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saya no uta
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File: 1379012169787.png (257.93 KB, 722x800, IMG_000627.png)


This thread is for:

- "What is this game, please help"
- "I just got this game and there is this bug that keeps happening, how do I fix it help"
- "Where can I download this game?"

And any other help that you might need. Please refrain from creating new threads just for a help request, rather than general discussion of a game - use this one instead!

Also: Please be as descriptive as possible when asking for help. Screen caps and error text copy-paste is the best way to get tailored answers.
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File: 1466316859704.jpg (13.83 KB, 256x170, 1464456092233s.jpg)

yes, need better weapon-respawns when in Coop!

Anyone knows how to do this?

Doom 1 remake with enhanced lightning and shaders!

File: 1384469026169.png (124.63 KB, 460x215, lisa.png)

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So the guy who made Lisa just launched a kickstarter for his new game of the same name.


That music.
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has anyone played lisa the pointless?


File: 1486854248123.png (125.47 KB, 540x400, luaiham.png)

I finally went through Painful/Joyful and I really am in love. They're better than I was ever expecting. My only wish is that the games could be longer, but at least the replay value's good.

I'm wary of any fangames that aren't YN. Frankly I can't see any reason to continue after Joyful, even though I love the setting/characters a lot. I guess that's why it's called 'the pointless' though!



Pointless is pretty much the only Lisa fangame that actually keeps to the general humor and style of the originals, and it's rather goddamn hard to boot. Original tunes to it are very nice and remixes/"reimaginings" of Painful and Joyful songs are fantastic, and the journey of the main characters doesn't actually cross with Brad's journey despite going through some of the same areas. I honestly do rank it among Painful and Joyful.



Does it get better past the Garbage island? Cause I recently got through that section and wasn't loving it.

I didn't mind the difficulty and the art and music seemed pretty good, but the dialogue and story seemed really lacking. There wasn't any hook or sense of purpose, and most of the humor felt like it was trying too hard to be Lisa without understanding what made Lisa's humor work.

Is the start just rough?



Start's a bit rough but it does get better. I adore the game for really forcing you to scavenge absolutely everything you possibly can, from exp via fights to the optional stat-boosts from sidequests like humping garbage on Garbage Island.

File: 1488397378962.png (60.95 KB, 544x416, title.png)


It's finally done. Shoujo Gidan is translated and the english version is released. Many thanks to all the people who helped with the production of this patch.


The game is a sequel to Shoujo Kidan, and works in a similar fashion, albeit slightly differently. Although it's not necessary to have played the previous game, it is recommended. I've included the original hint file made by lol plus a guide I originally made for testers. If any question or problem arises, feel free to post them here.
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File: 1488567463517.png (263.73 KB, 555x448, 1864a8a86a594dbf2386fc23cb….png)

1 question OP, how did you go about translating stuff in VX?
I wish to translate Gidan to Portuguese because some friends want to play it (but they don't understand English that well) but unlike RM2k3 you just can't open it and edit the events, etc.


The list goes like this:

1- Contact the Author if you're thinking in publishing this (which I recommend if you're going to spend hours sitting in front of a computer typing and editing pictures like a slave). lol understands english if it isn't too complicated, and if you want I can translate your request to Japanese. His site is in the "about this game.txt" file.

2- This depends on what you find the most comfortable. If you want to edit event by event, download RPGmemer VX, create a new project, and copy that .project file into the directory with the executable of the game, that will let you edit things just like with rm2k. Warning: I did not translate a single map name, so you will probably have problems navigating through that without Japanese knowledge.

I recommend however to download RPGTrans, create a patch and work with that. It's much easier since you only have to translate things once, that means that if there are events with the same line in different parts of the game you don't need to translate each separately.

Oh, you will notice two escape sequence on every line spoken by a character, "\B" and "\C[0]". Long story short, the game uses \B to activate a script to produce a sound (the sound you hear as letters appear on the screen), and that only works with non-ASCII characters. The original version did not have any problems with this, but when making making this patch I realized that the \B sequence ate the word following it and didn't activate anything, so I fixed that by adding an escape sequence that sets the color of the text (in this case, "0", or white), thus "\B\C[0]". Be careful by mixing lines that have this pair with those that don't. Also, for the love of god, DO NOT touch the comments with japanese on them, they set the mini-window above dialogue to display Amadzu Tsukiko's name.

3- Whatever method you used, open the patched game with RPGmemer and compress it as encrypted.

4- Done.


was the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" screen in original Gidan? nice meme'ing on lol's part if it was.


I believe that person is The Box itself. He appears when your being chased by Tsukiko, and she puts a box on her head, and that person appears, wondering about the nature of the limbo the protagonist is stuck in, and referring to Youko as a different person. Plus, in the ending IIRC The Box is talking to Youko.

