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Dream On!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1399884122510.jpg (49.03 KB, 635x370, tacs_electrodes_nature_neu….jpg)


Science has done it. Lucid dreaming gadgets now exist. How long before NEETs are addicted to lucid dreaming with their waifus in paradise?

>Scientists on Sunday said they had used a harmless electrical current to modify sleep so that an individual has "lucid dreams," a particularly powerful form of dreaming.

>The gadget comprises two small boxes with electrodes that are placed next to the skull and send a very weak, low-frequency electrical signal across the brain.

>"The effect… was only observed for 25 and 40Hz, both frequencies in the lower gamma frequency band," Voss said.

>Voss said, that it seemed inevitable that a similar device would one day be invented for consumers, enabling sleepers to latch onto lucid dreaming, for better or worse.

>"Although this is not something I am personally interested in, I am certain that it won't take long until such devices come out."



File: 1399887264810.jpg (381.38 KB, 760x1106, horror4.jpg)


File: 1399896875279.gif (1008.65 KB, 500x280, neetdrink.gif)

Yeah, watch fucking Facebook buy it just like they did Oculus Rift. Just imagine - fucking ads in your dreams… Just kill me now.


File: 1399899639467.jpg (11.83 KB, 267x200, balrog_by_rongs1234-d39miz….jpg)

Godammit, why did you have to plant that thought in my head? Still, this thing is hat I've been waiting on for years. It's a time for rejoicing.


File: 1400015275918.jpg (12.01 KB, 300x300, 549334_388214037866280_367….jpg)

You see the irony of it is that he planted the thought in your head, the same way advertisements are. People are often frightened about the idea of ideas going straight into their head without their consent, but that's how ideas work to begin with. In fact, this idea is now in your head.


I just read about this in the newspaper the other day.

Kind of feels weird, because for the longest time I was not aware that lucid dreaming was a rare phenomenon (Or rather I did, but not how rare it was). I get lucid dreams on a pretty regular basis and if anything I'm more freaked out by the non-lucid ones since it's one of the rare moments I have a disconnect with myself.

It's certainly not an endless degree of lucidity, though. I sort of have to outpace my unconscious mind, which can be a hit-or-miss ordeal.

By the way, so far I've been diagnosed with depression and some kind of slow encoding learning disability, if that gives any possible insight.

Oh and, I know absolutely nothing about Yume Nikki, so don't assume I'm a board constant.

File: 1317022186758.png (211.57 KB, 558x656, nightmare_by_melonade-d3jpx…)


Hey guys, if you ever draw something based off of your dreams post it here!

This is meant to be a continuation off of the old "Dream monsters" thread but now a bit more open-ended.

Weird environments / creatures / people / events, anything goes.
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File: 1390966164718.png (334.05 KB, 830x473, 12252013EnvironmentSketchE….png)

Thread necromancer here again.

Here's a lazy environment sketch I did of part of an interesting location I dreamed up not too long ago (yes, I know, it's killyourself-mode bad, deal with it). It was some kind of boarding school which would randomly switch between being a school, a prison, and a massive shopping mall. Strangely enough, no one in the dream noticed when it changed–except me. When it would become a prison, every student, including myself, became a prisoner, and every shopper who'd been visiting the mall became a spectator/visitor who'd come to gawk at us. Its appearance as it changed from one form to the next fluctuated, but the basic structure/layout remained the same.


File: 1390988288334.png (505.03 KB, 857x438, 01182014EnvironmentLayout-….png)

…And one more for the night.

It's a dimly lit restaurant from a very short dream where I met a boy who said he was able to recall events from a past life. Upon talking to the kid, I fell through the floor and woke up.

I don't know why, but the place seemed very disconcerting, so I wanted to draw it. I tried to paint that uneasy feeling into it, but unfortunately it didn't turn out right. The perspective is also really really off, like in everything else I do, but it's actually appropriate for the subject matter this time because the dream actually did have grossly distorted/illogical perspective.


