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What is it?


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Finding this site is the closest I have to a "fond memory" feel free to laugh at that.


I've run and protected this site for four years because it's the closest thing a lot of people have to a fond memory.

I'd say my fondest memories are from the beginning of 2013, when I met and started traveling with my then girlfriend and making dozens of new friends and seeing dozens of new places, and building the foundations for my life as it is today. RIP GirlyUke/Asher. Couldn't have met you without Uboachan.


File: 1437569008901.png (115.31 KB, 495x504, 1426419527223.png)

I have quite fond memories of this website, too! I stumbled upon it when I first played Yume Nikki in 2012 (i was kinda late to the fun dreamy party) and I just kept being drawn back to the website for whatever reason. I love uboachan! I feel like it's my home here on the net


File: 1437585453576.jpg (75.86 KB, 500x500, 256e537fdd9f70d7e2658b3b60….jpg)

I honestly don't know.


File: 1437586974926.png (2.04 KB, 800x200, UBUU_BANNER.png)


I think the majority of users that came before of 2013 can say the same thing about having fond memories here.
I've written about it quite a few times, already. This site was a warm place we would come to have a laugh with other cool people. We had interesting discussions, and some good threads with really nice debates.
I remember reading posts and thinking "wow, these anons have a really a deep insight and a nice touch to express all of this easily", or "these are some great ideas and thoughts", and feeling stupid for not being able to think that way before reading them.

I also remember all the easy-going attitude the userbase had about internal jokes and such, and how we used to enjoy ourselves even if we all weren't on our best moments.
Uboachan was a place you came to hang out with people with similar interests to you, all united by a queer japanese game about a girl named Madotsuki who has some pretty fucked up dreams. I personally related this site with the game a lot, and analyzing theories and what other people thought of the same game was like changing my point of view over things and relating to the game from other perspective. The exchange of ideas and thoughts was really interesting, and made me feel this was a cool place to express myself, where people wouldn't care at all for who I was but for what I thought.

The kinda depressive and sad touch of the userbase was something I could also relate to. I've always felt alienated from the rest of people, and I did not want to socialize at all. The feeling of worthlessness, the alien feeling I felt on normal circumstances, it all decreased to almost zero here. A place I really felt I belonged to. I don't joke when I say that this site has become an important part of my life, and that I feel I had forged some kind of connection with the other people here.


simple "To a Passer-by" kind of memory. I went past most beautiful boy I've ever seen in my entire life. It was long time ago and I still remember him so I think it is fond.


Fondest memory? Weeell, probably ones of my friend coming to my house to stay overnight when we were both teens. We played a lot of video games together (or one of us played and the other watched and provided commentary), ate many shitty, unhealthy frozen pizzas, and I bagged tons of sweet headshots in Counter-Strike. Sometimes I wonder where all that skill I used to have had gone. I must be viewing the past through rose-coloured glasses.

Nowadays there's still a lot of vidya playing on my part, but it's a little bit more lonely. I miss that guy. I wish I had friends again, so we could do such nerdy stuff.


one of my cats


File: 1437736037589.jpg (8.25 KB, 300x300, 13357663.jpg)

>one of us played and the other watched and provided commentary


I'm not sure what that reaction image is meant to convey.


File: 1437771205180.png (119.51 KB, 458x348, will.png)

I'm just as lost as you are.


Oh… I meant that he watched me play or the other way around, because most of my games didn't have splitscreen or co-op (I only had a PC). "Commentary" was the wrong word to use. Sorry for my poor English.

When he last came over to stay the night about three years ago, I tried to get him to play UFO, but he had not remembered fondly his first STG experience when I invited him to try out IN on Normal, so he refused.


File: 1438879350575-0.jpg (2.85 MB, 3328x1872, P1110007.JPG)

File: 1438879350575-1.jpg (2.94 MB, 3328x1872, P1110019.JPG)

My memory is crappy.

I suppose i can pick out is where i went on my own on a rainy day to a place in the woods i found one time.
Its hard to reach and to find, even tough its only about a 100 meters away from civilisation.
There is a waterfall and a kind of small river trough a canyon.
Spend there some time and enjoyed the nice warm water even tough it was raining.

