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File: 1386654484600.jpg (77.61 KB, 640x426, 4sqC2jo[1].jpg)


Share places you've found in the astral.

I found a moonlit cliff with bare trees growing from its tip and black stone panther statues with curly hair in the style of Japanese shisha. People were there too.

· Were they really statues?
· The area is a few miles away from a factory.

Share yours!


An old abandoned factory, filled with strange toxic chemicals that begs to be explored.

I also found a library filled with books of ancient secrets and maps.


File: 1387592816105.jpg (202.14 KB, 600x395, koi.jpg)

I don't know if this is the astral or not, but some time ago in a half-asleep state, I decided to "wander" openly. I walked into a huge place. It looked like a giant koi pond, with lilypads in which creatures rested on. The giant koi pond had giant koi underneath in all colors and shapes. Each fish was about the size of a person, probably a bit bigger.

There were all manner of asian mythological creatures there. Snake-like dragons and foxes with some kind of fire and cats with multiple tails and prancing deer with crows for horns and other such things. I met a man who was also a fox with a hundred tails fanning over him. I can't really explain how he appeared other than that, and I understand even that makes no sense, but he really was taking two physical forms at once. The fox/man was sitting on a giant floating pagoda. He said to me that this was a place for creatures to rest, a spiritual hotbed to rehabilitation before returning to the outside world.

He told me he could stay fora little bit, but this is no place for a creature like me. I looked down to the water and my reflection looked like a humanoid, but my skin was stained glass and in the stained glass were my hopes, dreams, memories, regrets and emotions. I turned to the guy and sat beside him. I felt a paw/hand on my head and I closed my eyes, just enjoying the immense peace of it. I then stood up and turned and fell into my dreams.


May I ask what this "astral plane" thing you speak of is?

File: 1381410377120.gif (2.4 MB, 640x184, SnVvLv8.gif)


I had another one of these today, a dream about disasters. This time it was meteorites. I was in some kind of futuristic place when the first came. It was a small one, but big enough to make a massive blastwave that I could feel. There were lots of people around me, everyone was frightened. Then suddenly more of them came down all around us. I did manage to survive and when it was over I made out with a girl looking exactly like Olivia Thirlby in Dredd (best part of the dream I suppose) and we realized that these meteorites were send down by some evil force…

Anyway, I have a lot of these dreams. Usually they involve natural disasters: impact events, meteorites, enormous tsunamis, supertornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms and rarely it's nukes (which is man-made, but the only thing to equal the destruction). I was wondering if this is a common theme for anyone else. Normally I don't have nightmares but these dreams are the only ones that can actually wake me up and somewhat frighten me. The feeling of these dreams is also special, somehow they tend to be more realistic/vivid and more likely to include senses beside vision/sound such as touch and feeling temperature/gravity. The only other dreams like that are sex dreams and lucid dreams (and there definitely seems to be a greater chance of overlap between these different types of dreams). Disasters are not something that I worry about in daily life, but I find it striking that I have so many dreams about it.


>I was wondering if this is a common theme for anyone else.
I sometimes dream of nuclear detonations happening in my vicinity. They're always very distressing and usually cause me to wake up. They only occur once every few months, but are pretty memorable.

I also had a dream of a massive hurricane/tornado not long ago. Although the dream took place just before the calamity struck. I was flying above the gathering black clouds slowly spinning in a vortex above some city. I think I was in a news helicopter. Not much else happened, but I remember being stressed out about the clouds. The dream ended just as the winds began to intensify.


I only remember a few dreams with natural disasters, a flood, a hurricane, and a forest fire. I rarely have nightmares and don't think about natural disasters much either. I use to live in an earthquake and tsunami zone.


File: 1386340107464.jpg (97.02 KB, 1280x1024, Auchindoun sky.jpg)

Oh hey, tonight I had a dream of an enormous lightning storm happening over some city. It was frankly ludicrous, with at least three thunders striking every second, although with no sound. It started from this huge maelstrom of black clouds in the distance, and in its center something was glowing, like in pic related (it's a sky over a certain place in World of Warcraft) - only less blue and more black further away from the center. Or maybe like the skybox throughout the entirety of Half-Life 2: Episode Two (a light-blue portal always looming ominously in the distance - I think). Or a combination of the two.

