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Let's try that one more time uboachan,

Salutations uboachan,

I have completed my translation of the Wadanohara Reboot.

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (大海原と大海原) is an RPG made by Deep-Sea Prisoner (海底囚人), using the RPGMaker 2000 engine. It was originally released in 2013, while the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea -Reboot- was released in 2020. It is an update to the original game and features some narrative, gameplay and QoL changes.

You may find the translation patch at

This is just a patch, the original (Reboot) game is available for free on the creator's website.

I have not completed a full playthrough of the reboot with the translation applied. Many scenes were done entirely by looking at just the script, devoid of context. Because of this I suspect there are a number of lines that do not match the context of the scene in which they take place. If you find any bugs or awkward lines, I will be watching this thread forever, as is the nature of uboachan. There is also a contact method in the readme.


Congratulations on releasing this patch, anon!

I'll try to share with friends to get more people to point out errors, but I can't promise anything.


File: 1601635893691-0.png (8.84 KB, 320x240, screenshot_1.png)

File: 1601635893691-1.png (8.64 KB, 320x240, screenshot_2.png)

File: 1601635893691-2.png (9.55 KB, 320x240, screenshot_0.png)

Good job, but did you apply the translation correctly? I noticed that in the download provided some maps, common events and the entire skill database aren't translated

Furthermore, there are a handful things you can do to make this more accessible for English users:
- putting the RTP files into the game folder directly, it increases the download size by a negligible amount and removes the need for installing the RTP
- renaming every asset filename into one comprised of standard ASCII characters, this fixes the Japanese に string in battles among other things - vgp's RPGrewriter can guide you through this process



This is a large update to the translation, adding numerous translated lines that were from a previous patch file which had been left out from the original release. The filesize has also been shrunken per Anonymous's request.

What has been fixed:
Missing translated lines.
Missing translated skills.
Unnecessary files removed.

What has not been fixed:
Japanese text present in the combat dialogue.
Internal debate over whether I should include the RTP files in the game itself.
The out of context lines that are likely present, my main concern.

There was a hiccup where a previous patch, rather than my most current patch was used, resulting in my most recent work not being in the release. That has been fixed. There should still be untranslated skills, these are the RPGmaker default skills and I don't believe they're used as vgp also did not translate them.

My immediate next project is to fix the Japanese text during combat. This should be trivial to do with the actual 2000 editor, if not I shall try rewriter again though it isn't my cup of tea.


I have completed version 2.0 of the English patch:

You may consider this patch feature-complete. Previous issues involving Japanese text appearing in combat as well as missing translations in the Bonus Room and skill menu have been resolved. Images which contained text have also been translated.

Have a nice day!


Is this significantly different from the version on vgperson's site?


File: 1624154445469.png (295.69 KB, 1920x1080, Captura de pantalla (17).png)

I'm so sorry but I think there is still some trouble with the text shown during combat.


File: 1655141868636.png (2.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

hey Fivesirjohns! Who do you get the Orignal Japanese RTP content! i serch this that for a long time!! i need all Orginal Japanese RTP pack!!! can you link me?


File: 1655471118339.jpg (39.52 KB, 680x680, Wadanohara.jpg)

Nice, did Funa say anything about the Grey Garden remake?


File: 1657433781302.png (26.74 KB, 320x240, sys_gamestart.png)


It's 2022, and in the end, the official team still hasn't released an English translation. The funny thing is that the Russians and the Chinese have had it made for a long time.


File: 1681004103995.png (93.76 KB, 1920x1080, image_2023-04-09_023428005.png)

Old thread now but thanks for this!! Only issie is that the items the bosses drop aren't translated but it's not that big a deal



Who in the world would want to translate the same game twice?


How much of the script is the same?

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