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File: 1439208202925.jpg (140.93 KB, 645x989, 1438901233001.jpg)


Anyone else find their fetishes and sexual interests getting weirder and weirder the longer they spend isolated and NEET?

I've started shaving my legs and dressing as a girl, not really sure how it's got to this point



File: 1439222873137.gif (600.94 KB, 320x240, 1433202478459.gif)

Yeah, I would say my sexual interests has gotten a bit weirder but when those thoughts happen I know that weird is a word everyone has a different definition for.

>I've started shaving my legs and dressing as a girl

I don't find this weird at all, in fact I have been tempted to do that myself. I was always told I looked effeminate.

But something like a pee fetish, that's weird to me but wouldn't be to someone else. So just enjoy what you like and don't worry about being seen as weird.

>the longer they spend isolated and NEET

I think this is one reason why I started getting "weird" fetishes.
All that isolation.


File: 1439230769055.jpg (17.75 KB, 160x219, 1437635141493.jpg)

There is another factor that can explain these "fetishes", aside from isolation.
Anime and manga/doujin.

OP, everybody wants to be the little girl. No exceptions. It isn't a simple joke from /a/, this is a fact. I'm not gay, nor I have dysphoria, nor I feel like a woman; but I fucking want to be the little girl. In my opinion, this is the result of all those years watching anime girls and cataloging them as "perfect", and that's why we decide that "we want to become that perfection". May be wrong, but I'd kill myself to turn into a 2D grill, the only reason stopping my is logic, reality and one dimension.

Also, ever since I started to watch anime actively, I realized I've become more perverted, and I went from classical vanilla into lolicon, tentacles, ryona, NTR, vore, bestiality/semi-humans (no furry shit, things like spider women), slime, and a few other /d/ tastes.

So, uh, yeah, I'm pretty sure japan is at fault here. And it's great, fuck normal porn and 3dpd shit.
Vanilla's ok once in a while, though.


File: 1439248347035.jpg (110.12 KB, 700x999, 1432087160413.jpg)

Not really. My fetishes have always been horrendous; the internet just introduced me to its more specialized subdomains.

I went from vanilla scat into clothing defecation to hard femdom scat. Desensitization was part of it, but the coalescing of an existing penchant for femdom with shit really was an inevitability. Ironically, apart from the most extreme scatological content only the most subtle vanilla stuff can get me comparably aroused. An outline of a butt poking out of a skirt is way more potent then just a butt, for whatever reason.


I'm a furry and have been for some time. I don't really feel like I'm getting weirder, but I'm not a neet. I really like giant hunky guys.

*This thread makes me feel normal.*


File: 1439257460087.jpeg (72.35 KB, 788x600, thisisanokfox.jpeg)

Oops, too many asterisks.




>OP, everybody wants to be the little girl. No exceptions. It isn't a simple joke from /a/, this is a fact. I'm not gay, nor I have dysphoria, nor I feel like a woman; but I fucking want to be the little girl.
This, pretty much. Only, I don't really think it has to be a sexual thing. Girls have some nice clothes and stuff to wear, is all. I can't really be bothered to shave every couple of days, so I try to incorporate their wear into mine in a way that looks good.

My fetishes are vanilla as fuck despite me hardly ever leaving my room.


meant as "shave the entire body"


I am straight, a lot. One day I went nuts and started to jerk off at ladyboys


File: 1439493591111.jpg (49.38 KB, 640x480, mahjong_daisangen.jpg)

Yeah, anon you're quoting here. I also meant it more or less in the same way as you, since they have better clothes, accesories and stuff that look nice on them.
I don't want to be the little girl and get fucked. I'm pretty sure if this ever happened, I'd be lesbian.


Do you regularly ask strangers for pictures of themselves?


It has more to do with excessively masturbating rather than you being in isolation. The more you masturbate, the harder it is to be sexually gratified. That's why you end up spiraling down from vanilla to hardcore fetishes as time passes.


The most hardcore fetish I've gotten is a slime one, yet I consider myself to be a professional masturbator


File: 1440321718425.png (702.97 KB, 1280x720, 1423965778984.png)

I fapped and did to many drugs and now anything emotionally intense and certain contours turn me on. It's that simple, but it gets complicated when I need specific emotions and specific contours and I can't find anything that meets both requirements.

