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So, what drove you to live like you do now, /n/?

I dropped out of school because the teachers wouldn't stop making fun of me. I couldn't take it, and I progressively became more and more of a shut in as the years went on. What about you? Why do you currently live as a NEET? Do you just not want to work or go to school? Or do you have other reasons?


Where do you live?
I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the US



Ah, I did homeschooling on days I was feeling well (considering I've always been pretty sickly)

So don't worry, I haven't been breaking any laws.


I think he meant your teachers making fun of you as illegal rather than the fact if you finalized your studies.


not you bby


File: 1428213117965.png (43.21 KB, 196x230, 1428174162587.png)


OH, sorry! I didn't know that was illegal.. I just remember them poking fun at me since I was so dyscalulic I couldn't get past a 5th grade math level, and telling the class they should work hard if they didn't want to be dumb like me. It made me feel bad


Some people can get motivated by being told they can't do something, and others get motivated by being praised.

When you were made fun of, your initial reaction should have been 'fuck you, ill prove you all wrong!', but you accepted their taunting and came to agree with it over the long run. Your teachers obviously only knew of the first method of inducing motivation, so you're not in the wrong here.

The second method of motivation can make a student feel like they are doing enough work and they don't have to try any harder, so they neglect doing homework and studying because they believe they don't need to.

Ultimately, all methods of motivation will have negative outcomes most of the time. Motivation is something that you need to awaken yourself. It's an inner struggle, and no one else can get you through it.


I dropped out of highschool because of depression and probably autism, i had no idea what was going on in life and eventually just couldnt take it anymore.


i dropped out of college due to lack of money, and have been off-and-on NEET due to social anxiety stemming from continued lack of money. i'm barely surviving and have no freakin' clue how others are out there going to parties every weekend and thriving on the same kind of income i'm on. it's not enough for bills and rent…


I'm sorry that happened to you OP.
My reason is different but I would probably react the same way if that happened.


File: 1428518743543.jpg (19.04 KB, 236x250, 1426943662185.jpg)

I do believe it is actually illegal to do that. It's also illegal for a teacher to share a student's grade with literally anyone but that student or their parents or guardian.
Fun fact, it's also illegal to have students pass back/trade papers to grade them because of the same reason, as well as the students not being certified to grade tests or anything else that goes in the gradebooks.

I'm not a NEET myself (I'm still in highschool) but as someone who suffers both mild dyslexia and discalcula, I can emphathise with you and I'm really sorry that happened to you.


File: 1428521352219.jpg (20.93 KB, 354x500, 1426776237285.jpg)

My hands always tremble in fear whenever I submit posts to threads like these but… I felt like I need to submit something at least. I mean I've been lurking on this forum compulsively.

What led to my NEETdom…

It all happened around late January. In the end, my ex-boyfriend of three years at the time left me. To add to that, another new semester at a community college ( but with souls debilitating general education classes ) was just… Unneeded in that situation. With the heartbreak and social isolation…it just got worse from there. At the time when I was with him, I was extremely co-dependent on him no matter how emotionally abusive he was to me or how he didn't know how to help me during my depressive episodes. In the end he couldn't endure my depression and became more distant and even did subconscious signals that it was going to be the end. I desperately didn't want it to end, but it did.

With my current status: 1.5 GPA at a community college, have never had a "real" job ( an actual one with paychecks. ), friendless and now single and alone… I lost the will to live.

After the break-up this is now the fourth month of being a NEET. I honestly don't see a future anymore. I'm not gifted by any means either.

But what drove me to be like this? Avoidant personality disorder, social anxiety, depression.

I see no means of improving my depression. I can't see myself being a productive member of society. I give up on human interaction, trying to be productive… I just give up.

I dropped out of college because I felt so alien compared to the other students. So optimistic and bright and driven they were. I felt so out of place. Small talk was the worse. People recognized me from my highschool years and I felt shame and hatred towards myself. I can see the pity in their eyes.

Deep down I feel like people try to befriend me out of pity.

I was bullied in middle school and high school and changed schools frequently. In a way, I run away from my problems. I hate confrontation.

I don't want to work or go to school but they're not even options. I KNOW I can't get a job and I KNOW college isn't meant for me. Because I can't learn. My brain disposes information easily.

All in all what people said about me is true, or my depression. I'm just a worthless slut with no value.

So that's why I spend my days isolated and trapped in my room. I don't want to go outside because I don't want people knowing I'm a NEET. Because then they'll just pity me more, right? Because I brought this upon myself.

Its not like I'm some naive pure innocent snowflake waifu either. I'm bitter, cranky and depressed. I'm just a witch like they all say.

So…I'm a shut-in due to my combination of my shitty pessimistic outlook on life, unwilling to improve, a myriad of mental health disorders, failures, and just a downward spiral of giving up on life in general.


Have you ever thought of taking online classes for school or being a freelancer? If you don't have the money you could always take out students loans for school and really you'd only have to have any confrontation with people for signing up/exams but other than that you could just stay at home
As for freelancing there are plenty of people that hire people online for small jobs such as writing articles, editing, hell even doing surveys can earn you a few bucks
If you're in a situation where you don't need lots of money, it's definitely an option


Physical illness mainly.

I graduated high school but just barley (my health was failing during my last year). I took one college class (still got an A) but was too sick to attend further.

Another reason was when my best friend died. She was my emotional support, and I to hers. She was the only reason I continued going to high school at all despite my failing health, because we both felt lonely without each other. But she got cancer and was pulled out of school for the last two months and after another two months she died.

