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File: 1379012169787.png (257.93 KB, 722x800, IMG_000627.png)


This thread is for:

- "What is this game, please help"
- "I just got this game and there is this bug that keeps happening, how do I fix it help"
- "Where can I download this game?"

And any other help that you might need. Please refrain from creating new threads just for a help request, rather than general discussion of a game - use this one instead!

Also: Please be as descriptive as possible when asking for help. Screen caps and error text copy-paste is the best way to get tailored answers.
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If you mean this board, then yes. If you mean this thread in particular, no.

File: 1521262030679.png (401.56 KB, 530x300, Ahandung.png)


I fucking love anything by Osamu Sato, LSD, Dream Emulator, Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou, Chu-Teng, etc. It's so fascinating to research these games and everything else Sato has made.

Anyone else agree?

File: 1352472434729.jpg (311.13 KB, 1001x1012, 23692692.jpg)


Does anyone here know about these games?

Towelket is a series of RPG Maker games inspired by MOTHER, with surreal, philosophical, and horrific themes. Currently, there are six games, and four spin-off titles.

Recently, a few people have started work on translating the series. If you can aide with the translation, feel free to join the IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/towelket

English wiki with more information: http://www49.atwiki.jp/towelketranslation/
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File: 1519242884804.png (4.59 KB, 497x203, error.png)

whats wrong?


You didn't install the japanese RTP. Look for Kidan's thread, there's a link there to download it.




Why would you post it to Ufile? I can't get it at all ….


File: 1488397378962.png (60.95 KB, 544x416, title.png)


It's finally done. Shoujo Gidan is translated and the english version is released. Many thanks to all the people who helped with the production of this patch.


The game is a sequel to Shoujo Kidan, and works in a similar fashion, albeit slightly differently. Although it's not necessary to have played the previous game, it is recommended. I've included the original hint file made by lol plus a guide I originally made for testers. If any question or problem arises, feel free to post them here.
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Well, the way I interpreted it, the ritual basically consisted on cutting the tip of the fingers, not the whole thing, and using blood from the guts. or maybe it was jus an appendicitis surgery, who knows.


Found a bug, sort of. It requires a bit of explanation, because it's a bit roundabout.

I have a bunch of saves for quick access to different parts of the game without needing to do a whole playthrough. However, these were only done on the first runthrough of the game, which causes a bit of a bug, when I play the "second" runthrough (the one done with the PublicData and corrupted text file in the game folder) by loading one of these save files: whenever I walk into the room just before the break room, the one with the letter that causes Tsukiko to freak out, Tsukiko automatically teleports to the letter and shuts me off from progressing until I talk to her… even if I've loaded the save file after Tsukiko's left the party due to being supposedly killed in the infirmary. But that's only one half of it: apparently interacting with Tsukiko here turns the switch for idle conversation back on, so whenever I press A, Tsukiko will talk to me, even if she's not actually in the party with me. This causes further weirdness with the last chase and ending – whenever I press A to revive, a piece of Tsukiko's idle chatter plays. I've found the events still run fine despite that, so the bug doesn't break the game, but it's definitely a moodkiller.

Maybe there's more bugs caused by this conflict of runthrough-specific flags (or even just reactivating Tsukiko's idle chatter), but I haven't stumbled on any others so far; I haven't really investigated.


File: 1520449726482.jpg (917.72 KB, 1800x1350, hamaki gives you a present.jpg)

It'd probably be a good idea to report it to lol directly, although I doubt he will really fix it at this point.


Someone will have to do the report for me, because I hardly know any Japanese, let alone how to communicate something as detailed as that bug to someone.


File: 1520774290618-0.png (19.57 KB, 544x416, locked doors.png)

File: 1520774290618-1.png (53.71 KB, 544x416, corrupted overlay.png)

Interesting detail I found while replaying: after the third corrupted chase from the infirmary, these three doors at the very "bottom" of the facility don't open, yet they could be opened before the chase (obviously, since you have to be able to get the medicine). I wonder what's up with that, especially since every other door aside the few related to the box ritual's completion can be opened at that point of the game.

Another odd little detail I noticed is that, when entering the room with the math puzzle for the first time, a very very faint overlay of what seems to be Tsukiko's face appears just before you enter the room. I have no idea why this happens, since the room doesn't matter at all outside of getting the key for the warehouse (as far as I know, anyway)… It's like just for the creepy factor like the bloody footsteps, but this one strikes me as particularly odd since it's so hard to catch – it took me tens of playthroughs of the game before I even caught it once – and because the same overlay (if it really is Tsukiko's face) appears a few other times, like during the warehouse event and when the chaser catches you. It just seems suspicious.

…I guess I'm overanalyzing. I should find something else to do that isn't replaying this game over and over again…

File: 1416633544773.jpg (177.34 KB, 898x506, 28705.jpg)


Sluggish Morss - http://gamejolt.com/games/other/sluggish-morss/12218/
Slugghist Morss: A Delicate Time in History - http://gamejolt.com/games/other/sluggish-morss-a-delicate-time-in-history/12298/

Two really weird games I haven't seen posted here before. Much like games such as Off, Space Funeral, and Middens they are DEFINITELY not for everyone.. or even most people probably. If you do like that type of game these are probably worth a play though.
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File: 1464453082074.gif (284.99 KB, 268x268, 500390158_preview_WayneHea….gif)

dude you hit the nail on the head. i loved those games to death! they really are something special and amazing, and i feel jack king spooner is incredible underrated. i adore will you ever return and it's sequel.

have you played hylics by any chance? it's not by him but it's similar in that it's also claymation. i really love that game, hope you do as well!



