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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1642563738177.jpg (27 KB, 640x360, ITSPAYNE.jpg)


What games or moments in certain games that give you that Yume Nikki vibe?


File: 1642612366406.jpg (26.91 KB, 413x499, dc.jpg)

The payne…

Is max.



File: 1643074539647.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1082x633, scarecrow.png)


File: 1643597171152.png (8.46 KB, 680x1292, Alice.png)


File: 1652265660916-0.jpg (59.2 KB, 680x523, u17.jpg)

File: 1652265660916-1.jpg (71.95 KB, 523x680, u18.jpg)

Maid for it.

File: 1651433851404.jpg (64.65 KB, 256x384, 52257.jpg)


A game where you try getting a NEET to 1 million subscribers. I thought it was neat.


Extremely cute girl but the game felt kind of mediocre. I don't like how unfair and abrupt some of the endings are. I don't like the fact it presents all the endings to you period. Feels too grindy.
A fine game to play for an hour or two, though.


Yeah, it definitely has an issue with grind. I personally wasn't too bothered by it since I'm kind of a completionist with VNs anyway, but it was definitely a thing that was there.

The interface was really creative, though. Pretty immersive.


File: 1651978852937.jpg (81.24 KB, 851x696, needy-streamer-overload.jpg)

i like this game because i can relate to ame a lot bc i am equally as degenerate and its pretty fun : 3

File: 1627035712219.png (138.13 KB, 1300x793, SP_screenshot3-smol2.png)


Note: This is totally an autopromo post :)
I'm Quentin, I'm a game dev who likes weird stuff like Satoshi Kon and David Lynch movies.
I'm also a fan of RPGmaker adventure horror games like Crooked Man, Ib, Corpse Party…
I've left Ubisoft 2 years ago to work on such a game, and I just pushed the steam page yesterday.
It's called Decarnation and you can wishlist it here:
I hope you'll find it cool.

Cheers mates !



The game looks cool and all, but…

>I've left Ubisoft 2 years ago to work on such a game

What's the point of telling it? Such a game could be made by a regular uneducated coal miner in his free time, too. I don't mind devs promoting their projects and all, but man, ubisoft name doesn't really adds you selling points here (if doesn't make things even worse).


I think it’s cool he states it because it shows he has some experience in professional video game making


Looks super promising! I'll deff be wishlisting this and looking forward to it.


The game look awesome, definity pre order it!

File: 1630955262104.jpg (81.99 KB, 1027x1200, swap.jpg)


Not really a fangame, but still Nikki as fuck
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Hey, wheres the like button on this website?

Just kidding, lol. Its worth noting I dont think anyone here was coming to his defense. Just one anon throwing a temper tantrum.


So you want to extend this now? Despite the admin stepping in to ask for a ceasefire? and I'm the villain?

Please let's agree to disagree and continue the thread normally I'm not gonna read all that.


Yume Nikki has been around for years. Omori was released just over a year ago.
Omori has become more than half as popular as YN on Tumblr in a year than YN has in more than a decade.


Not a fangame. Also, ew.


it's not "omori" in the pee sense, you idiot

File: 1643280600304-0.png (1.6 MB, 2048x2732, 1639392240380-v.png)

File: 1643280600304-1.png (955.61 KB, 2048x3194, citadel.png)

File: 1643280600305-2.png (2 MB, 2732x3057, by7wmu.png)

File: 1643280600305-3.png (113.1 KB, 305x356, FDatDn1acAElz1p.png)


Does anybody know about this title?

It's a half-retro FPS made by a single japanese(!) dev that takes a lot of inspiration from Marathon, Touhou, Doom, and cyberpunk/dark anime from 90's (GitS, Jin-Roh, Blame!, etc). The game, despite being a bit clunky in realization, has a good amount of effort and soul put into it together with a decent amount of gun autism (projectile ballistics, half-realistic reloading system, juicy sounds) + elements of guro and ryona (no porn) + fucked up cyberpunkish/religious setting, as if it was taken from some obscure japanese RPG Maker schizo game.

