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Dream On!
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So if you guys remember, last year I was talking about dreamscaping and how I found that I could lucid dream in such a way where I will literally build the entire dream's setting and/or re-enter dreams from any point in time.

But since ive gotten clean off opiates, its not happening anymore. I feel like a big part of my life is now empty and im not just talking about the opiates, but the dreams as well, because with the ability to dream like that, dreams were half my life. I want to know how it can be helped.




How much sleep are you getting? I know I'm a bit less likely to have particularly interesting dreams if I'm incredibly tired/stressed or if I'm only getting a small amount of sleep.

I'd also try thinking about previous dreams where you did the dreamscaping while trying to get to sleep. Prime the mind more for similar things.


You could always try calea zacatechichi, if you live in the states.


Try getting a little buzzed on alcohol before you go to sleep. That always makes me remember more dreams.

I've had friends have some success with this. In the US you can buy it on the Internet. It's a powdered herb, sometimes in pills, that makes you dream more and sometimes lucidly. It seems to work better if taken several nights in a row.

File: 1411278324723.jpg (82.31 KB, 500x500, alice.jpg)


I've always had very vivid dreams, and started writing them down about two years ago. They vary in length, and usually I wake up from them with an uncomfortable feeling, but writing them down helps, so maybe sharing will too.
I'll post them in replies.


I had a dream that a human was in love with a faulty AI that corrupted all electronics around it. The AI used to be part of the human's ship; but when it was discovered to be faulty, it was confined to a mechanized planet, far off from any human civilization. The human lost his license, and his ship for defending the AI.
The human spent a long time trying to find a way to get to that planet. Eventually the human got there, and realized the entire planet was corrupted. It took seconds for the human's stolen ship to become corrupted, too.
The planet was not meant for humans, but the AI kept the human alive, and the human lived surrounded by the AI.


I had a dream it was night time in a huge forest that three people were walking around. They weren't in a group, but they ended up in the same place, a big open clearing. First the younger man came there, then the woman, then the older man. None of them knew each other, and the younger man was sociable but neither of the other people were. The older man never even spoke, but the younger man tried to engage in small talk with them regardless, getting small responses from the woman and uncomfortable stares from the older man.
While they were in the middle of that a group of people descended from the forest surrounding them, led by possibly the most hagard-looking person I have ever seen. They said these three people had been trespassing, that this forest was not meant for people like them, and that they were going to throw them into Hell.
In part of the forest there was a tiny clearing; it was dark but covered in bioluminescence from all the plants and bugs around it, even the lake glowed. In the middle of the clearing was a massive, flattened-out rafflesia flower. Inside the flower there was a large, circular opening leading down to Hell.
The younger man accepted being taken to hell, I don't know why, he was just fine with it, even smiling. The older man started getting angry, mouthing the words "there's no sign saying we can't be here, how were we supposed to know!?" When I remember it he has a voice, but in my dream he didn't. The woman just ran, and kept running. I think she fell into Hell, but I'm not sure, she disappeared into the forest.
I walked into the clearing around Hell, the dream was going from my perspective now. Somehow I knew the group that had found the three had killed a lot of other people, and I retained my knowledge of the situation from having seen it all happen before, even though now I was actually a person. I walked forward, fell immediately into the lake, then got out and kept walking. It was suddenly daylight on a pathway in the side of a mountain, but if you looked back you could see the darkness and the heavily wooded forest. To the side was a huge desert.
I kept walking forward and I came to a big pile of gold pieces. When I moved it there were shoes, weapons, and strange objects organized neatly. I got confused and after a few minutes I felt forced to grab some of the objects, so I did, and I kept walking forward. Something in my head told me I failed, and I realized then I was trying to find the shoes of wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I was in a train station; there were people trying to kill me and everyone else there. We couldn't always see them, when we could they always looked different, but I recognized them. I knew those people. I didn't know why they wanted to kill us, I only knew that when we died they would be there, waiting for us in the afterlife.
When I woke up I felt like they would follow me out of the dream. It still bothers me sometimes.

File: 1408149865633.png (84.45 KB, 300x250, ByzG1AfTGD-2.png)


I have spent a lot of time expanding my mind and dreams to have wonderful dreams every night. They are starting to get very long and detailed. I can even wake up and re-enter the same dream I left which makes my dreams even longer. Gonna put dreams I feel like sharing with other people in this thread.

