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Have you ever had a nocturnal emission, /yume/?

I haven't.
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How would one even know if they had had a wet dream?


Once, the orgasm woke me up actually.

Worst part…. I was 12


Never even came until I discovered lotion at 14.


File: 1383904531762.jpg (107.59 KB, 512x384, 21143356.jpg)

Since I don't masturbate, I get them all the time. Bit of a problem when I forget to put underpants before bed.


Haven't masturbated for five days. Hoping to have a wet dream soon.

File: 1384409709257.jpeg (610.77 KB, 1740x2376, little-nemo-19051015-l.jpeg)


A few days ago, I was on a five day break and so I decided that for two of those days, I would go dreamscaping.
Dreamscaping is a word I made up where I indulge in setting up a series of lucid dreams. Does anyone here know what I am talking about, and/or participate in the act of Dreamscaping?

I first had a dream which starts off in a geographically-familiar location that is modified, as most of my dreams are. I started the dream in a tree out in the gravel parking lot across from Union Hill Elementary, where an old couple sells trailers they scrap together. However, there is a club-like bar out there instead, and behind it is the pasture where every year we release balloons in memory of an old, dear friend Laura Freeman. I don't remember why I was with the people I was with, except for one important thing. We all came to this spot in a blink. Presumably this thought was derived from the fact that the dream started right here, and had no previous events. We just blinked over here. The events in between are fuzzy, but I remember going into the club and through the back where on the left, there is a corridor, configured like a house that always seems to recur in my dreams. Always, the first door on the left would be a room that elicited exotic and sometimes abhorrent elements of my dream. And this time the door was open, and the lights were warm. My mother was sitting by a desk, telling me something. I dont know what, but for some reason it led me to walk into town, and on the path, there were people on the hillside shooting arrows through my feet and hands as I walked, feeling nothing. I came back in a buggy, and thats when I realized my brother Mike wasn't there, and he never was. In a frightened and worried state, I knew I had to blink back to that moment which I started the dream. So, I ate a slice of cheese that brought me back to the past, at that moment, with me sitting on the same branch I had started off at in my dream. I went through the process over and over again, and tried to change my actions, and every time I got shot I would look for that slice of cheese and start over.

Then, in another dream, I was at a concert to go see the misfits. For some reason, Blink 182 was opening for them, and all the kiddies went to go see them. I wanted to get into the crowd but the floor was too packed, so I took a giant snow shovel and started shoveling people out of the crowd. The shovel and I got bigger and the people got tinier andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1383839479300.jpg (388.71 KB, 586x793, madotsuki_and_toriningen_b….jpg)


Guys, even before I've played Yume Nikki, I have been having dreams about bird people. I suffer from some hallucination based mental problem, one of my hallucinations have told me they are like the "Prinee's of your world" which means when someone does a crime that isn't too terrible for death, they are turned into bird people and treated as slaves for 100 years. Does anyone else have dreams about bird people

File: 1381409732601.jpg (152.13 KB, 1366x768, 1486.jpg)


Hey guys, I had a dream where everyone on Uboachan met up and had a sleepover.

There was more sex than I would of imagined.


File: 1381418940202.jpeg (422.13 KB, 670x800, 1317344588934.jpeg)


File: 1381569969422.png (38.25 KB, 700x448, 1377324742870.png)

pretty much

File: 1381554700896.jpg (349.09 KB, 1936x2592, IMG_20120204_194002.jpg)


Hello /yume/
I recently started another diary for my dreams (I tend to stop continuing them for a while then starting a new notebook again) but now I was starting thinking about if you guys have any form for your notes, or not.

I mean if you write down anything else than notes about your dreams at the morning or whenever you wake up, because I usually take notes of what did I eat before going to sleep, and also if I masturbated or not.


I keep a sketchbook by my bed for drafts and note-taking directly after waking up. After drafting, I usually type up a full description in an MS OneNote notebook where I keep my dream diary. The entries there are more structured and include details about wake/sleep times and my theories as to what influenced the dream.

