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Hey, has /og/ heard of a game called Sukutte? I haven't been able to gather much information on it. There's a Let's Play in German on youtube, and a couple of Japanese ones. It's a Wolf RPG Maker game as far as I can tell. I can't find much info on the game online.


It's made by 粉粉粉粉粉
and here's his website:


Know of any translations or any efforts to translate it? To any language?


I'm afraid that there isn't a single English website introduce Sukutte so do Akimitan
maybe they aren't famous enough in western forum


damn. I'd love to play it but I know 0 Japanese and it seems pretty text-heavy so I don't think it will be translated any time soon.


I know that feeling. this game just joined 3 other text-heavy games I would like to see translated


Which ones?

Well I guess not all hope is lost? Ib and The Witch's House are both pretty text-heavy and they were translated too


Moonlight Labyrinth
Kisei Joker




Hm, I guess this is worth a shot…

I'm currently working on an English translation for Sukutte. There're a few problems though:
1 - I know nothing about Wolf RPG Maker, so I have no way of actually hacking the translation in.
2 - Due to aforementioned lack of RPG maker knowledge, I don't have access to the actual text files and am instead working off Japanese LPs, so I'm pretty sure it's not 100% complete.

In other words, I need someone who's familiar with this kind of thing to help, or else nothing actually gets done.


A challenger (I mean, helper) approaches!

Search for arc_conv and use that to extract the Data.wolf file. You'll get all the data files - put those in WOLF RPG's "Data" folder, and when you open up the editor, you should have be able to edit the stuff. (I don't understand why there isn't a proper "Project Open" option…)

Then when you're done, select "Create Game Data" from the file menu and choose the second option, "Encode Entire Data Folder," to get it compiled into a Data.wolf for release.


Aaand… I'm back with a question. This is one of the puzzles from the game:

There are 5 buttons with animals drawn on them: tiger, horse, dog, snake, rabbit.
Your only clue is a string of numbers you found earlier: 6→4→7→3→11
You're supposed to press the buttons in order.

The solution is that the numbers correspond to those animals' positions in the Chinese zodiac, and you have to press them in that order. My question is, is this a bit too hard? I mean, it doesn't really seem like something that would even occur to most people. I could easily add a line to clue players in better, but should I?


Yeah, that's definitely obscure. I would probably never consider the zodiac based on that, and I would definitely have no idea what number each one corresponds to.



The Chinese zodiac was actually the first thing to come to mind for me, but I suppose I may be a bit more familiar with the various zodiac signs than most westerners.

Is there no hint at all other than the animal images? If so, a small hint could be alright, though I'd say to try not and make it anything overly obvious, if possible.


Erm, I'm back again, this time with a plea for help.

As it turns out, I can't seem to figure out how Wolf RPG Editor works (I'm pretty sure all the maps aren't pitch-black, for one), so I really need someone to either help with getting the translation into the game or just show me how the entire thing works.

Otherwise… eh, if nothing comes up I'll just dump the raw translation here for people to do whatever with.


Yep, nothing else whatsoever. Then again this game is rather hard as a whole. One life only, and the enemy moves faster than your character…

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