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saya no uta
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Uboachan has been migrated to a new server and new HTTP software. Please report any strange website behavior. Access to the Dream MUD will be restored shortly.

File: 1336065493139.jpg (80.41 KB, 333x250, exorcist-2.jpg)


New casual game Exorcist 2 (Hidden Object): Take up the cross and save the world from everlasting darkness! - http://bitshare.com/?f=w9ggbapw


File: 1336072330344.jpg (74.92 KB, 300x379, GANES.jpg)

File: 1327511604960.jpg (15.15 KB, 506x359, 1239588459119.jpg)


Because this is the most awesome YN-like game ever. Except maybe for .Flow, but Neftelia is far more original.
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I'll try to upload the files I have when I have time.
I didn't incur in any crash at all when I played both of them, but I had set japanese for non-unicode applications, though I can't see why app locale should be any different.



I get various CRC errors when unraring both games.

neftelia 1 -> some map CRC errors
neftelia 2 -> error in a certain sound file (ship.wav I think)


Mh, maybe try to unzip them via applocale? I really don't know, as I already stated I played both of them and I never had a single problem.


As I said, I had issues with those downloads.
The thing is, that download, and the download that's around the interwebs (the compiled by Reiveth one) were both compressed and uploaded while in english locale, fucking up the names of some files, like the sound ones.

After some tries I've managed to build a working Neftelia 0.03.
This one works and it has been rared and uploaded while in jap locale.


File: 1319064434777.png (322.82 KB, 854x480, 2011-10-19_18.43.11.png)


Ohi uboachan.

Come join our server at


It's a new server with a growing community. It combines about three maps from other servers. We currently have a small Yume Nikki related project you could feel free to help out with. Or just come have fun and do your own thing!

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File: 1323910535077.jpeg (28.51 KB, 854x480, 380809_2246652210577_1376….jpeg)



>Uboachan.net is an MC server now
>still kicking
Good luck wizzat.


>uboachan server

You almost have an argument.

(JK ilu uboachan server)




Forget about keeping your MC servers running or opening new ones, there's a Uboachan server up now you ain't got chance


raycore is pretty awesome tbh

I go to both so i dont really have a favorite 8D

File: 1335200232178.jpg (76.01 KB, 400x400, tumblr_lvjil5CknX1qfud6so1….jpg)


>I won't say anything about Skyrim. I never played Skyrim.
But Dark Souls. Dark Souls is an awesome, challenging game.
In that game, one error can lead to your instant death.
In this game, if you rush in a group of enemies and get killed, you must change your strategy, because that'll happen every times.
That is probably what I love the most about that game.
And Snuggly is kinda cute.


I haven't played Dark Souls, but I love the shit out of Skyrim. You should check it out.

File: 1317356877251.png (705 KB, 1185x737, sdd.png)


The Sims
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File: 1334636261134.png (782.56 KB, 667x662, uro.png)

i'm not as proud of these but hey


Wow, how did I miss this. Never played this game, but I might have if I knew it was possible to mod it to such an extent


Jesus Canta that Monoe. Does she do the smug smile as well?

I barely noticed a "mate" in time on the above sentence before posting this

In hindsight, all the times I called you mate feel extremely awkward now


these all look really nice…


File: 1334982642114.png (172.25 KB, 320x523, monoe.png)


no worries mate


File: 1334998278858.gif (381.87 KB, 400x263, 1293182333923.gif)


Can this be real

File: 1334806791698.png (194.36 KB, 578x546, spiderjockey.png)


Looking for a Minecraft PvP server? Please check out mc.pewf.in!
Choose from 4 different classes to play as!
Each class has unique spells that you can try out.
Spells are given immediately and does not require unlocking or leveling.
You can switch anytime too!

We have the following bukkit plugins on the server:

Catacombs - Randomly generated dungeons (One dungeon will be provided for each established guild).
Factions - User-defined protection and guild system.
mcMMO - Trainable skills for each player.
RuneCraft - Magic based on block patterns.
Likeaboss - This plugin allows the server to spawn champion monsters.
MagicSpells - Adds wizardry to the server.
War - Arena based pvp.
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File: 1319055072302.png (175.51 KB, 512x205, 20110412074027League_of_Le….png)


Welcome to summoner's rage

I like playing Riven a lot. She's been of interest to me lately… She's also probably the only melee i've ever been good at, off the bat.
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File: 1328401078947.png (110.46 KB, 250x326, tumblr_lkwtblb6dJ1qzx87io1….png)


Lmao, thanks for the fix. But anyways, I have muted a few, but I totally keep forgetting them. I also keep forgetting to report them whenever I can. But, yeah. It's too bad you can't witness it. :c


It would be totally fun to play with bros, my name is Zeaky, fairly easy to remember.

I will warn you, I tend to get.. A little too enthusiastic sometimes. Like when I am nearly dead and i'm running the FUCK out of there. Making it out without dying is like a touchdown for me.

I've been getting more into the habit of pinging lately, which is good, because I used to rarely do it because I was a dunkhead.

I've been playing Ahri and Cassiopia lately. :3


File: 1330895892612.jpg (29.33 KB, 462x604, 9122_1156366545388_1114453….jpg)


we have a lot more LoL players than i thought; if you visit the IRC channel they'll be there.


File: 1331055093230.jpg (10.53 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)


File: 1334630677186.jpg (77.31 KB, 762x589, fantastic_comic.JPG)


File: 1334637296308.png (448.77 KB, 800x800, 1329346457819.png)

If any of you enjoy ARAM/ADAM/ARAB/ADAB custom-games or just ragefree normals with a guy who's had over 5k games, add REDEYED MALiCE.

File: 1334636183187.png (972.53 KB, 818x655, sickbeats.png)




aww fuck i missed the reply button

File: 1327300511728.gif (8.82 KB, 400x301, zzt.gif)


You reap what you sow
Put your face to the ground
Here come the marching men
Your colours wrapped around
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I was just playing Mario Tennis! I love that game so much!
Was the Vikings game The Lost Vikings?



you're cool.
that's some obvious name. sure was, though.


The Lost Vikings is HUGELY known, I'm afraid.



I used to make games with that until roughly five years ago.


Classic (text) Adventure Game Toolkit game:

The Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed


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