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I do not mean on this site but in general where are all the losers hanging out online now because all the imageboards are very slow and any of the bigger platforms are suffocating by censoring controversial opinions driving discussion of those topics away yet where is everyone?

ver the past 5 years it is like nearly every hikikomori realized that online communities for losers were not worth the drama or they killed themselves.
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How do people even moderate NEET communities? It just sounds so pointless.
People seem to like to think that they are better than others. I wonder what makes a person so deluded that they can think they are superior to others in any way just because they don't work or study.
People who label anyone who is not a NEET a normie wageslave who isn't welcome, and every NEET who walks in the wrong eggshell is a fake NEET.


honestly the only time we ever had any issue was from real NEETs or racist.

If we didnt talk about what the neet wanted they would start throwing hissy fits and talking about no one here is a real neet. Most of them would be banned just cuz they didnt have the social knowhow or able to control their autims to stay.

naming it isnt important since its long since died and devloved into some weird alt right circle jerk and coomer compound


sounds vaguely familiar

but i could be completely wrong

your english is a bit off


where do you hang out now, altchans? autists being too autistic to stick together just seems depressing to watch over, suddenly all the random community nuking makes sense


havent found a serber that works well enough / doesnt annoy me. I'd love to find a community while i look for work but i know thats a lost cause.


The internet has either gone stale of I have matured and as a perma NEET 'recovering' hikikomori I doubt that it is the former. The longer term veteran NEET gradually realize the novelty of seeing the same topics discussed ad infinitum is boring and at most may keep contact with a few individuals and then fuck off from online in any social sense altogether. I recently tried giving group socializing a go again out of boredom mind you and quickly was reminded of how futile it is to even bother trying to discuss any topics in an in depth way because of group think prevelant within any group. It is much better to simply read, think, argue with oneself and so on instead of engage in discussion with anyone in a group setting let alone some "NEET" discord.

People don't understand the following: Being a "mnormalfag" goes beyond living a normal life.. nearly everyone is mentally a normalfag except you end up with these normalfags living as losers emulating the exact group behavior that actual reddit normalfags are subject to.

The ABSOLUTE STATE.. I kid you not that if you are desiring a social contact online to steer clear from NEET discords and r9k or "loser" image boards and literally going onto reddit and trawling through that type of garbage to find someone who is like minded and a NEET fuck up not affiliated with chans.. or even /soc/ for christs sake because this is how SHIT the NEET communities are now and always were.

Your community was shit because you never knew how to gate keep or had the social skills needed to herd the "sheep" (of no fault of your own) jesus christ.
>How do people even moderate NEET communities? It just sounds so pointless.
By not being actively part of said community and working for free all day and night harder than a janitor on /r/twoxchromosone who has to ban any actual woman on sight. The entire point is that it is pointless unless you thrive on external useless validation by going on an ego trip.


I usually lurk.
Was going to post, but am surprised to find there's no pop-out reply box.
Tried disabling my blockers, didn't work.
I seriously hope you all don't reply to a thread by typing a reply at the top.
There's no will in me to reply now. Or even come back to this site.
But nevertheless I enjoyed your post >>7046-san


I feel like a lot of NEET communities have more or less been taken over by incels and negativity. I remember just a few years ago being able to find lively discussions on neetdom that were mostly positive and had a positive outlook (or saw a silver lining) on their situation.

It's tiring not being able to have any kind of discussion on neetdom or with other NEETs without it being tied back to inceldom or "I'M ROTTING I DO NOTHING ALL DAY I'M GOING TO SPAM THIS MULTIPLE TIMES A DAYYY AHJJAAARGHH". I miss the good old days in a sense. At least this board is pretty good about it.


the incels are definitely annoying and need to go away, but can you really blame NEETs for feeling like absolute failures and being negative? Humans are still social creatures no matter who you are, and so being a recluse with probably little to no accomplishments in life isn't something anyone's particularly happy about. It would be nice for some more positivity, but I'm not sure a board specifically for NEETs is the place to look for that, personally I like these places because it's basically the only time I feel any sort of belonging to a group, since any normalfag is unable to relate in any meaningful way to people like us, and they already have the rest of the internet to show off how happy and successful they are.


/rec/ kinda fits that niche but not entirely. Because an anon can be a neet that doesn't want to reintegrate or try to become anything but a neet but also not be a completely miserable person. I get what you're saying anon, I took to trying to help playtest a game for the /usagi/ game jam recently to try to lift my spirits.


Is this something that could potentially be improved upon with another board split?