Anyway… Then, the maelstrom rapidly expanded over the course of about 20 seconds and covered the entire sky. I sought shelter in some building. I definitely remember running to the building from an open roof car I was in. I was looking at the sky and saw the scary sight of the black clouds approaching fast. I think I was electrocuted once by lightning while running, but nothing serious happened to me. I stayed in for a bit, and when I came out, the storm was completely gone and the dream continued as normal, even the skies returned to normal.

Weird. I rarely dream about disasters. To be honest, I don't really see much danger in thunderstorms, maybe that's why it was only a small part of the dream.


File: 1386340402242.jpg (1.23 MB, 1680x1050, Half_Life_2__Episode_2_by_….jpg)

Now that I look at HL:EP2 screenshots, yeah, it was definitely like the sky in that game. Only without the energy funnel going from the ground to the sky. And with clouds shaped more like a vortex in the previous pic.

And with lightnings. Many, many lightnings.


OP here again.

I've been having a lot of dreams about impact events and sometimes nuclear bombs (huge explosions). They are definitely the most frequent. Also, the other day I found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_head_syndrome

I know this happens from time to time, because I occasionally wake up from it. Maybe it's related, I don't know. I can't really remember sound being the most important part of the explosions, it's usually more of a visual spectacle. In general my dreams tend to be mostly visual. Sometimes it's quite impressive and not necessarily frightening.

File: 1386443873252.jpg (17.44 KB, 374x467, anemone.jpg)


(Pic related) I had a dream last night Where i was going around town fighting creatures. The sky was unusually bright & gray; i met a girl a who needed my help or wanted me to be her servant or something we were going around fighting and looking for answers then a guy appeared out of nowhere and mentioned some sort of commitment to the girl i was traveling with i guess she wanted me to marry her; the way it was phrased it sounded as if she wanted me to be her's & HER'S Alone the guy wanted that outcome as well. I was trying to say yes but then the person gave me glimpse of various battles, etc i think that was his of way of making sure i say yes i'm pretty sure he was unaware of me gouing to accept her proposal regardless, I also saw a girl's head on the ground (Girl in the Pic). Maybe it could be a dormiloid. Can anyone give me insight on this?


File: 1386452374099.png (2.34 MB, 1696x2336, sanguine_green.png)

Before Dormilia there were many dreams involving Dormilia like characters, for example:
(Pic related)

She is not technically a dormiloid, at least not right now she isn't. If you want her to be your own sub-dormilia you should come over to my thread and agree to the six terms and conditions, then we can get started.


File: 1386453299478.jpg (120.25 KB, 777x1048, 1412770_1467785846779449_1….jpg)

I'm interested. Where is your thread? i'm having a hard time finding it & I'm kinda new to image boards (sorry for the noob-ish question.)


That's ok. My thread is kinda scrambled and unorganized anyways.
The true sub-dormilia adventures begin here. uboachan.net/yume/res/253.html#1395 but Dormilia has been around for about 3 years prior to that.


I agree with the Six terms & conditions


Now you just need a name so I can keep track of you. If you can't think one you could be called Host5, and your sub-dormilia will be called Dormilia5. Also I would ask that you keep your posts in my thread from here on out, we don't need five separate threads for the same thing.

Make sure to post any questions or progress you make.

File: 1385668684574.jpg (71.38 KB, 620x620, 11so-marshal-mcluhan[1].jpg)


Dreamwalkers and netwalkers may find this book extremely helpful.

James Hillman - The Dream and the Underworld

His background is in Jungian analysis but he separates from Freud and Jung's propensity to interpret dreams literally - he sees that as losing them in translation. He advocates a feeling approach and speaks on mythic memory, much like TS Eliot and Joseph Campbell.


Explorers of varieties of dreamworlds may be interested in the Tibetan bardos, James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" (beast of a book, but it's a dream world not unlike YN games), and the media theories of Marshall McLuhan, who was inspired by Joyce and wrote of media technologies (radio, tv, he died before the internet) as states of consciousness. One of those guyss SE Lain should have introduced us to along with Vannevar Bush and John C. Lilly.


