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saya no uta
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File: 1341785811389.jpg (9.57 KB, 240x240, 09.jpg)


Has anyone else tried this new Slender Man game, "Slender?"
It's pretty freaky.
Check it out; downloads in the link:


I haven't managed to beat it yet. I usually get slenderfucked after collecting 4-6 notes.
I love exploring the woods and finding the abandoned vehicles and other weird shit.

File: 1339447355556.jpg (568.66 KB, 1031x1382, Ib.(Game).full.1107343.jpg)



I just finished it! And I wan't more D:

Do any of you fellows know any other games like this? Or at least a good game that's like 16 bit?
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File: 1339452080830.png (254.21 KB, 477x333, every day is fluffy.png)

I also played "To The Moon" I'd like a game like this to!


To where?


Any idea where can I get the full version for free?


On any torrent-tracker, fucker.


Oh hey, I just got, played and finished Ib yesterday (got all the endings too). I wasn't as creeped out by it as I was by Ao Oni though.

File: 1320460619332.jpg (160.26 KB, 475x222, Corpse Party.jpg)


So I just heard this game's getting an English release on the PSP near the end of November, as a download only title. The basic idea's that a bunch of High School kids end up getting trapped inside their now-haunted schoolhouse after a ritual of Friendship goes wrong.

Anyway, here are a couple links.

Launch Trailer

Halloween Trailer


Interview with more info, both on gameplay and localization
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File: 1330952654014.jpg (3.79 KB, 123x126, suggest.jpg)

Two more chapters of corpse party published.

i'm having major sads now, goddamnit.
This is getting better with every chapter.


And for some odd reason, it was scanned perfectly, meaning bigass pictures in high quality.


I'm a little late in mentioning this here, but "Corpse Party -Rebuilt-" (A remake of the original, PC-98 Corpse Party that's identical in all but graphics) recently got translated into English!

Here's the relevant link for the download, along with more info.



I don't have a PSP, so I don't care about the remake;
I really want to play the original RPG maker one though



Well, the PC-98 version is the original RPG maker one, and this remake's basically the same to that, in all but graphics.

Unless what you meant was the "Corpse Party: Blood Covered", the more recent PC version, which is more similar to the PSP version than the original. That PC version only has a translation of the demo, which basically consists of the game's first chapter (of 5). I don't really know where you could find that demo or translation for download, though.


I'm Reviving this Thread due to the fact that I just beat The Game.

Ending Rank: [A] Survival
All characters are alive.

File: 1341394028922.bmp (1.53 MB, 839x637, Not implemente ib error.bmp)


I just found this Ib game, and wanted to try it, but when i open the game, and press "New Game" the game just go black and a lot of messages pop up saying "not implemented", can someone help? I have Rpg Maker 2003 and the RTP


Seeing as the text there is in Spanish, I'm assuming the likely problem's that your computer isn't set to run under an English environment, which is what the English translation of Ib requires.

In case you don't know how to do that, here's a step by step guide:

1. Go to Start > Control panel > Regional and Language Options

2. Under the first tab (Regional Options) switch the language to one of the "English" settings. I don't think it matters which, but I have it set to, "English (United States)".

3. Under the third tab (Advanced) switch the language setting to the same thing you set it to in the first tab (So if you set it to "English (United States)" Previously, you would set it to "English (United States)" here, as well).

4. Click "apply". if your computer has the required language pack, it should then ask if you want to use the language files installed on your hard disk. If it does this, then click "Yes", and your computer should say that it needs to restart in order to click the procedure. When you're ready for it to do so, click "Yes".

5. Once your computer is done restarting, your computer will now be set to "English", so Ib, and other games designed to work in an English environment will hopefully run without problems. You can switch the language back to Spanish (or whatever language you had it set to prevously) when you're done playing those games, in the same way you set your computer to English.


I did it, now the game works fine! thanks, there was another problem later, with mp3 files in the music folder, but managed to fix it by converting them into WAV files
Now i can finally enjoy this game!

File: 1340030703440.png (11.87 KB, 359x413, A_tower_of_heaven.png)


This little gem of a game is short but a serious test of your patience. If you can muster up all of your platforming skill, be prepared to enjoy a game with great art direction, music and dialogue!

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File: 1340136741475.png (273.81 KB, 813x480, toh___intermission_by_cool….png)


>dat soundtrack



It was really good but really short. I was just about to throw my computer across the room till I beat the last level and realized it was over ;w;

Hitting the sides of other blocks gets me every freakin' time


I made this guise

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|Eid's Nightmare|Madotsuki|An easy, slow level. Good for beginners.|


Always a good time for Flashygoodness' music.