Same, I also disagree with that post;
in fact I think some of the best discussion happens here
maybe at least to be part of a 'consciousness congress' and feel a bit of the 'current spirit'
the problem is though that loneliness and responsibility can kick in


Make your own board if you're so happy and high agency.


Sorry if there was any confusion. I am saying that /hikki/ is more or less the only community out there for NEETs that doesn't suffer from those issues I mentioned.


I think that might be because on every wave we got here of incels and whiners they weren't feed confirmation and told they don't fit here, and ubus complained about them every time. So they eventually f off to some other place


I wish the average NEET wasn't a raging incel, but I suppose it's a very easy trap to fall into. Blaming Stacy for not drooling over your knob is easier than realizing that society is a spook, and there actually is no single person or group to blame for your miserable NEET life, that's just how you ended up through a series of unfortunate circumstances.


>I wish the average NEET wasn't a raging incel
I'm sure this is only true online. And it's entirely the fault of online culture. Most people don't know how to form their own thoughts and identity, so they find a culture with people like them, and become as like those people as possible. I don't really believe that NEET's are predisposed to becoming incels, it's just that they go on 4chan and see everyone else acting like incels, and then because they're just an input for their environment as opposed to an actual individual, they become the same as them.


For another example, the amount of the same exact "trans catgirl programmer with knee high socks that uses politics as little more than a trendy aesthetic" I've encountered online is notable, it seems like every other person that exists in certain circles falls neatly into all these tropes, and don't seem to be aware of it. It's like being uncomfortable with mainstream culture because of its rigid roles and stock assortment of acceptable identities you're allowed to conform with, only to escape it by forming an even more rigid and conformist subculture where it becomes especially easy to spot any signs of heinous original thought. I guess this is because people naturally form disparate identities in order to perform social roles, that they mostly aren't aware of while carrying out their utility, all in a vain attempt to avoid being cast out of their tribes and risk dying in the wilderness. Evolution sucks, and society is a fuck, basically.


it's sad because i go to niche communities to escape that kinda thing only to find that's it's actually often even worse lol

This is a really random thought, but it might be interesting if somebody were to make a list of all the different social archetypes. It could be like a reference sheet and whenever you venture into a community you can refer to the list for any type of person like it's a pokedex and it would have info about the archetype and how to approach them


reading this made me really sad
you perfectly described how i've been feeling for years

the internet isn't what it used to be, my home is gone


I don't know anon, I've never truly been online, as far as I can remember my internet and computer experience has always been very lonely : I never got any friends in MMOs, I've never contributed to any kind of project, I've never joined any sort of community or anything, I've just never been anywhere

as for others, I blame discord, twitter, reddit and similar huge platforms that captured all the attention and traffic


i think the true losers generally don't even post online.


No idea. Probably small private IRC/Discord channels.

A lot of imageboards I've seen are overly hostile to new people and people with opinions/thoughts that deviate from the accepted norms there. Aren't proficient in Linux? Only play mainstream games? Do you like "SJW" western cartoons? Only watched a few dozen anime series? Prepare for people to berate you and act like you're some bad guy because you have different interests than them. This kind of thought process permeates tons of communities and its extremely cancerous because the people perpetuating it think there's some kind of "process" or "qualifications" to belong to a particular community when the simple act of using a community makes it yours and you a part of it regardless of how you act or think. An anon might be a /pol/ user, some old man visiting /diy/ once a month, a frequent Reddit user, a spammer, or just a 15 year old boy learning about the world. Such people always believe the community is theirs and that they're without a doubt an integral part of it.
Honestly I can't say there's ever been a single place I've felt deeply attached to. I feel at peace when I'm alone and don't have any kind of attachment to a group of people. The entire world is here for me and I am alone, and I can do whatever I want. I feel like a vagabond on the internet, going from place to place.


I would speculate that there are more NEETs and hikikomoris now than there were in the past, but the earlier generation of them has been largely forced to work. I would assume that many of them have their own hobbies and post on places relating to those, just that they don't broadcast their status in life. While many people online say they intend on committing suicide, I bet that relatively few actually went through with it.

I see the hikikomori question as entirely different from the fate of imageboards.

While hikikomoris have increased, imageboards have died off. The negative imageboard trend has to do with technological advances and consolidation of the internet. Imageboards are gradually becoming obsolete as a medium, especially fringe ones. When you picture a hikikomori, you probably imagine them to be like yourself, but there must be many who use mainstream sites and have a mainstream mentality despite their lifestyle.

The decline is in imageboards. In truth, there are probably more NEETs than ever before, just that they're not like you or me.