I wish i could hang there more often but its a bit away and there isnt much place to take it easy.
I tried adapting it so i could hang there but some rocks fell and the place changed a bit this year.

Here are some pictures.


The pictures remind me of the black forest. How long have you been going there?


I can't


I also


These remind me of the creek I used to visit as a kid.


I think one of my most fond memories was when I started really getting into exploring places and I found a path that took me around several places by the water and I just kind of found myself spending one of my birthdays just walking around on my own. getting lost and trying to find my way until it got too dark and I had to find my way back home

It felt lonely but I honestly felt so liberated and peaceful just being able to wander on my own like that, with no regard to anything or anyone else


Playing Animal Crossing with my younger sister all night long during the winter a few years ago. We didn't have heating in our house, so we were both bundled up in our thick clothes huddled together for warmth. It was a lot of fun.


I know I might be repressing my memories intentionally, but I do not have anything that comes to mind immediately. I think that memories just a useless burden most of the time. I only mean memories of experiences, not knowledge or memory in the general sense.

For example, the memories that stand out the most for me are those where I am away from my usual surroundings, namely my computer and the internet. Somehow, those parts seem surreal, as if they weren't lived by me, but seen in a movie. All they bring me is a vague feeling of sadness and longing for something that cannot be had, because everything seems much better in them.

I guess one way to put it, is that when you're on a course of constant decline, you don't want to be reminded of it, and that it had been better at some time.

Memories of visiting other countries are especially painful, because I know I won't be able to leave this one, no matter how much I hate it. And I really do.

(Sorry, I know this probably doesn't make much sense.)


File: 1443286393014.png (11.4 KB, 167x200, 1441602272535.png)

Most of them are video games related. Finishing Jak 3 on PS2, Mass Effect 2's final mission, last boss in Crash Bash on PS1, Fallout 1's ending and many more.
Some Anime ones too, Watching Evangelion 3.33 and how depressed it made me, watching FLCL to cheer me up.
If we talk IRL only then, maybe visit to a theme park a couple of years ago with my friends from a boarding school. Playing arcade stuff and laughing.
Then taking a pic with my first friends ever in life, and having a girl tell me she will date me.
Watching E3 every year with friends. Taking apart my first computer.
Good times, i guess i have a lot of memories, still much less than your average normie and i stick to them way too much, even creating playlists of music that remind me of my life in chronological order.
Wish i wasn't a fucking freak now.


File: 1443289649181.jpg (337.7 KB, 950x800, 1441505272370.jpg)

>Some Anime ones too, Watching Evangelion 3.33 and how depressed it made me

Wait a second, did I read this wrongly, or are you saying THIS is one of your fondest memories?


File: 1443291257954.jpg (281.35 KB, 1280x907, S0EJ1epqEMM.jpg)

Uhm, yeah? Why not? Being depressed is better than feeling nothing and just fapping the days away.
And 3.33 is my favourite Rebuild of Evangelion movie. Finally something fucking new, i thought after 2.22 it was beyond saving but nope, it's still awesome.


File: 1443301596401.jpg (51.77 KB, 406x406, 1442133533120.jpg)

Shouldn't have expected any less


My memory for, y'know, positive events is really bad but I can remember all the negative things really well of course.
Today I went to a chinese restaurant with a friend. Haven't been in awhile cause all the proper chinese places near me closed down. Ordered Mapo Tofu, my friend thought it was pretty tasty and for once we actually finished all of our food w/out me completely overeating.

Oh, I guess another recent one is how I went to the beach with two friends and even though the weather was shit and it was raining, we didn't give a flying fuck and still went for a swim.

And I've got fond memories playing vidya while my older sister watched, mostly the Final Fantasy PSX games. And Silent Hill 2 and 3.


I have lots. I'm actually a memories otaku. I spend lots of times curating my past. Too bad I can't devote the same attention to my future.


Why don't you look at the future as if it was something that was going to be the past? I mean, it is, but


i get really nostalgic and emotional when i see grass flowing in the wind. reminds me of the golden years of my childhood when i still had close friends and we would roam around the suburbs causing mischief. there was one time where my former best friend and i were wandering around aimlessly in some fields near my house just as the sun had fallen beyond the horizon. we stood in silence just watching the grass sway in ripples across the hills. we don't talk anymore.