And now here I am after a few years. If I could describe how I feel about it, it'd be a lot like that song Lost Time Memory from Kagerou Days (also coincidentally about a NEET guy who becomes a NEET from the loss of his friend)


That's terrible, OP. It's really unfortunate that there's teachers like that out there :(

As for me, I've been an on-an-off NEET since I was 12, mostly due to my autism and dysthymia. I'm 25 now, and was forced to drop out of art school last year. After dropping out I attempted to overdose on anti-depressants, which didn't work out and I ended up in an psychiatric ward for a about a month. Since then I've been living as a NEET back in my parents' house. That all sounds incredibly pathethic but I honestly don't feel that depressed anymore. My parents are really nice to live with and I have more than enough friends. The thing I fear the most is that I'll never be self-sufficient.


File: 1429050495921.gif (209.86 KB, 300x170, 1408609025844.gif)

I can't deal with people, They make me nervous and uneasy. I'm really insecure when it comes to anything that comes out of my mouth, that I have to mentally triple check everthing I say, and "I think", or "maybe" at the end of everthing, so it's really stressful. It's bad enough where most of the time I won't even comment in a chan, or somewhere anonymous because of this. School was a nightmare, so I'm sure work would be the worst thing I could ever go through.


School is usual worse than work in social regards.


File: 1429052782389.png (267.28 KB, 528x384, me.png)

Niehga u fackin serious…
Go work with politics or marketing, those behind you want to LITERALLY kill you to get your position and those ahead want you to get them Kaguya's requests.

I better don't fucking talk about lawyer's social lives…


Yes for positions like those, but for manual labor the social interactions are fairly low.


>The first was told to bring her the stone begging bowl of the Buddha from Nepal, the second a jeweled branch from the island of Hōrai,[3] the third the legendary robe of the fire-rat of China, the fourth a colored jewel from a dragon's neck, and the final prince the cowrie which was born from swallows.

this is all meaningless to me


>not reading the original


Pretty generic reasons, really.

Had a shitty childhood, developed mental health issues at 8. People died. I was bullied relentlessly. Brain problems started seriously getting in the way by the age of 14 and I asked for help. I didn't really get any.

I dropped out of school, tried getting back in several times but ended up having to repeat years and then eventually dropped out for good. Never really came back to life after that.


I was bullied throughout elementary and middle school, I think for being especially non-compatitive (or "wimpy" is probably a better word) and scrawny. Just before I started high school my mom died, then I had to move with my dad to a new part of town where I had no friends, and couldn't relate to anyone. Thankfully people were friendly, but I was unable to talk to them any more than yes/no answers. Stuck through and graduated because my grandma would have my head if I didn't. The idea of getting a job or going back into school terrifies me, so I mostly sit around at home hoping for death or the apocalypse to come before I get kicked out.

So the biggest factor was probably never having any courage or drive. I'v tried motivational stuff, but when I realize there's nothing I want to do the feeling wears off quickly. I still don't have any goals other than to be free to read books and write in my journal.


File: 1432001684816.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, cuteyoshi1.png)


Being unsure of yourself, to a degree, is a sign of intelligence and rationality. You just have to adapt your comments to the level of confidence you actually have in them, that way you won't sound unsure generally, but sure in your assessment of a particular set of facts or opinion.

I'm very sensitive to the comments and opinions of the people around me, which can often make it very hard for me to get close to people or develop relationships of any kind. Thankfully, I don't care as much what people at work think about me. Unfortunately, that's the only way I get to be somewhat honest without becoming invested.


lol i have just the same problem. i am a neet for 12 years and all started like you wrote.


sometime you brain can generate only harted toward youself. at a time like this you cannot think anything about.


and finally you became a writer.


if you're still alive ,i want you to know you're like my other half yo

crazy, are you doing any better?


File: 1433846139776.gif (321.36 KB, 274x152, 1432769676918.gif)

Oh god. Future me, how are you? The ride never stops does it. I've been trying to move on but its really hard to let go from the past. I wish things will improve for you. Its already my sixth month of being a NEET now and I'm still trembling at the thought of going into a 2 year program or something.
Ayy, glad people can relate to me to this. Honestly and unfortunately not really. I've gotten back in contact with the ex but honestly I barely contact him even now.
As for my situation… hahaha not really. I've managed to get out of the house with my mother every once in a while but otherwise I'm still a shut-in… How about you? Hopefully the two who responded to my post got out of the NEETdom. Its something that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Its so very lonely. I could only imagine the loneliness you two are going through as well. Ugh.


ocd and other problems caused me to get really bad and drop out of college. after going home I stopped trusting my friends and lost them all, now I sit and do nothing for days on end.



I don't really know.

I never really had friends, nobody really told me how adulthood would be/ how to prepare for it. So I kinda just ended up staying in my room a lot, then I just stopped going school, then I attempted college, stopped going.

I wish I could earn more money, but being NEET has led to me being awful around people. I terrible when it comes to socialising now.


Trying to fit in a mold is something I am so instinctively opposed to I basically can't get along completely with most people. Some people like the direction I am going, because for a NEET I am surviving decently, but most people look down on me. It's hard to not meet their approval, the only way I will be happy with my life is if I change something for the better without conforming to the path society wants me to take to get there. I feel like I will be stuck in one place forever, possibly, but I would rather die like this than trying to meet the goals everyone else is.


Procrastination and anxiety mostly.


same here.

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