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Dream On!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1360475954073.jpg (23.81 KB, 328x430, withered-tree.jpg)


Hello. I lucid dream very rarely, but recently the times I lucid dream it's always the same one.
I actually don't know if what I'm having is a lucid dream. Everything seems pretty clear and deep, and I know it's a dream but I feel like I can't control my body.

I was wondering if someone could tell me if there was maybe some kind of meaning behind this.

I appear to be in a very quiet, empty place. Everywhere I look is grey, it feels like I need to blink or squint a couple of times because everything is just that one shade.

After a moment or two, I turn around(and that's one of the things I remember ALWAYS doing in this dream: turning around.) and see in the distance a tree with a leopard sat under it. Looks as though it's quite a bit away from where I'm stood, but I know what it is. The tree has pale pink flowers coating it's branches. Looks nice. The leopard doesn't seem to be doing anything, it's just sat there staring at me.

So, I start waking towards this odd pairing. I feel happy as soon as I take the first step towards the tree and leopard. The leopard doesn't seem to be a threat and from where I'm stood I don't think of it as an issue. I come close to a point where I begin to admire the tree's petals slowly fluttering down to meet the leopard sat beneath it.
It's around this point I stop myself to understand that the closer I got to the tree, the more petals were falling. I can feel my face dropping to a more shocked, serious expression as if I'd witnessed a murder take place or something.
Now the tree looked somehow darker, and less attractive.
It was wilting as the distance between us grew shorter, and I knew this. I didn't feel happy anymore.

I've had this dream on more than two occasions now. (I guess that doesn't seem like a lot but I hardly ever remember dreams but I remember this one perfectly so it's stuck with me)
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Maybe this isn't a lucid dream?
Lucid dreams are when you are fully aware you are dreaming and you can control your environment. The level of clarity is unrelated.

Anyways, it's hard to guess when it means but maybe it has to do with someone / something not living up to expectations. Or you headed down a path in life you thought you wanted but it didn't turn out that well? I don't know.

File: 1354162662160.jpg (95.08 KB, 900x667, chronic_feelings_of_emptin….jpg)


How does one dream cuz I cant for the life of me and my life is pretty bleak all ready I just want to escape…


File: 1354164546782.jpg (147.5 KB, 500x700, 211814a631eb224889ada5bc0c….jpg)

Chances are you do dream, but you don't remember them. Not only that, but just normal dreaming isn't much of a stress relief. Is your goal to start lucid dreaming, so you have more control over your "escape"? Or just to remember your dreams better?


The only time I can recall myself having dreams are usually a few minutes before I wake for some odd reason, and the rare times I do dream I have full control over them and that's alright i guess even though I always end up dead or about to die… I personally have never heard of lucid dreaming so i dont have much to say on it sorry.


Keep a diary beside your bed. Write down the few you do get the instant you wake up. Read them before going to bed.

If you sleep very deeply try setting a clock to wake you up a couple of hours before you need to get up. Then when it wakes you up, fall asleep again. Experiment with the timing of the clock.


If your life is too boring it shouldn't be impossible to reserve long times for sleeping. That way you can wake up every 2 hours to record your dreams.

My experience is that if you wake up and go back to sleep you can dream more. I guess during long sleeps you forget the dreams you see in the beginning, or something. At least some parts are hard to remember.

File: 1323213636471.jpg (99.41 KB, 307x500, creepy hospital.jpg)


ITT something that happened in your dream, that really upset or disturbed you afterwards.

I was standing in a playground I vaguely remember playing in as a child. Suddenly my point of view turned into a bird's eye view, and I moved further and further away from the scene, revealing that the me standing in the playground was still a child. Autumn leaves started whirling in the wind, and the dream cut to black.
I was in a hospital bed, being wheeled through some sort of hospital place at an incredible speed. The corridors were off-white and grimy, and the doors were painted a sickly shade of green and had little wire glass windows in them. Everything looked horribly sticky and dirty, almost as if the place had been recently abandoned. The light was dim. As I was being rushed through these corridors, I heard a voice exclaim something like "You know this place."
I woke up feeling rather disturbed.
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I had one awhile ago that really freaked me out.

I was standing under the tree in my front yard eating little tea sandwiches, when a woman walking her dog comes down the sidewalk. The woman was pretty overweight, had short reddish-blonde hair, and looked like she hadn't showered in days. She was screaming for no reason, not like, one consecutive scream, but she screamed more in intervals, like "AAA…AAA…AAA" and I thought it was the funniest shit. I got my phone out to record it when she came back after she had passed my house.