File: 1444194959747.jpg (301 KB, 680x960, 1444049308155.jpg)

When I was 16 I spent an entire weekend with my cousin and her fiance in Chicago and we went out and I bought a GBC/ shit load of GBC games, walked around the city a lot, watched a lot of horror movies, and smoked a lot of hookah. It was during a time where I was really depressed and had recently attempted suicide so it took my mind off of that allowing me to actually have fun.


Probably getting spun around by the arms by my older brother and when Mother 3's translation got finished.

There are things I actually feel more deeply about but they mostly involve people who something happened with to make the whole thing very bittersweet. Those two are pure good.


I feel like I've been happy at some point in my life, but my meds have made too much of a mess of my memory, so I don't really know.

The 2nd best was when my uncle promised to make me a fishing rod, and that we'd go fishing together. It seems stupid, but literally everyone in our very large family hated me and my siblings.

He died during an operation before he got the rod finished though.


Faking my way through a middle-school argument about the plot of halo.

It only holds fondness because it was a simpler time overall.


File: 1444855970713.jpg (120.4 KB, 551x729, image.jpg)

The moment I realized that I don't care for anyone or anything


Grade school, it's not really a specific memory but I don't think I've been to happy since then.
I was doing well socially and academically. Maybe it is my poor memory but it seems like around middle school I started developing into the person I currently am.


File: 1448228811372.jpg (77.7 KB, 495x710, 1448227947799.jpg)

>mfw my fondest memory was a fucking dream


File: 1448230348135.gif (837.95 KB, 555x312, wah.gif)

I agree with this. school from kindergarten till about 5th grade. i put no effort in and I was friends with tons of people and was good academically. I loved learning things when it took no effort and spending time drawing/playing games. It was so nice. I miss those times.

Specifically summer school. Where i went summer school for younger kids was an elective type of thing. Anyone could sign up and you picked fun classes to be apart of. It was pretty amazing honestly. I wish I could go back. it was bliss


File: 1448233586561.jpg (459.5 KB, 1280x989, zzzfrog4af3726618b60500c32….jpg)

Hmmmmm I was playing Ark and I went down to the swamp to go and tame a frog, and they were just hopping around everywhere, and it reminded me…
When me and my sister were little and we would go down to the creek and try to catch frogs or just play with little plastic toys down by the water. There was also a drain that dumped rain water into the creek, making a tiny stream, at one point it flows over a small mound of clay, so we could take sticks and carve up the clay making the water flow over it in a tiny waterfall however we wanted, even building little outcrops from the clay and setting down one of the little plastic toys on it.


File: 1448924008528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.58 KB, 736x985, 0.jpg)

The present.
Has shortcuts to the past.
Please remember this.


File: 1449225399147.jpg (14.2 KB, 183x276, download.jpg)

