine gave me $200, which I'm spending on weed, CBD edibles for anxiety (so I can go see them) and junk food. I can ride out the rest of the summer in style :)
Boyfriend had them, applying was simple, just got to talk to a person and fill stuff out and they'll give them to you (also need to prove you don't make any/enough money though.) As for looks, usually you either have to tell the cashier ebt or push the ebt button on the card scanner and its a special card, but no one will actually say anything. People will think badly (my parents included, my dad will not stop going on about how bad people who take welfare are), but it doesn't really matter, since those people are jerks for thinking badly about people they know nothing about, or their situation. So I say fuck it and give 0 fucks and buy your food haha. Oh, some stuck up places also don't allow you to use ebt on unhealthy stuff like soda but you can just avoid those places.

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