Shorty afterwards she returned, but this time her screaming really frightened me. As I began to record, she screamed right at me, and i felt like she was ready to climb over the fence and start beating me. She then let her dog climb up on the hood of some guy's car as he was unlocking it. He proceeded to try and tell her off for it, but she just screamed at him which scared him into his car. She then followed him into his car and out the passenger door until she finally reached him, and slapped him tremendously hard square in the back, making him yelp in pain.

At that point I was really freaked out, and I ran into the house to get my dad. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was something about how there was a crazy lady in the yard freaking me out. He seemed really annoyed at the fact that I was telling him, and went outside to check it out. At that point she was gone. She shortly returned, this time without her dog and blood soaking her hands, sobbing. She came up to my dad on the porch and said to him in between sobs, "Please sir, you have to help me, my brother is visiting and he killed my whole family, even my mother." Meanwhile I was hiding behind my dad in fear of her.

When I woke up I was extremely shaken, and had an incredibly hard time going back to sleep. The whole thing just made me feel really unsafe. Which is silly, the dream wasn't even that bad. I dunno, something about it just really disturbed me.


I appeared in a building The floor was sea, walls were so colorful. just like in yume nikki. we were swimming around. then i met my sister and we had sex.


everything i dream up disturbs me, i literally have nightmares every night, and i'm scared of everything ;_; sometimes they're bloody, sometimes they're melancholy, but they're always vivid


I had a dream recently in which I experienced a false awakening. I woke up on my bed, in pitch darkness, to stare directly at my phone. It started ringing in stereo with that irritating buzzing sound. The caller was somebody called 'Shadow'. I answered it, and I deep, muffled but very loud voice was going 'Hello?' from all directions. I tried to answer, but my lips wouldn't move, and I tried to sit up, but couldn't either (at this point, I had visions of Uboa; I have no idea why). The whole place jerking very badly and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

It was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had. It turned for the better, though. I looked at might phone and realised it said 2:67. I realised that I was in a dream, but decided to perform a test instead. It worked, and I, like the idiot I was, decided to wait for the earthquake-level shaking to stop before attempting to stabilise the dream. I ended up waking up.


I keep dreaming that I'm at work.

It's very boring and depressing, and then I wake up.
I go to work.
It's very boring and depressing, and then I wake up again.

File: 1326008716080.png (104.04 KB, 342x398, red.png)


I had a dream that Monoe was chasing me and then I had to make a red clay Monoe. WHAT DOES IT MEAAAN
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I dreamed last night that I could use the Neon effect. I changed the neon streetlights to green, then blue. However the dream ended abruptly because I was too excited about it. I was able to fly and no-clip through walls, too.


I once had a dream that I was being a bitch to my best friend for not knowing what Yume 2kki was. Then I glanced at the TV and saw Ib and Garry on TV and I was like "Oh I didn't know they made Ib into an anime."


File: 1349288664984.jpg (70.23 KB, 843x843, 1319476331606.jpg)

I had a dream that started out with a bunch of poorly drawn Yume Nikki + fangame protagonists standing in a row in front of this weird also poorly drawn beach. Then Urotsuki's head was bitten off Mami Tomoe style and a generic 2kki NPC scream sound played, and all of the protagonists moved off to the side like stage curtains and it faded to black.

Then, I woke up again in some sort of weird hallway where this kind of hectic, unsettling music was playing (Hospital Outskirts Music?) and Madotsuki's taxidermied, semi-rotten, cartoonish corpse was put up next to my mother's that looked like it was taken care of in the same fashion. I also couldn't see her head, but it looked blacked out, not completely gone. There was some creepy, pus filled blood settled at their feet, and Sabitsuki had wandered over and was now eating/drinking the blood (which had turned into some sort of gelatinous half liquid, ew) and complained about it being moldy.
It was so nasty and unsettlingly real that I woke up right afterwards and made a mad dash for the bathroom so I could puke. My dreams about Yume Nikki are never terribly pleasant.


>creates a theory that Usotsuki from Yume Nisshi wants to/did kill Trish and Pholus
>have a dream that I'm playing Yume Nisshi
>go into some sort of study room
>Pholus and Trish are both on a couch and are dead


Well, I had a dream where I was in the darker parts of the hospital in .flow and Sabitsuki was there. I was following her through until we suddenly got to the parade elevator.

When we arrived on the floor where all the children were, Sabi started to cry so I hugged her. Uber cute I know but Ibheard them Kaibutsu laughs and saw a huge mash of them and normal school children.

Out of no fucking no where I find a pipe and beat da fuq out of every living thing in the corridor. As each one was slain, the non-Kaibutsu kids had faces of people I knew; hated or loved. One of the final Kaibutsuhad the face of this kid I hated, so I literally pummeled his face to death and tore out his spine with my hands.

Then after Sabi ran towards me and hugged me, without saying a word. I started to literally sink into the floor. I looked up amd saw the corridor disappear from view.