You can download the game here:

or/and you can buy it on steam to support the dev:


File: 1644113744594-0.jpg (381.57 KB, 1920x1080, d68041a24395044e56c1d0c11e….jpg)

File: 1644113744594-1.jpg (302.88 KB, 1920x1080, steampagepreview.jpg)

File: 1644113744594-2.jpg (69.61 KB, 670x376, 421226.jpg)

Haven't actually bought it yet (haven't really been playing games too much for a while now), but mood and tone looks great. The dev's a massive retro game sci-fi geek and gun nut that takes inspiration from all over the place (noticeably BLAME). The sequel update logs look good too, with an increase in gun handling mechanics and gameplay variation. Heard the guy got harassed by people assuming it's a guro porn game, but that evidently hasn't slowed him down.

No gameplay screenshots? Sure, initial impressions of the hud and levels push people away, but the aesthetic's cool.

Beyond Citadel Dev logs: https://twitter.com/citadeldev?s=20
Seeing all those cycling gun states, manual bolt cycling and sprites gets me excited.


Yes. Havent played an fps in a long time so I got this game, really been enjoying it. The leaning is pretty fun.


Dang. looks cool. Might check it out after I look at ultrakill


File: 1644312194044.jpg (131.95 KB, 869x1159, E_jgD4yVEAMndE3.jpg)


It started after some youtuber's playthrough videos, I think, where he blamed the dev for guro fetish (the dev's actually into guro, but seems like doesn't want to admit it lol).
Here's the interview including some words about the setting and stuff: https://nichegamer.com/doekuramori-interview-the-citadel-harassment-and-how-to-make-your-voice-heard-in-japan/

File: 1639644987413.jpeg (13.12 KB, 194x259, images-3.jpeg)


Mario! It's New Super Mario World! Everything's different! There's water in the sky, Mario! And there's blocks everywhere! Yoshi coins!

Luigi, I've been a plumber for 34 years. Do you think I actually go to some kind of Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi? I don't. I just trip really hard on LSD and I fuck some prostitutes … without a condom.

Mario! I've been there with you! To the Mushroom Kingdom!

No, you haven't, Luigi. You have Terminal 7 brain cancer. I don't even know what that means, but it's bad. This is all in your head, Luigi. It's in your imagination. There's no such thing as the Mushroom Kingdom. I'm a plumber. You've been living off me and my livelihood for years, Luigi. You're a useless cunt, Luigi, and I've been supporting you because you're my brother.

But Mario, I saw the Princess! She's real!

That was a dead hooker, Luigi. I threw her in your bed, Luigi, while you were sleeping. You were on mushrooms.

B-b-but Mario. What about Toad? What about Toad?

Luigi, that wasn't a talking mushroom. That was my cock, Luigi. That was my cock, okay? That's why it looked like a mushroom, Luigi.




this post gave me cancer


File: 1639848536664.gif (38.08 KB, 220x290, thispostgavemetheclap.gif)

File: 1502254756040.jpg (15.91 KB, 236x295, 92ddf40c504feeae3b8434e700….jpg)


Does anybody here like chess? It's one of the few games that both has a big learning curve and can be enjoyed immediately upon learning the rules.
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File: 1635151124714-0.gif (4.42 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1635151124714-1.jpg (102.07 KB, 1024x1024, 20211024.jpg)

File: 1635151124714-2.jpg (668.25 KB, 2048x1377, 20211031.jpg)

White to play
A Anastasian vs Tiviakov


File: 1635752747109-0.gif (4.65 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1635752747122-1.jpg (188 KB, 920x719, 20211031.jpg)

File: 1635752747122-2.jpg (111.71 KB, 828x1213, 20211107.jpg)

Black to play
Valery Salov vs Jeroen Piket


File: 1636354145808-0.gif (4.79 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1636354145808-1.jpg (115.64 KB, 1050x867, 20211128.jpg)

Black to play
T Fruebing vs L Espig


File: 1636436607650-0.gif (4.37 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1636436607668-1.jpg (15.65 KB, 293x431, 20211114.jpg)

File: 1636436607668-2.jpg (117.07 KB, 672x936, 20211121.jpg)

White to play
Stellwagen vs Koneru


File: 1636966489942-0.gif (4.53 KB, 268x268, 2022.gif)

File: 1636966489945-1.jpg (389.28 KB, 2000x1462, 2aaa.jpg)

File: 1636966489945-2.jpg (400.1 KB, 2000x1462, 2aab.jpg)

White to play
Kogan vs J Stocek

File: 1424538084769.png (311.02 KB, 625x526, 6b02ebac3ff82a1b17ff70779f….png)


Well, yeah, I want to make a game but I have no leads and the only thing I know I want it to involve is time travel.