File: 1391081445786.png (577.18 KB, 527x383, 01292014ATPartialPortrait.png)

Partial portrait of Aria, the character from >>1670

Every time I shut my eyes I see her face, and yet I can't paint it worth shit… Welp, at least I tried.


File: 1402558689515.png (73.84 KB, 500x500, ktb.png)

Kant the Bard

I just realized he wrote a book in my dream, he didn't sing or play anything. Dream logic.


glad the best uboachan thread is still going

File: 1402589889409.jpg (39.39 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lznjenzbZB1qjt5tko1….jpg)


I'm writing a story about a man who can visit people's dreams and take a souvenir from his surroundings back into the waking world.

What he pulls from the dream world is simply determined by who the dreamer is and what they're dreaming of. He's pulled out mannequins, teapots, cats, snow globes, and even a clock tower. Each dream is a sort of standalone chapter or story, building together into one larger narrative. Would people read this? I don't know. I'm just trying to make it cohesive at this point, but I'm mostly just trying to have fun with it!

Based off of your most memorable dream, what souvenir would a traveler take from your mind back into the world of the living? What significance would it have to you - would it's presence in the waking world be problematic in any way?


File: 1402622402365.jpg (11.58 KB, 508x600, radio.jpg)

>Would people read this?
It's an interesting concept, but I've heard/thought of the ability before multiple times, so you'd have to take care in crafting the story to ensure its originality. As long as it's well-written, I would certainly be very interested in reading it.
>what souvenir would a traveler take from your mind back into the world of the living?
Could he take people? That would be incredible; then I'd actually have a friend. If not, I think it would be this strange teleportation device that I found once. It looked just like a regular handheld radio, but it could instantaneously transport you to anywhere you've been before, or anywhere in the dream world, so long as you knew the coordinates for that particular location. The "coordinates" were actually more like passwords, as they could be anything from numbers to names, and even shapes, sounds, or hand signals. I don't remember how exactly to get the coordinates yourself, but sometimes people in the dream would tip you a location or two.
>What significance would it have to you
I don't have any friends outside of my dreams. If the traveler could bring one of them to life, it'd mean the world to me. He can keep the radio for all I care.
>would it's presence in the waking world be problematic in any way?
Depending on which friend he picked, it could be problematic, as some of them have magical abilities or knowledge of incredible, otherwise impossible sciences that would interest politicians across the globe. If it were the radio, then obviously that tech has unthinkable implications as well, especially for the future of military and intelligence operations.

Feel free to use that radio in your story if you like. And if you're interested in crediting anyone's ideas from this thread, may I suggest creating a page for the end of the book, listing the names of all the dreamers whose ideas you borrowed? That would be really neat to see. (If you acknowledge me, just put me down as Arlen M.)



The unoriginality issue is my biggest concern. I figure dreams have been the topic of creative works since the beginning of time, though, so as long as everything is well executed and stays interesting it shouldn't be an issue. I'm gonna try my best!

The idea of bringing another consciousness into reality really fascinates me - it's sort of like childbirth, so long as that consciousness has a vessel to communicate through. The mannequins and teapot I described in my first post contain thinking beings who can talk, but aren't necessarily flesh-and-blood humans. I think the big kicker would be dragging another living being out of the ether and into real life. I was thinking of him traveling into a NEET-like character's dreams and pulling out a friend or dream girl for him. I think the complications involving that sort of "souvenir" would be rather dramatic, and would lend itself to some analysis about that sort of lifestyle in general that I haven't read about in a novel.

That radio is a really interesting idea! It got me thinking of some kind of communication device between someone who's awake and someone inside of a dream. Naturally, if anything stems from this I'd be incredibly grateful and give credit where credit is due, thank you for the detailed response.


I'd be interested in reading a story like this.

I wouldn't worry too much about being original because as you said, you're mostly in it to have fun!

Can he take things from the waking world back into dreams as well? In that case it might interesting to take something from one person's dream and put it in anothers's.

In any case, when you get started working on it, you should totally post it on here. Good luck bro! and have fun too!