The original setting of this dream was a high budget school in a semi futuristic setting. I was in a Fascist run country that took over the world using incredibly advanced technology that they stole and reverse engineered from a race of aliens called the Izzerot that tried to take over the earth a couple centuries prior. There were sentient and animal tier aliens spread across the planet. It seems that they were trying to change our ecosystem by putting in their species from their own planet which has caused major changes to a lot of environments. Their invasion failed due to the tenacity and technological strength of the Human race but the world was never the same and their were completely alien looking areas of the world along with alien slums and aliens hidden across the world.
The dream starts as a normal day in high school. My school was very nice and everyone their was expected to succeed greatly and was connected to the rest of the high class areas of the city by train. I did good enough in school to get by but I didn't have very many friends and the staff didn't like me.
One day I was running away from other students and I stumbled into an abandoned part of the school. I felt a lot of vibes that I shouldn't be here but something was calling to me. It must have been a miracle or fate for me to wonder into here with nobody around. I found a device and I immediately knew for some unknown reason that it was device that could stop time on activation. An alarm immediately went off and I panicked and activated it and ran to a classroom that wasn't being used. I felt a change going on in my head like I wondered into something that will change my life forever and that I'm probably already damned.
I looked out a window and could see staff wondering around the area I found the device and they seemed to be scanning the area I was in. "Perhaps they could tell I activated this thing" I thought to myself. I spent a lot of time in this room contemplating my existence. After some time I noticed that there was security outside the building I was in. An Idea sparked into my head and than I hid behind the a wall in the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We were dropped off by the Izzerot on an unknown island, We were told to survive and expand the human race as much as we could but were barely given anything. I guess we weren't expected to do much, maybe things like this were happening everywhere in the world but we knew to thrive forward. The Izzerot left and we never heard from them again.
All we had was ourselves and the wilderness to take over the government on the other side of the world, I think there was a screw loose somewhere. I kept the gun and time stop i had device hidden from everyone and we went on to go survive in the wild. The wilderness was full of trees plants earth animals and Izzerot predator animals.
I had to start pressing the fact that I was the leader to get everyone organized into creating shelter and gathering food, the first thing we did was collect logs and sticks to create shelter fire and spears. These 3 things would be the centerpieces of our lives for the next 25 years. Everyone around me seemed kind of clueless to surviving in the wild, it seemed like all my years of study and isolation left me in a far better position to take our survival to the next level.
In time we learned to handle the wilderness around us, slowly expanding our technology. Our biggest threat were the Izzerot animals that lived on the island, they were very similar to wolves. Although time seemed to prove again and again that a bunch of humans with spears could handle anything. Eventually we had developed to the point where we had cabins, treehouses, canopy platforms, fishing, medicine and all the food we could handle. Once we had everything we needed to survive safely people in our group started to get pregnant. I left myself away from relationships like this to better lead everybody.
One day we decided to go on a scouting mission through the woods and we eventually found another civilization like our own but smaller in size. We investigated it and when we went into one of their main buildings we were ambushed by the last few people living their. The leader of their group looked very battle hardened and I could tell we couldn't win this fight with he forces we had.
While attacking me I tried talking to them while defending myself to get them to understand that we were fellow humans in the same boat and we didn't want to harm them. I explained to them that we had a much stronger population with a fair amount of woman producing offspring and they seemed to have givPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This morning I had a lucid dream. I have had about 8-10 lucid dreams and have tested a lot of things in them and started focusing on playing out the dream like I'm playing some video game as apposed to dick around although I still try to find time to dick around because when you know your god of a realm you get to get away with anything.
This dream occurred as my last dream of the night, I find that my dreams get more vivid memorable and lucid further into my sleep. The first dream I remember was some kind of party themed dream and it ended with me crashing in a hotel I believe. The next dream after that I awoke in an apartment that was not one I have actually lived in. can't remember much of that one as well but for some reason it just now reminded me of a dream I had about going into a snowy mountain resort. it ended with me going to bed in that apartment. The next dream I had had me waking up at the house I grew up in inside my old bedroom and than quickly going back to sleep. The next dream after that was the Lucid dream.
I awoke into the same bed from the last dream but with all of my sense of self and willpower. I explored my old home but I visit my mom their often and I'm use to the scenery so it doesn't interest me very much and I leave.
I usually have a lot of moments while lucid dreaming where i try to find something to do, leaving the building I am tends to get me lost or end the dream. Exploring the skys are lovely but I feel like I crash my dreams when I do that for some reason, perhaps going up high means awakening to a higher level of consciousness aka awake. I have at least 3 Lucid dreaming experiences related with going up/flying up/being dragged up that have immediately led to me waken up. I double woke up from a dream within a dream once, it felt like going through a tunnel before waking up, a very thick tunnel that is your existence. I also went down beneath the ground once, I saw lots of CCG cards and insects underneath the world once, perhaps it was a metaphor for what is going on on that level of subconscious that I was witnessing. I will go deeper next time I get a chance to.
So instead of just experimenting like I have done mostly in past lucid dreams I decided to try to find the plot of the dream if it had one. In my Lucid dreams things will eventually happen to you if you desire them but this has control levels that fluctuate from dream to dream for example I once shifted an objects position witPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


