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/yume/ - Dreams

Dream On!
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File: 1327785604389.jpg (536.88 KB, 1500x1250, 1325353039793.jpg)


I had a dream last night.

I saw this guy go to bed. I couldn't determine its gender because it was all blurred out.
He begins to convulse, as if in a nightmare. Then he begins to morph to several different things. first a toriningen, then Monoe, before settling on Madotsuki. Mado wakes up, opens the door to the nexus, and walks in. She goes into the snow world door. She then walks into the Igloo where Kamakurako is. Kamakurako wakes up upon her entrance, and their eyes meet. I woke up at that point.

File: 1327361517606.gif (462.71 KB, 218x169, 1321416526679.gif)


The first thing I remember was going into this smaller type of sort of `home` restaurant (I guess..) and asking for a job. This woman (Maybe..) in her 50`s ish told me that there was already a dishwasher and didn`t need another. She was something of a bigger lady. I talked to the dishwasher and her and eventually something was worked out where he would take a week long vacation and I would take over to make some money. The thing is that the job starts early in the morning at around 8. It was already pretty late and I am just not a morning person so I guess I decided to stay there for the night, or for the week. I`m not sure what the conditions for rent were.. Whatever. I guess I had moved my stuff in there too, because for some reason I was trapped in that place. Maybe I was in a completely different city than my parents, and maybe I didn`t have my own place. It`s not terribly important I guess, dreams don`t have to be logical. It`s more the feeling that it gives you. It`s not how you get there, rather it`s getting there itself that is important. Anyway, so I`ve set the scene.

Well, I guess I remember one part in between but nothing super significant seemed to happen. As I was about to take a shower, the dishwasher told me not to smoke pot in the shower. …I don`t know. I`ve done it a couple times in real life and it feels amazing. Why something so silly is in this nightmare I don`t know. My dreams can get pretty absurd. Anyway he said that he did it a couple times and because there`s a hole or something in the shower the smell escaped and the owner got pissed off.

What happened sometime after was that I basically raped. I wasn`t anally raped, but if any of you have seen `throat fucking` porn, that was what happened to me. Those that haven`t seen it, you probably get the idea. I saw this from a 3rd person; I`m not sure whether I saw an image of me being raped or whether it was like a video, kind of. Sometimes in dreams you just know something happened to you, or you just know something is a certain way. I think I assumed in the dream that he was only starting off with the throat fucking and would go for more next time. So yeah.

The woman wasn`t really a woman, but it turned out to be some sort of terrifying, brutish thing. It was some sort of monster. Not monster in a comical way though, it was really the stuff of nightmares. I don`t think I ever got a good look at it. It was sort of a faceless morphing thing, maybe. It seePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I assume the picture is related and you were throatfucked by Vladimir Putin. He is a thing of nightmares.

File: 1327093315078.jpg (80.86 KB, 365x646, Flute cutie 2.jpg)


I don't normally have dreams that have anything to do with fiction that I deal with in real life, but for once I had a dream with Madotsuki in it.

Pic unrelated.

Well, actually, I was playing Yume Nikki again and I was posting a thread telling everyone about how the lack of information about her and the lack of updated information about contacts with Kikiyama is incredibly depressing. It was short, and I didn't have time to get an answer before waking up to some sleep paralysis.

That itself was a weird experience, because I didn't actually open my eyes. My mind's eye saw all these odd creatures rotating around me and passing by as I was drawn back up into the waking world.

Before falling down to nap, I was busy brooding over the magic of Yume Nikki's community on me having been lost after reading all those joke theories, despite the experience of playing the game never having diminished a bit. So I figured I'd share this little bit of dreamstuffs with you guys, since it happens to be relevant to the board.

I've also been having some incredible REM rebound lately, I've been dreaming before falling asleep and hallucinating during the daytime.

File: 1322442907509.jpg (111.48 KB, 620x433, dad.jpg)


Excuse me if there is already such a thread, But I'd like to make one where we don't discuss individual dreams, just common things that happen/are present in your dreams.

Common subjects of my Dreams:
-My pets. This is THE MOST COMMON BY FAR. Even as a kid, most of my dreams were about my pets. I can't count how many I've had about my dog coco, she's probably in like, half or more of my dreams. Also I've had a dream about every rodent pet I've ever had escaping within a week of getting it in real life. I recently had a cute dream where my gerbil Rascal learned to read <3

-Daft Punk and Daft Punk accessories. I'm not obsessed, but they pop up alot in my dreams, sometimes it involves the band themselves, or just daft punk related merch.

-Amusement Parks <3

-This godforsaken place. I've never had a Yume Nikki dream, but I've had a few dreams about Uboachan. How does that work?

-Watching anime or Playing Videogames. nothing interesting happens, it just goes on like real life ._.

-Eating too much food (usually icecream) and then being all "waaah why did I do that I'm gonna get faaaaaat", but then I wake up and I don't get fat.

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- Trains or planes, sometimes airports and train stations. This is very common. I think it's because I've traveled a lot throughout my life.

- Schools, either a distorted version of my old high school/colleges or someplace completely unknown. This is always the setting of a deadline stress-related dream.

