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/n/ is locked. We're starting fresh at https://uboachan.net/hikki/ with some changes to the rules.

If you'd like a thread to be moved to /hikki/, post here with the link: https://uboachan.net/hikki/res/2.html

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Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Please do not reply to ads in this thread.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the board.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your post with an advertisement.
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Moved to >>>/hikki/3.

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What is a NEET? Is this board only for NEETs?

A NEET is someone not in education, employment, or training, thus the abbreviation. This board is for everyone, it was called NEET as a homage to /jp/.

I am socially awkward/I don't leave my house, does that make me a NEET?

It does not. While it is common amongst NEETs you don't have to be socially awkward or a shut-in to be a NEET, and vice versa. Someone who does not leave the house is called a hikkikomori - they might still work from home, making them non-NEET.

Does self-employment, being a housewife or doing chores make one non-NEET?

Someone who does those things is still a NEET, as it is not socially recognized as being employed, and in most cases is not a source of income.


This is more of a request than anything - but please don't pretend to be a NEET to appear "cool" or be spiteful to someone who is not a NEET. It belittles people actually going through it, and discourages those who are not NEET to contribute and speak out. This board is NOT a secret club.

File: 1452892658193.gif (2.04 MB, 938x773, ard2_by_darklitria-d624xkp.gif)


Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I don't normally like to talk, not even online, so this is a first for me. I've been a NEET for going on ten years now. I make myself feel better by saying that I'm taking care of my parents(helped both lose weight, cook them healthy meals, keep the house clean, take care of animals, ect), but I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm a waste of space if I don't have an income of my own.

I applied for a few jobs and I'm not qualified to stock shelves or putz around a movie theater, but I've gotten a call back for some grocery store. The thing is, I can't bring myself to answer the phone, I just start getting sick, I start crying, and panicking. I cried at the job interview I had years ago, and when I tried to get into school, I ended up crying and getting sick in the dean's office. I don't know what it is, I don't want to be some self-diagnosing jerk, but I think its some kind of anxiety issue that it's really keeping me from my goals. I feel like even if I did answer the phone, somehow got the job, I'd still blow it by breaking down in the middle of a supermarket.

Sorry it's so long to read. I just don't know what to do. I often consider suicide. Maybe I should try some freelance things online, just to get a small income? Did you or are you experiencing the same sort of anxiety? Did you cope, with or without drugs or therapy? How do you feel fulfilled?

Thanks for reading, all… I hope everyone's doing better than I am right now.
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I kind of agree with this. I've always had various isolationist fantasies and I tend to avoid people and love just staying inside all day. Even having family around makes it more difficult to relax than when I'm alone.
Yet even so, I've come to realize that I still crave company on some level.

Perhaps if you focused on certain types of people instead of everyone. I have some social anxiety although probably not nearly as bad as you. But in my experience being around a lot of people is just like a mental overload due to worrying about every little detail and predicting how every type of person will react to everything that happens. So if your problem is similar maybe you should try coming up with some tricks to take your mind off of things, which I know is way easier said than done.
Personally I think I handle it sometimes by focusing only on a mental picture of the type of people I like (and understand) and what they would think instead of what everyone thinks. If I felt like I was doing good in that context then that would be good enough for me.
It's not always easy though, usually I still have problems around a lot of people but what doing this helps with a lot is how I feel afterward.

Also, there's probably medication you could get for it if you wouldn't mind that sort of thing. But I've never tried any so I can't really say much about that.


Oh boy, essentialist rhetoric.

You're a girl, hopefully. Men don't think like this.


That last part is a bit of a stretch.

You two are having an interesting argument though. Certainly, anxiety sometimes but doesn't always have a social basis, but is the approval of others a fundamental human desire, or not?


>Men don't think like this.



Faggots don't count as men

File: 1453047551944.jpg (37.86 KB, 625x470, EJPkDjN.jpg)


hi /n/, im curious about the NEETdom and wondering if you could answer some questions?

how long have you been a NEET?
was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
what do you do all day?
what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
how often do you get outside, if at all?
do you live independently or with parents?
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>how long have you been a NEET?
8 years or so
>was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
I lost it in high school, started to isolate myself, stopped going out with friends
>what do you do all day?
a whole lot of nothing, listen to music and try to play games or chat with people with mixed results
>what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
strictly online these days, just text based chatting, been trying to use voice a bit but it gives me some anxiousness
>how often do you get outside, if at all?
a couple of times a month, really only go outside for groceries
>do you live independently or with parents?