I was then in an ex of mine's bedroom. Sabi was no longer herself but that same Ex. Scenes that occured there passed in a fast blur, stopping at parts where I remember being happy. Then, once the scenes stopped, I was on top of her, knife in hand, killing her, almost like it was some weird fetish. She was laughing as I did. No blood came out.

Soon she turned it on me amd stabbed me. Blood was pouring everywhere Nd she pushed me to my back and carressed me lovingly. Then the same thing happened as with Sabi, and I arrived on Smile(s balcony. I could zsee the black sky.

I sat up, and everyone I killed in the hospital corridor laid dead around me, and Sabi was clutched tightly on me.

I have no clue what this all meant but shit. Can anyone tell me?

File: 1347662594576.jpg (818.16 KB, 720x960, b39517035a735a15591f6a120f….jpg)


I dreamed I was Madotsuki.
I was sitting alone in my room and thinking about the dreams/places/charas, then I understood everything and I was so happy, I just wanted to go outside and reveal the meaning of my life to others …then I woke up and I forgot every single piece of information I had in the dream.

Soooo sad.

Sorry for my bad english.


i hate when that happens

File: 1342629396599.jpg (77.53 KB, 550x407, taxibear9pq438.jpg)


A really bad fever was responsible for the only hallucination I've ever had in my life. Basically I was up really late and didn't notice that I was starting to have chills (because it was winter, oops). So I went to bed, but instead of closing my eyes and going to sleep, I guess I either started hallucinating, or was dreaming with my eyes open, either one. I couldn't move at all.

The dream/halucination I had isn't much to talk about, though. I dreamed about freaking HETALIA of all things, just random characters showing up and talking in front of my face. I've never even seen Hetalia.

Anyway, do you guys ever have weird dreams (or hallucinations) when you get really sick?

Pic unrelated.
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I had a hallucination once when I had Influenza. My bed sheets turned into a giant GPS and the voice wouldn't shut up.
Never really experienced anything like it since though.


I don't know why, but sometimes I visually hallucinate stuff that appear in my dreams.


The last particularly memorable dream I had when I was sil was years ago. I seemed to be watching randomly spliced together playthroughs of different JRPGs (one of the was recurring), only the screen would glitch up horribly and then return to normal every few seconds. It had pokemon as well, and there was an evolution screen of a Ditto. That glitched up as well.


Yeah when I was a kid I often got 'Alice in Wonderland syndrome' when I had fevers. I'd feel like my body parts were fucking huge and had hallucinations that I was a giant and my blanket was some kind of cave shiftable cave. Also I'd feel I was lying on a bed of nails and I was constantly trying to shift my body to avoid the nails but it never worked. Since then I haven't experienced that again except for last year which was pretty tame, where I had the sensation my face was protruding outwards like a duck bill or something.


I once had a fever and saw a kitschy looking teddybear swinging on a wooden swing, all in the monochromatic blue and white fibers of my sweater that for whatever reason I was focusing on.

File: 1346082304687.jpg (46.42 KB, 350x545, Antichrist.jpg)


I'm only around for a few more days, but as I promised in the 'dreams and dormilla' thread, I've created my own thread to discuss my dreams. I will be gone for appx. 3 weeks at minimum starting weds of this week.

>awaken as Ceasar

>Be kicking it Cannibal holocaust style among my personal harem of slaves
>Hear that the assembly wants me
>Go to a building that looks like it came out of the set of a 70's italian B-horror movie
>Hear from the assembly that a disease has appeared in one of the southern towns
>order it closed down, they say its not enough. Become frustrated and decide to close the city down and then burn it to the ground, promising to build something grander instead.
>Take the auguries to find out if this is a good idea.
>Find out that not only do I die soon, but I'll be followed by three successively worse barracks emperors.
>frightened by what I hear, I cut his head off with a sword suddenly before he can finish.
>attend nightly cannibal feast per usual
>become deathly ill for no apparent reason, convinced I've been poisoned, order several people burned alive in wicker baskets
>Lose consciousness as Ceasar as I wake up into my normal life

What wonderful adventure will you cook up next, O wacky brain of mine?


File: 1346125634158.png (223.31 KB, 555x544, 1-week-without-internet-go….png)

If your going to be away for 3 weeks you can just wright down dreams and post them all when you get back.
Also if your going to be stuck without internet for 3 weeks you mays as have something good to read. You can download my archived and new thread if you wish.


A sizable portion of this thread has already been written, I've just never shared it with anyone. And I mean ANYone. My dreams are extremely personal and I tell _NO_ _ONE_ about them.

Here is another.

