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Do you guys think that a character that is NEET or hikikomori could be a strong protagonist for a story?


Yes I do think so. There are already some manga&books out there that prove it. For example "Welcome to the NHK".

Both the NEET and Hikikomori have tragic elements to their character. That makes them interesting. They could overcome their problems in the story or it could be just a depressing portrait of their lives.

I would read such a story. There are enough people on this board who could relate to the character. Many that feel stranded in their situation can relate to them.


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I've been trying to plan out character arc and setting but I'm not sure where to actually place the story. I suppose Japan would be an obvious location but I've never lived there and am unfamiliar with their day-to-day life and culture.

I was thinking about placing it in America, since that's where I'm from and more familiar with, and I'm sure there are some other American hikikomori out there, on this site, even.

Since I have character ideas I just need to settle on a setting since the plot and character arcs will probably depend on the setting.

Japan would probably be the more "traditional" setting, but placing the story in America might be a breathe of fresh air and maybe even allow more American people to know about what it is to live this way.


I dont think a neet/hikki would make a good protagonist, as they are often dull and boring with little background.
But well in the end its the story that counts, who the character is is not so important as to how he fits in to the story and how well you can make the audience relate to him.


I can see how this sort of protagonist can be boring, since they aren't going to be the extroverted go-getter of a protagonist a lot of stories have.

There probably needs to be an event during the beginning or in the "Act One" of the story that forces the protagonist to get out of the house. Maybe the threat of eviction? Or a fear of dying without ever accomplishing anything which could tread around existentialism and human mortality?


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I believe so. While not always the case seclusion can form a person into a really strange and unique individual, all problems aside.

Loneliness and a lack of responsibility (in the sense of school/work) leaves a lot of free time to develop hobbies and interests on unreal levels.


File: 1416925783876.png (364.32 KB, 816x851, IMG_1241.PNG)

I think this type of character has potential to be very interesting and have an interesting view of the world.

But without something to throw them out of the house, so to speak, there wouldn't really be any character interaction or goal achieving going on.


You might as well ask if a five-year old girl can be a strong protagonist, or if a man in a striped red-and-green shirt can be a strong protagonist.
Of course.


does every character in a VR conspiracy story count as being NEET?
like the matrix for example. they all live in little cells playing vidya. no different from a NEET playing WOW back when WOW was pooping in socks goodness.


Whoa! Thats deep.


As many already said before, it depends entirely on how the character is, apart from being NEET or hikki. It is possible to make a story based on their limited interaction and inner world interesting, if you flesh them out enough.


File: 1418187062726.jpg (266.63 KB, 1280x813, 584f305b497a0abccd1cead085….jpg)

Some people already think this is becoming an overused trend, but that doesn't mean you can't make a strong hikki/NEET protag. For instance, some people are divided on Robotics;Notes character Koujiro Frau, whether or not she was annoying or a valid route for the MC. While being a hikkikomori, she created a popular game in the series and helped create a giant mecha and eventually save the world in a world where mecha don't already exist. I think she's pretty badass really.


The protagonist of Crime and Punishment is a 19th century NEET. I guess you could read that for inpiration.

An important part in the story is the symoblism in Rodions dreams, and NEETs spend a lot of time daydreaming. You could work with that.

However your character has to leave the house eventually, otherwise your book will turn into a longwinded psuedo-diary of your own personal experiences of NEETdom, with the protagonist acting as your mouthpiece.(but hey, isn't that what most authors do?)


Neet != Hikikomori.

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