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File: 1414849924515.jpg (3 MB, 2828x1968, 123178.jpg)


It's snowing outside today. It's time to take out the winter clothes and prepare my room so it can be cozy all winter. I wish I could hibernate sometimes.



File: 1414855946306.jpg (5.95 KB, 160x160, 1411264078403.jpg)

Can't wait!
>Crack open the window
>Wear pyjamas under 2 layers of snuggie
>Drink hot cocoa
>Watch anime, listen to ambient music, and play video games


So comfy.

Drinking hot punch staring at the slowly freezing sea piling up sheets of ice.


Sometimes I think winter should be spent hibernating, no holidays, no leaving your house, no visiting people, (no shoveling driveways) just stock up food and stay inside all winter.

As it gets colder the snuggleieness intensifies.


File: 1414947487382.jpg (401.18 KB, 960x1280, 21837213.jpg)

That's how it should be. Maybe it was like that in the old days. Chop some wood, hunt once in a while, and snuggle inside your cabin hidden deep inside the forest.


Glad to see you guys can enjoy it.

I dread the winter, the cold and the darkness.
Being locked up in the house and have my pc to keep me company.
I hope i manage to keep myself busy enough to not get reminded of this.


I recently started playing a mmorpg again. It keeps you occupied.


File: 1414969018668.jpg (155.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1351200416247.jpg)

are you me


Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. I love rain and snow, and I love wearing coats. I don't get much snow where I live but it snows not far away where a lot of friends live.


File: 1414978554079.jpg (548.92 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_m1wtpdAnGy1rt1xnno1….jpg)

I can't wait for winter. It makes the world feel much… calmer.


File: 1414984492069.gif (979.45 KB, 498x720, 54354365345.gif)


File: 1416142762529.jpg (358.48 KB, 1577x2334, Feels-good-man.jpg)

It finally snowed where I am

>time to bring out the room heater

I also fucking love my electric blanket, it's one the best most practical gifts I've ever gotten

I wish I had a kotatsu though
>table + heater + blanket = bliss

I guess winter really makes you appreciate warm things like taking a hot shower after playing outside in the snow
It also gives me the excuse to stay inside most of the time too


File: 1416161972844.jpg (456.82 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_nf58l9vzx71teb2fno2….jpg)

Yes ! Nothing's better than warming yourself after going outside.

I just ate cheap udon watching the snow and cuddling with my cat


File: 1416739202833.png (119.72 KB, 500x322, tumblr_n03g79p8Om1qb1l82o1….png)


Rarely do I find people who enjoy autumn/winter as much as myself. Cool thread. Hot weather is misery, but in cold weather you can always be comfortable. It's easy to regulate a room's temp, and to add/remove layers in the cold, but in the heat you are forced to sweat. Tea is somehow more appropriate during the winter, even though it's a year-round ritual. I don't like to drink hot bevs right after I come in from the cold though, as seems to be common. When I arrive inside from a journey, I'm usually hot and nearly sweating. Then you get inside and have to remove your boots and then you are positively roasted. Standard practice is, remove coat/gloves/hat before getting inside to avoid overheat.

>winter makes the world feel much calmer

I've wanted a kotatsu for years, but geographical impermanence stays my purchase of one.


I love the winter. Nights are lovingly cold, the nights are longer… The family jokes that I would be happiest somewhere in the north pole. I really love the cold and the dark.


File: 1416864696786.jpg (96.58 KB, 515x491, 643534565v1.jpg)

Last week it was -15C.
Now, it's 15C. All my snow is gone ! Arrrgh !


File: 1418149452320.jpg (56.41 KB, 409x409, cozy.jpg)

I grew up in northern Europe, so needless to say, I hated winter. It would start as a slow, cold and miserable autumn, last for 5 months, and then slowly creep into more manageable temperatures. There would be so much snow and ice that it's hard to move around, not to mention having to wear 4 layers of clothing and having your face wrecked by rain, snow, ice and bone-chiling wind just to go get some food or go to school. It was agonizing and I could not wait for summer every year.

Now that I live in a climate where it never snows, I actually do kind of miss it. But I would never wish northern eu winters on my worst enemies.


It rarely snows here, but even so, a cold day is absolutely miserable.

I'm the type of person who's rather watch snow from a window, picture or camera than go out and be in it.


I'm slowly discovering this about myself as well! I'm quite a romantic when it comes to snow. The winter, I love its calm but destructive allure.


But I do have to say that I get into a legitimately suicidal mood if I find myself outside during the winter without appropriately warm clothing…

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