Speaking of which,
He made music for the secret levels in this. The wayward traveler isn't in this one but it's still fun.

File: 1339944275186.jpg (236.29 KB, 800x800, 0df14a2af842e38578103cb0ba….jpg)


I know Ao Oni has been done to death but I thought this LP was pretty funny in places:

File: 1330835674138.jpg (44.85 KB, 346x500, 516669_23524_front.jpg)


why is this game not here,
I am seriously dissapointed.
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Isn't it a great feeling when the monster version of the sisters match the person?

I thought it was awesome.


I can fap to that.


treasure is p much the best period
too bad they suck with 3d though


Stretch Panic had so much potential, but inevitably fell flat. It felt more like a tech demo rather than a finished project. It only cost me $4, so I can't really complain. I just wish the game was as good as it could have been.
I love some of the character designs, though. And there are very few games that will provoke the topic of "boobcopters".


it's because treasure openly admits to being terrible with 3d programming

File: 1317491635187.jpg (18.03 KB, 336x200, pntr117.jpg)


OK third attempt
here is a "game" i made
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>implying I have the courage to go face it again


What's with me becoming a train? It says something about the train and how he can't run, and it's pretty much dead from there on.


This game…. is pretty bad


File: 1317994903541.png (11.88 KB, 470x425, 1293771460525.png)


Is this still in-dev?

File: 1337642075948.png (1.15 MB, 1280x799, 22-7-18 GP.png)




ur not bubuloo
go awy


nerd, my ign changed to real life hero

just pm me on irc and see whta happens


No fuck you.

File: 1335118002369.png (433.25 KB, 500x647, creepyfacade.png)


i͙̲͕̤̟̘͆͊̍ͤ͌̎̅̃͘͜ ̩̝̮̹̈́́ͯ̉͗̉̎̊́͘t̬̞̲͋͒̔ͩ͛̎̔̀͘h̴̳̤̭̗͚͉͉̻̏ͪ̎ͩ͗̔ͮ́͝i͎͍͎͚͖̯͇ͥ̽͢͟n͋͋ͧͪͤ̓͟͡͏̯̤̼̱kͧ͌ͯ̚҉̴͈͍̤̯̟̳̹̮ ̽̄̉̉̓͆ͨ͌͑҉̭̺̙͔͘ÿ̶̺̞̱ͯͩͦͥ̑̂o̧̪̬̬͍ͥͥͦ̌ͨͤ̅̊ù̵͚̼ͮ̕ ̠̙̻̘͂̄͒́n̝̻͉̰̻̞̞̘̓̀̕ͅe̪̟̤͎͊̿̅́͘͠e̛̟̱̻ͬͧ̽ͦd̬̦͈̭͚̦̗͔ͮ̏͊̑̉̿̓̍́ ̡̨͔͙̠ͥ̃ͨ̉̉́̿̋t̡͉͉̓ơ͚̤̤̫ͩ̆̿̓̅ͥͪ̌ ̛̣̙̲͇ͮ̈́͂͐̓̋̋ľ͓̮ͪ́͆ͮ̉ͦ̚͞͠ȩ̹̗̯̞̒͒ͪ̈́͗ͯͣa̵̸͔̍̓͌̔͂v̥̿ͥ̄ͯ͗̄̉͊̋e̵̥̺͎̻̱̞̯̼̺̔ͩ͋ͩ̔̽̒̚
̷̲͇͚̾̃͆ͪ͜m̧̺ͤͤe̡ͤ̇ͬ͡͏̲͙̘̝ͅl̶̷̡̬͔̉̍͂͐̅̚o̺̺͔̱̹̽́ͦ̀̿ͭ̇͑̚n͇͔̰̜̣͇̒͊̌͒͆&Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Here's the link to the game itself, though the download is kinda big, and some of the goofy LPs are probably more amusing than seriously playing the game, anyway.


If you do play it though, try hugging and kissing Trip and Grace. Not enough of the LPers seem to notice you can do that.


I know you can go into the game files and all, but can you go in and change the names? (Obviously they wont actually say the names, of course. Unless you put a different audio file??)

I don't know, something I wanted to do.



File: 1336507870931.png (752.81 KB, 1147x1920, tumblr_lzmtfn1eeb1qkqjvho1….png)

I think I've heard something about naming Trip's folder "Grace" and vice versa… It made the game even more hilarious but pretty much unwinnable without subtitles


File: 1336906634842.gif (170.58 KB, 250x300, 1335517375463.gif)

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