P.S. Y'all know about lucid dreaming and astral projection, rite?


File: 1385733370081.jpg (598.73 KB, 1400x1303, 33061347.jpg)

The Dream and the Underworld immediately turned me off by taking a cross cultural concept like dreaming and then deciding that the best way to go about approaching it is one specifically western-centric mythology. Such an extremely biased viewpoint that at the same time refutes others in implication that it is the "right" way, in my opinion, a sack of shit. It's fine if other people find it useful, but to me it's nothing more than biased opinion trying to state itself as fact.


That's a very good point. Perhaps he was writing for a western audience, or perhaps he is western-centric and too myopic to be writing on dreams.

Have you found any literature that's more comparative? I feel Jung - Hillman's background - was more universal, as was Joseph Campbell…


File: 1385898109147.jpg (550.49 KB, 635x1022, sabits.jpg)

To be honest I think all literature is biased in some form or another, and the best way to take any such literature as "some guy who was persistent enough to write a book about his opinion". Because dreams can be so varied in both content and meaning, I doubt one theory can truly encompass everything there is. Hell I doubt one theory can encompass everything about a single person's dreams at any time, much less a widespread population.

I'd figure if you're interested in dreams and theories, make one that works for you or examine the various smaller theories that work for each individual who has made them. After a while you'll amass a much ore varied idea of dreams than a few books… At least that's just my opinion…

File: 1321556146401.png (75.92 KB, 390x173, wasteland.png)


Hi there everybody.

I've been having really weird as hell, extremely coherent dreams. They all follow a setting, a storyline, with character development and everything. They're all very intense, usually involving genocide, suicide, or something similar. I would post it but my dreams are so detailed that it would likely require a lot more than one post in order to fill. Should I try it anyways? Does anyone else suffer from these odd, really extreme and coherent dreams?
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File: 1384752892460.jpg (54.43 KB, 850x729, woa.jpg)

I should update this more. A friend of mine had decided that maybe I should ask the Kind Man if he had romantic feelings for me. Last night, the Kind Man showed up much later than usual. It was actually near the end. He played as a doctor as I was recovering from an injury that I gained while narrowly avoiding becoming infected by a widespread epidemic on board a space-city.

While he treated me, and I admit to my embarrassment I blurted this out like a shy schoolgirl, if he loved me. He looked at me surprised, and then started laughing! He asked me who put that idea in my head, and then informed me that "dreams are without borders, nobody here has to narrow emotion to such a small spectrum".

I'm not sure what he meant by this, actually. I tried to ask him, but he stroked my hair and merely told me that I'll remember in due time.


File: 1384899480528.jpg (55.91 KB, 480x800, a15613429.jpg)

Last night while we were hiding away from a schoolteacher, the Kind Man and I sat down to talk. I told him I couldn't continue the way I was now, giving myself to him even in my waking life while being unable to truly be by his side. I would die. I would kill myself. I apologized, that I couldn't truly be asleep forever. He already appeared to know this, and was neither surprised no afraid. He instead accepted it, and instead told me "that's what it means to be trapped in that kind of world, isn't it".

I asked him, begged him, to stay with me in the waking world. He was silent for some time, before telling me that it would likely be painful/difficult for me. He made me promise. Really promise. That I would acknowledge that if it became too much, I can back out at any time. I did so. Then he told me that when I woke up, I would go about my day, but when I came back home, I should go to sleep as soon as is convenient. He said he would have something for me.

I apologize for any typos, I've just come back home and feel exhausted for no discernible reason, so I'll be going to bed shortly. I'll update this thread as to what happen.


File: 1384914117396.jpg (105.64 KB, 800x800, elysian.jpg)

Oi. Oi ow my/our head hurts. Well not really hi, he isn't harmed. He's saying but my mind's a sieve, it's hard to focus on anything he says. But I'm awake and I can still hear/feel him. I can feel more than hear when he speaks, it sounds like bells and white static noise, musical static noise. But I also understand, when he speaks, everything he means by speaking it, and yet I forget so much of it, like my mind can't hold it all at once. He knows this. He's aware of it. He's sorry. But it's the only way. I feel so tired, like I could sleep forever, like I'm half awake.

