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File: 1427946673607.jpg (93.9 KB, 1920x1080, madootsukii.jpg)


Recently I had a dream that sparked up my interest in Yume Nikki again. Mostly because of how similar the situation was to Yume Nikki. I dunno tell me what you guys think…

So basically, I was in my car driving at night on a really dark, in the middle of nowhere road, (you know those ones with no houses, just surrounded by trees) and all of a sudden my headlights went out. I could still drive though. I saw a bright flashing light ahead of me on this narrow road, and though I probably should have avoided it I kind of just continued to drive into it. As the light got closer, I made out the image of what was coming toward me and it wasn't a car. It actually was a giant skull. Not like a cartoon one that's all white and shiny… this was like, a really dirty skull, with rotting skin still on it that was slowly peeling off. The skull was HUGE bigger than my car actually, and the light I saw were coming from the sockets in it's eyes, but I couldn't really see into the eyes, as the light was blinding almost to the extent of the sun. It opened it's decaying mouth as I got closer and before I could even slam on the brakes I was swallowed by it. Inside of it wasn't really a stomach or even anything that seemed related to the skull. It was just another road. But not a normal road, the road was pink, it looked kind of like stone. It was just floating in a black abyss. My car stopped moving and when I looked behind me there was no opening, or teeth where the skull swallowed me. It was just a cliff where the road ended. If I reversed my car an inch I would have fallen. So I instead just started to follow the pink road forward for what seemed like an hour, until I eventually woke up…

I don't know what it means but it reminded me so much of Yume Nikki, and I still don't know what's at the end of the pink windy road floating in the abyss. I'm wishing to have this dream again sometime so I can figure out what's at the end…

I dunno, I just thought this was the best place to leave this… Tell me what you guys think.

File: 1427732555514.jpg (160.58 KB, 1366x768, ss (2015-03-27 at 12.58.05….jpg)


I seem to keep having this problem of not knowing whether i'm actually lucid dreaming or if i'm just dreaming i am. I had a dream last night we're i woke up from my "lucid dream" into another dream. This is what happened:

I was walking through a house, not my real house but it was my house in the dream and something felt off. So I walked into a room and tried switching the light on and off. Nothing happened which told me it was a dream(i had gotten this trick from waking life). Once i realized it was a dream (and this has happened multiple other times too) i started finding it hard to even move or do something. Like walk out the door. I have to like force myself into it. Sometimes as soon as i realize i just wake up. So anyway i went walking. once i got outside it wasn't hard to move anymore so i tried to change from barefoot to sneakers. But i couldn't do it only sorta half way did it. Then i woke up and was in another dream. I had tried to quickly write down my dream but couldn't seem to do it. So i went back to sleep and had another dream.

Has anyone had similar issues with having it hard to continue dreaming? The lucid parts were kinda like it was automatically happening but also i had a bit of control over it at least mentally (the entire dream and not like my actual dream self had control. like a puppet). I'm really not sure if it was real or not. What do you think? Is this still considered lucid dreaming?

File: 1426733901161.jpeg (896.38 KB, 1079x1000, 2014-06-26-657520.jpeg)


I used to have control over my dreams. For some odd reason, I don't have that control anymore. And my dreams kind of suck now. I remember them but not much happens in them. My dreams used to be very vivid and full of life and now it's just dull and lifeless. So my question is, how would I go about fixing this?


If you're truly desperate for interesting dreams then you could put yourself under a lot of stress, since thats what spiced up my own dreams. But I wouldnt advise that.


lol why would you even suggest that

OP, were you lucid dreaming before or just had control over it?
I can't into lucid dreaming (i've only tried a bit of WILDing unsuccessfully) but I'm able to control myself and have influence over certain things in my dreams.


I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work since I'm actually under more stress now than when I was a couple of months back. And back then my dreams were fine.
A bit of both. Sometimes I had complete control over what I was dreaming, and other times I could only control a couple things while I was dreaming. I can control some things now(like being able to fly and stuff). My dreams just aren't really stimulating.