- I haven't had real nightmares in a long time, but I do feel physical pain in my dreams on occasion. One night a month or two ago, I dreamed I was holding a cat and the cat turned around and started clawing the shit out of my arms and chest. Of course I'm always fine when I wake up.

- Uncommon, but sex is a theme at times. But these dreams are always either frustrating or really confusing.

I'm trying to induce lucidity in my dreams so I can call the shots in them, or at least try to.


Trains, airplanes, the like.
I cant stand transportation vehicles.


- Physical weakness. I can't ever throw a punch in a dream without ending up limp-wristed and afraid.

- Ridicule. I always screw up. And I always apologize.

- Either completely foreign worlds or somewhere I know very well.

- Falling.

- Explosions, disasters.

- Feeling separate from other people, or being unable to interact with or save them.


Lately, zombies. The guys in Amnesia the Dark Descent. They just hang around and do nothing.

Gym Locker Room.

Yume Nikki, too. Details are vague but the topic is mentioned.


Well…Here goes nothin'

-People from the games I play.
Mostly Sabitsuki, and a lot of people from Mother 3.

-The people from said games acting OOC. Kind, thoughtful parents becoming child abusers. Happy people being depressed or even evil. Etc.

-Forests and dark places.

-Wanting desperately to find a hiding place, somewhere cramped and dark and cozy.

…And last but NOT least. My favorite thing in my dreams. I don't know why, but:

-A dark, yet young figure. Dressed in jeans, a tee-shirt, sneakers and……a dark, black cloak? I can't see his face, but he looks rather scared, and about…13 to 15 years old, maybe. I think he wants to hold my hand and lead me away from where we are (Usually a forest), but i think he's lost too, and he just does not want to admit it. Or maybe he's mute. I never heard him talk.

Yeah. I like my dreams. :)

File: 1325902918037.jpg (19.83 KB, 360x418, YEAH.jpg)


I had a dream that I had a dream that I had a dream playing Yume Nikki, and I had to steal Mado's knife, and she lived next to me. Her sole life depended on that knife, and the screen kept blinking when I tried to force it away from her. When I finally did, I ran out her door but she caught up to me, triggering a fullscreen event that was BRICKSHATTING SCARY.

It kinda looked like the exorcist girl and the Ring girl and smile.jpg all in one. Well, the fullscreen event had the smile.jpg smile, the Exorcists girl's face, and the Ring girl's hair. (Apparently it was "Rosie from Peanuts".)

When that dream was over I ate spaghetti and went to some holiday party to tell you about it.

When that dream was over, I don't remember.

And then I woke up.


I couldn't relate with you… until today. I had my first ever "dream within a dream" dream this morning. Dreamt I was in my old high school, running around in a suit, for no real reason. Osaka was there, also for no reason.
Then I woke up in my bed, in my real room. There was a large, busty, whorish looking woman sitting next to me. She said she was a "dream therapist" and asked me to describe what I had just dreamed about, which I did. Then she tried to have sex with me(??). I threw her out instead, because come on, I fucking have standards, even in my dreams. She looked like the kind of woman who smoked two packs a day and had a thriving culture of STDs living in her cooch.
It went on for a while afterward, including a bit where I had to rescue some of the Rozen Maiden dolls from being melted down for scrap… whatever dolls are made of, and a part where I'm stuck on a sandbar in the Pacific and find a huge cache of food, whiskey and beer (the best part of my dream(s).)


I had a dream I was in a grocery store with my mother, but his turned out to be my dream while dozing in a car, which was a dream i was having, dozing off in my room which is what i was actually doing.

I kept fluxing between the car and my room, and I wasnt quit esure which one was real. then I would wake up for real to the exact same room. no difference. at all.
It was disorienting and stressful. When I finally woke up for good, it was after i could hear whisperings in odd accents coming from behind me getting louder and louder. i could see out ofthe corner of my eye, gangly pale things in tattered nightgowns slipping out of my bedroom door.


So I'm not the only one who has screamer dreams!

File: 1326006591494.jpg (203.78 KB, 762x1070, Brandish 1.jpg)


I had a dream about Brandish for the SNES. Basically I'm at a thrift store riffling through a box of cartridge-only games. I'm competing against another collector; the cart he picks is the US release, whereas I end up with the Super Famicom Planetbuster release w/ the purple label.

Despite not having the proper system to play, I'm overjoyed since I know the SNES Brandish is a screen-rotating piece of shit.

What do you think /yume/, is this the unconscious desire for Brandish to be a good game (solely based on the ass-shots of the cover art)? Should I instead channel my desires wisely into the purchase of the psp version, even if I don't own a psp?

File: 1320180490234.png (73.89 KB, 250x300, PASIV_Device_Infobox.png)


Since /yume/ seems to be dying slowly how about we start a discussion.