I still don't know what the hell the "I want to leave"/"I want to stay" options do.


All the text on the computer was originally in English.

What puzzles me, though, is that the uniform of the box (as seen in that ending) is different from that of the person with the blue mark, which seems to imply they aren't the same person. Also, their speech patterns are different too. But that may be just me.

File: 1402027046880.png (15.36 KB, 96x96, ココ.png)

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Recently a Japanese language game on Vector that has received some attention and well-regard. Soon, it will be translated. Now, by who? We don't know! Not by me, that's for sure! But rest assured, it will be translated soon (I predict within 1 month or two). When that happens, a torrent link will be posted in this page to distribute the translated version. If anyone wants to take the translated version and upload it to somewhere like Mediafire, be my guest, since the torrent will probably die soon after it is first released.

For now, I give you a picture of the main character, Koko.
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already DMCA'd. that was quick.


It's been 2 years ffs, doesn't the author have something else to do with his fucking time?


>implying it's the game dev reporting the uploads
>implying it's not this same tumblrfag that won't let it go :^)



File: 1488672319440.png (188.88 KB, 1024x768, roxas with a fucking m4.png)

a true hero

File: 1469861143604.png (834.74 KB, 1200x700, 47621496_p0.png)


Shoujo Kidan - A girl's Eerie Story, by lol_rust.

It took my a good while to translate, particularly because I had to deal with a lot of problems related to the engine itself more than the translation. That's why the filesize is sightly bigger than the official japanese download (I had to add some RTP files). Either way, it's finally here.


TL;DR run it, if you see garbage, switch the locale to JP.
Just download the game, and run it. If you see mojibake, you will have to either switch your locale to japanese or use a third party program like applocale (or whatever works for the new windows). There's a way to fix this, and that is to encode all the shift_JIS filenames to Windows-1252, however I currently don't know any way to do this which isn't changing every single filename manually. I suspect some file extractors such as winrar can achieve this when extracting files in a non-japanese environment, however I'm not sure and I haven't tested it myself.

The game has 2 routes and an omake, meaning it has 3 endings. It isn't really hard, but it comes with hints so it's nothing unbeatable. I will reply any question if anybody has problems with it though.

Finally, I want to thank every single person who gave me a hand with this translation, for their effort and input. And although this work is finally published, I still accept input and criticism regarding the translation quality, so feel free to bring anything up in this thread or via mail.


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.flow is not related to either Shojo game I'm sure


File: 1486083346125.png (466.98 KB, 500x651, I'm melting.png)

>9 days
>still no mails…


File: 1488564102029.png (Spoiler Image, 42.39 KB, 320x240, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm stuck at that part in the basement with the code. It has probably something to do with this note, but i can't figure it out. What do i do?


The floor and the carpet have different colors, B and W being the initial of said colors. Count the pots and multiply, I think the answer was 36 but I'm not sure, haven't played in ages.


Thank you! Now it all makes sense

File: 1444066921805.jpg (20.21 KB, 260x260, PC98 programmer bible.jpg)


Let's share some old retro computer games from the 80's and 90's. DOS, DOS/V, PC-88, macshit, point and click, action, shooter, adventure, horror, abandonware, still maintained: anything will do.
Just post an image, the system, some synopsis or resume and, if possible, your opinion. Bonus if the game is one of those surreal/weird experiments from the golden era.
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File: 1486236475973-0.png (73.38 KB, 413x329, friends.png)

File: 1486236475973-1.png (72.55 KB, 413x329, monsters.png)

File: 1486236475973-2.png (172.23 KB, 256x331, Pathways_into_darkness-93_….png)

File: 1486236475973-3.png (27.84 KB, 640x480, pathways-into-darkness_4.png)

The deepest roots of Halo and Destiny.


File: 1488369319596.jpg (112.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This was one of my favourite games from my old Windows ME monitor. It was the most played game on Windows PCs.
Rating: 10/10, I suggest you to play the game, although it had many rereleases for most Windows OS's.


File: 1488370707416.jpg (22.82 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Worms 2 has great graphics on a artillery strategy game, and a level/team editor. It was the first Generation 2 Worms game released.

Screenshot's from the Worms World Party demo in 2001, which I had on a PCGamer disc, which is also Generation 2.


This site is really cool, owner is really nice and gave me an image for a game long unhosted.


Yeah, I got a few that were missing from my collection there. He's really a cool guy, I wonder if he's affiliated with ben and the crew or not (I can't remember).

File: 1457452878281.png (5.01 KB, 240x160, CrescentMoonVillage.png)


Does anyone play Nintendo games?
Mine's Wario Land 4.
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Kirby is probably my favorite video game series. Kirby fans, which game's your favorite? (Mine's 3DX.)


Mass Attack was amazing, but I always have a soft spot for Super Star (Ultra) and Amazing Mirror.



