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I have NO idea where the original post is for the last one, and high bets it's been buried into the depths. So until it gets resurrected again in some manner, this will have to do.

So fellow NEETs, you involved with any sort of communities? Internet-wise and/or real life-wise?

I'm part of a small Tumblr community myself, and I'm slowly intergrating myself into a few Miiverse communities [mostly YouTube and Super Smash Brothers 4], as well as the Vinesauce community on Steam.


File: 1414901392395.jpg (17.27 KB, 512x205, himeko.jpg)

A kind oneesan has offered to accept me into a community of her friends and their friends. I'm hesitating now but probably in the end I will accept. Outside of that, not really.


File: 1414914734117.jpeg (200.49 KB, 500x1565, 32c7b444803c4d764c0fcbb1c….jpeg)

I have no idea what kind of community would honestly tolerate me short of a depression support group kind of thing.

I ki d of wanted to try tumblr at one point,, but it's confusing to me and I've never had the energy or motivation to figure it out. Not all that sure much would come of it .


I have no idea what kind of community would honestly tolerate me because I just shitpost on troll.


You probably haven't found the community appropriate to you, when you show that kind of behavior.


Mostly just IRC channels of opensource gaming communities and most of them only passive, but i do help playtests sometimes.


40+ channels on 11 IRC networks. And Uboachan. I haven't been active on a BBS in a long time.

As for IRL, I have 4 roommates, so that's kind of a community. I'm also a several year member of an anime/drinking club that meets on Saturdays, but since I moved last year I have to drive 2 hours to meet them. At least I'm on their IRC channel.

Also when I make the trip up north to Nevada County I know a lot of people and everyone wants my time for some reason.


Right, but anything else is just boring.


I'm on SCP, I'm also on another hiki board called hikiverse, and I'm also part of tumblr.


File: 1416741877013.jpg (154.02 KB, 576x432, mulder_believe-deadaliengu….jpg)

My original online community experience was LiveJournal, used it for years from around 2004 to 2008. I miss LJ. The tag system is what makes it. Users and communities ended up being very volatile though - they came and went too quickly, while I stayed around and enthusiastic. The active communities are too active, especially with dumb icon posts or fanfics, so they are therefore difficult to keep up with. The communities I'd like most, are dead. Now and then I try to get back into LJ.
Around this same timeframe was the birth and death of Myspace, which I used like people use Facebook now, except I was the only one, and everybody else used Myspace casually.
I used Starmen.net for a few years around 2009-2012, but it was very restrictive in rules.

These days, my main outlets are LUElinks and IRC - places without rules. I started with one IRC channel in 2009, and now I have 20+. Other sites include: 420chan, 151chan when it was around, sometimes Uboachan and 99chan. Been trying out Wizardchan lately. Always lookin' for a good *chan. I tell myself I'm going to try get into a regular forum/bbs some time, but I don't. Though I did use anime con forums for years, until I stopped going to those. Recently registered for HG101, Racketboy, and RHDN since I use those sites a lot. I'm registered on a lot of forums, but never actually end up sticking with them. I've tried Pokémon boards before but they're never for me, even though Pokémon is like my life. There are endless Pokémon forums. Bulbagarden seemed decent though, and I was actually around before/during it's creation in the late 90's / early 00's. I recall applying to be a staff member for their very first iteration. Glitch City is super interesting, but technical, so I don't have much to contribute there.
Also tumblr and reddit suck bigtime and I feel bad for anyone who thinks those are their only options.


Some of you use tumblr?
Can or have you actually made like real friends on there?

I just don't understand how anyone would find or read your particular page unless you're famous or have a circle that is aware of it. Like most blog sites I guess, but then i'm not really sure how it all works.


I have a devblog, just got a ton of connving bootlickers, attention whores and fake friends.


File: 1416929288315.jpg (751.3 KB, 900x900, 1362049921918.jpg)

I don't think tumblr or blogging in general is a good medium to make actual friends. If you want to do that, you include other means, like an ask page, or a steam name, so you could actually talk. Going straight to chat rooms or similar places is a better approach.

I use tumblr to collect and share pretty pictures of cute girls and skellingtons.


File: 1416936982640.gif (2.94 MB, 740x416, 1405646701133.gif)

Can anyone recommend some nice IRC channels where company is always good? Something more general and not about drugs or neet is appreciated.

I like to talk about nature and fantasy stuff if that helps gauging things.


I dunno if Ubuu counts as one, but here. and slowly integrating into Vinesauce.


Ubuu is not a community its a secret club


Wait you mean talk in real-time? That… never ends well.


I have a zillion IRCs but I'll try to cherrypick for you. To find more channels, you can whois people to find other channels, or just simply straight ask people you become friends with, which other channels they use. Most online communities have their own IRC channel, so dig into your favourite sites and find their channel.



irc.undernet.org or chicago.il.us.undernet.org







File: 1418149258198.jpg (902.81 KB, 900x877, 2aca96c4f2cb0ebadf01e3a841….jpg)

I spend a lot of time on 4chan's /jp/, /ck/, /fit/ and /wsg/ and this board.

I'm also on a couple irc channels and the ubuu skype group, which is not nearly as bad as I anticipated.

I've recently gotten into a couple places on reddit [I know, ew, reddit] specifically r/fatlogic for laughing at extremely delusional people and r/depression, as cringe-worthy as it is. I actually enjoy sharing experience and helping these people. It's mostly a waste of time, but hey, that's why I'm on the internet in the first place.


places like r/fatlogic are for mean-spirited people, though. it's not just a place to laugh at stupid people; people legitimately feel as though they are better than fat people on that subreddit

obviously you're an adult but I don't understand why people like to surround themselves with hatred


you're thinking of r/fatpeoplehate. Fatlogic is laughing purely at the logical leaps/delusion that people come across. Laughing at people just because they are fat or making blatantly hateful posts is bannable.

Plus most of the userbase either used to be fat or are fat. I'd say like 80%. So, honestly, you are either basing this on outsider bashing which the sub gets a lot, or you're confusing places.



I know, horrible. However the nature of the site lets you steer clear of the content you don't want to see unlike imageboards. Which I both dislike and appreciate.


Oh, I didn't realize the difference until now :-P



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