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Dream On!
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>that feel when you fall in love in a dream

That's like the most fucked up thing this world can throw at you. Has it ever happened to you?

That happened to me a few months ago; I dreamt that I met this amazing guy and we started dating and fell in love and towards the end of my dream we fucked and I fell asleep in his arms sigh and it was amazing.

And then I woke up alone and cold and realized it was a dream and I actually felt so awful and ached like I was heart broken. I felt like I had actually lost someone who meant so much to me and it was the worst feeling in the world and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be with him again although he didn't actually exist.
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I never really fell in love in a dream. I saw an ex I used to love in one.
However, I did have a dream where I was a chick and I had sex with some guy. I had nice boobs.


File: 1334487629453.jpg (95.66 KB, 960x720, Mashamyre.jpg)

i know these feels.

i've been having alot of them lately, only involving another person on another chan.

and then it could also be about another girl from this chatroom.

it feels wierd man, idk how to handle it


You still look at sexuality as "absolutely gay or absolutely straight". It's more complicated than that and most people don't want to admit it/can't accept it. Don't torture yourself for having particular things you enjoy about either or both sexes. It's as normal as sexuality itself.


I saw you tonight - we spent a good time together. You told me about your karate teacher and something about nuclear war. I woke up, and this thread appears. If you feel the same, and you are a not tall girl with dark hair, answer. I miss you and feel sad.


I had 3 or 4 dreams of this kind… but the one who left me the most scarred was about a girl with dark and short hair, with the features of a 15-year-old.
The first time we met was in her family's hotel. I got the feeling that we met when we were younger but I couldn't recognize her. She could, and kissed me a lot because she was really happy to see me. Her kisses were so warm… I was looking forward to do it again and I was just waiting for a chance.
The night we met, she was already in her bedroom, so I went to see her, but a gun was connected to the door with a string, I fell in the trap and killed her while I was trying to go in.
I cried through the whole dream and woke up in dispair.

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I just realized a link to the DREAM DIARY thread on the Dream vs Dream forums would be quite appropriate for this board.

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How do I get erotic/wet dreams more often?

Picture not related.
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3dpd. Simple as that.


For one thing you need to get your hormones boiling. Stop masturbating for a couple weeks, and avoid anything that arouses you. Once you're horny as hell, the rest is up to either luck as a dreamer or skill as a lucid dreamer. How old are you? It's easier to have wet dreams in your early teens than it is at any other age.


at what tempuerature do hormones boil ?


I don't know. At what temperature does tempuerature boil?


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File: 1335236948676.png (35.21 KB, 192x192, buefg.png)


pic unrelated

Sometimes, I have dreams where i'm walking around like i'm sleepwalking. My eyes would be half-lidded and i can't see anything clearly, and it's all blurry.

In this one dream where i am in that situation, I was in a library and kept bumping into shelves because i couldn't see at all. When i tried to open my eyes to see better, they started to hurt and forced themselves back into that half-lidded state. It was like I couldn't control my eyes at all.

Has anyone ever experienced something like that?


Check your wall for forehead marks.

File: 1335115916958.png (47.07 KB, 300x300, 300px-Pyrotaunt3.PNG)


>Lurking on Uboachan
>Click a random board, it's /yume/
>Remember last might dream
Oh shit that dream was awesome. gotta do something with that.

Ok so, this isn't my first dream like that, but it was one of the bests.
First part was, me and my friends were in some kind of space shit. We were all magicians (just imagine magicians from different games/anime series, the only one I remember is Magicka's.) We all did different magic, but used it with each others to make the ship work! Well, I say a ship, but it was more like, a small appartment.
….ok that's a weird dream.

The second part… wait, no, it was likely to be another dream.
I remember me and my brother, in a school.
The school is some assassin training school. So, me and my bro decided to train melee fight.
I don't remember what he used, most likely one sword or wooden pole. I used a sword and a fire axe. So we foungt a bit, ad I beated him.
Then, we went to the front of the school to train sniping, from a window to some waiter in the restaurent in fromt of the school. So, my brother headshotted the waiter with a rifle, and somehow the blood got all over our faces, even though the restaurant was pretty far. I didn't want to make my lips toucch because they were full of blood.
Then I woke up, but with drool on my lips.
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File: 1324460161850.jpg (1.77 MB, 1407x1936, 1248554514344.jpg)


Hey guys, do you think there are "types" of dreamers? Or classifications? (I'm sure there's a way to word this better…) Like there being such a thing as a Type A dreamer, Type B etc. Or is it completely special / unique?

I'm more of a slow / detailed narrative / dull colors kind of dreamer while my friend has extremely colorful nonsense dreams (for example).

What would your hypothetical type/classification/whatever be?
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My dreams are usually insane, every so often I'll have normal ones, but its always giant basketballs, people turning into venus fly traps, three headed monsters and people dying through phone calls.


Do you enjoy your dreams, because I'd enjoy the fuck out of them. >:


Well, I don't think dreams, in my opinion, are categorized by person, but by what induces it and also what it is about. Like drugs or certain food can affect dreams.

Excuse my grammar or spelling, I'm a bit buzzed right now.


