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*Pic unrelated, just kinda cute*
I had a dream that my crush was starting talking to me and he was starting to like me. We walked under this really pretty tree on top of a hill and talked about things we liked. We would always be smiling but not in a creepy way, a comfortable way (for being in the dream). This "magical hill" was on a college campus of some sort? Then he suddenly disappeared; leaving notes and clues for me to find under this weird tree we hung out under. He had apparently been taken by some evil gang/tyrant/government or something and left me all of his… "clues" to complete. It was this whole crazy lucid adventure involving government conspiracy papers and rescuing my crush from this weird prison place where they held him captive… It was pretty intense and as much as I enjoyed my funny dream they of course never last; sadly.

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Is it possible to inherit the ability to remember dreams more easily from your relatives? My grandmother and I can remember our dreams pretty well.
Our dreams our pretty different though. My dreams are more like Mado's and Sabi's while her's are more like Chie's with a bit of Uro's.
We each have a place that keeps appearing in our dreams. Mine have the schools I went to in the past, including my current one. Her's involve this candy store similar to ones you would've gone too if you were a child in the 50's. Actually, lot of her dreams are about her childhood.


File: 1466915932541.jpg (493.07 KB, 716x1023, entropy.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the ability to remember dreams relies much more on how the brain was formed than genetics. I mean, sure, maybe there's a gene that actually helps remember dreams more easily, but if you don't develop that part yourself then all you have is a little help but not actual backup.

Neuroscience and genetics aren't my fields though. At any rate, nobody's found evidence to state this is a possibility, or at the very least I've never heard anything about it.


File: 1466917270997.png (371.36 KB, 500x378, tumblr_inline_n34cjxLJ021r….png)

Huh. Honestly that would be a very strange gene.


File: 1466918063698.jpg (51.33 KB, 500x500, 1464011580001.jpg)

There's a gene that determines whether you can twist your tongue or not… there's another one that determines the size of your bellybutton… I don't know, they're some weird shit.
The furthest I ever went was inorganic chemistry.

File: 1466650288925.jpg (4.31 KB, 160x107, images.jpg)


A week ago, I surprised myself. I Tweeted that I should lucid dream, because I haven't done one in awhile, and on that same night, it happened. I guess i either got lucky or just by thinking about it before bed made it happen.
It started where I was in this Disney's Aladdin setting. I guess it was the Cave of Wonders because it has a large carpet and mounds of gold. I found a portal that leads to a different setting: a backyard with three grey tabby cats and a back and white cat, Angel/Boo, which is the cat that lives with me outside from my dream. That's when I started to become lucid. I took Angel with me and explored the backyard garden. There's a space, like a zoo exhibit, where a few breed of dogs were kept. A glass wall was separating me and my cat and the dogs. I can recognize a Great Dane and a few white Yorkshire Terriers in one. The others were a varied group of small white dogs. I recalled a memory I had where I didn't bother stopping to look in the garden in past dreams.
We went back to the backyard garden with the three cats. I decided to find out if one of these cats were Angel's real life friend, Gizmo. None of the cats are familiar, so I chose one that looks more like the cat I had in mind. Out of curiosity, I went to the back porch to see if I can fly off of it in my dragon-bird form I like to take when in a lucid dream. Slowly, I did succeed. After the transformation, I shrunk down to the size of a house-cat as soon as I flew to a window. I can smell someone cooking in the kitchen while floating above the dining room. When I entered the kitchen to see who's inside, where was an invisible person. The only thing I saw was a knife chopping mushrooms into slices while the gasoline stove behind it was turned on. Before I focused on changing my eyesight to see the person, I was pulled out of the house by some unknown force. After it placed me with the cats again in the backyard, I woke up.

File: 1464158316770.png (1.82 MB, 900x1354, joseph_oda_by_silentxh-d85….png)


So, I can't even remember the last time I've had a good dream…I think my insomnia somehow fuels me to only have nightmares, and they're very extreme nightmares.

Does anyone else here only experience nightmares?

I sometimes implement them into things I do, such as art, writing, and ideas for my game I am making. So I don't mind it I guess..


Not exactly, but I never have pleasant dreams atleast. I've always considered a proper nightmare to be something I'm genuinely frightened of after waking up from it.