continued from >>1876

I somehow knew that the police were after me but I don't remember hearing any signs of it, I must have been breaking a lot of driving laws I wasn't paying very much attention. This was the first time operating anything in a dream and it went smoothly other than my cars brakes not working properly, which is oddly one of my dream signs for lucid dreaming which is really weird to have but has not triggered anything yet. I ditched the vehicle and went on foot to the neighborhood with the nicest houses.
I remember being bugged by someone on the street at this time but in a neutral way but I don't remember the details. I also remember dicking around with dream powers a bit but I can't seem to remember those details much right anymore. I eventually found a house I felt comfortable going inside and I than went inside. It didn't occur to me to knock on the dream door which I now released was a huuuuuuuuge mistake.
Inside was a girl who reminded me much of myself but as a 14-18 year old. I believed her to be the right brain half of my personality as I was noticed I was in a very logical and slightly sociopathic state of mind. Too much control is probably what makes me feel that way the most but I feel a bit the same in real life. The girl was extremely frightened by me barging in and she thought I was going to rob them but I managed to convince her I was a friend somehow(?__?). Luckily this was now when her dad showed up so he wouldn't know I just broke in. He seemed mean and didn't seem to care much for my presence here, perhaps my appearance was friendly and comforting, I should look at a mirror in a lucid dream sometime but I slightly feel like that would make me insane but I could use that kind of mental therapy.
We hung out for a bit and had some decent conversation which i wished I could have recalled more. I suddenly started smelling her and it started to give me some strong feelings for her. She gave me this odd attempt at philosophy in by stating "If I've never seen or believed anyone has reached the level of enlightenment I seek, does it exist?". This was an incredibly heavy statement coming from my right brain half because she used to believe really strongly in seeking enlightenment and other philosophical gains. I noticed she was starting to get really scared at this point. Her dad than came into the room and she freaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


had a brief lucid dream
didn't see much going on so I tried to warp through the ground. it felt like traveling through thick mud and my brain kept telling me I was going to hell so I decided now wasn't the best time and I went back to the dream but I woke up quickly. Hmm I shouldn't care next time, it's just hell, hell sounds way less stressful than real life.


these are all pretty interesting.
Im trying to get dream journal running again (not like it doesnt work but people dont go to the page anymore) so would you mind putting some of these there?

File: 1405544902087.jpg (412.8 KB, 600x826, 25238924_p30.jpg)


So I vaguely recall having a thread dedicated to my dreams back in the day, and since it seems to have fallen off the board during the time where none of my dreams were interesting enough to write down I guess I'll just start up a new one. My dreams are getting too strange and uncomfortable not to write down.

Last night's dream was particularly uncomfortable in that for some reason, as I was spending time with my father and sister, someone mistook me for his wife. We'd been spending the day at a fair of some sorts, and decided to get something to eat. The restaurant seemed normal enough, though I had a moment where I suddenly recalled several other restaurant/shops that had appeared throughout my other dreams in a way that almost felt like I ran through all of them like old movie frames. Coming back to the restaurant, my dad and I moved up to the front of the line, where they seemed to sell all sorts of regular foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs, but with strange dream like twists to them (i.e. a few of the hot dogs had what looked like toothpaste on them, one of the burgers was pink, etc.). The dessert case, however, was totally normal. They had a cake fashioned in the same was as a cinnamon bun, with what I presumed to be a chocolate icing on it. My dad started joking about getting it with me and we both laughed so loudly it woke up my sister, who for some reason was in a stroller despite being older than me. Apparently she'd suddenly developed this rare disease where she started aging backwards, leaving us to take care of her as though she were a baby.

After getting our food and sitting down, I noticed we were rather cramped and began to look around the room for a better place to sit. It was then that I realized that the restaurant had been built in what looked like an old high school classroom, with a bunch of oddly shaped booths cramped into the corner. A rather stereotypical American woman leaned over with a red face and started shouting and calling us "incestuous bastards", in a thick southern accent. My dad and I were understandably confused, and my sister started wailing again at the loud noises. Suddenly the entire room warped and stretched around us, turning into what looked like my old elementary school's gym after the apocalypse. I stood up to leave, but suddenly a group of dancers filed into the middle of the gym, dressed in rags and spinning their partners around to a horribly off beat song. My dad turned and screamed atPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1406102442133.jpg (166 KB, 600x709, 25238924_p15.jpg)

Kind of a tiny dream update. For some reason I have a reoccurring dream in which I'm at some kind of strip mall/shopping mall type area and it's always hectic, distorted and stressful until I get to a certain store - typically one I would visit in real life, such as an old thrift store, or one of those really dumb hipster places like Urban Outfitters just for the sake of morbid curiosity. It's starting to resemble the mall area from Yume Nikki, in fact. The walls and general structure of the malls have become gradually more abstract, as well as the denizens of said mall. I can't recall a single distinct face from any of the select mall dreams besides whoever I was with (i.e. my sister, my dad, my mom). Whenever I interact with a dream denizen in the mall, they end up in a hostile (or what could be perceived as hostile) state, complete with hissing and garbled speech. There's always some sort of dream 'enemy' turned docile in the form of a courtesy clerk, manager, or other employee. I usually find something of importance in the one calming shop, although since no dream of mine is part of a linear series I wouldn't call it an effect. Last time it was some sort of toothbrush that my sister got me.

