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I do not mean on this site but in general where are all the losers hanging out online now because all the imageboards are very slow and any of the bigger platforms are suffocating by censoring controversial opinions driving discussion of those topics away yet where is everyone?

ver the past 5 years it is like nearly every hikikomori realized that online communities for losers were not worth the drama or they killed themselves.
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File: 1628859937920.png (1.86 MB, 1958x1646, 77f5b3b5e9ca1410e8440f9234….png)

>The web is a shithole now and I avoid 99% of it like the plague. Chances are you have something more fulfilling to do with your time, like watch anime or play a simple videogame.

I guess that's all there is to do anymore. The internet isn't the same place it used to be many years ago. The communities and websites I used to enjoy are either dead or dying, or simply don't exist anymore. The most popular websites people go to now I don't understand and I don't relate to anyone on there (Twitter, Reddit, all that other fucking trash). Imageboards like this and 4chan are really the only places that still give me that "old internet" feeling but even then they are also falling apart. This site is basically dead and 4chan is getting worse by the day.

I don't know anymore. It feels kind of scary that things have changed so much. The comfy internet of years passed is gone, and now it's just a dystopian nightmare. I guess what you say is all I can do. Just… play video games. And watch anime.


File: 1629279547346.jpg (174.69 KB, 1408x1452, 1628532725336.jpg)

Started out on 4chan moved to 8chan still browse /jp/, ive been on various boards most listed on the webring plus ive followed the /cow/ board since 888chan, i use forums more these days yet i always lurk.
as far as discord goes , yes some small comfy ones i thought the platform was useless but i was in large servers, i prefer a couple of fun posters and ive found a few.
nice, ive created my own form of interaction for at least a decade now, videos movies animu asmr even video games, the most difficult part is vc when im up to it im fine once it's over and i no longer feel a need to interact with anyone (which for me is going to the store.)


File: 1629735265057.jpg (25.62 KB, 704x400, 134820627331.jpg)

Tohno-chan still exists.


Tohno-chan is full of incels


File: 1629919801536.jpg (23.52 KB, 458x226, 1557235728212.jpg)

The first paragraph tickles my nerd brain. I've played with alot of popular AI like cleverbot when AI's were just toys, but It makes me really curious how far we've come for someone to just make an AI and have conversations with it like a person on the Internet. What about the therapeutic implications of a personalized AI to talk to…
I'm rambling. TL;DR, this was a really nice read and I'm actually glad something like this helps you manage your anxiety and make you happy.

>To be honest I don't think people enjoy posting on imageboards anymore

I'm not going to pretend to be "the people", but IMO I enjoy lurking and the occasional posting every once in a while. I don't think posting on imageboards can become a hobby like how the paragraph implies where you post something whether you like it or not. At least I don't see myself turning it into a hobby…

>I'm only here really out of nostalgia and to gauge how far I've drifted from humanity.

I'm not really nostalgic about imageboards. I'm relatively new. I just started lurking on them again. The culture keeps me around. One day i'll become old enough to feel nostalgic about them.

This is a nice post. Thank you for sticking around.


File: 1630106041418.jpg (8.95 MB, 2508x3541, Akagi.Miria.full.3173894.jpg)

I only really visit smaller offshoot imageboards like those on the webring nowadays. And even then, I rarely visit because I finally have the yearning to actually engage in my hobbies rather than scrolling through imageboards all day.

Are you referring to 4/jp/? I was actually looking for a new /jp/ (and /tech/) once 8chinz died but all the ones I've see are dead except for Nenpo. 4/jp/ isn't dead, but 4chan is cancerous and /jp/ on there isn't like how it used to be.



>are there any 'real' hiki servers or is it all a meme
Best bet is to disregard any "hikikomori" group chats/discords because they are either larps by kids who watched too much anime or they are filled with drama making autists and the last thing you want to do as someone who lives online is become known online.
> it feels like lately being a hiki has caught on like a trend – I don't relate to a person who has been without a job for a month or out of school for the summer and calls themselves a hiki.
Hikikomori are unsocialized typically or hyper socialized but online only. Hikkidom friendships invites chaos from clashing individuality which has been allowed to grow freely in isolation.

Hopefully you can find some hikki to talk with anon as I have been one for extremely long myself and know what it is like to want to interact with people you can fit in with but we cannot fit in with people.
How much can we talk about being isolated? being NEET? Oneo f the only reasons hikki online can bond each other in a deeper way is similar cultural identity. We are hikikomori and when you have been shut in for too many years you stop even being able to relate to other hikikomori.