If a traveler would take any one thing from my dreams… It'd be my dream sword Starfall. no problems with existence, and the sentimental value would be it would remind me of my OC.


Idea sounds sweet, totally would read it! I can imagine a graphic novel based upon this idea of a dream traveler.

If he were to visit my dreams, he'd probably take back an antique light bulb. Most of my dreams are illuminated beautifully with a warm golden hue from these old timey things. The light they give off ensures a sense of curiosity, security, and relaxation - oh so pleasant

File: 1402458382198.jpg (1.24 MB, 1400x1400, 9028aa629e9aeab0eb7b7cf908….jpg)


My conciousness often hates me. It plays tricks on me. At some level, I fight myself. I remember being acutely aware of becoming lucid in a dream, and when I did all the protagonists in it looked at me with sinister intent. I had control of myself and the environment…

~but so did something else in the dream.

Mind you, I've experienced dreamscaping (otherwise known as dream walking), not by my own will unfortunately. I was pulled into a dream by a very, influential person I had met only once. Once I entered her dream, we recornized each other, she called me at 4am. We had traded numbers after the party we met, but had never talked to each other. I had just woken and was ready to just, put it aside as another dream… but that call confirmed it wasn't.

So I'm very acutely aware that dreams are more than what we think they are. and that we're far more capable than just interacting with our own consciousness. The question is then, to me, how do you know when your dreams are your own? How can you verify it? I just don't know… a token is not enough. Recordings, paper notes, all of that. Not enough. Being able to recall the dream doesn't help affirm whether it's yours or not. Without consistent ability to reach lucid control, it'd be impossible to truly identify it to my knowledge.

I can verify a dream state, and a dream state can be analyzed through sleep study… but there's no way to analyze whether or not the dream is yours. It makes dreamscaping impossible to believe and prove, but I know it is true. I know a lot of you who lucid dream know exactly what I'm talking about at one point of your life or another. A dream that's not yours, one you can't manipulate despite being able to manipulate your own space.

It's still your dream, a facsimile, but… you're not the source of it. You're just playing the data… It's my theory that non-lucid dreamers go through dreamwalking all the time, but without being aware of the dream state, it can occur millions, billions of times around the world without suspicion every night. In my experience, dream recall seems to be extremely strong when it happens. Perhaps because more of our conscious mind is in use during the experience. I'm not sure…

I don't expect this to be read or replied to. These questions have been floating in my mind for some time. The person I dreamwalked with, well, she's not been the most helpful. Despite hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1393257741679.jpg (73.72 KB, 600x602, Surreal-Sarolta-Ban-9.jpg)


ITT: Nightmares

I had a dream where I was in the house of a psychopathic barney or something. He had abstract/terrifying art, showed us (my family and one other family) a video of a man being killed by doctors, and he tried to set somebody on fire in his BBQ pit.

Through the whole dream I was like "Guys, this guy is psycho, lets leave!" but everybody else in my dream were being idiots and would say stuff like "No, lets stay for a little but"

so yeah. Nightmare thread.
>pic is somewhat not related
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File: 1393326897775.png (220.6 KB, 479x360, video10.png)

Oh pleas, you didn't even have to split it into four posts to avoid the character limit.


when i was a child i would have this reoccurring nightmare where a black hand would come and take me away even when i would be next to people. i would try to scream ,but i wouldn't make a noise and no one would notice me. i had this nightmare for years, until one night i dreamt that i found the monster in my house. My hand began to glow ,and i punched through the monster killing it. After that night i never had a nightmare again.


File: 1396450041818.jpg (397.29 KB, 800x566, 1073789-a80987fa9f2f9fd0e5….jpg)

Holy crap that's GAR


File: 1399078345586.jpg (62.47 KB, 626x460, seensomeshithank.jpg)

This was more like a series of repeated dream "fragments", but it still kept me awake, considering that they had happened the night following a (don't freak out, Seisatsu, it was a long time ago and I'm safe and happy now) failed suicide attempt.