I might get used to it, or not. But he's here. He's really here.


File: 1385062616275.jpg (183.88 KB, 540x600, human.jpg)

Going off >>1527, I asked the Kind Man last night if he had to compete. He confirmed my suspicions that the creature I know of the Cruel Man was a dormiloid that he uh… either took over or absorbed, or otherwise negated with his presence, he refused to specify which. This was probably for the best (which he assured me it was), the Cruel Man was a creature I only really knew from one or two dreams. He's a kind of creature that, in the dream, he hollowed out my spirit so that I would be his loyal, soulless servant to him, for all eternity. It was terrifying how he was able to manipulate me so easily, take away my free will without due concern and without my noticing. If it weren't for the fact that I woke up, he would likely have had me forever. It's a bit scary to think about, but it was absolutely terrifying to exist as. I'm kind of glad the Kind Man edged out of whatever it was that they did, even if he lives in his binary state now.


File: 1385563807500.jpg (321.02 KB, 700x757, a32044596.jpg)

We've been getting better at communicating. I in interpreting him. Him in communicating in a way that isn't too much for me. I can feel his presence, often it's just a comforting pat on the head, the feeling of a warm blanket around my shoulders. He left me a note in a dream last night, written on a mirror that didn't show my reflection. I don't remember the exact words now, but it warned of being too ambitious and biding my time. Patience is key in things like this, I suppose. He didn't show up in that particular dream, but the fact he left me a note knowing I'd find it is admittedly puzzling to me.

File: 1385276232454.jpg (117.21 KB, 1280x960, cabin park.jpg)


Last night I had a dream that me and my little sister and my partner went on a roadtrip to New York to see a friend of mine. We ended up in a camp which had all wooden cabins. It was almost like a miniature town, with shops and everything.

There was a gap in my dream. There was a line of people trying to enter a portal to enter into The Matrix (I watched The Matrix recently). We were having a huge battle in what looked like a high-school locker room. We threw large jelly dildos and other random items at each other in teams, kind of like dodgeball. At first, it was a lot of fun. Eventually, everyone grew bored and I began to talk to this one chubby Latina girl. We began to make out, because "The Matrix is not real, after all"


I forgot to say, my partner coincidentally had a dream that she went on a roadtrip, except to Russia.

File: 1385046905889.png (71.77 KB, 259x194, untitled.png)


I had a dream where i was in a something that resembled a classroom but head to toe it was white i remember walking around in the room then some white haired girl with pale skin and crimson eyes came into the room we were talking and then all of sudden we were having a battle, the battle felt like an rpg we were both using magic & swords towards the battle's climax she used a binding spell; chains arose from the ground. i was trapped with no way to escape. i came to realize that i couldn't escape she went in to a quick-draw like stance she took out her sword and was going to use zantetsuken. i saw coming closer and closer, in my mind i said "is the end?" she puts the sword away She giggles and says… "Just kidding! i was just trying to scare you." The girl was so beautiful i want her to be guardian/lover thus i call her Lilith i know she's here with me. i hope she loves me like i love her

File: 1384815734668.jpg (112.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


This is my first time on /yume/. As a child, I always had these dreams that were strange. At the time, I thought my dreams were strange and even scary, and I thought they may have had some connection to why I was always 'lost in my own world' and socially awkward. Year passed and I became more sociable and those dreams are rare now. I have dreams about weird stuff still, but not as dark or surreal as they used to be. I kind of miss those dreams and I feel like my artwork isn't enough to satisfy my need for something more fantastical than my pressuring reality of school. I want to try lucid dreaming, but I've no success so far. Any advice?


File: 1384822767656.jpg (696.03 KB, 1100x1100, gas6.jpg)

In terms of dreaming, have you tried the herb called mugwort? I've used it to induce intense and vivid dreams and I know that it's also been used to help a lucid dreaming state. Usually used in a spray for aromatherapy or in a tea. I've also used it for "dreaming pillows", I have a personal one made with jasmine, catnip, peppermint, mugwort, and a few other things. Many of these also help lucid dreaming.