For the most part though, every one of my dreams follows the same rules. They need to have an ominous setting, even if it's just places I've already been to. And there also needs to be a chance to instantly die at any given moment. I have no idea why these two are in literally every dream, but it's been happening for years now.


Watch hentai before you go to sleep.


File: 1464772671326.jpg (7.07 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-13.jpg)

You assume that's not what I already do heh


OP, go ask a professional, that shit ain't right.

Actually, you should stop jerking off and wait for wet dreams, that will fix your problem. Be ready to clean the mess the next morning though.


>that shit ain't right.
The same thing happened to me a few years ago and it simply went away on its own. What makes you assume it is something worrisome?

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Bonjour je suis obèse


File: 1461799463787.jpg (319.17 KB, 750x870, 26987a0e9ce42262c367c29f9b….jpg)



File: 1461819393950.png (251.55 KB, 367x306, e9FEH1g.png)

出て行きなさい you weeb


File: 1461820162534.png (4.32 KB, 356x224, 一条あかり4.png)


File: 1459483611043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


So this dream I had in a hospital is creepy as hell and it very much so resembles some parts in .flow. I should say though that the hospital I had the dream in was a "different kind" of hospital so that should make things make a little more sense. (WARNING CONTAINS .flow SPOILERS)

So the dream starts with me waking up in my hospital bed (this is strange because all the other dreams I had there were set in my house). I woke up and after seeing the staff come around for their 15 minute checks I got up and went to use the bathroom . So I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I found it strange because my eyes were extremely bloodshot. I ignored this used the bathroom then left back to my bed. Soon after though my face felt wet so I went back to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were bleeding. (This last part is really where it starts to resemble .flow) So I was in shock then in the mirror the reflection put his hands on his face and then looked up and smiled at me. Almost identical to the White Room event in .flow. I started freaking out but I calmed myself and left the bathroom to go talk to the night nurse. On my way to the door of my room everything started becoming more and more distorted until it started to look like a YN game. On my way to the nurses station I began to fall apart and decay like in the good ending of .flow.

This is by far one of the creepiest dreams I've had , but it did make me realize a YN game with some ties to that kind of hospital would work really really well.

File: 1435350612715.jpg (111.92 KB, 423x750, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)


Hello. I'm a newfag in this chan, but I only wanted to know if there's a way for remembering dreams. Thank you.
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All you really needed to do was google it honestly. but someone posted links in another thread. Here's one of them:


Record your dreams. As you start, dreams will increase in frequency and realism.



Fuck you feelsgoodman guy.


Make a dream diary. Youll remember more dreams and they will be more vivid.


What works for me is sleeping in new places/positions. Try sleeping 180 degrees from your usual spot. Also, waking up and going right back to sleep.

File: 1455890069936.jpg (27.96 KB, 236x236, image.jpg)


(Sorry if there's another thread like this one, I accidentally clicked the New Topic button)

I had this dream some months ago that shocked me and still confuses me today.
In the dream, I was in an old city I used to live in. I was with my dad (who's company I don't appreciate as he is abusive) and two men in suits forced us to enter a 10 story building. Outside, the building looked like an apartments building, with windows and really abandoned-looking. We entered the building and inside it was nothing, not even the windows. It was empty.
The only thing it had was a staircase at the left side of it.
So my dad and I went up the stairs, and by the time we got to the fourth floor I could barely breath (I have asthma). We took a rest on the fourth floor, which somehow had a big window.
When we got to the top floor, my dad bought me an inhaler from a lady behind a wooden counter.
Before he could give the medicine to me I appeared in an elevator that was going up. Trapped, I pressed all the buttons the elevator had but they turned into pastel pink led lights.
Then I jumped off the building, while I was falling I looked at myself in the reflection of the windows of the building and woke up.