>Awaken as Ceasar

>Realize several weeks have passed
>Find out that I contracted a serious illness from one of the slaves I ate
>Wonder where my family is.
>Find out from an eagle that in my delirious state I ordered several of them burned alive, of 15, only 6 remain
>instant color change everywhere: bluescale
>moon turns into a giant eye
>blood drips from stars
>shadows assume a smokey mix of colors everywhere
>Realize I'm in a nightmare
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File: 1343166099669.png (1.39 KB, 58x50, it is a sleeping petilil.PNG)


So does anyone here do dream interpretations? This is more of a board that talks about dreams rather than analyze them. But what if I proposed this thread as an interpretation thread? And no bullshit interpretations either, please. like you ate a pancake in your dream and it means UR GAYT!!! or something. I wish this to be a serious thread.

Plus sometimes, you wake up feeling like your sleep-self is trying to tell you something and you just gotta know what it means.

picture unrelate

i cant do interpretations, but sometimes i wish i could because i have some seriously emotional, vivid dreams.


I've researched a lot of dream interpretation, but it takes A LOT of personal background information as well as what specific elements of a dream mean to you, how they made you feel, or how they correspond to your real life.


As much as I don't care for Freud he did have a good method.
When he was treating patients with reoccurring nightmares he would ask what associations immediately came to mind when they think of different aspects of their dreams. Do these aspects trigger any memories?
But basically I feel like dream interpretation is best when investigated by the dreamer themselves. What you dream about can have subconscious connections to other things that may seem unrelated. Also, quickly seeking associations before overanalyzing what you experienced.

Doesn't mean other people can't take a crack at it though but their experiences aren't the same.


I think dream interpreting is pretty fun, but I don't take it terribly seriously (mostly because the only dream interpretation book I have relates most things to being phallic symbols, herp). So mostly, when I remember a dream, I just try and make connections between the dream and my real life without doing any heavy-duty analysis of the themes or items in it.


File: 1345124055282.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 1345122227168.jpg)

so dreams are personal. im not surprised, they're from your MIND after all.

i guess im just looking for advice, i have some fucking vivid dreams, so vivid when i got a reading done by a psychic it was the first damn thing he mentioned above all else. so thats why im wondering if they just mean something.

and the reason i actually made this thread would be for my brother, who has dreams as vivid as me apparently. hell, maybe even more vivid. he dreamed about abusing me and his mom over me, his sister, hiding a bag of fritos. i mean like straight up verbal and physical abuse. over a fucking bag of chips. it really upset him, he cried when he woke up. thing is, he used to actually be like that. he's got bipolar, which he's learned to handle much better now, but not so much when he was younger.

think that meant anything, or was he just reflecting on a memory in his sleep that his subconscious actually made up? sounds more like the latter to me.

File: 1342557696517.jpg (838.54 KB, 600x6119, 4767621_700b_v1.jpg)


Be like madotsuki - the guide

from 9gag.
I think it would fit here perfectly.


File: 1342560043635.png (12.86 KB, 670x453, 19 and 20.png)



>like a boss


Also, this is so ridiculously basic it didn't even need to be posted. You probably didn't even bother to look at the board because there is a lucid dream on the front page. http://uboachan.net/yume/res/744.html


>"funny" memes
Please leave.

File: 1332559127271.jpg (297.72 KB, 1440x900, 1323395370007.jpg)


I don't dream anymore, and when I do, my dreams are just me living through a normal day. What's this mean? :C
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Having your dreams subdued into the mundane means that you're just like everybody else.



you still dream.
just you don't remind them if you wake up.
do an dream diary like madotsuki, and then you will see more dreams.
and then learn lucid dreaming.
its fun c:


File: 1336765772530.png (56.21 KB, 620x743, 1335056155676.png)

I know that feel OP, Except These dreams come to me very often.

These dreams seem to start with me waking up and end when I go to sleep.

I'm antisocial neet, I never go anywhere but to visit my psychologist and do groceries.

I get confused all the time since I could pay my bills in the dream and then couple of weeks later I get notifications that I haven't actually paid them.

I sometimes even lurk this place in my dreams and when the next day I want to respond to a thread I saw, I realize that the thread was in my dream.


This seems to happen to me semi-frequently. Today I woke up twice.

The first time I remember sorting through cereal in my dream, opening a new bag of fruitti pebbles, remembering I hate said cereal, and putting it away as if I wasn't there.

The second was just me going through and organizing Pokemon cards. Which I was doing a lot of a week ago but not anytime recently.

Often when I was younger I dreamed a lot about being on avatar sites and getting rare items, being excited, waking up, and realizing that was my dream and I don't have said items.


I remember a dream I had once. Possibly the most terrifying dream I've ever had. Interestingly, the older I've gotten, the more outlandish and evil my dreams have gotten. I enjoy it, though.

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