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I've browsed this site for a while now and it seems like I've seriously found a community that shares my thoughts and feelings.

I hate posting something like this here though when I'm not officially a NEET and don't have plans to become one… unless circumstances are a bitch and it happens anyway.

Feel free to remove this post if it seems out of place or unnecessary or whatever…

But I really have no where else to turn or anyone else to speak to personally about my issues so I go to random people on the internet who probably have better things to do!

Anyways, I'm going to be moving soon from the US to Canada and I'm really nervous about it. I there's not a great cultural shock difference between the two countries (and free health care is very nice) but I have never lived independently before in my life. I just recently graduated high school and am attempting to recover from years of mental abuse I've received from my mom.

Point is I feel very worried and I feel as though nothing will turn out right - I'm scared of leaving my mom even though she's been downright horrible to me during all my years of living. She's pretty much just been an existence that I only rely on for food since she only really cares to buy things for herself.

I've never had a job before and my social skills are shit. I'm so nervous and I find myself preferring "comfortable abuse" over "necessary change."

I feel like I'll never get a job or accomplish anything. I don't care if the job is in retail or if it barely pays - I just want a small taste of independence but at the same time I'm terrified of it!

I wish I didn't exist right now… I'm anxious about the future and I wish there was a third way out.

Sorry for rambling over worthless issues.


Get the hell away from your mom as soon as you're able. Abusive relationships rely on the complacency of the abused. You will be better off, though it will be terrifying at first. Go to BC, they're friendly folk.
I hope it goes well for you OP.


>>14656 Thank you so much for saying this and I think I'll take your advice. I was thinking about attending university in BC anyways… if I can make it.


You're welcome anon. Keep us posted.


In a few weeks I'll go live on my own, I have enough to survive a few months and try and look for a shitty job, which will be hard for I'm 24 with horrible social skills and no exp.

But the possibility of being homeless is better than the certainty of living with my faggot of a dad, who thinks everything he does is always right but everything I do is always wrong.

So I get you op.


File: 1436723027632.jpg (25.85 KB, 432x768, 1435861303991.jpg)

I will be moving out as well. My mental is pretty damaged because of my mom. I'm excited, but also very nervous. Good luck to you all.


File: 1436781147463.jpg (18.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How did you make it to Canada?
I'm currently living in a third world country, my only goal in life is moving there.

Did you apply for jobs or something?
Do you need work experience?
How about the visa and other documents? How do you make sure to get them?

I'm so confused, I'm currently "studying" but I feel like I haven't learned anything. I'm just a couple semesters away from graduating but I still feel like the boy I was when I finished school. I haven't had a job, I have never lived alone, I don't have a car and I have never slept away from home.

Moving away from this country is my dream, how do I do it?
I'm really afraid of losing the money I don't have on document applications I'll get rejected from


>>14661 Thanks. I'd really like for you to keep us updated on your situation as well! Honestly, your situation sounds more stressful than mine so I really hope everything goes well for you!! *internet hugs* Please continue to talk about everything that happens.

>>14662 Good luck to us both!! c: Hope everything goes well for you as well.


>>14664 I wish I was experienced enough to be able to answer this question but I'm honestly not sure how it works. I'm technically not a resident of the US and I'm living here off of an expired visa so… things are rough and opportunities are scarce. As a legal native-born Canadian I know I'll be able to pass through with few legal issues.

For an outsider coming into Canada… I only really know that you'd need a green card to work or a visa to be able to live there?? Obviously you'll need a passport. If someone who clearly more knowledgeable on these type of things could let this person know how it works then that'd be really great!! Clearly I'm a bit of an ignorant dumbass.



>I was thinking about attending university in BC anyways
Where in BC? I live in Victoria, which is home to UVic.


File: 1440942556829.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x575, GoodLuck.jpg)

Moving out has constantly been one of the scariest things I've ever done. A few years ago I was racing against a deadline to be put on the street, and from than it's a matter of how long I can make it on my own mostly borrowing from other people. I didn't know what I was going to do for the rest of my future when I got out, but I learned once I got out there that no matter what happens, even if its horrible, its your life now, and thats what independence means. After many bad things that have happened to me since I moved, and as I expect more terrible things to come while I scramble to find a meaning to my existence, I don't regret anything. At least I am not a slave to constant mental attacks, I am constantly trying to do something about my life even if I'm failing.

Good luck.

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