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Dream On!
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File: 1346082304687.jpg (46.42 KB, 350x545, Antichrist.jpg)


I'm only around for a few more days, but as I promised in the 'dreams and dormilla' thread, I've created my own thread to discuss my dreams. I will be gone for appx. 3 weeks at minimum starting weds of this week.

>awaken as Ceasar

>Be kicking it Cannibal holocaust style among my personal harem of slaves
>Hear that the assembly wants me
>Go to a building that looks like it came out of the set of a 70's italian B-horror movie
>Hear from the assembly that a disease has appeared in one of the southern towns
>order it closed down, they say its not enough. Become frustrated and decide to close the city down and then burn it to the ground, promising to build something grander instead.
>Take the auguries to find out if this is a good idea.
>Find out that not only do I die soon, but I'll be followed by three successively worse barracks emperors.
>frightened by what I hear, I cut his head off with a sword suddenly before he can finish.
>attend nightly cannibal feast per usual
>become deathly ill for no apparent reason, convinced I've been poisoned, order several people burned alive in wicker baskets
>Lose consciousness as Ceasar as I wake up into my normal life

What wonderful adventure will you cook up next, O wacky brain of mine?


File: 1346125634158.png (223.31 KB, 555x544, 1-week-without-internet-go….png)

If your going to be away for 3 weeks you can just wright down dreams and post them all when you get back.
Also if your going to be stuck without internet for 3 weeks you mays as have something good to read. You can download my archived and new thread if you wish.


A sizable portion of this thread has already been written, I've just never shared it with anyone. And I mean ANYone. My dreams are extremely personal and I tell _NO_ _ONE_ about them.

Here is another.

>Awaken as Ceasar

>Realize several weeks have passed
>Find out that I contracted a serious illness from one of the slaves I ate
>Wonder where my family is.
>Find out from an eagle that in my delirious state I ordered several of them burned alive, of 15, only 6 remain
>instant color change everywhere: bluescale
>moon turns into a giant eye
>blood drips from stars
>shadows assume a smokey mix of colors everywhere
>Realize I'm in a nightmare
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File: 1343166099669.png (1.39 KB, 58x50, it is a sleeping petilil.PNG)


So does anyone here do dream interpretations? This is more of a board that talks about dreams rather than analyze them. But what if I proposed this thread as an interpretation thread? And no bullshit interpretations either, please. like you ate a pancake in your dream and it means UR GAYT!!! or something. I wish this to be a serious thread.

Plus sometimes, you wake up feeling like your sleep-self is trying to tell you something and you just gotta know what it means.

picture unrelate

i cant do interpretations, but sometimes i wish i could because i have some seriously emotional, vivid dreams.


I've researched a lot of dream interpretation, but it takes A LOT of personal background information as well as what specific elements of a dream mean to you, how they made you feel, or how they correspond to your real life.


As much as I don't care for Freud he did have a good method.
When he was treating patients with reoccurring nightmares he would ask what associations immediately came to mind when they think of different aspects of their dreams. Do these aspects trigger any memories?
But basically I feel like dream interpretation is best when investigated by the dreamer themselves. What you dream about can have subconscious connections to other things that may seem unrelated. Also, quickly seeking associations before overanalyzing what you experienced.

Doesn't mean other people can't take a crack at it though but their experiences aren't the same.


I think dream interpreting is pretty fun, but I don't take it terribly seriously (mostly because the only dream interpretation book I have relates most things to being phallic symbols, herp). So mostly, when I remember a dream, I just try and make connections between the dream and my real life without doing any heavy-duty analysis of the themes or items in it.


File: 1345124055282.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 1345122227168.jpg)

so dreams are personal. im not surprised, they're from your MIND after all.

i guess im just looking for advice, i have some fucking vivid dreams, so vivid when i got a reading done by a psychic it was the first damn thing he mentioned above all else. so thats why im wondering if they just mean something.

and the reason i actually made this thread would be for my brother, who has dreams as vivid as me apparently. hell, maybe even more vivid. he dreamed about abusing me and his mom over me, his sister, hiding a bag of fritos. i mean like straight up verbal and physical abuse. over a fucking bag of chips. it really upset him, he cried when he woke up. thing is, he used to actually be like that. he's got bipolar, which he's learned to handle much better now, but not so much when he was younger.

think that meant anything, or was he just reflecting on a memory in his sleep that his subconscious actually made up? sounds more like the latter to me.

File: 1342557696517.jpg (838.54 KB, 600x6119, 4767621_700b_v1.jpg)


Be like madotsuki - the guide

from 9gag.
I think it would fit here perfectly.


File: 1342560043635.png (12.86 KB, 670x453, 19 and 20.png)



>like a boss


Also, this is so ridiculously basic it didn't even need to be posted. You probably didn't even bother to look at the board because there is a lucid dream on the front page. http://uboachan.net/yume/res/744.html


>"funny" memes
Please leave.