File: 1662273929461.jpg (292.48 KB, 850x708, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….jpg)

internet has been normiefied, gaming has been normiefied, anime has been normiefied… Hell even touhou has a huge normie count nowadays.
But there is no way hikkers can be normies… right? Maybe NEETs can be normies specially the younger ones but certainly not hikkers.


File: 1662509912353.jpg (188.89 KB, 880x1576, 3796377_haha-sickos-ha-ha-….jpg)

anything can be normalized, anon. It would sure take a lot to normalize the hikki life, and right now it's definitely not normal.

But would you believe me if I said it's more normal than it used to be? Lots of people spend all day at their computers now.

I know a (relatively) normal guy who lives in a decaying american city and he's mostly too scared to be out on the streets. His gf almost got raped by a homeless guy while she was biking (the guy leaped forward and pushed her off, she got away), and since then he's spooked. His job is remote from his computer, so the only thing he has to leave for is groceries, but more often than not, he puts off groceries for over a month by just ordering ubereats all the time.

He's got a gf, a high paying skilled job, and a long history of parties… and he hasn't met up with a human being outside his apartment in over two years. That ain't real hikki, for many reasons, but it's weirdly much closer than any normal person could have been a few years ago.

Similarly with neets. Neetdom, especially watered-down neetdom is a lot more common than it used to be. True, YDiYW neets are still rare, but it's very common for young people to be underemployed in part-times and living at home, unsure where to go.

That despair that's core to people like us is a little easier to find out there in the world then it used to be….


Can't imagine how common the lifestyle would become if UBI becomes a thing


File: 1662655139212.jpg (52.39 KB, 399x344, dexifbQWYalv8oDrx.jpg)

I'm not an imageboard dweller, found this board accidentally by browsing images on DuckDuckGo. Been a "NEET" for over 2 years. Living online and indulging in escapist behaviour since I was a child. I wasn't around for early internet days but I've seen glimpses. Perhaps this exposition will make it hard for you to relate to anything I'll write but I just want to give some background so that you can understand where I'm coming from.

I've always found it incredibly hard to fit in, every website seems like it has its own cultures and ways of acceptable behaviour. I tried really hard to get into imageboards be it 4chan, 8chan, endchan, .onion chans, even a chan made for the country I'm from, but I was always put off by the culture surrounding these boards, although I really enjoy the anonymity factor, it lets hateful people to take over the website and spread their hateful words and ideologies. And then, if you don't act a certain way or use certain lingo they tell you that you don't belong there. And I don't like that. I don't want to be like them, it seems unhealthy. I want to be myself. I don't want to feel hate nor prejudice. Now the only reason I'll ever visit an imageboard site is to look for interesting images. I've tried going to places like Reddit, Twitter or Facebook too, but it is impossible to relate to anyone on there, they seem too normal, too different, whereas people on imageboards seem familiar, but too abnormal. And this is how it's been all of my life be it online, be it real life - I was always too normal for outcasts, too abnormal for normal people. Stuck in an eternal limbo. I don't know if this is some self-fulfilling prophecy but it seems that there isn't and will never be a single place online that'll feel like home. It's the same when joining Discord servers too, or Skype chats when I was younger.

I'm not sure why I'm typing out my frustrations on an obscure imageboard that I'll never visit again. Maybe that's why. But there's my answer, for me there isn't a single community to belong to. I'd be better off finding genuine friends instead. I hope to at least find a friend someday.



Some went off the deep end with a crypto addiction after its rise to prominence in the last 5 years or so. It's a very fitting place for a hikkiNEET to perch, obviously because it's online, and especially because they feel the walls closing in on their lifestyle financially, especially the older folks. This hobby (job?) requires extensive use of popular social media and hanging out in loud bustling chatrooms even though a hikkiNEET would normally never dream of such things, but it somehow happened anyway. Just a guess, for no reason in particular.

I also remember thinking about this phenomenon years ago observing the trajectory of social media, that the internet would just feel like real life, so the hikkiNEET would have to do the opposite to quell their newfound discomort – disconnect. Hard to say what that truly means. It's hard to say in general, where we are as the generation of shut-ins that didn't have smartphones growing up. Maybe we really fucked up badly still being here or maybe it doesn't matter much.


Part of the reason may be that being a neet and online 24/7 is not as stigmatized as it used to be, especially after the lockdowns. In the past, shut-ins may have felt out of place in other communities, and bonded over rejection


File: 1666486392662.png (385.42 KB, 386x565, Change of heart.png)

Where do you even begin to find communities like that?