Each time I fell asleep that night, I had dreamed of shooting myself in the head. But never once did I die; always, I would hear the gunshot, tentatively open my eyes, and then in a panic, reach up to the hole blown through the top of my skull. When I would run my fingers over the area, I would feel the industrious writhing of thousands of tiny maggots—or at least what felt like maggots. Every time, quickly pulling my hand away in revulsion and terror, I would find that a countless hoard of the maggot-like creatures had latched onto my fingertips, beginning to rapidly burrow into the skin. The more desperately I would try to scrape them off, the quicker they would work. Sometimes they would even multiply uncontrollably, pouring from the hole bored through my head, down into my mouth, and often into my throat before I could spit them out.

Each of these fragments would end relatively quickly, either with choking on the larvae-things and vomiting or helplessly watching them have their way with my skin. Needless to say, it was not a very restful night/morning and I didn't try to end my life ever again.


This is OP. I recently had another nightmare.

I was over at a friends house and we were watching horror movie. I remember the dream kicking off with a human sized baby doll-like thing huddled in the fetal position. He was breathing heavily. Then I got a flash back of this little girl holding the (now normal size) doll, as she said "Oh how I wish I had your smile". Then it went back to the human sized doll holding the girl, who was now a full grown woman.

He was holding her by her shoulders and talking to her in a grim and threatening tone. His voice sounded like a calm scream as he said "You wish you had my smile?? My smile? What about your smile??" and then he ripped off the skin of her face only leaving the skeleton.

But at that scene, it didn't look like a movie… It was as if they were actually there with us, in the house. And after he ripped her skin, he turned to look at me. he wasn't looking at my friends or anything else… he was looking and smiling at ME. I panicked and screamed as I pleaded my friend to turn the movie off. When the TV clicked off, I woke up.

File: 1383750406215.jpg (771.23 KB, 1000x1239, Kyouko-26.jpg)


I've been having a lot of bad dreams as of late, bad enough to the point where I'm often waking up multiple times throughout the night out of emotional anguish, hurt, or distress, and to where I don't feel rested despite getting around 8 hours of sleep altogether. Maybe posting about them here will help me to stop having them. Note that I'll post any good or neutral dreams that I have here as well.

I'll start on the next post.


File: 1383750464557.jpg (357.24 KB, 668x751, Kyouko-83.jpg)

1) Here's one I had last night:
I was at some kind of university or institution, and I somehow ended up in possession of a rather large bird that was apparently rare or otherwise valuable. After running around this place with this bird in my arms for a while – I seemed to be evading some administrative woman who was trying to take it from me – I ended up dropping it off somewhere safe. While taking a breather from all of the running that I had been doing, someone – I don't remember who – informed me that my mom had been brutally murdered. I fell into such an intense state of shock and grief that I woke up, still feeling terrible.

2) And another one from a couple of days ago (I don't remember it too well, since I tried to forget it):
I was at a friend's house – that was the impression I got, at least; it wasn't a house that I recognized – and I was hanging out with Kyoko Sakura herself (or, at least, someone who looked exactly like her; they didn't act all too similar), with whom I was apparently close friends. However, for reasons that I don't recall, she grew more and more emotionally aggressive and hostile as the dream progressed, eventually reaching a point where she was openly attacking my emotions, who I was, and everything that I had done. The hurt and emotional stress from all of this woke me up, with the stress lingering after the dream.

3) After falling back asleep from 1), I had another dream; thankfully, this one wasn't bad:
I was at my house, and Kyoko and one other person that I don't remember – some friend of Kyoko's, I think – were there with me. Apparently, Kyoko was royalty, and she was in an arranged-marriage type situation, with two potential "princes" that she could marry. The rules of this marriage seemed to be that whoever had the larger collection of riches and heirlooms would be the groom. After a little while, the two princes – Kururugi and Lelouch from Code Geass, IIRC – arrived at my house, and presented their collections of riches (I guess I was the judge of who had more nice things?). The collections consisted mostly of old, over-sized silver coins, but Lelouch has some other stuff on top of the silver coins – I think it might have been religious objects and other stuff like that – so I decided that he had the nicer collection. The two princes and I stepped out for further negotiations or something, but my alarm clock woke me up before the dream got any further.