File: 1381250528939.png (670.49 KB, 1024x731, bard_s_tale_by_madhotaru-d….png)


I keep having this dream where I'm raping a little girl who I saw at a old camp I once went to. I can't get them to stop and I really don't like it. While I'm awake when I think about her I have ideas of brutally abusing her in awful ways and in my dreams I rape her mercilessly. I often see little girls who look like her and I can feel myself getting slightly aroused and I start biting my lip until they leave.

I really hate this guys, what should I do about it? I'm to scared to ask anyone else for help. I don't want to hurt kids…

>Pic not related


Anon, thats terrible.

Also are you a boy or girl?


>I really hate this guys, what should I do about it? I'm to scared to ask anyone else for help. I don't want to hurt kids…

Dreams and fantasies are far removed from actually acting something out. Maybe it's the taboo thing that turns you on rather than girls themselves. Try coming to terms with it and accept that sometimes you will have fucked up thoughts and that this is alright, without actively/consciously trying to fantasize about it.

File: 1380940132571.jpg (127.07 KB, 800x723, wonka_thresh_blank_by_arts….jpg)


Does anyone else have a reoccurring dream person in their dreams? Picture unrelated.

Someone I call "the kind man" always stays in my dreams. He's, well, kind, but everything he does is also somehow really depressed. He seems to be aware of the fact that this is all a dream and he asks me not to wake up sometimes and tells me that being awake is painful.

I am able to do strange things in my dreams when he's around. If he asks me to "tell him a story", I can change the setting of the dream to a completely different world. Sometimes with his presence I'm able to take aspects of previous dreams to aid me, or suddenly develop some reality editing in my dream. I can never do this without his presence. When I ask him about it, he's always evasive and implies that I'm "remembering" something, though he also tells me that as a human I'll never understand even if he told me.

He's very into duality- in fact I think he's manifested in my dreams as a completely different reoccurring figure I call "the cruel man" who appears only to take my will in the dream and have me do his bidding. He's admitted this to me, though he's only admitted this to me as a roundabout manner. Specifically he's told me that "every dream is merely a kinder nightmare" or something along the lines.

Anyone else have something like this?


inb4 you found the ancient chant to summon user Distortion


File: 1381011631396.jpg (32.79 KB, 530x530, 154467_181628988646026_197….jpg)

No, you must say Dormilia's name into the mirror three times to do that.

File: 1378607451961.jpg (32.62 KB, 240x240, Yume.Nikki.240.648849.jpg)


Has anyone dreamed of collect effects ? I have but in my dream I'm invited but I don't remember how I was invited though. So now I'm in a mansion courtyard and I only have 5 effects and there's other people looking for effects as well. I keep looking and I'm panicking but I don't why until I get my seventh. I remembered us contestants were given a time limit. So I finally get the 12th and times up. Every gathers around somewhere (I don't remember) and I remember a creature I think it was maybe a skeleton I don't remember again. So the winners leave and the creature tells the ones who are left that they have to stay. I try to run and I see a broken bridge connecting to my only way out. Then I wake up.

The next day I have the same dream but this time I collected all the effects. But when I try to walk away the creature stands in front of me and I don't remember if it laughed or told me something. I was running to try to get to the other side but then I was standing on a chunk of the bridge and I was falling. Then I woke up. O3O

After all that I never had a dream like that again. But I still remember I didn't see the winners actually leave so I suspect the same thing happened to them or maybe they did actually leave.


I got a multitude of things that changed the dynamics of my dreams, ie steampunk equipment I would wear, jet packs, psychedelics, morphing suits, and bicycles.

File: 1377225950266.bmp (3.52 MB, 1280x960, wasteland.bmp)


i made an artsy fartsy little short film based on a dream i had, if you can even call it a short film.



Were you playing The Binding of Isaac before bed again?


Aphex Twin, Stone in Focus. Very nice. Very David Firth.


I like it.


its funny cuz the binding of isaac is one of my favorite games next to yume nikki :D

File: 1362354708683.png (71.51 KB, 640x480, 1939.png)


Not a typo

You float up, and reach the edge of the cliff overlooking the forest below.

The men and dogs are miles away.