File: 1422724843122.jpg (25.14 KB, 300x300, 1498_dnastressball_1b.jpg)


I had a pretty cool dream the other day. I was in a "maze-game" show that was kind of like being trapped in a giant, indiana jones themed ant's nest without the ants. There were chambers that me and a random person from school that was next to me had to either kill everything that was inside the chamber(they were just birds or these weird, evil, flying stressballs like in the pic), or just observe what was in it. The thing is, we could have technically not have done anything and just moved on and won, but for some reason we had do do something in each of them. The only thing we could do in these chambers were fight off the monsters with our bare hands or simply pass by. We could not explore them because the only accessible parts were a single pathway that was fenced on one side (we could see the entire chamber from out of the fence) and had a wall of rock on the other side, as if we were in an orb-shaped zoo. The dark, staircase tunnels that connected all of the chambers were all marked by a green EXIT sign, even though they infinitely led into another, similar chamber. I never won the game show. All the chambers just led into almost identical ones until I woke up. In fact the only reason for there being a game show was because when the dream started I thought "I'm in a game show" but other than that there was no evidence for it. Weird dream but I liked it.

File: 1419489395491.jpg (56.64 KB, 500x464, 001761_3_Escher_Relativity.jpg)


It has taken me a while to get myself to write this, and I don't feel all that inspired at the moment, but considering how obsessive I can be, if I don't just get this down and wait for a "perfect time", it will never happen.

For years now I have wanted to make a dream game. I would call it a Yume Nikki fangame but it will not be conservative and probably borrow very little from Yume Nikki, even though it is a huge inspiration (if that makes sense). I approached it from a few different angles. I decided it was going to be in 3D, and will contain many of my personal, recurring dream worlds. My ambition for this makes it a kind of "pet project" that everyone should just assume will never see the light of day.

Yume Nikki 3D by Zykov Eddy was important in giving me an art direction. My visions had previously been too good; I mean, the graphics would have taken too long to do anything useful with in a reasonable amount of time. The eduke 3D engine was quite perfect for Zykov Eddy's game, and the fact that it was free software was also a plus. The graphics were pleasing enough to look at, but did not require too much time or ingenuity, and the vagueness even added to it for obvious reasons.
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You know how, mostly in free-roam games, there may be hundreds of houses which you cannot enter? The designers simply can't put so much time and money and hard drive space into readily filling up all those places. Neither can my brain in making dream worlds, although I can still enter random doors and have them lead somewhere. Sometimes I appear in a heavily modified version of my own house, maybe with a new character inside. Other times I appear in other dream worlds that take place in buildings, like this one mansion with infinite staircases. Sometimes I just get a generic, small room. Sometimes when I leave, I appear where I left off, I guess my brain kind of saved a pointer or something. Other times I may appear somewhere else, maybe random, maybe where I would normally appear, such as if I leave an area that looks like my house, I may appear in an area outside my house. I would still like it to be mostly linear in the sense that you can go from one place to another without too much randomness, and you can explore all (most) of the dream worlds without dumb luck, where A tends to lead to B and so forth. But there are also cases where this randomness will simulate real dreams much better. This is another example of LSD Dream Emulator getting an idea correctly, just maybe not implementing it the best it could.

So the chances of going from one place to another, and the chances of an area mutating this way of that, with these colors or these other worlds getting added or chopped up or associated near it, where does this come from? Well, I think that we can treat the structure of dreams in a similar manner to music theory, color theory, and some parts of information theory, where we analyze and take things that tend to be true, and then treat it as if it were inherently true. There will be randomness involved to decide things, but decisions wills be skewed based on statistic or intuition. Musicians studying the Baroque period will take Bach's Counterpoint methods as something that is "correct". Music, as all art, is of course subjective, but if something sounds good 90% of the time, it is useful to treat it as if it were true, and then further build from there. If you were to teach a machine to make Chorales, you would make it usually make its chord progression something like
I - IV - viio - iii - vi - ii - V - I
and then give it some chances to deviate in certain ways that may be more statistically likely than others, and of course very sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I didn't mean to spoil those parts, those should have been bolded, whoops.

