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saya no uta
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File: 1354071309550.png (216.56 KB, 505x395, sukutte.png)


Hey, has /og/ heard of a game called Sukutte? I haven't been able to gather much information on it. There's a Let's Play in German on youtube, and a couple of Japanese ones. It's a Wolf RPG Maker game as far as I can tell. I can't find much info on the game online.
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Aaand… I'm back with a question. This is one of the puzzles from the game:

There are 5 buttons with animals drawn on them: tiger, horse, dog, snake, rabbit.
Your only clue is a string of numbers you found earlier: 6→4→7→3→11
You're supposed to press the buttons in order.

The solution is that the numbers correspond to those animals' positions in the Chinese zodiac, and you have to press them in that order. My question is, is this a bit too hard? I mean, it doesn't really seem like something that would even occur to most people. I could easily add a line to clue players in better, but should I?


Yeah, that's definitely obscure. I would probably never consider the zodiac based on that, and I would definitely have no idea what number each one corresponds to.



The Chinese zodiac was actually the first thing to come to mind for me, but I suppose I may be a bit more familiar with the various zodiac signs than most westerners.

Is there no hint at all other than the animal images? If so, a small hint could be alright, though I'd say to try not and make it anything overly obvious, if possible.


Erm, I'm back again, this time with a plea for help.

As it turns out, I can't seem to figure out how Wolf RPG Editor works (I'm pretty sure all the maps aren't pitch-black, for one), so I really need someone to either help with getting the translation into the game or just show me how the entire thing works.

Otherwise… eh, if nothing comes up I'll just dump the raw translation here for people to do whatever with.


Yep, nothing else whatsoever. Then again this game is rather hard as a whole. One life only, and the enemy moves faster than your character…

File: 1376016988774.png (1.79 KB, 320x240, title4[1].png)


A RM2K3 game similar in style and feel to YN. This community will love it.

This game is incredibly sad, especially for players with gender dysphoria.


By CARRIONBLUE aka moga. His website contains links his other games:

moga dot tumblr dot com

(I'm not affiliated)


The gist:

You are a recently deceased soul wandering the underworld. You have to confront memories of your earthly life and cut your ties to them in order to move on. The story is narrated through these recollections of the past.

Soundtrack by Erik Satie.


I wasn't too impressed. It's not a bad game but the soundtrack is pretty underwhelming and the combat is obnoxious. This seems like a game that wouldn't really benefit from it.

That's just how I feel, though. I like the plotline.


You dare mock Erik Satie, cur?


Yes, the combat was weird and the enemies uninspired. It was the atmosphere and story that struck a chord with me.


This game would be a whole lot better if it had two way doors/stairs/portals. With everything being one way and it starting you from the beginning after everything you do, it gets really repetitive having to go through the same areas over and over again.

File: 1350951932370.png (205.02 KB, 500x375, photo.png)


Irisu Syndrome general, because this game is creepy as fuck.
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Thank you for the OST; I think I'm gonna try to find that new .txt now.
Can you tell me the name, so beforehand I know if I have it or not? Only if it is not a spoiler.


I just recently got "Used in Art Class", something I didn't get before because I made it to level 100 in metsu before getting the sixth letter.


Oh, no, I don't have it. I'm going to try to unlock it later. Thank you.


>I'd say to just delete your score.dat or whatever and try again

No, by "have had the story spoiled" I meant "I've read what happens in the game on TvTropes and watched it on YouTube instead of playing it myself".

Seriously, don't do that.

Anyway, I actually played the game a couple weeks ago. It's been months since spoiling all that stuff to myself, so I managed to forget most of it.

It's a good game. I really liked the story. You can enjoy it even if you sort of know what to expect, because what happens in the game is of little relevance to the whole picture. The backstory provided in text files is more important.

I still have to get the final unlocks for reaching 100,000 points in normal mode and level 100 Metsu mode. They're something big that shines a new light on the backstory, if I remember correctly.

(I also have yet to alt-tab during the game one day, but I'm not sure what it does, and I think I'm too much of a pansy to find out.)


I alt tab a lot to type quick messages in irc, but i've never had anything weird happen. Friend of mine says it should be guaranteed but I get nothing. Oh well.

File: 1374193265527.jpg (813.75 KB, 2048x1536, 2013-07-18.jpg)


So anyone else celebrated because of this? Maybe 1 & 3 are on the way!!!! ;)

File: 1372371034375.png (1.79 MB, 700x3302, 1372190974112.png)



The sequel to eastern mind.
It exists but no one has made a rip of it so far.

/vr/ on 4chan's been searching. Maybe uboa chan could help.
Much appreciated.

The google doc will tell you some info on it.

The games so rare the creator Osamu Sato doesn't even own a copy.


any help would be appreciated


File: 1372467783980.jpg (47.65 KB, 400x240, 2013 06June 24 ACNL 9.JPG)


I'm not sure if this should go in yume nikke general or in other games, but here you go.
Made a pattern in ACNL with regular Uboa on the front and post-touched uboa on the back.
It's entirely possible someone has already made something like this, but whatever, I haven't seen anyone make the alternate uboa face yet so it's got that.


File: 1372467911229.jpg (47.55 KB, 400x240, 2013 06June 24 ACNL 10.JPG)

Yume Nikki general*
also here's a picture of the back if you don't want to click links.