Except when I do sometimes… and that is what makes fapping still worth it.


When I tried being more social I wasn't as interested in a lot of weird fetish stuff and loli. But after I said fuck people and went back to being a social isolated loser those fetishs and love for loli came back with a vengiance.


When I was about 13 or 14 I would browse gurochan and post about mutilation fantasies on forums just to be edgy. Yes I know, that's the height of cancer, I would hate my 13 year old self if I met him now, but the funny thing is, one of my main fantasies now is just holding down the person I love and biting them til they bleed and licking it up.
I've been isolated and NEETish pretty much forever so it kinda fits.


Holy shit m8. Only difference between us is I don't want myself becoming a little grill.


You guys are making me feel normal, damn i thought dressing as a girl and fapping to it was full fucked up, but i'm glad i'm not the only one.

I've done in it when i was 12 tho, long before my NEETdom.


nah, crossdressing is actually somewhat normal,I do it a lot and it's as hot as it gets


I crossdress at home sometimes, and also at a convention once.


File: 1442020889932.jpg (328.85 KB, 1197x895, I'm 20.jpg)

>Only difference between us is I don't want myself becoming a little grill.
Don't you want to be a cute third grader using Gothic Lolita clothes and thinking like a 18+yo pervert? Bonus for the cute effect.


All of this is really normal. Sexual desires becoming weirder and weirder the longer we go without sex is the norm.

The idea that tons of filthy porn and masturbation might make you more comfortable with a sexless life and less likely to try and change things makes some sense to me, but I don't think it's a strong thing. The idea that indulging in all the kinky shit privately will somehow lessen the enjoyment of sex, however, is simply not true. There is a rather large line between watching porn and having sex. While watching kinky porn will make you less receptive to kinky porn, it isn't going to have a big impact on actual sex. There's also the fact that kinky is hot, but it's only one particular flavour of hot. People seem to have this idea that it's somehow so much hotter than other sex and you must be careful lest you spoil yourself. As much as your palette might grow accustomed to the kinky shit, you're not burning it out completely by focusing on one area.

So, for most, don't worry to much about the kinky stuff. It's just something that happens when you've been without sex for a while and it generally goes away very quickly when you start getting some again.


Whoops. I accidentally hit post before I was done.

Some people find that it doesn't go away for them and they really do have a fetish of one sort or another. Good for you, have fun exploring it.

There's one thing that has been very common in this thread, namely dressing up like a girl. This is so common I don't even consider it a fetish. Everyone has a feminine side, though many people hide it from even themselves. It's good that being isolated has given you somewhere safe to explore this. It's also very common to act younger. Your feminine side hasn't really had the same chance to grow up.

As someone before me said, this exploration of your feminine side does not have to be sexual in nature, there's a lot more to being a woman than sex, but your feminine side does have a feminine sex drive and for many that's a very interesting thing to explore.

In short, don't worry. Sex is a weird thing by its nature and nearly every person on the planet worries about their perversions. Many just repress it and never speak about it with anyone for fear of what they'll think. Be glad that isn't you and accept your sex, as weird, kinky or disgusting as it may be, for what it is, human.


>fetishes and sexual interests getting weirder
Definitively! I think availability and omnipresence of porn is a major factor here. Also the more often you stimulate yourself, the higher your psychological level of pleasant stimulation rises, while your ability to imagine seducing scenarios depraves, so you have to progress in one or another way or stay abstinent to let it fall to baseline again.

Being a NEET may contribute to repetitive self-stimulation in order to prevent boredom.

When I paused with such practice for a while I found myself aroused by quite innocent lures and were rather disgusted by the usual material.


File: 1442490670087.png (7.34 KB, 61x92, guuuuu.png)

Anyone else get a tremendous urge to jerk off once you're reminded of the crushing weight of your untended-to responsibilities?


Everytime I have a test.
Although I wouldn't call it a fetish, since I just masturbate to vent off all the frustration that I get from studying.


I don't know about you but tests and homework get me rock solid.







