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File: 1422333189857.jpg (162.68 KB, 1006x706, neet.jpg)


How do you get money to live as a NEET? I've decided that I really hate work, like REALLY hate it.. I don't even care about the money since I still live at home so my rent is only a couple hundred dollars
I'm 21 and I want to live on my own with just enough money to pay for rent/bills/internet/cheap food nothing fancy like clothes or a car
I want to live a minimalist lifestyle but I just don't know how to go about it
Do you make money over the internet or get cash from the government/free housing? I'm really curious to know because I don't want to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow to go to a job that I hate
I know that some of you still live at home and your parents/guardian pay for your stuff but my family has a very low income so that's not an option


Your only serious longterm option, if you live in the US, is disability. To go about this, you need a lot of doctors' notes and it'll take a few years to get the documentation needed to convince a judge that you should get free money.

I'm with you, though. I'm almost 25 and I work a shitty part-time job. If I had to do it full-time, I'd literally kill myself.


Ah, that's shitty
I live in Canada but I think it'd be about the same here
Right? I was working 2 days a week for about 4 months and it was actually pretty bearable but people wouldn't get off my case so I'm back to 5 days a week and I've been contemplating jumping off a bridge


I worked part time in Ontario for 13 months and it was fucking hell.

NEET until college next year hopefully. Took a year off for "work".


I make a bit over a grand a month writing for a niche.

If you can draw/write, you can do that with enough perseverance/understanding of your genre.

There are also sites like textbroker to make money writing.


How many hours a day do you write? Or is it a couple days a week? I make about $1600 a month working 35 hours a week so depending on how many hours I might look into it


What did you do for work?


Stock shelves at at a grocery store. It was boring and at times painful when you had to chip out freezer burned stuff.

Didn't have to socialise much and I got long breaks which was nice.



Emigrate to a country with good welfare and social care, something like France.


File: 1422833121463.jpg (42.5 KB, 500x664, 663.jpg)

Nobody likes working as a cog. Nobody wants to support themselves. Everyone would love to just live freely. But most of the time, post-parents, you have no option. The majority of NEETs are still young and living off their parents' dollar. Neetbux are hard to get, and require an actual long-term physical malady. Your options are working part time and walking to work, or being homeless. There are tonnes of traveling homeless who travel around the country just playing music to make enough money. Get some skills under your belt and exploit them. Also, foodstamps and salvation army-type food places will ensure you won't starve. Free food is everywhere.



You must rely on the help of others or from the social structures, then there are a few things you can do to get some easy money without working, like renting a minivan on buzzcar (I actually do this and I earn around 200€/month from it and 1000€ during summer holidays), use your imagination mate, if you're gonna live on your own and do nothing you gotta deserve that, there's also something that I found, work for 10 years and spare as much money as you can to emigrate to a country where the cost of living is very cheap, places like Thailand or Romania…


Unlikely, they are going to try to get you off the bux at least annually. They are always adjusting requirements for disability and there's a good chance if you're on it now, it might be taken away later.


File: 1423540737643.png (229.31 KB, 528x774, shihocute1.png)


That depends heavily on what you're on disability for in the first place. They'll try, sure, but it's rare that people who get on disability are disallowed payments soon after. Disability is almost always a long-term source of income for those that get on SSDI.

There's a reason disability figures have been climbing since the early 90's, anon.

Granted, the program is going to go broke soon, and I'm sure all this is due to change in the next decade.


Thanks for the ideas guys, I wish there was an easier alternative to us who just don't want to work
If there were some kind of government NEET financial support program I'd sign up for it in a heartbeat



Rationale for such a program to exist in the first place?
Also, 'easier way' than NEETbux for doing squat? hope you're kidding or just morbidly detached from reality…


Well, it's a shitty excuse but I wasn't asked to be born into this society
I was kind of forced and expected to be "successful" and be another cog in the machine
Sure, I could live on the street or in a homeless shelter but I don't want that
I'm greedy and lazy and I hate working
I'm a piece of shit and someone who wants to work deserves my job more than me
I don't have any metal disorders, I'm constantly depressed and suicidal but I've never been diagnosed with depression and I don't think that's even good enough to get NEETbux
I have no logical reason as to why someone should give me free money but I want it


File: 1423644591990.png (150.09 KB, 500x500, 1395317478952.png)

If you want disability, aka neetbux get a diagnosis from a certified psychologist. Tell them you need to make an appointment for a mental health assessment and evaluation for a disability claim. After they run you through a billion different questions, papers, and repeat questionnaires, and listen too your story they'll probably give you several diagnoses (if you answer right and make sure to seem depressed and non-function due to anxiety, make sure to bring up extreme social anxiety and ask for testing for possible assburgers).

Next after being diagnosed (or not if you pretend to be fine and normal, so make sure to seem extra anxious and depressed or psychotic/delusional but be consistent) find a disability attorney and ask for a consultation, explain your situation and diagnosis and give them a copy signed by the psychologist and see if they'll help you. Most of the disability attorneys work for a company that contracts them and will help.