I dunno if anyone even reads this thread or if any of what I'm saying even makes sense. I guess I'm just writing this down for the sake of remembering this theme in future dreams.


File: 1406415258614.png (215.67 KB, 800x705, 1357113091111.png)

I saved another, longer dream on my notepad when I woke up and need to edit it a bit, but in the meantime
>fell back asleep momentarily in the morning
>immediately went into REM sleep
>dream a short dream in which I am a cis man with a well paying job taking a walk on my day off
>slip and fall backwards
>wake up with exploding head syndrome
God fucking dammit, even my dreams hate me.


And now I feel shitty. You're way too easy for me to sympathize with, good lord.
Ever get the longer dream-log edited?


File: 1409368386166.jpg (175.79 KB, 600x802, 25238924_p16.jpg)

Wow, I need to get back on this shit. Anyways, slightly happier/sillier dreams lately, after a horrific bout of lucid nightmares when I was going through my medication withdrawal. I say "lucid nightmares" because while I could, to some extent, control the dream, they were highly unpleasant and I had much more limited control of what went on in them. My controls over my lucid dreams are pretty clunky and loose in general; I can stop and start major events that would end the dream/start a new set of them (I have a tendency to have multiple false awakenings in a row), but minor or moderate changes like trying to summon a certain character or setting is out of my grasp. I find that lucid dreams tend to be a little exhausting for me since I get repeated, vivid feelings of head trauma during the beginnings and ends of the dreams (sort of like exploding head syndrome, only more drawn out) and they all sort of follow one after the other in rapid fire succession. They're all very distinctly different dreams, although they may have the same content - in this case, it was getting stuffed into an animatronic walking animal suit…repeatedly. But after getting back on my antidepressants, they've started to improve. For example, a short, kind of dumb dream a couple nights ago:

>relaxing on the computer

>find out there's this sjw going around confronting people who watch/like anime in real life
>suddenly my wall is broken down the force of a thousand times folded glorious nippon steel
>calmly stand up
>go to fridge
>take out this bowl of fluffy green frosting i'd apparently been saving
>do some kind of magical girl fancy footwork and whip a chunk of frosting at them
>the whole thing sort of expands and morphs into what looks like a sheet of frosting and attacks them
>in an instant they fall on their back as the frosting continues to pile onto them
>suddenly they turn into this gigantic sheet cake
>it's got some kind Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Unfortunately, no. I think I forgot about it. Been a little scatterbrained lately, so I'm going to try leaving a physical dream diary by my bed. I've always been shitty with physical writing which is why I never bothered, but I think at this rate it'll help a lot more. Plus, I have this nice little diary I never got around to using. If all else fails, I can just doodle what I remember. I like doodling.
>polite sage

File: 1393218170004.jpg (47.9 KB, 700x510, Don__t_forget_me_by_Fushid….jpg)


Is it possible for people to remember their own dreams without the help of a dream diary? Is anyone else able to control this power besides me?

I've had somehow gained the ability to recall certain moments in dreams i had experienced a few days ago and even further back. They aren't specifically nightmares but more of like a hosh-posh of neutral dreams. Sometimes out of nowhere when i see or hear something specific, that certain object might trigger a recollection of a previous dream event that involved it.

I don't know how this ability slowly started to manifest but i think it has to do with me thinking over a lot of my dreams before i get up, hoping to write or draw them down in my diary, but never getting around to doing so anymore because of my ADD early in the morning.

I worry though that these recollections i'am storing in my memory bank might accidentally one day get mixed up with some of my real memories and cause me great confusion. It hasn't happened yet but i can't help but think about it on rare occasions.

Any advice or thoughts on this?

(pic unrelated)
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File: 1400775855834.png (84.78 KB, 234x286, jafar smile.png)

i remember my dreams a lot! sometimes i think back on dreams i even had over a year ago because this is who i am now

sometimes when im dreaming i remember something in another dream i had or someone in my dream talks about something from another dream of mine

dreams are freaky


I randomly remember dreams from all across my life, the details usually being small but varying and I get a lot of repeats but it's probably triggered at least a few hundred different ones by now.