File: 1332559127271.jpg (297.72 KB, 1440x900, 1323395370007.jpg)


I don't dream anymore, and when I do, my dreams are just me living through a normal day. What's this mean? :C
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Having your dreams subdued into the mundane means that you're just like everybody else.



you still dream.
just you don't remind them if you wake up.
do an dream diary like madotsuki, and then you will see more dreams.
and then learn lucid dreaming.
its fun c:


File: 1336765772530.png (56.21 KB, 620x743, 1335056155676.png)

I know that feel OP, Except These dreams come to me very often.

These dreams seem to start with me waking up and end when I go to sleep.

I'm antisocial neet, I never go anywhere but to visit my psychologist and do groceries.

I get confused all the time since I could pay my bills in the dream and then couple of weeks later I get notifications that I haven't actually paid them.

I sometimes even lurk this place in my dreams and when the next day I want to respond to a thread I saw, I realize that the thread was in my dream.


This seems to happen to me semi-frequently. Today I woke up twice.

The first time I remember sorting through cereal in my dream, opening a new bag of fruitti pebbles, remembering I hate said cereal, and putting it away as if I wasn't there.

The second was just me going through and organizing Pokemon cards. Which I was doing a lot of a week ago but not anytime recently.

Often when I was younger I dreamed a lot about being on avatar sites and getting rare items, being excited, waking up, and realizing that was my dream and I don't have said items.


I remember a dream I had once. Possibly the most terrifying dream I've ever had. Interestingly, the older I've gotten, the more outlandish and evil my dreams have gotten. I enjoy it, though.

File: 1339043497816.jpg (62.71 KB, 620x349, Portal2-wheatley.jpg)


So, I often dream about fandoms (not intentionally). They're usually my most fun dreams. As of the past couple weeks, I've really been enjoying the Portal 2 fandom, especially Wheatley (pic related). After about a week of no dreams about Portal 2 whatsoever (and some pretty boring dreams), I thought I'd try and intentionally have a dream about Wheatley.

I meditated on it in the daytime and at night used a method sort of like a MILD, but repeated to myself that I'd have a dream about Wheatley instead of repeating that I'd have a lucid dream. However, for about a week, I had no results. Then, one night, I had a dream about a guy that looked a lot like one of the popular "human" forms of Wheatley, but acted nothing like him. The next night I had a dream about GLaDOS, but not Wheatley. It's a bit frustrating.

To make it more annoying, if I so much as look at a picture of a Lupin III character before I go to sleep, I'll probably dream about them.

How successful have you guys been at influencing your dreams? Dream control methods and fandoms in dreams can be posted too, I guess.


As a little kid I use to daydream before going to sleep. Just construct a story and let it play out. Sometimes it would be the dream.

Helped me get to sleep, which is why I did it in the first place.


Video games influence my dreams alot.
Sometimes certain characters in my dreams resemble video game characters or the characters themselves will appear in the dreams.
The characters tend to be from either Touhou or The Legend Of Zelda.


Media influences my dreams a lot. Like, you know, playing video games, watching anime, reading webcomics…. Oddly enough I don't think I've ever had a dream influenced by music before, but that's because I can't sleep if music is playing.

Also, if I'm stressed out I'll usually dream a dream that's about being stressed out.

I have tried to influence my dreams, because there's a character I dreamed about once and REALLY want to dream about again. But it's never worked. :c

File: 1336251750038.jpg (156.48 KB, 1280x853, -2248286_281219890.jpg)


So, /yume/ and no lucid dreaming thread within 3 pages in sight. Gotta fix this. Since everyone here most probably already knows what lucid dreaming is, I won't post tutorial images and stuff like that, but rather make this a general advise/experience place.

So, what do you do to gain lucidity? How successful?
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I'm seconding the spin-in-place suggestion.

The first time I realized I went lucid I was slowly starting to wake up and everything was fading to black. I imagined myself walking / spinning in place and I snapped right back into the dream. Everything suddenly became very detailed and vivid, it was a really surreal experience.

I've been lucid two more times since then but I'm a pretty "weak" dreamer. Like I'd try to manipulate reality and I'd have very little influence on my surroundings. I would try to change the color of things (like the sky) / conjure things / try to start flying but the results were so-so. Also, does anybody have judgement impairment when they're lucid? As in you realize you're dreaming and you have control… but some of the logic you have when you're awake just isn't there.

Also every single time I've gone lucid was right after I walked through a doorway. Like I'd exit a room and enter a hallway and then I would suddenly realize I was lucid, very abruptly and unprovoked. I'm not really sure what that means but I'm going to keep using that as a reality check I guess. Every time I go through a door irl I'll just do the "am I dreaming?" check and hope it sticks. I used to wear a ring and I would switch it back and forth between my left and right hands as a way to help me remember to do dream checks, but I never noticed the ring in my dreams.
Though the times I did those checks regularly were the three times I went lucid so I guess its effects can be really arbitrary? Just thinking about it a lot was a lot more helpful to me than light switches and noticing clocks I guess… but that's just me.


Hey oneironauts,

How long did you need to induce a lucide dream?
Also was your first coincidence or done by will?


I tried to keep a dream journal, but I'm a fast typist and a slow hand-writer. I write so slow that I lose much of the dream while writing. Keeping my laptop on my bedstand isn't practical.

