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How much do you pay for rent, /n/? And if you don't pay rent, where are you living?

I pay almost 800 dollars for rent a month but I can't afford it so I'm being evicted tomorrow. Living in a college town is the worst.

Pic unrelated.


Shit thats terrible. Do you have anywhere else to stay?

I live with my grandma and don't pay anything. It's pretty nice but it's not sustainable long-term.


ausfag here, i can't move out of my parents house because the cheapest rent where i live in 500 a week


live with parents. no job, so no point in moving out. and if i moved out, it'd have to be into some kind of 'share-house' arrangement(ie, i rent a room).


I live with my mommy :3 I love her.


Sorry to hear that, i hope you find a place to stay soon.

I live at home with parents in a somewhat quiet and nice place.


live in a 3-bed rental split between four people. $100/month for my share.


File: 1402844890244.jpg (100.05 KB, 497x744, stop.jpg)

Have you tried renting a single dorm room ? Some dorms rent any open rooms to non-student, that's what I did. 300$/mo for heating, electricity, showers and bathrooms, and 80$/mo for my own high speed internet. I did all my cooking in my small room (3mx8mx3m), and I pissed in the sink (with a small plastic bottle system so I don't make a mess).
It was okay, now I'm back at my parent's though.


I live with my parents. I had the idea though, that you could probably drag a trailer or something out to the woods to live for free. If I get kicked out I might do that.


£280 a month ($475) including all my bills for 1 room in a 6 bed house. I managed to find a place with a loft conversion, so I only share my bathroom with one guy and I can't really hear anyone up here. I only run into people if I choose to cook, and everyone is polite but basically ignores me which is fine. This is as cheap as I can find here (especially renting outside of a group) so its OK for now. Hopefully in a few years I might not have to share.


Or, alternatively, I might one day dream of something like this: http://www.tinyhouseuk.co.uk/


Currently living with my parents … I wanted to move out but I have to deal with some law charges.
My family has some property so I would live for free anyways (not gonna leave this city any time soon)


We pay $850/month plus utilities for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in California near the capitol. I live with 3 roommates, including my girlfriend, and another friend who's over almost every day.


File: 1402925948415.png (35.45 KB, 215x215, 1358723314941.png)

NYC rent is suffering.


I live with an old man. He's a friend of the family.


you're not neet?


File: 1403033846540.png (104.82 KB, 351x241, Sei_Make_it_rain_bitches.png)


Seisatsu (IX) doesn't even care about money he literally sells our data to the NSA and gets his bitcoinzz.


you forgot that praesul has all his bitcoins, and in turn his butt.


File: 1403034545107.png (153.9 KB, 353x438, presul is a sei clon proxe….png)


I actually didn't.


At the moment, I'm not paying anything at all for rent, as I'm staying at my parents' house for the summer. For the remainder of the year, I pay my college an arm and a leg (that is, something in the neighborhood of $2600) for on-campus housing, so I guess that that counts as rent. Admittedly, that's probably a lower sum than the accumulated cost of living in an off-campus apartment would be.

I've barely put any thought into where I'm going to live once I exit college. I've weighed the idea of living with my parents after I graduate until I can pay off my student loan debts, but I probably won't go through with that.


File: 1403678253621.jpg (47.25 KB, 451x600, 1398330794367.jpg)

just under 800USD for my place, split with a housemate

utilities are kind of high here and I loathe this neighborhood but I can't do much better right now.

I'd like to live with family for a while and save up some cashmoneys for debts and education, but I don't get along with them and they live hella far from here. I used to have food stamps at least but when I finally got a job they were cancelled


Well, I don't have a job and we're all introverts. I'm just paying my share out of the money I made from an investment last year. So I guess I'm technically still a NEET.


110 weekly, biggish room, in rooms building w/ 4 toilets and 4 shower per floor, it's quite decent! if slightly too much for what it is, could be like 80/week tbh.

on 630/month neetbux. doable.


CAD btw oops


File: 1418616864869.jpg (241.93 KB, 1280x960, CabinReplicaCatHall.JPG)

If I could live with my parents, I absolutely would. In the first apartment I lived in, from 2011-2014, I paid 500 even per month, utils inc, right in the middle of a medium-sized city in lower Michigan.
In 2014 I went homeless for a few months and paid no rent.
Now I'm paying 325$ USD/mo utils inc, to rent a room in a house of old people, in another medium-sized city, in upper Michigan. In spring I plan to homeless again and maybe set up shop somewhere new later in 2015. Pac NW? Colorado? Your house?

That is the cheapest I've ever heard.

>pissed in the sink
Haha wow.

>the woods
Which woods? If you can show me woods where I can live free, I will move there literally tomorrow. It isn't that easy, unfortunately.

>I only run into people if I choose to cook
This is nervewracking for me. I hate having to interact with the other people in this house. They're kind, but boring. Waste of mindtime to talk. Sometimes I'll start to go downstairs, but then hear people down there, and choose not to because because I don't want to have to deal with talking to them.


530$/month with utilities in a 500k people Canadian city.

I'm moving out in January back to my mom's place because I can't afford it anymore (lost my job, no more savings, haven't found another one).

It's a small bachelor and my bed is in my kitchen.

Honestly, I can't wait to get out. The atmosphere here is really oppressive and it doesn't help with my depression. It's like all my brooding and misery conglomerated in my apartment and it makes me feel sick every time I'm there.

Plus the landlady is a humongous fucking bitch. I don't know what it is with people who own apartments blocks, they're generally terrible, entitled people.

One time one of my checks bounced because my employer had made a mistake while direct depositing my salary, she called me and started yelling at me that I was irresponsible and "how could you not know you didn't have the funds". Funny, a piece of ceiling in my bathroom came off, she never had anybody repair it despite my repeated demands, so she can go screw herself.

To get some revenge, I'm planning to GTFO in the middle of the night giving her a day's notice (you're supposed to give 2 months, how are you supposed to forecast that far, I didn't know I'd lose my job) and I will leave no contact address.


>planning to GTFO in the middle of the night giving her a day's notice (you're supposed to give 2 mo
Aren't you concerned about your deposit?



Landlords can't ask for deposits here. It's illegal.

So, to answer your question, no.



not even like a 'bond'? the tenants trash the place and u then have to chase them up for any money at all? lol dayum


File: 1418927371423.gif (24.8 KB, 500x450, tumblr_n5hu0c9mek1r2inbto1….gif)

Sorry Canadabro. My landlord's a gem. Very understanding if things come up with rent, quick to fix any actual problems that crop up (tho all the easy maintenance is left to me, which I'm fine with), and generally *likes* us. Been here four years and will prolly be here for another two at least, provided stupid things don't happen with income. Kinda.. on my fifth job now since I moved in >_>

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