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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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What is your tragic backstory, /n/?


I was born.


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I'm an indie game dev like many around here, my ex boyfriend made a YN fan game, he was very possesive and abusive, he always felt superior because of my mental illiness, he even got me expelled of some cool groups, and every time I look around I see successful people, with healtly romances and some of the crappiest anime desushit themed horror games made in powerpoint getting all the praise.
I'm just telling you that long distance relationships are bullshit.


And now i'm here.
Reading your sad post.
Tragic indeed.
We went to the same theater.
Watched the same movie.
Only with different actors.
Grab the popcorn.
Let's watch sci-fi next?


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i thought OP asked for tragic stories, not teeny ranting


It's uboachan, OP asked for teeny ranting


After I didn't have any friends anymore I looked to getting back in with some friends from a very long time ago who might not hate me like everyone else. I finally hit it off with somebody who I messaged, just as I had given up hope they realized there was a message from me in a different folder than her inbox. We both were hating the place we lived in, and long story short we we moved out, combining our resources with a few people she met online who I had also been enjoying the company of. I was a desperate, depressed idiot at the time so when the gang got into drugs I was like "lol ok".

Over the course of the year we started dating, but she was also dating most of the other roommates. Even though she roped us all into this she was experiencing jealousy issues and paranoia that kept anyone in the house from interacting properly. But we already knew how unstable she'd become, so breaking up with her she'd probly just kill herself like she threatened all the last times something went wrong. We wanted to help her get over this issue or decide how this relationship triangle should be worked out.

One night she had gotten her hands on some benzos I didn't know about, she had binged on them all night apparently. We had an argument the following morning, she wasn't giving me any time to respond or think, she was desperate and I wanted to give her an answer so badly. I snapped at her and told her to come talk to me when she can discuss this calmly. Maybe if this hadn't happened the moment I woke up I would have remembered she had access to a gun.

I would never hear until she was gone all the dozens of ways she would turn us against each other to get us to leave, one by one until only I was left. She had made her choice that she only wanted be with me a long time ago. If I were to try to follow the timeline far back enough, based on what she's told me, she wanted to do anything she could to get closer to me from the moment she met me. I should have realized what that was going to mean. But would I have acted differently? I loved her so I believed every lie she told me to make it okay. I still love her and I wish it could have worked out because she taught me so many beautiful ways to look at life. She had so much positivity when she wasn't in her darkest of moods.

We thought we were healing each others wounds but we were actually living in a land made up of lies we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about how fucked up we are and the life we're living.


I know how people can be defensive about their games i can even relate to that but damn thats pretty fuckedup.

Its a shitty how crap games always get the attention, but thats not why we make games, we do it for ourselfs, people who cant appreciate good work are the ones you dont want anyway.

As for me i was always passive and now half a lifetime later i can look back only on myself pussying out of the few chances i have had in life, but this will change now.


I was a creative type. Made a lot of youtube videos that could be considered "art" if you're into that type of stuff. Joined up a class in high school that fostered what I had learned to do.

It was really nice. I was doing something I enjoyed doing.
And here I am 3 years later stagnating and doing nothing with my life. I am not sure why I suddenly decided to lose all motivation to pursue what I was passionate about, but here I am. Hardly tragic, but maybe unfulfilled potential is a tragic thing to experience.

Now I just masturbate and watch anime all day.


Absentee drug addict father, alcoholic mother, and child molester brother. My mother acted surprised when I started having depression/PTSD/anxiety symptoms as an adolescent and refused to get me appropriate psychological care in order to protect her and her son so child protective services wouldn't get involved and he wouldn't have to fess up to sexually abusing a small child.


in a small village

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