They do, or help you do, all the paper work, and bullshit hoops you need to jump through to get the disability as fast as possible. (still takes ages, took me a year to get it, but the sooner you apply the better because they consider that the start date for your payments if you are approved. So after the ages of waiting and filling out forms you get "back-pay" for all the months since you first sent in your submission. Meaning you get a huge lump sum of money all at once when you get approved) Most of the disability advocacy attorneys work like this, they do all or most of the work, will go to trial with you if you end up having to go to a judged hearing, and they get paid when you get approved for disability. You agree with them on a set percent of the back-pay that you'll get and they get automatically paid that much when you get your back-pay. (IME it was waaaay worth it to have them help. I got 6k in back-pay and only 2k went to the attorney plus i didnt have to have a hearing or get denied and reapply or appeal.)

Its a pain in the ass and can take awhile, if the first psychologist doesnt diagnose you, see another until you get something. I personally used http://www.mylerdisability.com/ and was very successful. There are plenty other companies just like them though.

Now i get neetbux and sit around all day, plus the more diagnoses you get the more disabled youre considered. So if you get another diagnosis after being approved tell disability and you may end up getting even more neetbux, or not it all depends. It's worth it to try though.

Hope this helps someone.



This guy is sugarcoating it. Nowhere near as easy, especially in 2015.



Yeah, it is a pretty shitty excuse.


i want NEET roommate

I have autismbux (a lot of it too).

imagine all the fun we could have


That's not a very honest tactic



Being honest is the main goal here, if you want to be honest get a job m8…

Here in France anyone can get around 500€/month if they don't have a job if you're 25 or worked more than 2 years, so you can legally get money without having to be dishonest…


Do they contact your family/employers? If they did both sides would be like "I'm sorry, what?" And I'd either get treated different or fired and I'd have to move out and have to pay rent way more than $300 a month and it's just exhausting thinking about it
I don't want my friends, family, or employer about it
Is it possible


There's no way they'd call your family but I'm not as sure about your employer. Probably not, although having a job can negatively impact your chances. What the psychologists write up about you is important, but it still basically comes down to a judge's personal decision and it can be a little bit of a gamble of whether he will be on your side. Him seeing that you have a work history can give an impression that you're fine working. If you do think your diagnosis is good enough to win your case you can keep appealing as many times as you like and it might eventually stick if a sympathetic judge gets your case. I had to appeal twice, and after two appeals you have to do a hearing with a judge. But that time around has the highest chance of success and I ended up winning. At least try to appeal twice and do the hearing before you give up.



The scum of the world. I really hope you all get neetbux, 'cause it' be for everyone else's good to have you as far removed as possible from decent human beings.


File: 1423747369014.png (71.75 KB, 444x380, EFRb8qG.png)

>I wasn't asked to be born into this society
No one is, lol



Oh please.

At least they're being honest about their worthless nature and desire to do nothing for modern society, instead of wasting everyone's time becoming another banker or bureaucrat,which simply steal the wealth of actually productive people (and it's a lot more than what your average parasite is going to take).

Not all work is good work. The Protestant work ethic and other concepts have well-tricked plenty of people into equating employment with wealth creation or intrinsic societal value, which simply isn't true.


>society's idea of what constitutes societal value is wrong!
I can sort of agree with the rest of it but that bit just seemed silly to me.


File: 1423762288165.jpg (38.51 KB, 540x304, test2.jpg)

tfw I'm a banker bureaucrat


I don't know how it is in other countries, but in mine the government had a program for a time in which people were paid money for having children. On an unrelated note, people still receive more welfare if they have reproduced. The "baby bonus" was to increase the birthrate. Given that reproduction is immoral and the government may have indirectly contributed to your coming into existence, fuck 'em. Leech the system dry.

I know I came off like a bit of an edgelord in this post, but that's my rationalisation. Pssh… nothin' personnel… kid.


File: 1423768789885.jpg (122.32 KB, 600x811, 死.jpg)

You should look at argentina. People in jail literally get better payment than a retired person (It's not joke), people have around 8 kids to get more money for doing nothing, and so you have a lot of silly stuff to get more votes.
Horrible, horrible shitty country.



They have free college education though so that's pretty cool.


File: 1424315249006.jpg (32.64 KB, 269x397, 1424303413933.jpg)

Granted, but, sadly, that's probably the only good thing about this shithole.
I can't wait to see who is the next corrupt faggot who is going to rule and steal my money next year; I'm definitely looking forward to see how this sinks even deeper.


Free college and free money for having kids? Sounds like a grand place to me


File: 1424378258492.jpg (102.73 KB, 500x459, 1264998676094_f.jpg)

Only if you are a villero who lives in shitty places (google "Villa 31" if you want examples). Pic related, and no, I didn't edit it, they actually make shit like this.