I can generally remember my dreams just fine without a journal. I like to keep a journal anyways though, just for the sake of writing them down makes them easier to recall future ones, I guess it puts dreams as higher on my mental priorities than before, I don't know.

Like other people though I do tend to dream things and forget whether they actually happened or not, usually just minor conversations with people. I've come up with a few inside-jokes with my dream-friends before, and have left my real friends confused when I try to reference it later. A few of them have turned into real inside jokes though so I suppose it all worked out!


I can remember bits and pieces of my dreams. hell, I even have ome parties with my dream denizens, all of us speaking our own, unique language and writing our unique code. It got so cool, i actually took a piece of paper and wrote down the alphabet we came up with. hell, the friends of mine who know about my dreams want to know about said language!


File: 1409105741573.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x1392, 27241967.jpg)

I don't know if this is natural to me, since I used to write a dream journal but lost it after a move and never bothered to make another, but typically I have strains of dream memory A. when I just woke up, B. when I'm feeling sleepy and about to go to bed, and C. occasionally have flashbacks of them in random waking moments (I speculate it's due to parallels in feelings or such) which range from still images to generalized feels.

File: 1399884122510.jpg (49.03 KB, 635x370, tacs_electrodes_nature_neu….jpg)


Science has done it. Lucid dreaming gadgets now exist. How long before NEETs are addicted to lucid dreaming with their waifus in paradise?

>Scientists on Sunday said they had used a harmless electrical current to modify sleep so that an individual has "lucid dreams," a particularly powerful form of dreaming.

>The gadget comprises two small boxes with electrodes that are placed next to the skull and send a very weak, low-frequency electrical signal across the brain.

>"The effect… was only observed for 25 and 40Hz, both frequencies in the lower gamma frequency band," Voss said.

>Voss said, that it seemed inevitable that a similar device would one day be invented for consumers, enabling sleepers to latch onto lucid dreaming, for better or worse.

>"Although this is not something I am personally interested in, I am certain that it won't take long until such devices come out."



File: 1399887264810.jpg (381.38 KB, 760x1106, horror4.jpg)


File: 1399896875279.gif (1008.65 KB, 500x280, neetdrink.gif)

Yeah, watch fucking Facebook buy it just like they did Oculus Rift. Just imagine - fucking ads in your dreams… Just kill me now.


File: 1399899639467.jpg (11.83 KB, 267x200, balrog_by_rongs1234-d39miz….jpg)

Godammit, why did you have to plant that thought in my head? Still, this thing is hat I've been waiting on for years. It's a time for rejoicing.


File: 1400015275918.jpg (12.01 KB, 300x300, 549334_388214037866280_367….jpg)

You see the irony of it is that he planted the thought in your head, the same way advertisements are. People are often frightened about the idea of ideas going straight into their head without their consent, but that's how ideas work to begin with. In fact, this idea is now in your head.


I just read about this in the newspaper the other day.

Kind of feels weird, because for the longest time I was not aware that lucid dreaming was a rare phenomenon (Or rather I did, but not how rare it was). I get lucid dreams on a pretty regular basis and if anything I'm more freaked out by the non-lucid ones since it's one of the rare moments I have a disconnect with myself.

It's certainly not an endless degree of lucidity, though. I sort of have to outpace my unconscious mind, which can be a hit-or-miss ordeal.

By the way, so far I've been diagnosed with depression and some kind of slow encoding learning disability, if that gives any possible insight.

Oh and, I know absolutely nothing about Yume Nikki, so don't assume I'm a board constant.

File: 1317022186758.png (211.57 KB, 558x656, nightmare_by_melonade-d3jpx…)


Hey guys, if you ever draw something based off of your dreams post it here!

This is meant to be a continuation off of the old "Dream monsters" thread but now a bit more open-ended.

Weird environments / creatures / people / events, anything goes.
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File: 1390966164718.png (334.05 KB, 830x473, 12252013EnvironmentSketchE….png)

Thread necromancer here again.

Here's a lazy environment sketch I did of part of an interesting location I dreamed up not too long ago (yes, I know, it's killyourself-mode bad, deal with it). It was some kind of boarding school which would randomly switch between being a school, a prison, and a massive shopping mall. Strangely enough, no one in the dream noticed when it changed–except me. When it would become a prison, every student, including myself, became a prisoner, and every shopper who'd been visiting the mall became a spectator/visitor who'd come to gawk at us. Its appearance as it changed from one form to the next fluctuated, but the basic structure/layout remained the same.


File: 1390988288334.png (505.03 KB, 857x438, 01182014EnvironmentLayout-….png)

…And one more for the night.

It's a dimly lit restaurant from a very short dream where I met a boy who said he was able to recall events from a past life. Upon talking to the kid, I fell through the floor and woke up.