I agree, jack is so underrated it hurts but i feel like that adds to the charm of his games. each time i play them i feel like im being let in on a little secret that few other people know. will you ever return and its sequels were really good. I really enjoyed mammoth as well.

ive never heard of hylics but thanks for telling me about it, ill check it out sometime.


File: 1482784131110.png (41.4 KB, 900x1200, soumenhiyamugi.png)

I've been feeling pretty nostalgic for these weird indie games lately. The last one I got into was Hylics, but I don't think anything's similar has come out lately. I figure the rpgmaker scene's dead.



Jake Clover is pretty good, his stuff is a lot more basic but they have a lot of charm and delightful weirdness to them


Jake Clover is really nice, he used some music of mine in one of his games, Gradient Addiction

File: 1466664815010.png (3.22 KB, 225x225, meow.png)


like Yume Nikki, but you are a cat! it has two endings


Link? Or something?


Not OP but I found it, no idea how it is, though.



i really need more games like this in my life

File: 1485998294100.png (62.81 KB, 261x307, worlds.PNG)


rare/obscure/missing video games thread? im trying to find this one japanese pc game from like the 90's, i think it was more like an interactive book or something.
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Elaborate. Are you getting some kind of error message or it just won't start at all?


No message, it won't open. I have Japanese RTP, I have the language downloaded on my PC, I have no clue why it won't even open.


Worlds.com (search it in Google)
Here is a video of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj6vpRJi7iQ
Note that the graphics, background and "Z"'s design are very similar to the ones in the image.


Also excuse my poor grammar (I don't speak English).


Please read all the posts made by OP on this thread, the description he gave doesn't fit worlds.com at all.
He probably only used that image because he needed something to start a thread.

File: 1517957764295.png (31.46 KB, 115x94, kill me please.PNG)


Why do Japanese RPG Maker games have more of a well-known following than say western RPG Maker games?
Is it because western indies are so full of themselves because they think their game is art or something?
Of course there are exceptions (such as OFF or Lisa the Painful, for example), but it just seems that people are more receptive of games like Wadanohara or Towelket instead of games like bleet's games or Sore Losers.


File: 1517963728905.png (15.78 KB, 320x224, panic-10.png)

Because they're exotic, thus "more special". Add this to cute graphics or relatively unique concepts and you quickly garner something. Couple it with a story and certain unexplained elements and there's your thing. Put something people can copy easily and you can get yourself settled.

Add this to people being massive weebs and you get the logical conclusion.

Perhaps, due to certain cultural differences or mindsets or backgrounds, one cannot simply replicate how certain occurences or feels go in these japanese games, which somehow manage to fit within rpg maker's settings.


Their priorities are completely different.
The western dev seems to focus on gameplay and implementing some robust gameplay mechanic, or making the game beautiful and distinct visually.
The jap dev on the other hand, focuses on story and characters. The popular RPG maker games all have story and character as the focus, not anything else. Even if focus was put to make the game appealing visually it's for the sake of characters and not for the sake of the game itself.

I would argue there isn't a correct approach, it's just modern audiences, or at least people who are willing to try RPG maker games lean toward preferring story/characters.


File: 1519376918010.png (28.98 KB, 350x263, Space_Funeral_9768.png)

You forgot Space Funeral which was popular enough to get a fangame.


They're not. Towelket is unknown in the west and Wadanohara got popular because of Tumblr.

Takamo's games, Penpals, Pom Gets Wi-Fi, Dreaming Mary, and Your Star were popular for their time. Fleshchild had a big fanbase too.

Interest in RPG Maker games has simply died in general.

File: 1430442183372.jpeg (72.08 KB, 278x400, Metallia-303315-full.jpeg)


Any Witch and the Hundred Knight fans, or???


Here, i wish i could play it, i love arpgs


>wish i could play it
How are you a fan if you haven't played it?


pc port when?


im a fan of arpgs in general, i would like to play this game. sorry for the confusion

File: 1334634100847.jpg (9.99 KB, 297x298, Mita_High_Logo_resize[1].jpg)


Anyone play Mitadake High? Best info here and such. I'm Mr. Faec

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This game was so amazing.

Too bad it's dead now.


Ive been trying out Pyrce High as it is seemingly more active
and Ive never seen so many self righteous meme spouting children in one place.
I was the killer one round and after actually making a move, I was killed and scolded for trying to kill someone without setting up the situation(i did hint pretty heavily i was about to harm the person)
then this person explained to me that you shouldnt try to kill certain users???
what the hell is the point then?


I've watched a game, but it just seems like the community isn't too good like you said. To be honest all the new modes and items also got me a bit confused. ;w;


File: 1479697157709.png (14.51 KB, 225x534, MH Discord.png)

Im trying to bring Mitadake High back…

MH Discord Channel is here



To anyone who cares. There's long since been a 'pseudo' remake of Mitadake called Misuterii high. The Tv tropes is pretty outdated, but the game itself tends to dip in and out of being dead and alive.

It's fairly faithful to Mita, with some additions including a pretty good list of actually not trash user made modes.

Like the guy above me, here's the discord to the Misuterii (Which is quite frankly much more alive then that graveyard.)

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