There are no categories of dreamers, just various degrees of sleeping disorders. Any dreamer can have any sort of dream.

There are however several categories of dreams themselves:

- Dreams and nightmares
- Lucid and nonlucid dreams (further divided into wake-initiated and dream-initiated lucid dreams)
- Dreams of clarity vs 'samsaric' dreams (Borrowing terms from Tibetan buddhist teachings. There's no properly established term as far as I know to describe the state of conscious awareness in a dream. Note how I differentiate it from lucid dreaming, as lucidity is defined merely by knowledge of the dream state and not by clarity of mind.)
- False awakenings (type 1 and 2, 2 being a slightly disturbing, intense variation of a regular FA where you merely mistake a dream for reality and go about your morning routine)

I'm sure I'm forgetting more than a few things here.


My dreams are a mix between normal and crazy. They often only end up making me do things that are normal in real life, like walking, small jumps, ect., but unlikely/really messed up plots. Sometimes my dreams involve demons and magic, but they normally never do something that is really trippy, mainly just kind of scary. Like tilting the floors and stuff.

File: 1332090187876.jpg (58.49 KB, 720x540, lzvk4k6Qg21qzays4.jpg)


I get this a lot in dreams, and have done for years and years so I'm curious if anyone else has experienced it.

What happens is I can't quite see something in my dream and realise I can't get a better look because I'm hunched over and my head won't look upwards. When I try to correct my posture it gets worse until I'm on my knees and eventually pass out face down on the ground while others in the dream observe. It's really distressing because my body feels genuinely restricted and the people in my dream won't understand what's happening to me. I'll struggle and struggle to regain normal posture like I need to hide the problem out of embarrassment or to stop them thinking I'm somehow the wrong person.

I don't usually wake up with sleep paralysis and I've never been curled up or with my chin pressed to my chest like in the dream. Neither myself nor anyone I know has a disability irl similar to this so I don't think it's some underlying trauma or memory.
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This is like the most horrible thing.
I used to get it a lot when I was younger, but more like my limbs locking up, especially if my arms were outstretched or behind my back. also happened when running: legs locking up.
Never get locking up now, but occasionally do get the lead-like legs or body.


During your waking hours, constantly reinforce the idea within yourself that you're able to stand up straight and look up. Hopefully you'll repeat it enough that you're convinced of it even down to the subconscious level. The thing that you expect to happen in a dream is the thing that will happen. You're currently assuming that the same curly thing will happen again, so you're trying to replace that expectation with a different one.


Oh, and I have this problem too. I think in real life you're trying to move your legs, but the blankets block your legs, leading to your mind making sense of it that way.



Oh, I've always figured it was probably something like that, seeing as how nothing makes me happier than burying myself under lots of blankets.



This happens to my brother, only in his dreams, cinder blocks physically materialize tied around his feet.

File: 1332844959213.jpg (96.7 KB, 479x290, 1332474376235.jpg)


suggestion: be able to upload images simply by pasting a url to the image hosted elsewhere instead of having to save it then upload manually


File: 1332332434656.jpg (71.16 KB, 500x375, yumenikki.jpg)


I keep having this same damn dream. I'm not really sure if it means anything or not. It seems that almost every other night I have this dream in which I am laying in a field, I stand up and I look around but there is nothing in else area but a tree far off in the distance. I run to the tree but almost as soon as I reach it I wake up. It's not always like this, sometimes I will encounter people I know IRL on the way to the tree. I will see somebody and wave at them but other then that it's the same everytime.
Perhaps you could offer me some interpretation?


The tree might represent something out of your reach, literally or metaphorically. The people in your dream might just be your brain using memories of recent events, like say people you've seen in the past few days, for some reason or another. Gotta remember that the Freudian nonsense doesn't always apply to dreams.

Have there been any recent changes in your life? Is the tree bearing fruit in your dream? Are you a male or a female (this question is actually somewhat important)


The tree does have fruit of some sort hanging from it but I don't get close enough to identify it. I am male in my dreams. And for recent changes in my life the only thing that I could think of is the loss of my social life. In the past year my social interactions slowed to a stop and I don't really go out and hangout with people anymore. Other than that I don't know of any other changes. Thank you for responding by the way!

File: 1322835266738.jpg (98.16 KB, 690x760, Cat_Relaxation_by_photomar….jpg)


How does /yume/ deal with nightmares? Other than not sleeping.
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I never have nightmares. Sure, I've had dreams where my computer broke or something, but it would be interesting to have a few real nightmares from time to time…


I only have nightmares when i'm extremely stressed. Usually pertaining being completely alone or bugs.


"to face" was meant not in a physical sense.
face them with your will.
of course it didn't work as you were still scared.

be brave and face your fears. that is a true practice.


File: 1332469183459.gif (466.08 KB, 960x768, 1248568589705.gif)

>How does /yume/ deal with nightmares?


But it doesn't work if you don't use caps lock :P


I've reached a point where skepticism pervades my thinking process so much that I even question scary things happening in my dreams, and they stop being scary. For example I was dreaming about the devil jumping around my ceiling but all I did was just say 'Hmm' to myself a couple of times wondering about the validity of this dream. Theres an idea.

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