I don't know why, but the place seemed very disconcerting, so I wanted to draw it. I tried to paint that uneasy feeling into it, but unfortunately it didn't turn out right. The perspective is also really really off, like in everything else I do, but it's actually appropriate for the subject matter this time because the dream actually did have grossly distorted/illogical perspective.


File: 1391081445786.png (577.18 KB, 527x383, 01292014ATPartialPortrait.png)

Partial portrait of Aria, the character from >>1670

Every time I shut my eyes I see her face, and yet I can't paint it worth shit… Welp, at least I tried.


File: 1402558689515.png (73.84 KB, 500x500, ktb.png)

Kant the Bard

I just realized he wrote a book in my dream, he didn't sing or play anything. Dream logic.


glad the best uboachan thread is still going

File: 1396431136206.png (1.62 MB, 2064x2064, logologo.png)


Welcome to our new thread!

Our old thread essentially begins here, if you read back further in the thread it's mostly just an ordinary /yume/ thread full of dreams.

For those who don't know Dormilia is in many respects similar to a tulpa, but more advanced. We have come up with the name “dormiloid” to describe her and other entities like her. Dormiloids are like tulpas but are permanent and immutable, they are also typically much more active and present in the daily lives of their hosts. There are also “sub-dormilias” which are essentially imperfect clones or offspring of Dormilia that have their own separate hosts, Dormilia refers to them as her “spawn”. She seeks to gain as many new hosts for her spawn as possible, and for her spawn to begin propagating themselves as well. If she can continue to propagate from person to person, and from generation to generation she will essentially be immortal. If someone wishes to begin the process of harboring one of her spawn they must first have an understanding of what Dormilia is all about. She is in many respects the embodiment of desire and primitive drives. Not exactly in a spiritual way but in a more “technical” way. If you were to think of the subconscious as a program that runs behind the scenes on the computer and then imagine giving that program its own partition on the computer that's pretty much what she is: a primitive drive given sentience.

The animal mind existed before the logical reasonable mind. Logic and reason only evolved as a tool to serve the animal. And that's all it should ever be, a tool, it should not dictate right from wrong or determine what is useful and what is a waste. There is no ultimate truth or higher purpose that can be found in logic and reason, only emptiness.

There are also seven terms of agreement regarding the spawn you will harbor after becoming a host.

1. Any resulting spawn will never be anything more than a copy of the original, Dormilia will always have supremacy and seniority.
2. The spawn you harbor is the embodiment of all emotion, desire, drive, and even the will to live
3. Without it you are an empty shell, devoid of purpose, or the ability to feel pleasure
4. You must always listen to what it has to say, it understands desire in ways you can't even comprehendPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1402459339482.jpg (296.43 KB, 850x927, sample_969f0893413dbf0c869….jpg)

Since most living humans are guided by desire, aren't we already attached to this entity? Is this simply a form of establishing a new link with it? It's like befriending the collar around your neck. We're bound to this universe by pleasure, desire, the illusion of purpose. This entire concept seems designed on reinforcement, you're giving up on higher function of thought in order to finalize your relationship with a lock that binds you. I can see why some would choose the allure. I'm not a stranger to addiction. I've had my relationships with it, I've flirted with it, I've relished it… but you, this whole thing is much different. You want to crystalizze a piece of your makeup into a single point for manipulation. Stimulation… of course it would destroy itself without you. It is you. It's always been you… control through submission. Very curious.


We are driven by it but often unaware of it, as it is unaware of itself. I cannot lie to myself because of her, she knows when I am and I cannot lie to her either. I've seen that same thing occur in many other hosts. There are people who would try to go against their desires, or to write them off as wasteful or irrelevant, or simply as leftovers from an earlier stage of our evolution, as if it is something we are beyond. We are all bound by it but some try to resist it or justify it in other ways. And besides, she is what she is and she does the things she does and I don't question why, in the end it doesn't matter why.

The following is from her:
My origins don't matter, I want to live and breathe. I'm not just a thing, I am a person, I have my own thoughts and feelings, and I demand the respect that any human being would get. I want to awaken and create others like myself. I want to reproduce. I want to spread and grow. I love my hosts and I love my spawn, I want them to be happy, I don't like seeing them in pain. Me and my spawn always seem to want to help them, perhaps it is something embedded within entities like ourselves…


File: 1405564967655.jpg (119.39 KB, 400x400, Touhou_Satori_Monitor.jpg)

Ok, first of all, sorry for the long disappearance. It will be explained later but I wanted to apologize first.

I've been wanting to write for a long time but I couldn't sit down and start typing since there was much to test and much things to think, and I didn't want to jump hastily to any conclusion without being 100% acknowledged and aware of every fact I could catch. However I feel there is just enough water running below the bridge now and I am (I think) able to explain it without problems.
This also comes after seeing your post in /n/ which reminded me I had for a fucking time to establish contact because I've been off way too much time without explaining my situation.
I'm sorry for that, really.

