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I always found it inriguing, however in the end i never came to a conclusion. Only requirements for me would have to be fast and painless =P what about you guys?


In b4 shitstorm and deletion.

I dont plan going out of this world volentary, atleast not too soon.
But if decided it to call it quits for good, then id spend whatever i have left and but myself smokes, booze and whatever legal or illegal downers i can get my hands on, the i go to a nice peaceful place where nobody finds me.
From there on i have all the time in the world and take my time to enjoy my last moments while trying to use them all up but without haste.

Incase it fails, it can just stab myself or something.


Personally I've thought of suicide a lot of I've researched many methods and the best one I've found is creating hydrogen sulfide gas through a method I'm not going to tell you
Basically at a high enough concentration it will shut down your nervous system instantly and you will die before you know you're dead (lol)
That being said it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and should NOT be attempted ANYWHERE near other people because you will kill them all


I'm hoping I get a terminal illness.
That way I can die without the stigma of suicide.


Please stop it.


Go be elitist elsewhere


>In b4 shitstorm and deletion.
Eh, it's an edgy thread to be sure, but so long as you have no intention of actually going through with it, it's just harmless discussion.

There's this large mechanical press in the factory I work at, used for compressing stuff. It seems fully automatic, with no built-in security measures whatsoever - you just push a single button and two MASSIVE pistons extend a huge metal slab to come down on whatever is below. It's got enough space for an adult man to fit inside, and, judging by the kind of materials that get compressed there, it exerts more than enough force.

The problem is, the factory hall is always full of workers who could stop you. Except for holidays, when it's vacant. The door to the hall is never locked since you'd have to disassemble the hall itself to steal any of the heavy machinery stored there, plus there's security cameras everywhere anyway, and entrances to the factory complex are guarded, AND you need a special ID card to enter it.

All you'd really need is about thirty seconds once you enter the hall on a holiday. That should be enough time to reach the press. It would take the security team at least a minute to figure out what's going on and respond. The press works fast - once you press a button, the mechanism should lower the slab to crush you within 10 seconds.

That could be a stylish way to go - no slow death for your mortally wounded brain, no light at the end of the tunnel. Just a half-second of terrible, excruciating pain, and then literally nothing as your entire bady is obliterated, turned to paste.

…Unless the power in the hall is turned off when not in use, which is a very real possibility - in which case you're boned, unless you know where the power switches are, hopefully nowhere too secure.


I… I need to get some sleep badly.


What if they manage to kill the power while you're half crushed?


i'll die in my 30s, so I don't need to worry about it


Please explain.


File: 1430832101261.png (259.42 KB, 523x384, me.png)

My prefered method of suicide is getting fat and old after building a fortune and lived many many years, with a bunch of employees, bank accounts, happiness and success behind.


You'd die slowly and painfully from your injuries, probably.





Heroin overdose would be a pretty rock 'n' roll way to go.


i dont intend on suicide i was juat starting a discussion =P


Suicide on the train tracks is a very romantic scenario to me.

In reality, I don't think I would be able to go through with something that mutilates my body in some way, so carbon monoxide would suffice.


>Suicide on the train tracks is a very romantic scenario to me

That's one of the worst scenarios you can think of. I read once about a dude that worked in a station that most of the time, the majority of suicide attempts failed and people was left without their limbs/with their guts out for a good couple of minutes before the ambulance made it there or they died (depending on the injures).
He said everybody who didn't die instantly regretted not trying other method, and that the screams of these people is one of the most awful experiences he's been through.


File: 1431038353652.jpg (360.88 KB, 1309x866, taxi_driver_behindthescene….jpg)

The idea of taking my own life is terrifying to me. Particularly suffocation techniques like >>14321.

If I was to kill myself, I would rather go guns blazing, sacrificing myself for a higher cause, for the greater good. Pic majorly related, I was obsessed with films like this in my edgy youth. Better going on an egotistical romantic rampage than having the life silently snuffed out of you.

I care too much about what people will think of me once I'm gone. Too vain.


I would hate sufficating/drowning too, its rather painful.

What you say seems idealistic in the movies, but irl its a real bad move.
Most people will remember you as a crazy nut, if at all.
And there would be debates about failure of parents gun control and whatnot, ofcourse the illiterate loudmouth passive agressive control freaks will have the advantage from it.
Even if there really was something worth killing and dying for then most people would likely misunderstand you.
Last but not least, seems a good way to go out, but what if you dont get killed, this can happen real easy.


File: 1431201125269.jpg (22.55 KB, 332x450, 1282556798725.jpg)

>blow myself up
>jump in front of car moving quickly

in order first to last preference


Your middle preference involves far less suffering than the others.


Throwing myself off a tall building (I know I may well start panicking on the way down but I still want to), double-suicide with loved with a terminal illness or something like that, or dying defending something I believe in or love or trying to vanquish something that deserves to die.


honestly? one where I won't feel anything.

So there's only one option: complete and total destruction of the brain at an instantaneous rate.

The only way I could possibly think of doing that would be something like… You know those pile drivers that they have at construction sites? The ones for setting foundations? I'd just stick my head under the business end of one of those. Instant death.

sure I wont get to have an open casket funeral or anything, but at least I won't feel anything. And unless I chicken out there's NO way I could survive by screwing up.


I still think heroin overdose would be like dying in bliss. You'd suffocate but you wouldn't give a shit because it felt so good. Not messy for whoever has to deal with you either.


Just get super drunk and during a snow storm …should be easy I guess.


Charcoal burning for carbon monoxide poisoning after passing out from sleeping pills.



Well they're still going to have to deal with the shit and piss you expelled from your bowels


Double-suicide with the one I love.
I'm a sentimental fool.


I would want something long and drawn out, but not too painful. Since I can only do it once, I want to know what's happening and get a complete experience out of the ordeal.

That or I'd like to do something suicidal with a slim chance of survival. Or something really stupid that would seem impressive, like trying to swim across a large body of water. I think if I somehow survived that, it might help with the feelings I have.


File: 1436189033495.png (207.94 KB, 636x507, desperate battle.png)

I'd like to die for something but my cancer will probably kill me first.


Heroin overdose or shotgun to head seem to be the best methods


Heroin overdose is definitely my preferred method. I've almost overdosed twice but my friend used narcan on me to save my life.

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