What do you guys think? Am I way off base here? You don't need to post anything about it never getting done; it's a personal project that I want to share with people also interested in dreams. At the very least I would like to formalize some algorithms I think would be useful, which is now one of the main focuses of this project. There are many ideas and details I have for the game outside of this but I feel that discussing the way dreams tend to work is more interesting and useful for you guys.

I have a domain and a webserver ready for a kind of shrine I was going to make for Madotsuki, mostyly as a a joke and as an educational experience but maybe I could set it up for you guys if you're interested in this project. I also have an archive of yume nikki and its many fangames in the works that I could post and expand with all of your help, if that also sounds interesting to you. I haven't set up the domain to my webserver yet because I currently have the worst ISP problem ever and it just isn't viable yet but it hopefully will be soon.


I think most of your ideas sound pretty good and generally accurate to what I've experienced in dreams. Especially in regards to how your brain just sort of "knows" things in dreams, even if you'd have no way of knowing it. Knowing where you are, knowing a particular dream characters name & history, etc. That doesn't seem to be something people tend to touch on when discussion dream and dream theory. Not that I've seen at least.

I think it's also important to remember that everybody has their own dream patterns as well. I for example will often times dream of familiar houses and buildings but there will be extra rooms or the layout will be slightly modified. My mother on the other hand, dreams that she's in existing places but the internal layout will be completely different, and often times the rooms will be arranged in grid patterns or even open up to entire forests or oceans. However taking into account everybody elses dream patterns might not be your goal here, since its a personal project you might only want to try and account for your own. Or maybe you're going for more a generic one-size-fits-all dreamscape. In which case I'd advise you to discuss other people's patterns and not work off the assumption that your own dreams are a sort of "default". It's ultimately your project though and you're free to do as you feel is best for it.

As for the websites, I for one would definitely be interested in following a project like this. Maybe wait for more people to speak up though, don't want to pay for hosting if only 1 person is going to be looking at it after all!


>In which case I'd advise you to discuss other people's patterns and not work off the assumption that your own dreams are a sort of "default".

Very good point, I should make an effort to try and make things more general. I would like to have others' inputs on this, maybe in a more formalized way, so that a program could "learn" off of the way people generally dream. Some kind of statistical model, you know? My mother has told me about the way her dreams work too, and they can be quite different from mine, but equally as fascinating.

As for the website, I would at least like to share my Yume Nikki archive project with people, even if this dream project isn't as popular. Maybe I should post about that in another place, like the Yume Nikki General board? I'm also a bit worried about this thread getting less attention by being on this board, but I figured I ought to put it here rather than the fangames board since this isn't as "concrete" yet.

Thanks for your input, there are so many questions I need to think about with this project


I wish you luck in your project, I do agree that this board isn't the ideal place to discuss it, considering how slow it is. This is really the only board I visit so I wouldn't know which other ones to put it on if you're looking for more traffic, I'm also not sure how strict the mods are on content being directly related to the board it's posted on. I assume since you're posting this on uboachan then you're mostly looking for people with a familiarity to yume nikki to discus this with? Perhaps you should venture out to some of the other yume nikki sites? I'm sure there are more than just uboachan, and I'm sure there's some pretty significant overlap between the userbases of one site to another. It may be easier that way rather than waiting for the few bites on here. Once your project gets off the ground tumblr is actually an excellent site for posting updates and screenshots on.

Again, good luck, hope you can get this all figured out.

File: 1420242020600.png (22.5 KB, 215x194, 1413738295183.png)


I usually have very mundane dreams, however there are a few that have stood out to me in their oddness.

I've heard dreams have meaning, the fuck could these mean?

A year or so back, I dreamed about being back at my middle school playground. It was completely empty and the sky looked just like it does before a bad storm. I remember it being relatively cool and windy. I was wearing sandals and for some reason I was chasing a seagull. As the seagull flies away, I look to my left and see a fat kid with his back to me.