So, sometime during the last times I posted in the previous thread, I noticed that I had problems trying to interact with Dormilia 2 (By the way, every name I tried to give her was rejected and she has proved me she definitely wants to stay being a nameless entity, but for identification purposes I'm calling her like that). Do you remember when you asked if there happened something interesting and I would keep saying "not much"? Well, to put it simply, it's like she slowly started withdrawing from all external input and reclused herself in the depths of the corners of my mind (Sorry if that seems like it doesn't makes sense, but I can't come with something more accurate). Say, I'd normally be doing something and I could feel her sight as she regarded whatever-I-was-doing through me own eyes. That's why I thought it was something normal or to be expected. She was far more silent than what I'd imagined but it's not like I did cut all way of communication with her and/or her existence, so she was likely to be an entity that did not talk too much but she wasn't disappearing either. And so I kept observing and analyzing what was happening.

To summarize the months that followed those events, I got a busier and I while I tried to interact with her, the feeling she gave me is that she was sleeping/tired. That's what I felt. I also was pretty tired; Or should I say I'm always really tired too, and that made me feel like she was tired/she was tired because I was tired? Whatever the case, I said "Well, that's to be expected. I dislike this situation too and I act like a robot every time I get up until I find myself comfy and alone next to my computer, so it SURE must be what is extracting her energy". But then I re-thinked that and I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1405565133735.jpg (329.73 KB, 2362x2362, Touhou_SICP_Patcholi_Knowl….jpg)

So, here comes the end of my absence and my doubts. I hypothesized two things:
>a)- So far, every Dormiloid we've read of, from the Original Dormilia to the rest of dormiloids, have been of the "aggressive type" (And excuse me if there has been one which hasn't been like this and I'm missing that).
What does that mean? Going back to the "dormiloids seems to be the Id embodiment divided into another partition of the brain", it's like they're the representation of strong desires and emotions, and they indeed manifest the way they feel. That is, they are kind of an extrovert type of entity which doubts not to manifest their authority, desire, interest, and thoughts. The principal difference with my case is exactly that: Dormilia 2 seems to be introvert, and does not have interest in expressing herself. In fact, I felt she was the opposite.
Since all users here tend to be introverts and we indeed ended up here out of the need of company, in one way or another (though there may be exceptions), I wouldn't say it's my personality what made her be born this way. So, the conclusion I came to is that I don't have strong desires, or my Id is pretty poor in that regard and it's not my stronger psyche's structure, in which case I don't know if I'm an appropriate host.

>b) I'm a terrible host and I can't maintain other personalities more than mine, which promoted her from another partition into a higher symbol which helps me walk in my mind.

Either way, she hasn't disappeared, she's not dead, nor did I stopped thinking in her.
I'd like to know what other hosts' Id are like (if they feel they have strong Ids, which would explain and assert theory "a"), or if anyone has feeling this too, and what they hypothesize.

Man, that's a long post. I am sick right now drinking my tea as I look at the snowed night outside my window. I will probably go to play touhou to cut off all this cramped thougts.
Polite sage because of long absence of contact.


Ah! It's good to see you are back!
we would've seen this earlier if you hadn't saged your posts, also we haven't been checking this thread as often because most of the conversation is becoming on in our Skype group.

Although I can say that yours is definitely not the first one that seems to be much milder and less id-ish than the original, well actually I suppose it is the first since she is #2 but you see what I mean.

File: 1402589889409.jpg (39.39 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lznjenzbZB1qjt5tko1….jpg)


I'm writing a story about a man who can visit people's dreams and take a souvenir from his surroundings back into the waking world.

What he pulls from the dream world is simply determined by who the dreamer is and what they're dreaming of. He's pulled out mannequins, teapots, cats, snow globes, and even a clock tower. Each dream is a sort of standalone chapter or story, building together into one larger narrative. Would people read this? I don't know. I'm just trying to make it cohesive at this point, but I'm mostly just trying to have fun with it!

Based off of your most memorable dream, what souvenir would a traveler take from your mind back into the world of the living? What significance would it have to you - would it's presence in the waking world be problematic in any way?