You are tired from the journey and alight on the ground, which is at the edge of a board-walk. The ground is slick with a recent rain, and patches of melted ice and slush are everywhere.

The air is moist, and freezing cold, when you step onto the board-walk, and see that beyond the railing is a large body of water, with a boat slowly making it's way across.

The lights from the boat seem like a good party, but you know you will never go there.

Following the wet and icy board-walk, you encounter a man and two twin children, who seem to know something important, but who never say anything about it, only give you knowing looks as the man, one small hand clutched in each of his, proudly marches along with his darlings in tow.

They definitely know something.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1362355011390.png (4.08 KB, 640x480, 2801.PNG)

At last, you can rest, on an old sofa that has long since been thrown away.

Your dogs come running up to greet you, as lovely as ever.

You scratch them behind the ears as they stare at you with those funny doggy eyes.

It seems that there is no way those who pursue you can have the idea to come this far, but it's just that…

Maybe it had to do with the dogs?

You know something is wrong with even this place, and the front door is closing behind you.

The hairs on your neck stand up as you feel the familiar grip of being pursued settle in.

Seeing a car pulling into the street, you rush down an alley, and sure enough, the car drives by.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1362355909343.png (169.07 KB, 922x836, mapofhadesimsomnia.PNG)

You come to, with a start.

"At last! At last!"

The impossibly small man throws his hands into the air in sheer enthusiasm.

You don't think you've seen him this worked up before, as he turns to you, speaking eagerly,

"The ritual is coming close to completion, sai, and I think, any moment now, we will start to see results!"

His pupils dilate as he points one long finger towards the campfire you are both situated around.

"Look! There, amidst the flames! A path to HADES!"

Shadows flicker wildly in your area before the darkness of the forest swallows up the light. The night air is chilled, and the fire welcome; the warm crackle and occasional pop of the fire brings you comfort, but you still feel uneasy.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


From the campfire, you head home because you couldn't stay. Its not like time had mattered to you in the first place but you know that its not good when you know not how much time youd spent before coming to, but you do know you were probably only here for the night and you dont have supplies.

You and your friend are driving down the road leading to your house, a recently-paved driveway that connects maybe 6 or 7 properties. All the laughter and joking and the feeling of having gone out for a while is a happiness you share with your friend which turns your reality bright. You approach the top of the hill, which will lead to the final stretch before your house, the last house on the road. However, near the top of the hill is a raccoon, standing there with his little masked face and darting eyes that to you mean only one thing. "Yeah, I remember you," they say. And you remember him too.

This was the spot where you found his body, just barely breathing, with a six inch trail of blood coming from his mouth and his neck turned awkwardly and unnaturally. Your friend was there too. You got out of the car and realized it was still breathing, then you screamed. "KILL IT! PUT IT OUT OF ITS FUCKING MISERY, MAN!" You knew it was that fucking neighbor of yours who always speeds down the pathway in her zippy little car. Your friend hits it, and it screams, terrified of death, and its body trashes around as if to turn itself inside out. Two more tries and the painful screams finally stopped.

How could you forget? Reality starts to kick in, and the road narrows down to the point where it just barely reaches the cusp of our tires on both sides. It walks up to the hood, and just kisses it, and rolls over. Relief and Joy follow the peaceful and loving death of the raccoon, who seems now to have forgiven you. But then your experience, your connection from memory to what is probably dream, turns your surroundings into something much different.



OP here, checking in way after the fact…

You are freaking me out, dood!


File: 1376634142453.jpg (303.36 KB, 700x3000, Snail Rape 5.jpg)

why thank you.
Surroundings? No. This is a world way outside the allegory of human emotion. And it is personal to you. I, personally, found myself confounded in pieces that floated in colorful ecstasy. My friend's was about him feeling that he was going to get killed. I had to calm him down, but he kept on saying this mantra… "Hiffwe".."Hiffwe"… over and over again. }

I gave him some sleeping pills on hand to calm him down. They were horse sized and called "chillaxes". The gel splashes over him, and he's fine.

We are still in our car, but our car is not where it was, on the street. Could it have turned, could we have been sleep driving, could it have been a mystery?

…continue plzz

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