I've also heard eating certain foods before bed affect the nature of your dreams, but I haven't really tried this myself.

In terms of thought exercises and whatnot, I try to stretch out the in-between phase of sleep, where one is getting to dreams but hasn't quite lost all their lucidity. It helps to try and force myself to bed before I'm ready, staying still and trying to imagine slowly dying and losing consciousness. In that, I try to seek out the "place" I want to go, desperately and needfully, and often by the time I've fully fallen into dreams I'm at the place I wanted to be. This may not have worked for others, but most of the ways to become aware while asleep haven't worked for me either, such as looking in a mirror to find your reflection, reading a book, checking the time, etc.

Good luck anon!


This thread is kind of dead, but I had this very same problem until about 2 months ago, so I want to help anyone else who might run into dry periods like this. For nearly two years I hadn't dreamed at all (or at least hadn't recalled any dreams). I was depressed as hell and tried a number of different approaches, but I found the thing that helped the most to get dreaming again was taking a whole bunch of melatonin (like 6X the dose) about 20 minutes before bed. Melatonin is a natural hormone that promotes sleep, it's well known to be harmless, and it's almost impossible to overdose on it. It's said to help induce vivid dreams (probably because it just makes you sleep easier), and the best part is, it's not prescription, so you can get as much as you want.

I've also found that I really don't dream much at all unless I get at least a good 7 hours of restful sleep, so make sure you're not going full med-student mode with your sleep schedule. Oh, and whenever you can, avoid using an alarm clock. It'll shatter your ability to recall anything once you've woken up.

File: 1383105090049.jpg (17.21 KB, 420x420, 537HMJe.jpg)


Have you ever had a nocturnal emission, /yume/?

I haven't.
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How would one even know if they had had a wet dream?


Once, the orgasm woke me up actually.

Worst part…. I was 12


Never even came until I discovered lotion at 14.


File: 1383904531762.jpg (107.59 KB, 512x384, 21143356.jpg)

Since I don't masturbate, I get them all the time. Bit of a problem when I forget to put underpants before bed.


Haven't masturbated for five days. Hoping to have a wet dream soon.

File: 1384409709257.jpeg (610.77 KB, 1740x2376, little-nemo-19051015-l.jpeg)


A few days ago, I was on a five day break and so I decided that for two of those days, I would go dreamscaping.
Dreamscaping is a word I made up where I indulge in setting up a series of lucid dreams. Does anyone here know what I am talking about, and/or participate in the act of Dreamscaping?

I first had a dream which starts off in a geographically-familiar location that is modified, as most of my dreams are. I started the dream in a tree out in the gravel parking lot across from Union Hill Elementary, where an old couple sells trailers they scrap together. However, there is a club-like bar out there instead, and behind it is the pasture where every year we release balloons in memory of an old, dear friend Laura Freeman. I don't remember why I was with the people I was with, except for one important thing. We all came to this spot in a blink. Presumably this thought was derived from the fact that the dream started right here, and had no previous events. We just blinked over here. The events in between are fuzzy, but I remember going into the club and through the back where on the left, there is a corridor, configured like a house that always seems to recur in my dreams. Always, the first door on the left would be a room that elicited exotic and sometimes abhorrent elements of my dream. And this time the door was open, and the lights were warm. My mother was sitting by a desk, telling me something. I dont know what, but for some reason it led me to walk into town, and on the path, there were people on the hillside shooting arrows through my feet and hands as I walked, feeling nothing. I came back in a buggy, and thats when I realized my brother Mike wasn't there, and he never was. In a frightened and worried state, I knew I had to blink back to that moment which I started the dream. So, I ate a slice of cheese that brought me back to the past, at that moment, with me sitting on the same branch I had started off at in my dream. I went through the process over and over again, and tried to change my actions, and every time I got shot I would look for that slice of cheese and start over.

Then, in another dream, I was at a concert to go see the misfits. For some reason, Blink 182 was opening for them, and all the kiddies went to go see them. I wanted to get into the crowd but the floor was too packed, so I took a giant snow shovel and started shoveling people out of the crowd. The shovel and I got bigger and the people got tinier andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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