You sound like me and I have a suggestion for you, if you spend so much time isolated alone with your thoughts, and you spend so much time typing, then consider writing a story be it a fanfic or hell a novel, put your time to use.


That's an interesting thought, one I've toyed with but the chances are anything I write won't be any good, most of the daydreams I have these days are autistic power fantasies and I'm cringing at just the thought of putting that on paper.
Have you written anything yourself?
Anything you'd like to share?


for sure, man. I'll write something up and record it, should be monday, or sooner. I appreciate the interest


Moved to >>>/hikki/19.

File: 1439208202925.jpg (140.93 KB, 645x989, 1438901233001.jpg)


Anyone else find their fetishes and sexual interests getting weirder and weirder the longer they spend isolated and NEET?

I've started shaving my legs and dressing as a girl, not really sure how it's got to this point
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File: 1443381998060.gif (376.63 KB, 500x281, pantsu.gif)


it's been over 2 days since someone last posted here
what happended?


Anons realized their idiocy for not reading the thread properly and were too ashamed to reply.


Ferenc, is it you?


File: 1454096952867.jpg (432.11 KB, 740x760, 1406053079503.jpg)

I'm pretty degenerate but not that bad, outside of fetishes my interests are pretty normal (I'm bi, I like cooking, reading, generic weeb stuff, vidya and yume nikki ofc)

remi.anon on skype, I need weeb friends

File: 1453985711425.jpg (90.72 KB, 1024x576, CZzpnfEWQAEe_wo (1).jpg)


Hi guys, I've posted a couple of my videos on hikikomoridom here before so hopefully you won't mind another one. I don't get many viewers so having some feedback from my fellow NEETs would be great.

Anyway the topic that's been on my mind is how to recover from being a NEET/hikikomori after years of living like this. This whole system seems so strongly geared against us with you needing references for even basic volunteering roles… It seems like if you don't already have friends/contacts/experience you're fucked.

Here's my video by the way:
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What kind of baggage, for you personally?


Honestly, I just plaigurized it off some reddit thread. I'm sowwy, plz no kill.


File: 1454035373675.jpg (445.51 KB, 900x636, 21408413.jpg)



Yeah, I know…

Seriously though, if your curious about the effects of being a hikikomori on your sanity, I suggest researching the effects of solitary confinement. It's not a perfect approximation, since most hikki's get electronic stimuli, but it should probably be close enough.


Can't you just make your threads without having to blatantly advertise your videos like this? It's starting to get on my nerves.

File: 1452702846212.png (116.93 KB, 269x185, ClipboardImage.png)


If I'm successful financially, I think I might create a NEET house, as a safe space where NEETs can move out of their parents house, become a virtuoso of what they're passionate about, and/or be counseled on how to actually succeed at life. Eventually though, they will have to either use what they've learned to get a job and move out, or contribute to the household (I suspect it'd mostly be the later, since it's the safer option).

What do you think? Can someone learn to not be a leech on society in an environment like this, or would this inevitably reinforce their dependence on others? Would you be comfortable moving to such a place full of NEET strangers, even if shit hit the fan?
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I dont think minors should be allowed, most of them will be in school anyway and still have chances to recover, there are dedicated services for that sort of thing.
I understand there are exceptions to this, but even if for purely legal reasons this seems reasonable.

For mental problems it would be good to have a certified psychiatrist on board.
Someone you can trust, i dont know if someone here has a psychology degree.

Ofcourse if this isnt taken too far then might well just be a hotel or so from a legal aspect, so certain problems might not even be applicable if they dont get out of hand.

Theres probably not too much trouble to be caused if people with serious mental problems keep taking their pills, most would be grateful and happy to be with others im sure.


You have a good point there. I think I agree with you on that. It probably is pretty important to have a psychologist on board, but that person would have to be very altruistic to be working with us. Then again, it probably wouldn't be that demanding, so maybe someone would be willing to do it in their free time.


Probably using positive reinforcement of some sort. As much as I hate tiered systems, I think it sounds reasonable to give those that contribute most to the household/community some privileges over those that seem to have no intention of doing anything productive.


>For mental problems it would be good to have a certified psychiatrist on board.
>Someone you can trust, i dont know if someone here has a psychology degree.