4) Here's a dreamPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1394110123544.jpg (205.85 KB, 750x950, Sakura.Kyoko.e1a7efc02f345….jpg)

A long-overdue update:

5) I was part of a two-person performance, but I don't remember who the other person one. We were giving said performance in what looked like my grandparents' house, if you took out all of the furniture and converted the main room – which is at a lower elevation than the rest of the house – into a pool. I was dressed up in a tacky Bowser costume and would roar every now and then, while the other person would talk about random other stuff.

At some point, as part of the performance, someone put a muzzle on top of the costume's mouth. As I sat there waiting while the other person jabbered on, I noticed that there were three kids standing on some kind of skateboard on a balcony overlooking the pool/stage. Just as I realized that they were probably going to fall off, they fell off, and at least one of the kids broke one of their legs. The performance was cancelled, and the crowd filed out.

After everyone had left and I had changed out of the Bowser costume, I saw that there was someone who looked like a little girl in a swimsuit standing on the stage, facing away from me. When I asked her what she was doing there, she informed me that she wasn't a little girl and in fact was 19 years old. I expressed skepticism, but was startled out of it when she turned around to reveal that, despite looking no more than 8 or 9 years old in terms of physical development everywhere else, she had enormous breasts.

Before I could say anything else, she dove into the pool and seemingly vanished. I swam around looking for her, but I couldn't find so much as a trace of her. At that point, I woke up.

File: 1393014786012.jpg (43.03 KB, 335x410, 24816-836444-2014012019013….jpg)


Alright…So, I found this on someones blog.
"Alright…So, I actually had this dream a few months ago, but I still remember it. That's how much of an impact it had on me. I mean, in case you couldn't tell by the last dream I told you guys about, my dreams usually are just strange. It's hard to comprehend them, and most of the time, I just laugh at them. But this dream was actually quite scary…And I don't mean in a way that was laughable afterwards, I mean I woke up sweating and was in a daze for pretty much the rest of the day.

The first half of it consisted of my family and I repeatedly going to this weird isolated restaurant in a cave. The restaurant didn't have any waiters/waitresses, and the food was just sorta left on the table for us. The "restaurant" was more of a cafe I guess, because it only served desserts, mainly cupcakes. Their desserts were incredible, and I often fought with my sisters over them. I suspected that the cafe was run by the "people" that I could sometimes see in the corners. They wore rags and demon masks like the one in the image, their masks were red, though. They would just sorta blend in the background, since there were so many of them, and watch us like hawks. I figured that since my family didn't seem at all bothered by them, that they were the owners of the cafe.

Anyways, at first everything seemed well and grand. Their desserts were great, my family and I always had fun conversations there…It seemed like a nice cafe. A little odd, but nice. But then…something happened. I can't remember this part very clearly, but I think what happened was I had one too many cupcakes. So one of the "demons" came over, reached into my throat, and took my stomach away. Or my taste buds, can't remember which. Anyways, needles too say, I was pretty flipping shocked…But I thought the "demon" was just joking about it, and that he didn't actually do what he just said he did. Since he did really quickly, and I didn't feel anything (Everything was sorta a blur during this part). Not to mention I wasn't y'know, DEAD EVEN THOUGH HE TOOK ONE OF MY VITAL ORGANS.

So, when my family and I walked out of the cafe, I laughed nervously and asked, "Hey, he was just joking, right?" But they just looked at me with serious/confused expressions. I passed it off as them trying to scare me at the time. But the more we went there, the more I wondered if it was actually a joke, or if this place wasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1390918222755.png (21.04 KB, 600x700, keepcalmdreamon.png)


Good morning/night/I-don't-even-know-anymore, fellow dreamers.