Another strange dream I had was about being relocated by my family to a town called Meepo. It was on the mountain side and was only accessible through a narrow road, again, on a mountain side. When we got there, it was nighttime. The town was mostly devoid of inhabitants, and though every place was lit up, all the houses were one room or two, and those had no furniture. There were no streets or anything of the sort, the house were connected by walkways or bridges.

Another dream I had is a bit of a weird one. I was back at my high school gym's locker rooms, except the shower area was a huge fucking maze. It was steamy as shit and for some reason there were guys fucking and blowing each other off. As I progressed further into the maze, it got darker and colder, and the guys started acting more and more strangely (keep in mind, the guys were high school seniors). At one point, three guys looked at me in one of the darker areas. I hurried back to the exit, and on the way back there was no one at all.

Finally, the strangest dream I had was about some weird abandoned building in Russia, I think. (Never been to Russia.) It was a weird, pool-like area, except the pool was extremely shallow, and went into some weird sort of rectangular holes that led somewhere, but were far too small to traverse comfortbaly. Above those holes were two windows. There was a remarkably large opening leading to another room, but as I stepped in it I felt I probably shouldn't be going too far and left. All the while, I heard a noise like a tap dripping water.

File: 1419702435398.png (5.59 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


i had a dream where i was poniko, and madotsuki kept turning on and off the lights. instead of turning into uboa, i turned into monoko and i was like "give me a hug" and she did so.
jp (attempted)-

File: 1379104699493.jpg (143.77 KB, 500x737, tumblr_m0a96c8ZgD1qh4d3po1….jpg)


I've been having a ton of good dreams lately, so I think a thread is in order.
18 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I recently had a really good dream.

I was in sort of a rural community and they were having a festival of some sorts. I had to help them gather fruit. After the fruit gathering, they prepared all sorts of things. Watermelon juice, raspberry sweets, etc. It was a very peaceful dream. However the best part of the dream was the fact that I could taste all the food, and it was the best stuff i had ever tasted.


File: 1402557708046.jpg (39.96 KB, 500x339, Alaska, 1998 [8].jpg)

Another dream:
I'm up on this rocky, cold mountain peak. There's some abandoned machinery around; something like minecart rails or roller-coasters or pipes, like I'm walking by an industrial or amusement park. It's all very grey, except for the muted green of the skimpy grass.
I get to this old wooden house at the top of the mountain, and inside, it's big and empty except for this one book. (And possibly this one guy; I couldn't quite tell if he was in the book or the room.)

So this book is about the rich, the poor, and evolution. Something about starting secret societies and escaping destructive loops and so on. The book was written by this man named Kant the Bard or Kant the Barth. (I've never read any of Immanuel Kant's stuff, but I presume the name is based on his.) His picture/symbol was the bust of a small man with two large horns; it was drawn in that old black-and-white woodcut style. The book was like one of those things people sometimes posted on /x/, about alchemy or Thelema.
So I read / listened to Kant the Bard narrate a few pages of this theory and practice of becoming rich and staying rich and outbreeding the poor and the evil and etc. before waking up.

Another dream:
Two lovers, possibly three? Their story and dialogue was in poetic form. A happy start with a sad and angry end. I wish I could remembered it and write it down.

Another dream:
There's the "boy" (who looks weak/average) the "girl", another boy, a stronger boy, a taller boy, a weaker-looking girl with glasses, and some others.
All these children have some kind of latent power; they all have speed and strength, plus a little something unique to each of them.
All taken from some wrecked? area by this mastermind woman and her assistant (the guy). Maybe they work for the government, maybe the work alone, idk.
Taken to some large secret island for training.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1408942128054.jpg (310.41 KB, 1152x1470, ah_my_goddess13.jpg)

Among other dreams, I dreamed that I (as a male) flew to some island. When I arrived I found out it was secretly being terrorized by a cruel goddess. (Literal terror - she wasn't killing anyone, but she was spreading this darkness and scaring people.) Rather than fleeing, I decided to stay and study the local religion.
A month or a year later, I caused her to come down to earth, where we discussed things (like stop terrorizing the island) and ended up falling in love.
While me and my divine girlfriend were courting the shit out of each other, some guy ran up into the heavens and stole her place.
I woke up as he began violently abusing her power.