The insecurity is over the clouds, just as the inflation, prices are ridiculous, our money is constantly stolen, and if you're a middle-class citizen (or from some other upper-class) your benefits are 0 because they are only aimed for the poor sheeps who vote the corrupt president, who, despite being capable of making these benefits a law, constantly maintains the idea that if they leave, that money won't be given and they will all sink in poverty again (which is ironic, since they're poor anyway and they don't actually do something to improve their conditions). Also, last month, she hired some hitmen to kill a prosecutor who was investigating her. You can check here if you want more info:

Cops have no weapons, some literally have to fight with sticks and stones, and delinquents enter the police station through the main gate and then leave instantly walking out the back door.
Schools are falling apart, highschool is shit, and despite that the economy is facing a default, they still deny it.
I could go on but I don't really want to derail this thread anymore.


>free money for having kids
Fuck that. It would only be good if the government gave the money straight to the kids. Breeders don't deserve money, in fact they should be pretty much indebted to the children they forced life upon.



be patiance for another few months, you could make neetbux.



Doing a few online classes at college would get you tri-monthly FAFSA disbursements. Don't fuck up your grades and keep the bank card like a lifeline.


I don't understand


File: 1425557527036.jpg (226.87 KB, 1920x1522, Painting-France-Town-Stree….jpg)

You can come live in Europe. For example, in France the government gives you 500 € (RSA) + 200 € for the rent (APL) every month if you don't work.

You can live without working if you want.


>200 € for the rent
Rent is the real killer. I don't know how much it costs in France, but I'm guessing a lot more than 200€/month even for the smallest rooms. In Australia we get $550/fortnight base payment but only $130/fortnight rent assistance. The cheapest rent you can find for a one room place in town is ~$200/week. The NEET holy grail is to get disability support (pays more) and/or public housing.


My only concern is how long do you have to be a resident for? I have about $6000 Canadian dollars saved up to move somewhere but do I just go to some government building and be like "Yeah, I decided to move here but I don't have a job (and don't ever plan on getting one) can I have free money?"


Assuming it works the same way everywhere, you would need to have citizenship or permanent residency. There are typically three ways to get those: coming to a country as a refugee (won't work because you live in Canada), marrying someone from that country (lel) or having an employer in the country (what you want to avoid in the first place).
It is almost certainly easier to just use the Canadian welfare system. It's not like you're in the US, there has to be something exploitable.


I've looked into their website but everything seems pretty solid and have to do with families/children
As for disability apparently I need to have worked 4 of the last 6 years which I have not and I don't think "depression" is a good enough excuse for a severe and prolonged disability
It all looks pretty hopeless here :/


OP here
I'm thinking suicide might be the only way at this point
I'm always miserable when I'm working but I can't just quit my job or I'd be homeless
If I don't post in the next little while, have a nice life



You don't really want to die, or else you would have done it already. I know that feeling pretty well.
If you don't have any reason to live, you don't have any reason to die either. Just give yourself a reason to live.
If you need someone to talk, I wouldn't mind skyping with you !


Well it's not like I want to die but it's not like I want to work for the rest of my life either
The first option seems ambiguous but the pain will end
With the second option I'll eventually die but with more suffering
My current reason to live is video games but I can only enjoy them on my time off which always seems non-existent



In this case it ain't to late for you to find something that could fulfill you. Life is harsh, but you can still make it enjoyable


I guess..
When I was working 2 days a week I was actually happy
If only I could find a job that would support me like that :/



A good job is one that doesn't feel like working. Look at what you enjoy doing and just go for it


Well I enjoy playing video games and most things computer related but I'm not sure where to go from there


Start fixing computers? It's easy job, no real need to talk or socialize too much, you're your own boss, and you decide the price so you can even get more for simple stuff because it's considered "only technicians can do that".
The only bad thing is that you will be fixing a lot of windows related problems, your customers are almost always stupid, and that you rely a lot on the word of your clients to improve the number of calls you receive, so you have to leave a good impression on them (Also, advertising your work in some kind of media like pamphlets and such).
It could be bad depending on the person so you just decide from there.


So you're saying as a side job or something? I know there's a few places where I live that do that kind of stuff so I'm not sure how I'd get them to want me some random dude to fix it



I can even become a full time job. If you show the skill there's still a chance for them to take you in. Try after sale services too


Yeah I guess.. I don't know if I'd have to skill to even do that though
I've built computers but whenever I run into a problem I just google it unless it's something obvious
I'm still on the fence about going to college or traveling/moving
I have the classes for most things science related bio/chem but I got put on a waiting list and never got in the last time I tried :/


It's still better than nothing at all, if you work hard enough you'll be able to get a little job like that that could make you live and that you'd enjoy


True, I really need to get out of where I'm working it's really starting to get stressful
They want me to work 6 days this week so it'll be fun not attempting to kill myself

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