I'm new to Uboachan, and I can tell it's been pretty dried up here on /yume/ in recent years. But in all my *chan experiences, I've never found a board that I've felt so strongly drawn to, so I want to try and breathe some life back into this place (if that's OK) and hopefully ask a question of you all in the process–a question I've been wanting to ask for years, but hadn't until now found the right people to ask:

Do you ever have dreams whose characters seem to extend beyond sleep? That is, do any recurring characters from your dreams ever talk to you when you're awake? If so, what kinds of things do they say?

For me, it's been happening since I was about 11 years old, when I started having dreams about a little girl named Aria. One time she "followed" me out of my dreams, and to this day I still hear her voice in my head. I'm not really afraid of her–we talk a lot and she's actually a lovely person–but her intrusion on my waking(?) world has caused me a lot of problems, and I'm eager to find out whether anyone here has run into this kind of dream before.
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File: 1390959275166.png (262.67 KB, 500x500, happymadotsuki.png)

It's not *exactly* what I'm looking for. Reading the archives, I can see that my situation is quite a bit removed from Distortion's. It has a lot less to do with bat wings, evil plans, magic, and dreams and a whole lot more to do with reality and my family. I'm not going to make a 2-year thread for myself, so don't worry; I wouldn't be able to handle any kind of attention anyway–it's just not what I'm after. I do want to thank you, however–it's been an immense relief to find out that there are at least some people who are experiencing some semblances of similar things.


Oh hey, your still alive. Thats good. I missed you.

I'm glad to see that Soulless has directed you to the right place. You'll fit in just fine around here.
> don't worry; I wouldn't be able to handle any kind of attention anyway
You can have all the attention you like, feel free to ask me any questions, and spark up any conversations. Even if you're in the spotlight this is still my circus. I'm still the ringmaster, and Dormilia is still collecting tickets. Activity on this board has diminished in recent months, but the show must go on!


Wow it has been dead over here…


File: 1390966807097.jpg (21.89 KB, 296x266, ohno.jpg)

>You can have all the attention you like
I'll pass.


>Oh hey, your still alive. Thats good. I missed you.
U wot m8? Why?
(Sorry for derailing thread)

To be honest, I'd like to know about Aria. She seems like a nice person, if she keeps you company and someone you find lovely…

File: 1336278369580.jpg (71.03 KB, 487x526, tumblr_ltcdi9gBJa1r0j2yvo1….jpg)


anyone here have trouble getting out of dreams?
I never had, The second things turn slightly bad in a dream, I just suddenly wake, sitting up in bed. I had a dream last night when I was still on the verge of consciousness, and in the dream a bee flew past my head and clipped my ear, and just BAM! I was up and my heart was beating like crazy.
A few months ago, I had one where someone broke in, and I calmly hid in the bathroom and I was gonna escape out the window and hide at my brother's house across the street. I got to my bro's house, he wasn't home. Woke up so damn fast. Didn't even get to find out if the killer knew where I was/if he was following.
It's like my brain goes "welp, nothing to do here, abort mission!" I really appreciate that it does that, actually. None of my dreams ever verge into nightmare territory because even an omnimous situation never has a chance to get bad. If I'm having a good dream, I sleep heavier and only an alarm wakes me. So I get to experience all the wonder .A.

So anyway, how are you guys about waking up? Do you wake up when dreams get bad? or do you have a harder time when it gets bad and then you're stuck in the dream? Do you tend to wake from good dreams more easily, and miss the good stuff?how about night terrors? It all sounds so scary ;A; please, describe it in great detail for me.

pic not related
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Usually my dreams don't stray into nightmare territory. Mostly, if I'm having a nightmare and I get killed I immediately wake up. Otherwise, I'm in for the duration.

I can't really recall too many nightmares where someone wasn't trying to off me, to be entirely honest.


File: 1343959104159.gif (497.95 KB, 345x195, againadnaagainsdfg.gif)

>>750 here, as I mentioned in that last post, I never realize I'm dreaming. well.. THIS TIME I DID. Again, that shit /never/ happens.