Plain and simple, do you think shared dreaming is possible? I'm not talking about that weird spiritual stuff like astral projection. I'm talking about through normal methods. Twins occasionally have the same dreams, messages are be unconsciously sent and received through skin touch. Like if you were lying on someone while sleeping could your mind communicate whats going on and essentially link your two minds? Or what about through technological means? Like if we could actually transfer brain signals electronically.
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File: 1320211486338.jpg (439.57 KB, 1920x1200, 41435.jpg)

I've had two shared dreams before. Both times was us laying naked in a bed in what looked like your typical celestial temple, and we were discussing things. Later on I learned through discussion, somehow without being odd about it, that they too had the same dream.

Now these were long distance, I had never met these two individuals ever face to face. If I can connect with someone that I never met, and don't know where they live, I believe anyone close by can share dreams. It's just, how you do it, I don't know. Random flukes of 'Meant-To-Be's.


I think the only way for for this to work is fore tow brains to be hard wired together.


>fore tow
Anyway, the brain is full of electrical signals, so I'd guess that SOME cross-communication would be possible, just as cross-communication is possible through cables (if you've ever put a wireless speaker next to a phone line and heard something that you shouldn't, you'll know what I mean by this).

Here's the thing, though. Everyone is built differently. Even if your brain does pick up something from someone else's brain, I don't think you would be able to interpret it as anything.

Now, if you picked up a signal from someone with the same biological makeup as you, like a twin, things might be different.


249>> It really depends upon how brains work, which we just don't know enough about. Obviously we all send electronic impulses throughout our body as "messages" sent by our brain. Your skin actually pulsates and twitches in ways that most people can't pick up on, sort of like an unconscious language. You know when you get an un-easy feeling about someone? Their actions give them away, certain facial tics, differences in tone of voice and gait, you subconsciously pick up on all of the things. Who's to say that when in contact with someone while sleeping that you couldn't share a dream, stranger things have happened.



File: 1323919839604.jpg (362.72 KB, 800x589, 1259462158096.jpg)


A few nights ago, I had the first lucid dream I've had since I was a kid. This was a real shock to me, especially considering just how dull and lifeless my dreams are now (or how bad my "dream memory" has gotten?) compared to the intensely vivid dreams of my youth. This particular dream just came out of nowhere. I immediately tried to control my dream by summoning someone, and I was partially successful before I woke up suddenly.

Ever since, I've been trying to have more lucid dreams. I've read up a bit on different sites related to the topic and have started keeping a dream journal. But a lot of the information I've seen out there has been somewhat generalized or vague. Since it seems a lot of people here have lucid dreams and can control them, I thought I'd ask for more specific advice here. Any particular sleeping/eating habits I should be going for to trigger these kinds of dreams?

The picture of Nurse Tewi is absolutely related if I can get this lucid dreaming thing to work.

File: 1323818426114.gif (368.81 KB, 164x119, bfab23bb29ad9bb8a100343663….gif)


Pic unrelated..
But hey guys… For the fans of LSD Emulator to the PSX, another fan game is called SOUP (Link at the bottom of this page: http://www.autofish.net/shrines/lsd/index.html
Just if interested.

File: 1322406978813.gif (82.37 KB, 768x576, 1313908564371.gif)


1.So this one dream I had I was on one of the moons of Jupiter. It's the one with the surface of ice and an ocean beneath it. So I'm in the ocean beneath the ice, I can't see my own body so I don't know what I look like, but I'm moving through the water. It's very, very, very dark. There is a lot of movement around me, and a faint noise. A creature with a very slim body like an eel comes at me and I manage to dodge, the creature is fast however, and turns on a dime. I wished that I could evolve a drill and burrow through the ice to the surface to escape, except I just wished the idea in my head i didnt say all those words. So I have my drill now and get to the surface. It's very windy and just as dark. There are hundreds of pixel sized stars in the background. And a 200x200 ball that is the sun. there are creatures rolling around on the surface, being knocked by the wind. an eagle like thing swoops at me, i idea wish again but for wings and claws. i fly up and drive my claws into its back. its warm, and very gooey. like fresh taffy. its blood is a deep purple.

2. the oh-so-common "my teeth fell out" dream. in the dream i wake up from sleeping and head to my bathroom. i'm going to brush my teeth and I open my mouth to inspect my teeth (irl i have a cavity forming so i check on it 1st thing) all my teeth look like graham crackers that have been dipped in milk. they are learning side to side, brown, and crumbly looking. i get scared seeing it. i push my teeth with my tongue and my front teeth crumble off half way and fall out of my mouth. thudding into the sink. i start crying and rubbing my arm in my mouth and getting all the graham crackers out.

3. i dreamed i was in an outside setting. a park sort of thing. im on a bench with other people and other benches with more people. about 5 rows with 2 benches each we are facing a hill, no one is moving or talking. the sun is setting so the sky is changing color. one half is darker than the other. there is a loud noise like metal twisting and a tank fall from the top of the hill and lands on most of the people. i run over the benches and sit by the corner of the hill. (the hill is a pretty sharp "L") the tank rolls by. i hear screaming and shouting, the sky is filled with smoke. bottom half glowing red and yellow. i crawl under one of the benches and there's a pillow i use to hide myself with. the ground is now a wooden floor and the bench a bed. i hear the door kick open and soldier comes inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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