So, I was wondering if some of you could tell me what sort of concepts interest you in a game? What do you think sounds like a good plot or simply sounds interesting/fun?

And what are some cool names you can think of?

Also, do you have any suggestions for what I could actually USE to make it with? I know there's RPG Maker but I was wondering about any other programs?

Picture to the right is a small sample of my artwork (it's still unfinished).

Thanks! :^)
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Can you make a game where you can design your own house and garden? And maybe setup a cafe or something that you open every other day because you'd be too busy arranging your house and garden.


Unless you have a fairly exact vision of what you want i can guarantee you that you will not get past the alpha stage.

Making a game is much tougher than it looks, you will have great problems with motivation very quickly.


File: 1634198019536-0.gif (66.11 KB, 122x168, ak46.gif)

File: 1634198019536-1.jpg (169.09 KB, 1024x1353, _sale.jpg)

Make an action RPG - Tigr Sasha, Sorceress.


File: 1634368294042-0.gif (76.34 KB, 132x173, ak46.gif)

File: 1634368294042-1.gif (139.09 KB, 123x234, ak47.gif)

I prefer Amazon or Paladin.


File: 1636798801189-0.jpg (281.21 KB, 1920x1901, diablomtg.jpg)

File: 1636798801189-1.jpg (288.04 KB, 1920x2563, doot62.jpg)

ROUGE for me

File: 1541779659979.gif (122.2 KB, 138x106, chun-li hit stand.gif)


What games in your opinion have the best animation? This is from Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
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File: 1628844259203.gif (256.68 KB, 480x271, zchop.gif)


File: 1632524938374-0.gif (38.26 KB, 297x169, 20210001.gif)

File: 1632524938374-1.gif (66.49 KB, 384x138, 20210000.gif)

Capcom vs SNK


File: 1636101052968-0.jpeg (120.63 KB, 1270x1367, elf.jpeg)

File: 1636101052968-1.gif (1.38 MB, 489x274, elf1.gif)

File: 1636101052968-2.gif (2.49 MB, 489x274, elf2.gif)

El Fuerte!


File: 1636101154575-0.gif (2.99 MB, 489x274, elf3.gif)

File: 1636101154575-1.gif (2.37 MB, 489x274, elf4.gif)

File: 1636101154575-2.gif (3.02 MB, 489x274, elf5.gif)

The Mexican Jumping Bean!


File: 1636131358242-0.gif (51.35 KB, 153x257, piii.gif)

File: 1636131358242-1.gif (105.77 KB, 350x442, 20c479231b9ad48e02ceb6666b….gif)

How has no one mentioned Kof XIII yet? Definitely one of my favourite looking fighting games, even if it doesn't please the sprite purists
This is way too good for an erogame

File: 1524956411999.png (1.01 MB, 1916x1041, 2018-04-28_15.52.20.png)


I set up a Minecraft Lost Cities modded server to play around with. Take a look. It's a mapgen mod, so the world is an auto-generated abandoned city in all directions. If there is enough interest for me to find donors, I will add some more features and plugin support. Currently it is otherwise vanilla, with 12 player slots.

There are skyscrapers, highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, and other structures. Forever. Treasure boxes and mob spawners are scattered randomly about, making it a very hostile world with infinite exploration value.

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A few years ago I hopped in and ran around for a bit, one person was on once while I was on. I said hi, but no response.


Quite fitting for a minecraft server for a chan forum based on yume nikki… That was a mouthful but I'm sure you get the point.

Putting my ramblings aside, what a shame. I like this community and I would love to build and socialize with you all on mineyman. Too all you readers who are also saddened by the death of the server, meet me on there at 4pm EST this sunday (20/24).


wow I am an idiot with dates
apologies for the double post


I feel like playing minecraft again. If somnebody wants to join. I will be online from time to time.


File: 1635862177910.png (44.88 KB, 711x629, thanks anon.png)

same goes for me

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