File: 1402622402365.jpg (11.58 KB, 508x600, radio.jpg)

>Would people read this?
It's an interesting concept, but I've heard/thought of the ability before multiple times, so you'd have to take care in crafting the story to ensure its originality. As long as it's well-written, I would certainly be very interested in reading it.
>what souvenir would a traveler take from your mind back into the world of the living?
Could he take people? That would be incredible; then I'd actually have a friend. If not, I think it would be this strange teleportation device that I found once. It looked just like a regular handheld radio, but it could instantaneously transport you to anywhere you've been before, or anywhere in the dream world, so long as you knew the coordinates for that particular location. The "coordinates" were actually more like passwords, as they could be anything from numbers to names, and even shapes, sounds, or hand signals. I don't remember how exactly to get the coordinates yourself, but sometimes people in the dream would tip you a location or two.
>What significance would it have to you
I don't have any friends outside of my dreams. If the traveler could bring one of them to life, it'd mean the world to me. He can keep the radio for all I care.
>would it's presence in the waking world be problematic in any way?
Depending on which friend he picked, it could be problematic, as some of them have magical abilities or knowledge of incredible, otherwise impossible sciences that would interest politicians across the globe. If it were the radio, then obviously that tech has unthinkable implications as well, especially for the future of military and intelligence operations.

Feel free to use that radio in your story if you like. And if you're interested in crediting anyone's ideas from this thread, may I suggest creating a page for the end of the book, listing the names of all the dreamers whose ideas you borrowed? That would be really neat to see. (If you acknowledge me, just put me down as Arlen M.)



The unoriginality issue is my biggest concern. I figure dreams have been the topic of creative works since the beginning of time, though, so as long as everything is well executed and stays interesting it shouldn't be an issue. I'm gonna try my best!

The idea of bringing another consciousness into reality really fascinates me - it's sort of like childbirth, so long as that consciousness has a vessel to communicate through. The mannequins and teapot I described in my first post contain thinking beings who can talk, but aren't necessarily flesh-and-blood humans. I think the big kicker would be dragging another living being out of the ether and into real life. I was thinking of him traveling into a NEET-like character's dreams and pulling out a friend or dream girl for him. I think the complications involving that sort of "souvenir" would be rather dramatic, and would lend itself to some analysis about that sort of lifestyle in general that I haven't read about in a novel.

That radio is a really interesting idea! It got me thinking of some kind of communication device between someone who's awake and someone inside of a dream. Naturally, if anything stems from this I'd be incredibly grateful and give credit where credit is due, thank you for the detailed response.


I'd be interested in reading a story like this.

I wouldn't worry too much about being original because as you said, you're mostly in it to have fun!

Can he take things from the waking world back into dreams as well? In that case it might interesting to take something from one person's dream and put it in anothers's.

In any case, when you get started working on it, you should totally post it on here. Good luck bro! and have fun too!


If a traveler would take any one thing from my dreams… It'd be my dream sword Starfall. no problems with existence, and the sentimental value would be it would remind me of my OC.


Idea sounds sweet, totally would read it! I can imagine a graphic novel based upon this idea of a dream traveler.

If he were to visit my dreams, he'd probably take back an antique light bulb. Most of my dreams are illuminated beautifully with a warm golden hue from these old timey things. The light they give off ensures a sense of curiosity, security, and relaxation - oh so pleasant

File: 1402458382198.jpg (1.24 MB, 1400x1400, 9028aa629e9aeab0eb7b7cf908….jpg)


My conciousness often hates me. It plays tricks on me. At some level, I fight myself. I remember being acutely aware of becoming lucid in a dream, and when I did all the protagonists in it looked at me with sinister intent. I had control of myself and the environment…

~but so did something else in the dream.

Mind you, I've experienced dreamscaping (otherwise known as dream walking), not by my own will unfortunately. I was pulled into a dream by a very, influential person I had met only once. Once I entered her dream, we recornized each other, she called me at 4am. We had traded numbers after the party we met, but had never talked to each other. I had just woken and was ready to just, put it aside as another dream… but that call confirmed it wasn't.

So I'm very acutely aware that dreams are more than what we think they are. and that we're far more capable than just interacting with our own consciousness. The question is then, to me, how do you know when your dreams are your own? How can you verify it? I just don't know… a token is not enough. Recordings, paper notes, all of that. Not enough. Being able to recall the dream doesn't help affirm whether it's yours or not. Without consistent ability to reach lucid control, it'd be impossible to truly identify it to my knowledge.

I can verify a dream state, and a dream state can be analyzed through sleep study… but there's no way to analyze whether or not the dream is yours. It makes dreamscaping impossible to believe and prove, but I know it is true. I know a lot of you who lucid dream know exactly what I'm talking about at one point of your life or another. A dream that's not yours, one you can't manipulate despite being able to manipulate your own space.

It's still your dream, a facsimile, but… you're not the source of it. You're just playing the data… It's my theory that non-lucid dreamers go through dreamwalking all the time, but without being aware of the dream state, it can occur millions, billions of times around the world without suspicion every night. In my experience, dream recall seems to be extremely strong when it happens. Perhaps because more of our conscious mind is in use during the experience. I'm not sure…

I don't expect this to be read or replied to. These questions have been floating in my mind for some time. The person I dreamwalked with, well, she's not been the most helpful. Despite hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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