File: 1415250132848.jpg (31.65 KB, 460x276, School-students-in-classr-….jpg)

Still been having sweet dreams, but haven't been recording them so much.

I had a very long and complex dream last night, but I forgot most of it - I remember many visual details, but not enough action to merit writing anything. It was another one of my anime-styled dreams; two android girls, some nobody guy who runs a diner but is secretly some kind of important person, explosive action scenes, quiet character scenes, all the good stuff. It even came in two parts, with a new main character, a woman, replacing the man and the younger girl, after I woke up briefly very early in the morning.

In lieu of details of that, here is a dream from a month or so ago:

This dream was in a little classroom, in present times; outside the windows, one could see green mountains, and a town and a bit of mining industry in a deep valley. Students would come in and sit in a circle and talk about books they had read. There were two weird students; they seemed, errrr, mentally handicapped, and one of them physically as well, but it turned out that they were some kind of witches. They were actually technically fine, but they had been warped by the magic they had read in strange books. There were a few adults in the class, and one of them was men interested in this witch business; at first it seemed like he was interested in it purely for academic or journalistic reasons, but when the main character of the dream started seeing "Wicked Words" in her books, even if she couldn't read them, he started encouraging her to talk about them, in such a manner as to suggest he had started the other two girls doing this.
But he was very surprised to find that, she wasn't seeing one or two words at a time, but whole paragraphs. They had a hard time discussing it, because whenever she wrote a Word down, it would quickly fade away, and whenever she tried to discuss a Word, she could tell the meaning in English, but could not say the Word, nor could she translate whole sentences or phrases, and he couldn't see any of the Words in the books anyways. She could only understand a few but, by the end of their discussion, all this talk advanced her knowledge of it. The next time they met to talk, she confessed that she had been seeing a man near her when she read by herself. He was dressed in the same sort of suit as the journalist, and had slightly better looking features, but he was red-tinged and had great horns on his head. The journalist went white at this, but she wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1416516705382.jpg (123.96 KB, 450x367, 773139-bigthumbnail.jpg)

Really, really, really, really good dream. I can't remember all of it, but.

I think it started near a cave system with some proto humans, or human-like animals. They ran around doing God knows what for a while, and then there was a bit of a time skip; some of them died off, and some real humans came to the area. They killed a bunch more of the creatures. One of those creatures, a female, got away, and ran off. She ended up wandering to another human are, and she somehow became more humanlike. She lived in that area for a while as an ugly outcast.
Time went on, and the village grew, and she became superficially totally human, while retaining her animal strength and senses and secret claws and fangs. She was also a bit dumb.
Some more time went on, until about the 1900s, and she was living in a small town. She had a good time at a festival (dreamed about a ton of food, hah), and so on, and the whole town seemed to know and like her. Still dumb, a group of people at this post office thing took care of her.
At night, they all worked together to kill strange
creatures that had started appearing.
Now, in modern times, the group has changed some, and the non-human girl has finally gotten some intelligence. The creatures they are fighting have gotten bigger and stronger, and it is known that they basically herald the coming of this proto-proto life form, which will kill everything on the planet. The dream gets really anime for moment - the proto-proto is basically a kawaii girl with these red and black tentacles and the like, which are similar in color and form to the inhuman girl's somewhat magical/mysterious abilities. The dream hints very aggressively that the inhuman could be, or is related to the destroyer, and she feels quite bad about this because she likes and considers herself human. She runs off for a while, to the caves and lake she was 'born' at.
The dream skips a bit towards the future and ends.

IT WAS A VERY GOOD DREAM. I haven't done it any justice with this. Seriously. There was that stupid semi-reincarnation crap that everyone goes nuts for and I kind of hate, where newer characters are symbolically similar to older ones; there was a romantic subplot; etc. So much stuff I've forgotten and I'm forgetting and which I can't get down. It's kind of sad, this was like my masterpiece dream so far, like watching a two-part OVA.
Hah, this must be why I don't watch much anime anymore.