The Pokémon are coming, the Pokémon are coming!
Summer 1998, 10-11 years old
Nintendo Power Magazine arrives for the month. (I subbed because of the N64 recently) Reading through that month's articles, I read an article about an upcoming game called "Pokémon". I thought it sounded stupid or not noteworthy. But over the course of the next few days, I turned over the images and words of the article in my head. I quickly found myself obsessed. I read the article several times, dreamed and speculated over the images. I researched online - on 1998 AOL dial-up internet. I didn't know what an "RPG" was at the time, so the game's entire concept was new for me. A September 28, 1998 release date was announced. It became the first thing I ever really wanted to buy on my own, and of course I had no money. So I asked my parents how to get money, and we agreed on doing a chore-like task - pulling down the tomato/garden in our backyard to get ready for winter. (I got an allowance/chores after this at some point).
For several months before/after release, Nintendo Power released "Pokémon Power" - a supplemental, smaller Pokémon-focused magazine you could rip out the back of Nintendo Power proper. It served as a walkthrough/strategy guide for the entire game, had a comic version of the anime, and even fan art. The coolest part for me was the artwork and the first page of each issue: A mock newspaper page. It wrote as if Pokémon were real, and had advertisements for in-game items like Bicycle or Rare Candy. Of course, the beginning of the game was shown in an isue before the game actually released. The choice of my starter Pokémon was upon me. I thought about it for a week or two, and decided with my initial leaning - Bulbasaur. It was the most foreign an unrecognizable, and the most naturally appealing with it's green colour and the bud on it's back.
I bought Pokémon Blue Version on release day, my father driving me, to Target because Target offered a free bonus item with purchase - a blue Game Boy [Pocket] soft case with Pokémon logo and Pikachu on the front (The first instance of "pre-order bonus" I ever encountered).
All I had was an original Game Boy, from the earliar 90's. I didn't have the new "Pocket". I didn't have many games and never truly got into games before this. In renewing Nintendo Power, I got a free Pokémon Player's Guide. The beginning was somewhat confusing and a learning experience. Over the coming weeks/months, I played and played. For hours. Even getting headaches for playing too long or in poor light (Game Boy screen is not backlit). I simultaneously took my time soaking up the world presented to me, but also eagerly consumed every tiny new morsel or detail the game offered me. I drew pictures of the Pokémon world as my mind saw it, wrote stories, talked with friends about it, researched online about it. Got into the card game. Found the show on TV after some difficulty. Read the comics.
To this day I remain a steadfast Pokémon lover, it only really waned during RSE era and [since ORAS). I still enjoy Pokémon as much as ever, but I don't find myself interacting with it the same way - reading about it daily, talking about it daily with forums/IRC. I find myself distracted with too many other things - the world is so full of opportunity and wonders. I want to be into Pokémon fully, but I don't have a community to share it with anymore. I'm mostly alone.

My other fond memories, tldr because that turned out longer than I thought:
-Past girlfriends. They changed the structure of my brain and the course of my life. I learned a lot about people and socializing with them. They pushed me into music, Japan, and anime - which I still enjoy to this day.
-151chan. 2009-2013 I invented a Pokémon-themed imageboard that thrived for a few years. I helped run it until it died of inactivity. I saw the change from constant IRC activity and moderating board posts hourly, to maybe 1 post a week. It was a sad decline. But it was a wonderful time when it was a Pokémon hub, a fun little community. Forged inter/national friendships, people met in real life because of it. There was a mascot with fan art, sometimes streams on early Ustream services, a fanfic section that saw activity to the death. There was a custom Trivia bot. Wonderful long thoughful threads about lore and the nature and future of the Pokémon world. Pokémon releases were a huge deal - especially HGSS and BW. We were a group of friends that hung out every day and played games together.
It was kind of like cheating, I created a place where daily I could talk about Pokémon with other people who loved it as much as me.


File: 1449245208016.png (238.54 KB, 400x393, tumblr_nqw9scQfqA1qh1c3so1….png)

Pokemon got me through my childhood honestly. My sister was a psycho and every dinner was ruined by her out bursts sometimes even trying to attack my dad/throwing plates/etc. I was in love with pokemon. I had gold and silver to play and was obsessed with the show. I used to pretend I was a pokemon breeder with imaginary pokemon sometimes too. Even in middle school and stuff my group of friends were all into it and we hyped up black/white and played it nonstop. It was really nice times… I miss it a lot.

I'm really sensitive when people talk shit about Pokemon now a days because of this. It feels like they're attacking something personal. I cried when I played X/Y for the first time honestly. I love pokemon way too much.


File: 1449259035039.png (110.44 KB, 600x360, 4c925723Jg6SKZBw.png)

That's so sweet anon. What's your favorite Pokemon?


File: 1449320976564.gif (1.85 MB, 260x190, ho-oh.gif)

I definitely cry when it comes to Pokémon stuff. I cry in joy when I play a new release. For XY specifically, because the world was 3D and showed a more side-view perspective during several scenes. My dream since Red/Blue was for a colourful 3D world to explore, and each game brings us closer to that dream. Wow there is SO MUCH STUFF now in Pokémon games. I also cry during the films or manga. Have you read the Birth of Mewtwo radio drama?
One of the foundational reasons I love Pokémon. It made Red and Blue come to life for me. I like to think that, the designers had a huge story they wanted to tell, but could only fit so much in a Game Boy cartridge. So Birth of Mewtwo and Mewtwo Strikes Back flesh out their original vision more fully.