If anyone can help me interpret this dream that'd be awesome

File: 1427382982007.png (96.47 KB, 366x435, my son.png)


Do you guys ever recall memories from previous dreams in dreams youre currently having? I do all the time, yet I never recall memories from my real life in dreams. They're always memories from dreams I've had in the past without fail. I even recall memories from dreams I've had a year ago. Does anyone else experience this?
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I experience both. Oftentimes I will enter old, completely original dream areas that I will remember, even if the last time I saw it in a dream was years ago. It's an awesome feeling. I do also have memories from real life in my dream, and sometimes they might mash with dream memories. Sometimes dream memories are false "prerequisite" memories, like if I just know or remember something about that dream, but it was obviously just put in there so I could understand it. Conversely, in real life I obviously have memories from dreams and from real life, and both types of memories memories affect the way I act in dreams and real life, so it's like a reciprocal determinism or something. Although, memories from my dreams will obviously not affect me much in the real world, so they're not "equal" in that way. Am I making any sense? I thought I was onto something here.


File: 1450085460401.jpg (361.24 KB, 1100x749, 2652218_orig.jpg)

I often have dreams where I remember things from previous dreams, and then I wake up and can't remember much except for that aspect. It can also manifest into a sort of continuation of a precious dream, very strange

I have also had recalled dreams and I had mistakenly thought were memories, people sure do look at you weird when you ask them "you remember when this happened" and it ended up being a dream you had


Yeah, that used to happen to me a lot, too. It first came in the form of a recurring dream where I'd be at my grandmother's place, and I would try to enter the upstairs guest room I'd sleep in, and there would be two lions on the bed. Every time I had a dream in that space, I'd know there were lions in there.


All of the above. When I was younger, I had a really fun set of dreams where I would explore this secret cave below a library, and since I remembered the other times I'd dreamed about it, I would cover new ground each time.

Remembering things from real life during dreams might be a bit of a weird case. I can't remember ever specifically remembering real-life events in a dream, but obviously those memories are there, because people and places I know in real life show up in my dreams.


File: 1456541665143.jpg (393.1 KB, 1920x1080, NewRetroArcadeV2_3.jpg)

aw man my dreams lately have been referencing old dreams a lot. I had a dream about discussing a dream I had in the fall with someone over the internet. and then I woke up and told them about it and realized I fulfilled the prophecy…

there's also some places that don't exist in reality but I keep ending up there in my dreams lately.
One is a weird shitty arcade place, like a wannabe chuckEcheese with no anamatronics, just an area with a half-assed ballpit and foam crap to climb on, an area with tables and chairs where you get served pizza, a couple arcade games, and then prize counter. The quality of the place is different every time but its still supposed to be the same place. Certain things will be in common but it will be either more or less legit. Like, the one time it was so shitty it was like 1 video solitaire machine and a plastic treasure chest with shitty plastic necklaces and it smelled like a dentist office and there was some tax evasion stuff being discussed behind a locked door. Another time it was just mediocre, like this place I had a birthday party at when I was a kid. in another dream it was a little cooler, more legit arcade machines, pacman and donkey kong and stuff. next time I had a dream there was a street fighter machine and I found a bucket of anime merchandise that somebody left on top of the machine. I took it and ran. It was a real cool arcade that time with good games and the whole "dark but with lots of cool neon lights and black lights" aesthethic like cosmic bowling.
The next time it merged with the building next door and expanded to have a movie theater. Otherwise it still had the same cool arcade that I found the free merch in last time.
I think the last time it was basically an anime convention being held in that building.
sort of cool seeing an invented location get a little cooler every time I visit it. I haven't been there in a few weeks, I'm curious to see if it would be even bigger and/or better next time. It started off as such a shady shithole.

File: 1330432930561.jpg (84.26 KB, 496x511, 1324725737928.jpg)


Dreamed that I was being chased by three bogans. I tried my best to elude them. I went through an exposed concrete rainwater sewer system and reached a primary school. I knew I might get caught by a teacher or security guard or something, and since primary school teachers aren't known for their intelligence, get screamed and assaulted at for being a 'pedophile' even though I'm 20, but I decided it was worth the risk, and by the same token, that risk would repel those bogans anyway.

I discovered that the school had upped the security since I left it years ago and had a huge metal bar fence surrounding the whole thing. Anyway, I climbed that thing and thus began a thrilling escapade involving teacher evasion and peeping from around corners, etc. Whenever I ran, it was agonisingly slow and difficult, as if my legs were walking through honey. Anyway, it was really difficult, but I managed to see the opening to the gate. But alas, I thought to myself "Shit" because I saw those three bogans lurking in the whereabouts of those gates.