File: 1411148695558.png (1.83 MB, 1024x768, 1372235193578.png)


So if you guys remember, last year I was talking about dreamscaping and how I found that I could lucid dream in such a way where I will literally build the entire dream's setting and/or re-enter dreams from any point in time.

But since ive gotten clean off opiates, its not happening anymore. I feel like a big part of my life is now empty and im not just talking about the opiates, but the dreams as well, because with the ability to dream like that, dreams were half my life. I want to know how it can be helped.




How much sleep are you getting? I know I'm a bit less likely to have particularly interesting dreams if I'm incredibly tired/stressed or if I'm only getting a small amount of sleep.

I'd also try thinking about previous dreams where you did the dreamscaping while trying to get to sleep. Prime the mind more for similar things.


You could always try calea zacatechichi, if you live in the states.


Try getting a little buzzed on alcohol before you go to sleep. That always makes me remember more dreams.

I've had friends have some success with this. In the US you can buy it on the Internet. It's a powdered herb, sometimes in pills, that makes you dream more and sometimes lucidly. It seems to work better if taken several nights in a row.

File: 1411278324723.jpg (82.31 KB, 500x500, alice.jpg)


I've always had very vivid dreams, and started writing them down about two years ago. They vary in length, and usually I wake up from them with an uncomfortable feeling, but writing them down helps, so maybe sharing will too.
I'll post them in replies.


I had a dream that a human was in love with a faulty AI that corrupted all electronics around it. The AI used to be part of the human's ship; but when it was discovered to be faulty, it was confined to a mechanized planet, far off from any human civilization. The human lost his license, and his ship for defending the AI.
The human spent a long time trying to find a way to get to that planet. Eventually the human got there, and realized the entire planet was corrupted. It took seconds for the human's stolen ship to become corrupted, too.
The planet was not meant for humans, but the AI kept the human alive, and the human lived surrounded by the AI.


I had a dream it was night time in a huge forest that three people were walking around. They weren't in a group, but they ended up in the same place, a big open clearing. First the younger man came there, then the woman, then the older man. None of them knew each other, and the younger man was sociable but neither of the other people were. The older man never even spoke, but the younger man tried to engage in small talk with them regardless, getting small responses from the woman and uncomfortable stares from the older man.
While they were in the middle of that a group of people descended from the forest surrounding them, led by possibly the most hagard-looking person I have ever seen. They said these three people had been trespassing, that this forest was not meant for people like them, and that they were going to throw them into Hell.
In part of the forest there was a tiny clearing; it was dark but covered in bioluminescence from all the plants and bugs around it, even the lake glowed. In the middle of the clearing was a massive, flattened-out rafflesia flower. Inside the flower there was a large, circular opening leading down to Hell.
The younger man accepted being taken to hell, I don't know why, he was just fine with it, even smiling. The older man started getting angry, mouthing the words "there's no sign saying we can't be here, how were we supposed to know!?" When I remember it he has a voice, but in my dream he didn't. The woman just ran, and kept running. I think she fell into Hell, but I'm not sure, she disappeared into the forest.
I walked into the clearing around Hell, the dream was going from my perspective now. Somehow I knew the group that had found the three had killed a lot of other people, and I retained my knowledge of the situation from having seen it all happen before, even though now I was actually a person. I walked forward, fell immediately into the lake, then got out and kept walking. It was suddenly daylight on a pathway in the side of a mountain, but if you looked back you could see the darkness and the heavily wooded forest. To the side was a huge desert.
I kept walking forward and I came to a big pile of gold pieces. When I moved it there were shoes, weapons, and strange objects organized neatly. I got confused and after a few minutes I felt forced to grab some of the objects, so I did, and I kept walking forward. Something in my head told me I failed, and I realized then I was trying to find the shoes of wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I was in a train station; there were people trying to kill me and everyone else there. We couldn't always see them, when we could they always looked different, but I recognized them. I knew those people. I didn't know why they wanted to kill us, I only knew that when we died they would be there, waiting for us in the afterlife.
When I woke up I felt like they would follow me out of the dream. It still bothers me sometimes.

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