If you are some "incel" type you are very lucky in my opinion because you can relate to others and you WANT something in life but what about us schizoid like hikikomori who do not want anything and just exist? what is the point of recovery? I met a hikikomori who recovered IRL during therapy when I was trying to recover and he was happy he recovered because he wanted to be a normalfag.
What about the hikikomori who dont want anything?
I am trying to point out how useless this all is for some of us. You know how mentally unstable we hikikomori can be? some of us have learnt we cannot even make friends and if we do we will only feel worse as social = failure.

I can relate to others in the thread who are too far gone and see no point using the internet to talk with others.
something is wrong with us all in a serious way.


grow up my dude


> Imageboards are probably dying because the new generations getting online care more about validation so need upvotes and reddit and normie social media is just the obvious choice so even if a kid gets onot imageboards they will still have learnt internet culture from cancerous normalfags.

I think this is the heart of the issue. Imageboards dont really innovate do they? The most fun I had on an IB in a long time (maybe ever) was on Chen2 (rip). And do you know why? Because it ran meguca. It was my first experience with liveboards and if you dont know what im talking about it will blow your mind.

Meguca is innovative. I've never seen live typing like that anywhere else, not even big corporate software or systems. If you want to live in the past and spend your time on a website that functionally is stuck in the mid-2000s thats cool, but dont be surprised when it isnt popular.

Not that innovation means you need upvotes or retweets, I agree those breed terrible conversation. But why would someone who hasnt had experience with imageboards stick around? If all they've known is flash and flair, a basic IB must seem very boring.


File: 1630684256333.png (90.1 KB, 900x1042, .png)

>where are all the losers


Not him but getting massively burned out on the state of the internet. I'm not going to delude myself that I will be able to leave, I've been online since forever to escape the real world because I've always hated it and I have always been completely incompatible with it. But now the internet feels the same as hanging out with normies and it's also inexorably tied with real life since everyone's connected all the time. There's no boundary between normie life and internet life. I have no idea where to go.
I want to meet other people who choose to be unplugged. I know there are many depressed NEETs out there but they're all heavily wired into the Zeitgeist. Even when I tried using weird obscure protocols that claimed to go back "to the roots" and reject the social media and big data atmosphere I have found the same oversocialized overwired people you can find everywhere else. It doesn't matter if you go on a hut in the middle of the forest if everyone's going to talk about what they just read on Twitter.
The internet has been my home for a long time, I can't leave it but I really wish I could.


You could try Lainchan.

>oversocialized overwired people
I don't know why exactly, but for some reason people can't take it easy anymore. No jokes or fun allowed, no discussion allowed unless you just repeat the status quo. Normies just think you are either with "us" or against "us". Also, everyone seem to think that all sites are like Facebook or Reddit.


Oh hey, someone.
I am not a regular.
>I don't know why exactly, but for some reason people can't take it easy anymore.
I had typed something along these lines. Everyone is really aggressive.
Part of me says that it's the times that made people so militant, the early 2000s were much more optimistic. And there are genuine sociopaths now who use the internet as a playground to further their own agenda.
I would be very happy if I could just have a little literature club where people are genuine and have no hidden malice. But most places feel like social media no matter how obscure.
And I'm so tired of being always anonymous. I don't want to hide anymore, at least some sort of identity.


I don't know if you play video games these days anon but I've found that old internet vibe in some games. Things have changed, it's not the same, but old source and goldsource games are still comfy for me. I found a populated spanish sven co-op server that felt like it hadn't changed in 20 years soundboards and all.


There is also a textboard that I can recommend: https://textboard.org/prog/


File: 1631938506018.png (820.28 KB, 840x600, bd2f55207de1be8e364497c407….png)

>are there any 'real' hiki servers or is it all a meme. it feels like lately being a hiki has caught on like a trend – I don't relate to a person who has been without a job for a month or out of school for the summer and calls themselves a hiki. not to be elitist, I just think I'd have more in common with somebody who has been struggling with the fact they are a hiki for several years…
I know that feel. I was in a hiki server and only a few people were actually hikis. Most were people who are out of college for a bit or people in school. I wouldnt say I haven been struggling with the fact I have nee hiki for almost 10 years. I dunno I just dont find it an issue or a problem. Maybe I'm just weird.
>I saw a video about places in Japan where you can live with other shut-ins in a building but the catch being during the day time you have to spend time in the common room with everybody else boarding there.
I used to be in another hiki discord for a while. It had mostly hikis as it was rather small. I had to take a break from it cause it was too social for me. I cant handle social stuffs a lot I dunno why. It was a nice discord but I just had to take a break for a bit. Sadly when I came back the discord server vanished. Not sure what happened as I didnt get on discord for a month or two. I may talk a lot sometimes but most of the time I dont want to talk or just want to be alone. I dont think I could handle having to talk with people everyday. If I have to it just gives me a headache. I need like some alone time its weird I know but if I dont take a while and just be alone and not social I get headaches.