I'm planning to buy a typewriter on ebay to keep next to my bed. Aside from being fucking awesome, it will also be a convenient way to quickly record my dreams before I lose them.


I used to have the same problem too. So I would quickly write down some trigger words that would help jog my memory later. "Odd flowers", "flooding house", etc. Usually that would be enough to bring back some imagery later.

You could also try recording your voice.


Coincidence and it took 2 weeks+ of many daily reality checks. Though I'm super bad at this so I might not be the best one to ask.


Whenever I attain lucidity (or, at least become aware that I am dreaming), something would bug me to wake up. It's like my subconcious has a subconcious or something.

File: 1331402834128.png (614.01 KB, 641x991, fbd919091be6e3705555ae7a14….png)


Hi fellow dreamers.

I want to share with you something strange that has been happening to me for a couple of months. Before that, I never remembered my dreams but since then, I'm always waking up in the same place and I have the freedom to move as if I was awake.

At first, I just doze off, not knowing what was actually happening but I've been exploring this world for a month now. After telling some people about that, they said it would be a good idea to take notes of my dreams and I started a blog about that.

I always wake up in Alice's house. According to her, she's the one who created me.

Here is the link to the blog: http://411ce.blogspot.com/

Is there other people here who dream of a persistent world?
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Yes, she does seem like Alice from Lewis Carroll's books.


File: 1339266926993.jpg (166.07 KB, 768x854, 4202f4d595ed0535bc0ee4c728….jpg)

I know that you feel, bro. Make a research about it. A lot of people saw EXACTLY the same dream, I just cannot find that thread, actually there is a "brances" of similar stuff. For example in my case there are huge balls, not cubes. But that connect that dreams is the feeling of SIZE and voice that disturb you through the sound effect like bad speakers or reverbs or echoes. And that feeling that everything gonna END RIGHT NOW and that it is YOUR FAULT. And there is a something else that you cannot explain in words. Am I right?


i mean "brances"


god, i mean "branches"


File: 1339277547841.gif (83.47 KB, 480x600, c75e428ed115943f9475fe939d….gif)

Wow! You really do know that feel. In the dream, you do feel like the world IS ENDING NOW, EVERYTHING IS RUINED and it's YOUR FAULT. And there's just some kind of feeling that you can't even explain. It's like you're stabbed in the gut by your own guilt.

File: 1330860067162.jpg (89.26 KB, 740x610, 1330848035050.jpg)


>that feel when you fall in love in a dream

That's like the most fucked up thing this world can throw at you. Has it ever happened to you?

That happened to me a few months ago; I dreamt that I met this amazing guy and we started dating and fell in love and towards the end of my dream we fucked and I fell asleep in his arms sigh and it was amazing.

And then I woke up alone and cold and realized it was a dream and I actually felt so awful and ached like I was heart broken. I felt like I had actually lost someone who meant so much to me and it was the worst feeling in the world and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be with him again although he didn't actually exist.
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I never really fell in love in a dream. I saw an ex I used to love in one.
However, I did have a dream where I was a chick and I had sex with some guy. I had nice boobs.


File: 1334487629453.jpg (95.66 KB, 960x720, Mashamyre.jpg)

i know these feels.

i've been having alot of them lately, only involving another person on another chan.

and then it could also be about another girl from this chatroom.

it feels wierd man, idk how to handle it


You still look at sexuality as "absolutely gay or absolutely straight". It's more complicated than that and most people don't want to admit it/can't accept it. Don't torture yourself for having particular things you enjoy about either or both sexes. It's as normal as sexuality itself.


I saw you tonight - we spent a good time together. You told me about your karate teacher and something about nuclear war. I woke up, and this thread appears. If you feel the same, and you are a not tall girl with dark hair, answer. I miss you and feel sad.


I had 3 or 4 dreams of this kind… but the one who left me the most scarred was about a girl with dark and short hair, with the features of a 15-year-old.
The first time we met was in her family's hotel. I got the feeling that we met when we were younger but I couldn't recognize her. She could, and kissed me a lot because she was really happy to see me. Her kisses were so warm… I was looking forward to do it again and I was just waiting for a chance.
The night we met, she was already in her bedroom, so I went to see her, but a gun was connected to the door with a string, I fell in the trap and killed her while I was trying to go in.
I cried through the whole dream and woke up in dispair.

File: 1336270161814.png (182 B, 1x1, tipjgtslalsonl6o4o5osbrial….png)


I just realized a link to the DREAM DIARY thread on the Dream vs Dream forums would be quite appropriate for this board.

File: 1335255025854.jpg (337.85 KB, 990x1400, 002.jpg)


How do I get erotic/wet dreams more often?

Picture not related.
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3dpd. Simple as that.


For one thing you need to get your hormones boiling. Stop masturbating for a couple weeks, and avoid anything that arouses you. Once you're horny as hell, the rest is up to either luck as a dreamer or skill as a lucid dreamer. How old are you? It's easier to have wet dreams in your early teens than it is at any other age.


at what tempuerature do hormones boil ?


I don't know. At what temperature does tempuerature boil?


File: 1336019726155.jpg (305.64 KB, 684x640, 311668-react_mentally_reta….jpg)

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