This is bullshit, shouldn't the teachers have started raging on them already? Probably the mere fact that they're bogan already precludes them from being pedophiles I guess. Anyway, ideas started flowing through my head how I get past them and escape through the gates to my home. I wanted to avoid a situation where I had to fight them, or where they noticed me and followed me to my home.

They were split up and patrolling the area, so I thoguht it might be possible to ambush them one by one while they're out of sight of the other, and slash their neck from behind. But its pretty stupid to kill someone over just getting chased, that just makes things worse. I settled on waiting and spying on them until they left the gate area to patrol other areas. Then I would quickly dash out while their backs are turned and hide behind a low brick wall which marked the boundary of someone's suburban property. I'd crawl in the dust, keeping a low profile so I wouldn't pop out behind the wall, and climb over the next fence after checking I wasn't being seen, slowly making my way closer to my house. And thats the end of the dream. pic unrelated
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File: 1333006168870.jpg (41.62 KB, 550x366, weqwerqreqw.jpg)

2. I was in this big carpeted room. There were three mothers and they were having a great time chatting to each other and breastfeeding each other's babies. I asked the guy next to me "Isn't that, y'know, disgusting?". Apparently not, because they were doing it like it was the most casual thing, I guess.

Then suddenly two of the women turned into porn stars and there was a third guy in the room, and the two other guys and the three women started having a group orgy. (The babies disappeared- fell out of the equation). I didn't fit in because my appearance was nerdy and my dick was average sized rather than huge like the other guys. However, I wanted to have sex and didn't give a fuck so I did some things that were out of character. I stripped, waving my dick and jacking off next to a woman so she'd pay attention and service me.

It took a while because they all wanted to ignore me, but finally some blonde curly haired bitch came. There was the blonde, a brunette and an asian- I wanted the asian but since it took me so long to get the blonde I decided I wouldn't push my luck for the time being. Suddenly the realisation hit me that I was really actually going to get serviced by a porn star. My dick went rock hard and started leaking pre-cum like crazy.

She started giving me a blowjob. The feeling of her touch felt so good. Within seconds I felt like I had to cum right away, but I held on with all my might and managed to oscillate inside the narrow semi-orgasmic state thats right at the edge of cumming. The only thing stopping me was my determination to continue enjoying this pleasure. I I was secreting pre-cum at rates I had not experienced before, right into her throat, and even some of my real cum began leaking in with the pre-cum although I didn't ejaculate or orgasm yet.

The more she stroked and sucked on my dick, the harder it became, to the point where I think the pressure actually made it expand a small, but noticeable, amount. Maybe this is why male pornstars have such large dicks, I thought. Besides, y'know, obviously having a big dick in the first place.

After a while we all switched girls, and the long haired brunette girl started giving me a titty fuck. Pic related. She offered a brief respite from the blonde chick since the titty fuck was less stimulating and I didn't find her hot anyway. Later we switched again and I got the blonde chick again. I was a bit disappointed because I was holding back so I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ah, I just had the second part of this dream last night. I hadn't cum yet, luckily, and the asian chick slinked over to me and turned into my sister. She put her underwear onto me, turned around, and farted. I came so hard I had a wet dream.


I was in some sort of little witch academia universe. The witch school was in a holiday house having an excursion or something. It was a wooden house on stilts with nice things like a veranda, big benches with tomato sauce and mustard bottles on them etc. But it was crowded and absolutely stuffed with witches though. The witches have to sleep shoulder to shoulder on the floor.

My friend was a witch who was pretty good at combat magic. She looked sorta like Kaga Ai from SZS except cuter and with fuller hair on the back. She was super enthusiastic about the camp because some really old dwarfish looking guy who was an expert on combat magic was coming to give a talk. This could be her big break into the combat magic industry if the dwarf guy noticed her. She was running off all the time and I coudn't find her and avoid looking like an loser standing alone. Myself, I was a map-making witch, which really isn't a witch power at all, but whatever.

At some point in the dream I became self aware (I would hear myself snoring, but was still in the dream). I decided this little witch thing was interesting enough but I wanted something more. I became myself and conjured up a hot asian chick who looked like Alina Li but with a cuter face and bigger, more sultry eyes. So I'm having sex with this girl and it feels boring because it doesn't feel like I'm really there. I debate whether lucid dreaming is worth it because I could simply imagine myself doing this while I'm awake, with less effort. Anyway I cum and my penis dry heaves IRL a few times.