I think I'll have unlocked the QR booth tomorrow. I want an uboa shirt in my house

File: 1372295709851.jpg (739.37 KB, 3000x2400, ThePath.jpg)


I think 'The Path' would be another surreal game that you guys could make interpretations for. The soundtrack is beautiful and there is no clear storyline. It's much like Yume Nikki in the sense that there is not really an objective or enemies. It's kind of like a spin-off of red-riding hood with 6 girls, all of which whose names are another term for red. (Ginger, Scarlet…etc) It costs around 10 dollars if you buy it, but if you want to try it beforehand there is a torrent on piratebay. Honestly, it's one of my favorite games along with Yume Nikki. Give it a try c:


it's a take on the old tale of the red riding hood.
The original tale (the Perrault version, not the toned down Grimm one) is about a girl who's fucking gullible and gets eaten by a wolf. It's a tale about rape, the wolf being the male, adult male, and red being… well. The kid.

Yeah, pedo shit.


no offense, but when you take in account the original tale, this game isn't much more interresting than that. Unlike some other games like Lisa or anything, this game is just a litteral retelling of the red riding hood story. I've seen children books doing a better job :(


Honestly, there are very little similiarities between them with the whole Red Riding Hood thing. The only major likeness is the grandmother. Try playing it yourself and see c:

File: 1371020920086.png (51.7 KB, 391x292, vivi.png)


I couldn't find the Pokemon Thread from before, so pardon me.

But… I can't be the only one that saw this, right? That and the color scheme reminds me of Madotsuki, or alternatively Princess Peach. Or, you know, the new Fairy-type.
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I'll be disappointed if they don't give Fairy-type to the Clefairy family.


File: 1371108418220.png (518.27 KB, 433x418, lovable fat oaf, smart coc….PNG)

but of course they're giving fairy type to the clefairy family. it's just about guaranteed.

well, this isn't the thread for nostalgia-goggled guys like you. find a different one, or make your own i guess.

fairy was needed because dragon didn't have enough weaknesses. i highly doubt there's going to be a second type, though. i like fairy anyway, i expect some cute pokemon and a few evil ones because the fae of folklore weren't purely of sunshine and lollipops. (technically, they never really were, modernization made them cute little sprites and innocent little elves)

anyway, a popular kid's magazine known for pokemon reveals got leaked, this time around it doesn't seem like we're getting "proper" rivals, but a bunch of kids that we meet at the beginning that seem to go on an adventure of their own. that's what my guess is, anyway. also some new pokemon

pic related for the kid part, i think the girl is adorable.


The kids are pretty adorable, all in their own way.
These are going to be long 4 months.


It's not a fairy type though. It has to be unintentional but I can't unsee it. I always associate Earthbound and Pokemon and Yume Nikki because Pokemon was influenced heavily by Earthbound and the same with Yume Nikki.

I stopped playing when Platinum came out and I started again the past year or so with Soul Silver and now Black and White. The character and Pokemon designs seem a lot more charming to me than Black/White although I did really enjoy those games. I never followed news on new Pokemon though.

The new Fairy type and Mewtwo has me excited and nostalgic. It reminds me of when rumours about Mewthree were out waaay back in red/blue days. I'm really excited. Especially to see all the rare shiny pokemon and Pokemon I've raised become 3d!


File: 1371405461740.jpg (205.29 KB, 500x510, 366cba5378b277f37d094da163….jpg)

X/Y has everything I ever wanted in a Pokemon game as a kid.

File: 1369357381777.gif (88.71 KB, 544x416, ReKinderScreen2.gif)


It looks like vgperson has translated another game! This one is called "Re:Kinder".

It's a freeware horror game by Parun (Horafuki Yokochou) made in RPG Maker VX. It's a remake of Kinder, originally released in 2003 with RPG Maker 2003.

You can get the full description and download at: http://vgperson.com/games/rekinder.htm
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I find it odd that someone who has such a difficult time communicating is accusing others of being young.


im sorry, i didnt realize i had to be part of some homo hivemind. ill try not to have individual thoughts or feelings ever again.
how am i having a difficult time communicating?
is it because my punc. and spelling isnt perfect?? i dont really consider that a sign of a lack of intelligence and inexperience, but someone accusing another person of being a 'tumblr faggot' for bringing up an issue and acting like the desire to be equally represented and respected is some kind of new thing that only exists on the internet is pretty stupid and shows an extreme lack of knowledge of history and how the world even works.

but i forgot that this is the internet, of course real people dont exist on the internet and of course these ideas never have any effects ever on anyone outside the internet.

keep living your 13 year old dreams. keep living in fear of the world changing and you having to grow up.


Calm down, your newness is blinding.


I wasn't even the one who called you a tumblr faggot.
Now you're just being accusatory and silly. Quit trying to defend yourself on an anonymous bulletin board. You're nameless and we can only tell who you are because you're the only one here who can't type.
Suck it up, type like you know English (even if it ain't your native language) and offer ideas that pertain outside of your own little life. We're all anonymous because we don't care about individual ideals, we just want to talk about certain things without people's egos and personal bullshit getting in the way and yours is.
You may not be a tumblr faggot, but you're certainly a faggot.

Now talk about the game instead of responding to me with some weak strawman accusations since you can't even form a good defense for your own choices.



Your a focking bewb!

File: 1353476141540.jpg (48.75 KB, 628x462, the-mirror-lied-titlescree….jpg)


Excuse me, have you ever played this game? It's from creator of "To The Moon" and is about faceless girl, who live in the house, and sthange things happens. The game is short, but nice.
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This should probably have been posted in /og/, though.


File: 1370751308763.png (26.6 KB, 169x383, hki2.PNG)

Birdie is a biological weapon Leah helped make/manage, and Leah regressed to a childlike state in an attempt to forget/cope with what she had done.


I've played it before. It's confusingly ambiguous and that's all I can really say about it.


I think that's the point, though.


Leah's parents made Birdie during wartime. Birdie makes things disappear. Birdie made Leah's parents disappear and escaped. Birdie calls Leah several times and bosses her about, more or less to taunt her with its power.
Birdie makes most of the world disappear. Leah makes herself disappear when Birdie picks her up. The end.

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