Yes, lots of the time when I'm doing my homework I just start stroking my penis all of a sudden. And even during a test sometimes it also happens becuase I get so HARD and can't control myself


Lol i hope this is a joke.

Sounds alot like a boredom habit or stress reliver.


Of course I'm joking ..or am I?


Now that I think about it more, if I were not joking then I probably wouldn't have failed out of school.


For some reason all I can watch now are lewd no-nude idol videos. Regular porn has started grossing me out a lot lately. Maybe it just has something to do with stuff affecting my sex drive though. Idk.


Come speak to me when you've become a complete degenerate


What would you define as a "complete degenerate" though?


Box of tissues, bag of Cheetos
Open Google (incognito)
Lift the laptop off my flab
Open yet another tab
Prepare for a one-handed mission
Get into a good position
Fill the bar with different clips
'Horny milf with puffy nips',
'Naughty schoolgirl needs a spanking'
Classic stuff to keep me wanking
And yet I'm extra frisky
Dare I be a little risky?
Click the label tagged "extreme"
Midgets getting double-teamed!
Soon I feel myself succumb
Push a digit up my bum
Horror turns to strange arousal
Guilty tension in my trousers
As I take another peep
Shemales fisting elbow-deep!
No longer shocked I fap unhindered
Watching old men getting fingered
At last I cannot hold it in;
Wipe what's wayward off my chin
Close the laptop, go to sleep
Hope the scars don't run too deep.


File: 1443203242922.gif (1.25 MB, 711x400, 8kIOR2H.gif)


File: 1443303965977.jpg (482.66 KB, 1440x2000, 1442393183286.jpg)

I completely lost a sexual desire a long time ago. I haven't been horny in over a year.


File: 1443310615173.png (970.45 KB, 850x1115, 1393838340767.png)

I don't want to feel sad over something that won't happen, damn it.


after puberty ended, i just don't feel arousal any more unless drunk or in physical contact with somebody. the only things hiding inside watching anime and chan posting has done is (paradoxically?) make me grow thick skin and tear down all my social boundaries. usually too terrified to go out, but, when i do, i approach everybody with complete honesty

being the little girl sucks; 19-ish is best age


How being an old hag is good?


peak of "appearances" and physical potential. 23 now and i already feel like an old lady


File: 1443336189512.png (117.4 KB, 304x397, maja_alber.png)

>peak of "appearances" and physical potential.
Bullshit, <14 is the best age for that. There really is nothing better in older crap.


Children, with some exceptions, are annoying, softheaded leeches though. Even if you concede they look better (which you're a little odd if you do), you really must hate yourself if you want to be around it and inside it that much.


File: 1443359702747.png (478.94 KB, 600x600, 1393433829491.png)

What about hips, ass and breasts? Honestly, you can't expect everyone to be a pedophile.



Damn. that's some weird, but epic bars bro.


File: 1443377990489.jpg (52.15 KB, 540x304, 1431881147120.jpg)

>Children, with some exceptions, are annoying, softheaded leeches though. Even if you concede they look better (which you're a little odd if you do), you really must hate yourself if you want to be around it and inside it that much.
Cool. Who even implied that shit in this thread, though?
>Even if you concede they look better (which you're a little odd if you do)
>(which you're a little odd if you do)
>In a weird fetish thread

>What about hips, ass and breasts?
Since when that's actually what defines cuteness?

>Honestly, you can't expect everyone to be a pedophile.

I never said that. Plus, why would I even want to drag the attention of other people? That's disgusting.

You fags should read the thread. You are literally making shit up here.


File: 1443381998060.gif (376.63 KB, 500x281, pantsu.gif)


it's been over 2 days since someone last posted here
what happended?


Anons realized their idiocy for not reading the thread properly and were too ashamed to reply.


Ferenc, is it you?


File: 1454096952867.jpg (432.11 KB, 740x760, 1406053079503.jpg)

I'm pretty degenerate but not that bad, outside of fetishes my interests are pretty normal (I'm bi, I like cooking, reading, generic weeb stuff, vidya and yume nikki ofc)

remi.anon on skype, I need weeb friends

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