Gold and Silver are probably my favourite games, usually tied up there with Platinum. The evolution and step up from Red/Blue was perfect. I would love to live in Johto. It seems so beautiful, serene, relaxed, laid-back. I always picture Azalea Town on the coast in autumn, late afternoon, slowpokes relaxing everywhere, Mt. Silver in the distance.
BW and Isshu/Unova have the best music in the series. It's not one of my favourite games, and I don't want to play again like I play all he others, but I respect a lot of it's aspects.

I still defend Pokémon in 2015. Especially when people say "poke-EE-mawn".

Dinnae ask I, but: Ho-Oh. The golden bird in the first episode. I was obsessed with it. I swore it was a totally new, post-151 monster. Other people just said it was a Moltres and ignored it. I researched and learned it was based off the phoenix and related mythology. Probably sparked my interest in mythology, actually. Later, Ho-Oh's existence what fleshed out in Gold and Silver! What a dream.


File: 1449336061050-0.jpg (57.83 KB, 500x417, tumblr_mk6285209E1s9p775o1….jpg)

File: 1449336061050-1.png (137.32 KB, 480x640, star.png)

File: 1449336061050-2.png (179.38 KB, 419x599, Gothitelle.png)

Vileplume is definitely one of them but Starmie is another favorites. I love a lot of pokemon so its hard to pick. Grass, psychic, and flying are probably my favorite types. Now the favorite pokemon I ever caught I have three. One is my highest level pokemon I ever had Yes i never got to level 100 because I never saw purpose in it especially with flat battles. Was a Gothitelle named after my favorite singer. I had to trade a friend to get her since I had white but I love her so much. Second was a nuzlocke run I did on heart gold. There was no where to get a water pokemon for crossing the ocean so I fished in Ecruteak City and got a magikarp. I had to train her up and evolve her into a Garados to move on. It was a nice experience training her. Lastly was in X/Y was a Starmie I consecutively fished for to get a shiny. It took a few weeks and I got two other shines of a pokemon I dont like but once I for the Staryu I was so happy.
What about you anon?

My favorite is probably White/black honestly. I loved that you could only use Unova pokemon. I was like I was playing pokemon and discovering completely knew pokemon for the first time. And it looked great.
Platinum and Gold/silver are also favorites. But Johto would be a wonderful place to live in. It was always a dream to become a pokemon trainer as a kid and I still wish I could. The world is so peaceful and basically a paradise. I'd rather go to the pokemon world than gensokyo when I die.

>Have you read the Birth of Mewtwo radio drama?

I have not, nor did I play red/blue. So I don't have much nostalgia on it. I did watch the show as kid though all the way up until Advance. I stopped playing being very into it once gen three came out since I never got them, so when my friend gave me their old ds and I played platinum about 4 years later it was amazing. Platinum/Sinnoh is another region that was beautiful. It really felt like I was on a journey.

Maybe this is all off topic but man it makes me happy to talk about pokemon in a nostalgic way… its been a while.


File: 1449336505309.jpeg (227.31 KB, 665x485, 2011-12-20-460662.jpeg)

I just remember something about X/Y. When the release trailer came out I started crying when I first saw it. I was so overwhelmed basically for the reasons you mentioned. Seeing pokemon in 3D… That was something I always wanted. So after it was over I ran into my mothers room and started crying begging her for the game. I told her I'd do anything for her to buy it for me when it came out Which was like 6 months+ away and I was a mess. I was a 16 year old crying about pokemon to my mom. I'm tearing up thinking about it even.


File: 1449338270698.png (226.26 KB, 592x1002, vanilla perfection.png)

Well I'll be, Gothitelle is my favorite Pokemon! It's so good to see some love for it, it's not a very popular 'mon. I'm actually so fond of Gen 5's designs, actually weird and monstrous. Hoenn was also excellent too. Ah you're making me nostalgic too anon! I should replay one of these days.


Indeed, Unova had amazing designs. They were cartoony and nice. I think it made the only being able to play with unova pokemon in white/black that much better.

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