Definitely Super Star. None of the Kirby games since have matched it for me, though the recent ones are still really good.


The good news: Nintendo had just released the Switch console this month.
The bad news is that everytime I look up Super Mario Odyssey, I get this random thought about prevent the 'too bad scripting virus' from ever appearing in the game, as my belief is that the death text appearing in other 3D titles could attract negative feedback towards players.
I'm not offended by anything else during gameplay. Just a problem with Nintendo over a tiny flaw affecting a good game that's going to be released at Christmas 2017.
If you like to see where my problem arose, here's a couple of links:
(' * ')


File: 1488367975253.jpg (21.02 KB, 568x411, gfs_41872_2_6.jpg)

I have Worms Blast and Worms 3D for the Gamecube, and both Pokèmon Stadiums for N64, which also had team battles. I also have Chameleon Twist 1 and 2, and I used to complete CT2 mostly. It was such a great Japanese classic.

File: 1400167674201.png (31.33 KB, 512x442, Umihara Kawase (J).png)


There's one like this on /fg/ so… screenshot general?
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File: 1475334740536-0.png (120.61 KB, 640x480, Glide64_EVANGELION_01.png)

File: 1475334740536-1.png (104.78 KB, 640x480, Glide64_EVANGELION_02.png)

File: 1475334740536-2.png (129.74 KB, 640x480, Glide64_EVANGELION_03.png)

That eva game for the n64


File: 1477624414176.png (24.93 KB, 640x480, congratulation2.png)

I just 1CC'd Lotus Land Story~


Good, now beat it in lunatic.


File: 1479704651440.png (476.13 KB, 1599x813, Visual Novels Archive and ….png)

I lvoe that N64 game…

Best SNES game ever…


File: 1487367383624-0.jpg (162.13 KB, 1024x576, Flockers_team17_7-1024x576.jpg)

File: 1487367383624-1.jpg (206.37 KB, 1280x720, newspecies_big.jpg)

File: 1487367383624-2.jpg (75.52 KB, 740x416, viva-pinata-trouble-in-par….jpg)

File: 1487367383624-3.jpg (25.37 KB, 232x153, TotalWormage.jpg)

#1: Flockers (Alpha build 0.0700), Team17, 2014
#2: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (X360), Rare, 2008
#3: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (X360), Rare, 2008
#4: Worms (Total Wormage prerelease), Team17, 1995

File: 1485998294100.png (62.81 KB, 261x307, worlds.PNG)


rare/obscure/missing video games thread? im trying to find this one japanese pc game from like the 90's, i think it was more like an interactive book or something.


We literally have the retro games thread right there…


What do you remember about the game?


I never played it, but i remember seeing it on some japanese website, it was like a childrens interacitve book, i don't even recall there being a download link, just info on the game in japanese


There was this sega game where you are a girl fighting against monsters and a bunch of other stuff, the first level is all bugs (If I don't remember wrong) and you end fighting a giant moth as the boss after climbing a giant plant, I think it was a flower.
I've been looking it for years but I never found it.

File: 1482997833861.png (101.13 KB, 627x481, rapetime.PNG)


Princess maker 2 is really addictive. You can become satan, a general, an artist, a divorcee, ect. Really shows the value of education. Pretty good. Also there's rape. It's criminally underrated. The marketability isn't too high which is a shame and western sensibilities definitely don't fit with it.
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File: 1484456782093.png (56.66 KB, 660x456, wat3.png)

It's screaming.


File: 1484457462301.png (4.2 KB, 644x423, 2017-01-15_scrot.png)

Weird… extract from the rar file and try again, sometimes some hdi get overwritten, but I can't remember if it was an anex thing or a np thing…


File: 1484459871614.png (130.33 KB, 1940x424, wat5.png)

Tried that 3 times already. What version of np2 are you using and where did you get your bios?
I tried running it on the anex86, but for some reason even with the bios I found from here
http://retro-type.com/PC98/files/BIOS/PC98Ce2-model-S2D-Bios/Backup-of-Ce2-Bios/Backup-of-Ce2-Bios/Extracted%20Bios%20Files/PC9821-Ce2-S2D-Bios-MKBIOS/ and
it doesn't display any of the characters correctly. When I start it with both the hdi and fdi files the screen fills with stuff, I can see the windows 95 logo for a split second and then this screen pops up. When I just start it with the hdi the same thing happens(except the screaming is different) that happens with np2.


np21 with fmgen bundled in.


File: 1484605969638.png (66.63 KB, 656x458, fdsf.png)

I got it to work on a another unofficial version of np2 called neko project 21/w which has memory that can up to 230.6mb. I don't know why it works on that it just does(maybe it's the larger memory).
I can't find cd4win to open up windows 95, but I don't know if that's supposed to be there or not.

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