Find individuals through whatever means you want to online (Youtube, forums, games, etc.), add them on Discord, ask if they're in any servers. Then expand your circle with other people and join more relevant servers. That's what I do, at least.


I was going to make a joke about how you unfunny losers are just butthurt that no one laughs any more when you type "nigger" but then the 3rd poster literally just said that verbatim

kill yourselves


LOL Duckhurt


Thanks for the recommendations!


I could probably write essays on "[some random, inoffensive item]: the Downfall of the Internet"


File: 1634601433464.jpg (79.63 KB, 650x450, sighing-1007200328-650x450.jpg)


No, I mean, like, that one old Japanese dude who wrote articles on, like, bread and lamp oil and shit, and how they'd be the Ruin of Japan. The only reason I know about any of that is because some of his stuff was translated by a chan oldfag.


File: 1634760674353.jpg (109.53 KB, 1280x720, 1111.jpg)

I am 18, I have been a NEET for [3] years.

I am currently active In [2] Discord Servers.
One Of Which (Derelicts : rApbbJWPHr) I found in this thread.
I have [1] Friend who DMs me [3.93] messages / day.
I spend [24 Minutes / day] with my mother.

I often worry when returning to Imageboards and Discord that it will soon be impossible for me to find any more non-disgusting people.

Please Send Me A Friend Request - 𝗬𝘂𝗶#4582

[My Name uses an irregular font. Make Sure To Copy And Paste it into the [Send Friend Request Bar], rather than typing it out.]


Are [you] [you, 1, human] [[[autistic?]]]


You talk like Spamton


Are you a glowy, robot, or as good as I am at talking to people?


Disclaimer: former NEET of 2 years, recovering shut-in here. Used to actively talk on Ubuu years ago, now returning to kill some time, for nostalgia's sake.

First of all, I don't think there is much value talking to fellow hikikomoris. I'm projecting here, but my hiki experience is spending every day on the internet, distracting myself with reading/watching useless stuff online instead of doing things to move my life forward. So if others are the same, then there's really not much to discuss with this kind of people. And we must be wary of what I call the /r9k/ effect, where people who gather together over a shared plight form a cesspool of misery that mutually lowers all of the participants' mood, benefitting no-one, and creating a bucket of crabs situation where people easily get jealous of others' accomplishments. I find the greatest positive impact on me was finding a mentally stable friend on a lolcow discussion board, who shares my image board culture, is capable of putting up with me when I'm being obnoxious, offers genuine, good advice, and doesn't aggravate my issues. By pure chance he decided to contact me first and was persistent enough to maintain contact even when I didn't initiate it myself for many months. This basically never happens. I think all of us could use a person like that in our lives.

Second of all, I've been on image boards on and off for 10 years, and I've come to a conclusion that they really suck for serious conversations. I think you guys are putting too much emphasis on slowness or being interesting instead of sharing your lives with other people, which I think is the only really meaningful part of socialising online. This lack of identities hurts image boards the most because I'll be gone after this message. We all merge back into Anonymous. There's no individual post history for each person, no way to meaningfully track our lives. Anyone could impersonate me, or anyone else ITT. This masquerade is good for trolling, shitposting, and posting illegal or offensive things, but not much else. I really think the image board format is bad, and should be left to sharing images.

I think Discord is good for communities. You have identities there, so it feels more like you're chatting with real people instead of an amorphous mass of entities. That said, I only really check a few small Discord "servers" founded by old-time internet friends or real-life ones, and don't really explore outside that small circle. Unfortunately, Discord has an internet chat format, so things quickly get lost in history. Yes, it can easily be searched, but I prefer a discussion board style myself.

This is guaranteed to fail, but I hope to one day make an image board where secure tripcodes are enforced so there are distinct poster identities, and there is strict moderation, akin to one found on Hacker News, my favourite website for interesting discussion. (It's the one website where I don't dare make an account, for fear of lowering the quality of discussion if I participated.) I just want to have Hacker News, but in image board format. Nevermind the fact I don't know what topics I would devote my image board to. One good thing about image boards that I find attractive is that they're one of the few places where I can freely and safely say the n-word. I find the word "ninja" unironically funny, same with politically incorrect jokes.