Later on my dream becomes even more incomprehensible. I'm on a semi-submerged pier near a beach with a whole bunch of tourists sitting on the pier with me. There was something to do with a class and one of the teachers wanted someone killed and I had to do a speech/questions on George Orwell, and there was a famous photographer who took a picture of Orwell so thats how peope noticed his works posthumously. And there was a cardboard box with three killer fish in the water, and someone knocked over the box so the fish swam out right towards my dick trying to chop it off with their snappy jaws so I jumped back on the dry part of the pier and thats when I woke up.


The dream was some weird combination of Ender's game, The Matrix and Gantz. I was some Neo-esque hero. After Moprehus explained what the Matrix was (in the first movie) he went on to explain the rules of the game. I was the final hope of all humanity and I had to win against the enemy lest we all suffer a horrible fate.

I got teleported to a dusty old warehouse used to repair trains. It was extremely cluttered with machines and old greasy parts, which I could use as cover against the enemy. You see, we both had mini-black hole emitting guns which could instantly kill you, but as long as there was not a direct line of sight between you and the enemy you could not get hit by a black hole. Also I could bend the laws of physics and use this to dodge, hide behind cover etc. We played cat and mouse amongst the machinery. He was a vastly superior fighter and I was always on the brink of death.

In some other place my friend from high school unpacked many large parcels containing vacuum-packed aliens. The aliens were hotdog-meat coloured and each carried a weapon which looked like a controller with a big cable coming out of it. Me and the enemy both had a platoon of aliens to command. The aliens could function autonomously but were unintelligent fighters this way. You had take control of them directly via mind control to have any hope of winning the battle.

Suddenly I was in my kickboxing club (which is really just a hall/basketball court). I was inside the shed which stored the sports goods while the enemy was at the entrance of the hall at the side of the building. The situation was looking dire. I flipped over an old coffee table and used it as cover as I made my way towards the enemy hiding behind the entrance. Suddenly disaster struck. The enemy was controlling black crawling insects and they were making my way towards me. I couldn't flee because the only safe place was behind the coffee table. One of the guys from kickboxing threw me a pack of screwdrivers and told me to kill the bugs using the screwdrivers. I tried to throw them at the bugs like darts but I was not skilled enough to kill them.

There was a timeskip and I found myself on the train tracks of a suburban trainline. This was my final showdown with the enemy and the situation looked dire. I had lost all my aliens because I lacked skill in mind controlling them (i.e: couldn't do it) and now I was completely in the open with no cover to hide behind. Prior to this,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This dream seemed to be inspired by the game Battle Realms and eastern mysticism. I was the hero Kenji, wielding a bow and a sword, and I had to make my way to the evil leader. My retainer Otomo, wielding a huge sword, led the way while I provided support by shooting arrows and watching behind us for sneak attacks, sometimes using my sword when things got tough. We had to fight our way through a school building, clearing room after room of knife-wielding geisha, ninjas, female assassins with covered-up faces and the like.

Finally the evil leader, a ninja, appeared while we were clearing a room. After a brief confrontation he knocked me out. I woke up in a temple with my head shaved, right next to the enemy leader who also had his head shaved and was wearing monk's robes. In the middle of the room was a large sealed-off iron cauldron. We were next to the cauldron and cut off from the rest of the room by a rope partition.

The enemy was laughing. He said when the enchantment was complete he was going to seal the spirit of the dragon inside that iron cauldron and there was nothing I could do about it. I was the heir of the dragon clan, so I had the spirit of the dragon in me. The spirit was what made oru clan strong. If I lost the spirit then our clan would lose its courage and honour, become weak, and degenerate.

I stood up and tore the ropes away, then grabbed the enemy and pushed him against the wall. I told him: "If I can break free of the ropes and push you around like this, then god never meant for it to happen. Think of all the lives you killed trying to do this!". I beat him up and smashed his body through a few walls. He got beat so hard he reverted back into a child- a small child wearing monk's robes. After the beating I told him "Never do evil again.". In a nearby room I saw an elderly woman washing dishes. "You can start by helping her do the dishes.".

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