I really enjoyed reading this thread, thank you anons


Funny how people on here look down on tohno like that. I'm not seeing it at all. On sites that actually revolve around incels, like incels.is, I see a reverence for mass killers and an obsession over women and looks. On tohno-chan, it's practically the exact opposite. It's obvious that many of them have an ambiguous view of society complete with milquetoast criticisms and have not fully disconnected themselves from it but are invested into it, maybe as tech enthusiasts. I would call them normalfags/cyborgs. I've never understood how people could remain ambiguous about modern society because modern society is like an on/off light switch but arguably with a third option: Either you affirm the entirety of its technological and economic basis and all the disasters and tragedies that inevitably go along with it, you affirm the destruction of such a society and all the tragedies that will go along with that path, or you affirm indifference and pursue your self-interest. In other words, one can criticize society, but you have to take a stance. If the tohno people are not phonies, they will directly accept what follows from an ultimately pro-societal stance - which is to say, engineered pandemics, 'free' life lived by the clock, the genetic engineering of children to be efficient like machines, AI dangers, and the mechanization of humans. Likewise, on here you see a kind of normalfag morality proliferating, just that there is less milquetoast posturing. Now compare that to incels.is. The people there are like the tohno ones, just more extreme in their posturing and frustrated at their sexless life - making them incels. They praise mass killers but want a girlfriend and want to be a normalfag, no matter how much they deny it. They want to have friends; some even want to go to parties. For the most part, they are failed normalfags.
Now, there are two other places I browse that are disconnected from these mentalities. On these, the views people have on mass killings are generally either indifference or some praise. Since they do not express milquetoast societal criticisms or failed normalfag frustration, one might conclude that the people on these two places have more thoroughly rejected society than tohnochan users and incels.
The posts on tohno-chan and incels.is border on virtue signalling, just a darker and more critical form of it. On tohno-chan, this is, "Society is bad in all these milquetoast, soft criticisms of it, but…" posts. On incels.is, this is, "Elliot Rodger is a hero!" posts.

The reaction of a board to mass killings shows, excluding extraneous factors (like with the incels), how connected people on that forum are to society and to present-day morality. In other words, people with pro-societal opinions tend to express shock and anger whenever a mass killing by an individual occurs - and if they are really brainwashed, might even try to justify the latest government war at the same time. People with indifference towards society feel that same indifference towards mass killings, certainly by individuals and perhaps also by the state (unless it disturbs their livelihood). People with anti-societal feelings might praise mass killings because they see the killers as 'getting back' at the people they attribute collective guilt to for their life situation or for society's problems (or both).



Oops, I forgot to type anything. I have never browsed either of those websites you mentioned, but now I'm curious. I'm bored, so I guess I'll check them out and try to wrap my head around your analysis. I'm largely apathetic about society. I don't know if that's better or worse than being invested. I feel like I'm not a part of this story, but I like finding out about things, so thanks for this detailed post


I was hoping the story would stay simple and cute.


What happened to tohno? I can't access it.


It's still up but it supports http only.


It worked when I turned my VPN off. Seems like they blocked VPNs from accessing the site. Didn't know that was possible.


A lot of them are doing that now. I've been blocked by at least over 30 different IBs that I have checked on just here recently.


It's not possible to block all vpns. The issue is if the ips the vpn provides are shared or there's some other way to identify they come from a vpn than websites can figure it out and block them. I'm not a networking it person, so I can't really explain it technically. But I'm pretty sure if an IP is truly unique and unshared than there's no way for a website to tell it's a vpn.
That is so incredibly stupid that ibs are blocking https.


I meant VPNs but I did notice some having issues with https being http only.


I don't think sharing is the issue, ISPs regularly share IP addresses between home customers through CGNAT and whatnot. One thing that comes to mind would be to check if the owner of the address is a known VPN company, or datacenter, or whatever. But I'm as clueless as you are.

>issues with https being http only.
Pretty sure that's just Tohno not knowing how to set things up. I'm glad he still keeps the place running despite all, at least.


big chilling


>not worth the drama or killed themselves
That's what happened to the communities I found on here 7-8 years ago. Suicide and the drama that occurs when terminally online people are around each other for too long
I miss my friends man, life was shit then but at least I wasn't alone


Same. Met some friends on some other imageboard but they are gone too now. Hopefully they can rest now. I still miss them though.


i stopped trying to find people in the NEET/hiki sphere cause as mentioned way too much drama.
found a couple on forums and imageboards unrelated to NEET/hiki corners and that's where i stay however i still lurk.


They were permabanned by retards like OP.


Discord to imageboards is like crack to black communities


You know why

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