But yeah, all in all, there's just not much to talk about. For me personally, my greatest challenge is breaking out of the loop of sitting on the internet all day, and going outside to do something with my life. I don't really seek contact with others, though I'd be interested in speaking with you all about computer addiction, which I believe is my biggest problem at the moment. For some reason I almost never see anyone on image boards admit to that. Maybe they just stop coming here if they share my problem, and that's why nobody ever talks about it? Heh, I might make a thread here about it. One thing I'd like to have on the internet, besides the enforced trip image board, is my own homepage where I could share interesting things from my life. Problem is, right now I don't have anything to share, and I need to go outside, talk to a therapist, etc. to find something interesting I could do with my life. I expect the website to go online in the next 5-10 years. Speaking of which, I'd like for >>6735 to make a website with a write-up on how exactly he made his AI life partner. For all we know it could be bullshit. Sure it sounds interesting, but that's all there really is to it. Without any details, it's just a phantasm that ultimately means nothing. Again, that's the issue I have with anon posting.


>"n᠎᠎᠎ig᠎g᠎᠎e᠎᠎᠎r" gets wordfiltered to "ninja"


File: 1635806688849.jpg (82.79 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_118689968-st….jpg)



File: 1635944558812.png (376.83 KB, 960x686, doitforhimspamton.png)


They're all on discord and twitter. Any other question anon? Can we close the thread now?


Wizchan sucks.


It does but every other NEET space is dead. A sucky site is better than one that gets 1 new post every few days.


Why would you want to talk to specificly other NEETs anyway?


Because I'd rather not interact with non-NEETs? This should be self explanatory tbh.


File: 1636992729091.jpg (117.53 KB, 1416x1064, 646162.jpg)

>"Real" Losers dont socialize

This is the crux of the matter, really. I post on imageboards to stay anonymous, and I like being anonymous because I'm a fucking loser. I can't talk about work if I haven't worked in years, and no healthy, well adjusted people care about whatever escapist hobby you do to waste ten hours before you sleep.

If any anon ever wonders where all the losers are, most of them are either on altboards, or are likely still posting in all the same places other people do. They just won't bring up the fact they're a hikki/NEET, for reasons that should likely be obvious.


File: 1637008601532.jpg (475 KB, 1920x1080, mlady.jpg)



I think that person is doing a bit.


File: 1637024327925.jpg (7.32 KB, 319x158, disgust.jpg)

Dude there is a slight, repulsive odor ITT, I can't put my finger on it but from the interactions here I get at least a small hint that someone out there thinks they're somehow better than anyone else just for being "trueNEET".
Apologies if I am wrong, but we've had that in this imageboard already, if the impression I am getting is correct, that is beyond pathetic and so are you.


File: 1637063558142.png (82.01 KB, 403x264, 34735.png)

I am NEETer than you are


No one attacked you, unless what I said is true, I apologized otherwise for a reason, and if it's true, well, you have it well deserved.


everyone should listen to my controversial opinions such as [racism]


File: 1637125534029.jpeg (44.84 KB, 500x532, FC5XeguVcAAHOYt.jpeg)

I used to use Discord for years but I got sick of it, I couldn't figure out what to say, my mind is just blank, when I did try to make conversation I was ignored, also I saw the same themes in the post over and over, like depression, wagecuck shit, relationship shit, people literally cutting themselves on VC, etc, this was in hikki servers too, it just didn't feel fresh anymore, the worst part is that I spent hours and hours on there, according to my phone I spent 60 hours a week just on Discord, I barely remember anything I read or talked about either. I will seriously regret the years I spent on Discord forever, I haven't grown as a person, I haven't learned any new skills, I barely remember anything I chatted about, none of the friends I made on there have even bothered to reach out to me on other platfoms after I left. If you want to use Discord go ahead, but this is my personal experience, for me Discord is a chaotic mess of a platform, designed to addict you and steal your soul, but you may have a better experience.


That's been my experience with every social platform i've ever used. So hard to find any exceptions.


racism good because meds also take meds


Yeah, I've definitely noticed a decrease in fellow NEET wizard types since probably 2017. It's sad.


File: 1637450627583.jpg (86.46 KB, 632x960, 17016208328_df0d893908_b.jpg)

This thread is terrible and I suggest locking it, I love a dumpster fire as much as the next anon but this was so low quality from the start not even trash like me can enjoy it.


yeah lol this thread sucks

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