Psychiatrist =/= Psychologist
You would require a literal medical doctor, who specializes in the field of psychiatry.


Moved to >>>/hikki/175.

File: 1429605240425.jpg (12.34 KB, 167x288, The unhappy stapler.jpg)


post itt if you are sickly as well as NEET

i got CFS/ME/SEID/whatever docs wanna call it, but basically im too tired to leave the house or even bed most of the time, and its not depression or anything mental

also get mad headaches, nausea, and dizziness from just standing up

also relevant is itt NO BULLYING ALLOWED!!
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I would not mind.
Give them to me.
As long as you can be free.


Reading that it came off like something from an cheesy indie-rock song.


The reason I got on this site in the first place was being interested in you. Not in a weird way, just–interested. Could relate well enough that was a thing. I'm probably leaving it now. Either way's fine, but you have a throwaway email for some anon who's considered trying to talk to you for 3 or 4 years and is shortly fucking off to try and pursue life?

Good luck either way.


poor hikkies. i has headacke and constant noise in ears. i tired all day and have difficulties with concentration.

but i care about myself a little. open windows for a fresh air and sometimes do physical exersizes. i think hikkie should care about self even a little


Moved to >>>/hikki/190.

File: 1453334443758.png (307.72 KB, 500x576, tumblr_n9np9wPGRy1qbgb3mo1….png)


What is your tragic backstory, /n/?
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After I didn't have any friends anymore I looked to getting back in with some friends from a very long time ago who might not hate me like everyone else. I finally hit it off with somebody who I messaged, just as I had given up hope they realized there was a message from me in a different folder than her inbox. We both were hating the place we lived in, and long story short we we moved out, combining our resources with a few people she met online who I had also been enjoying the company of. I was a desperate, depressed idiot at the time so when the gang got into drugs I was like "lol ok".

Over the course of the year we started dating, but she was also dating most of the other roommates. Even though she roped us all into this she was experiencing jealousy issues and paranoia that kept anyone in the house from interacting properly. But we already knew how unstable she'd become, so breaking up with her she'd probly just kill herself like she threatened all the last times something went wrong. We wanted to help her get over this issue or decide how this relationship triangle should be worked out.

One night she had gotten her hands on some benzos I didn't know about, she had binged on them all night apparently. We had an argument the following morning, she wasn't giving me any time to respond or think, she was desperate and I wanted to give her an answer so badly. I snapped at her and told her to come talk to me when she can discuss this calmly. Maybe if this hadn't happened the moment I woke up I would have remembered she had access to a gun.

I would never hear until she was gone all the dozens of ways she would turn us against each other to get us to leave, one by one until only I was left. She had made her choice that she only wanted be with me a long time ago. If I were to try to follow the timeline far back enough, based on what she's told me, she wanted to do anything she could to get closer to me from the moment she met me. I should have realized what that was going to mean. But would I have acted differently? I loved her so I believed every lie she told me to make it okay. I still love her and I wish it could have worked out because she taught me so many beautiful ways to look at life. She had so much positivity when she wasn't in her darkest of moods.

We thought we were healing each others wounds but we were actually living in a land made up of lies we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about how fucked up Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I know how people can be defensive about their games i can even relate to that but damn thats pretty fuckedup.

Its a shitty how crap games always get the attention, but thats not why we make games, we do it for ourselfs, people who cant appreciate good work are the ones you dont want anyway.

As for me i was always passive and now half a lifetime later i can look back only on myself pussying out of the few chances i have had in life, but this will change now.


I was a creative type. Made a lot of youtube videos that could be considered "art" if you're into that type of stuff. Joined up a class in high school that fostered what I had learned to do.

It was really nice. I was doing something I enjoyed doing.
And here I am 3 years later stagnating and doing nothing with my life. I am not sure why I suddenly decided to lose all motivation to pursue what I was passionate about, but here I am. Hardly tragic, but maybe unfulfilled potential is a tragic thing to experience.

Now I just masturbate and watch anime all day.


Absentee drug addict father, alcoholic mother, and child molester brother. My mother acted surprised when I started having depression/PTSD/anxiety symptoms as an adolescent and refused to get me appropriate psychological care in order to protect her and her son so child protective services wouldn't get involved and he wouldn't have to fess up to sexually abusing a small child.


in a small village

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