The dream was me waking up in my room, at what seemed around 2 or 3 am (so i wasn't surprised at first, because insomnia), and i noticed something was off. suddenly I woke up again, in my bed, everything the same. This repeated itself about 4 or 5 times and I was started to panic, because I literally could not tell what was reality. I would have to be messing around my room or go downstairs for a few minutes until i concluded I was still stuck in a dream, and shit looked Pretty Fucking Real. I was focusing so hard to wake up, and it just kept repeating where I kept waking up in the same scenario in the dream. After so many repeats, I went downstairs in one of them to talk to my dream dad (Who is also usually up at the hour the dreams took place in) because I was concerned about it:
"I'm dreaming, I can't stop dreaming."
"Yes, I keep waking up and everything's normal, but it's a dream. And it's always the same."

Basically it was hardcore inception.

For some reason I concluded in my mind this was happening because in the real world I might be accidentally smothering myself, because i sleep on my stomach with my face pretty buried in the pillow. The need to wake up became more desperate, and I begged my dream-dad to shoot me in the head, because I know he keeps a glock somewhere. Dream-dad obliged, and shot me point blank in the forehead. I felt the bullet put a hole through my head and myself fall down. It got cloudy, and I woke up again in my bed: another repeat. Two or three more repeats occurred before I finally woke up for real. At first I still wasn't sure if I had finally stopped the dream, but I noticed the higher clarity of everything and finally settled down. Oh, and I woke up at 1:30am.

Seriously though, it was hellish. It felt like I was going to be repeating that forever.


File: 1358233354901.png (333.17 KB, 4402x4000, video-games-yume-nikki-mad….png)

I remember having a dream that I couldn't get out of. I would wake up, think "WHEW, I'm finally up!" and then seconds later I would wake up again, etc, etc.

I would browse a website, eat something, choke and die, jump out a window, but I couldn't get out of that fucking dream.


what if you never woke up & this has all just been a dream


When I first wake up I am usually immediately disoriented and quite angry and sad to once again be stuck in this world. I usually roll over and simply "review" my dreams for 30 minutes to an hour, fading in and out of dreams. Once I finally get out of bed I've stopped being quite as angry and sad as I was before, though I'm grumpy and can become extremely unsociable (read: getting excessively annoyed with anyone that tries to talk to me) for another hour. After that, I'm good.

Nightmares are no big deal to me. My fear response is dulled to nothing in my dreams, so I'm typically not afraid in them. The few times I am afraid, I don't usually wake up. Any 'forced' waking up is usually from a rush of some other emotion, such as grief or anger or sadness. Oftentimes these forced waking up is when I've been put in a situation where people don't believe me that someone hurt me, or blame me for shit that I didn't do, or I experience the extensive loss of my (dream) family, or I've accidentally done something horrible to kill innocents. Those dreams are painful when I wake up and usually leave me under the weather for the day.

File: 1387698497242.jpg (437.9 KB, 554x783, 1335474986822.jpg)


Anyone have any dreams about their crush (or past crushes whatever) they'd like to share? Could be embarrassing or sexual or just random. I often find myself dreaming about the person I like shortly after I start liking them, so I'm curious.


If it counts, I occasionally have dreams about one of my ex-girlfriends, the one with whom I had my first serious relationship. A few of them involve me being isolated due to her presence, but the majority of them have us talking civilly with one another and resolving all of the tensions between us. In the latter, we become close friends once more, and frequently begin dating again, except that the relationship is far healthier and happier than it was the first time. Sometimes we're physically affectionate or even outright sexual with each other, but we're usually just happy together, sharing in the warm, fulfilling friendship that blossoms out of a good relationship.

I guess that, on some level, I still care about her and miss her; why would she keep showing up in my dreams otherwise, and why would the dreams have the aforementioned themes in common with each other?


I've never actually had a dream about someone that I've had a crush on but I did have a dream once about a girl that had a crush on me or so I was told by several people.

the funny thing was that I hadn't even seen her or thought about her in probably over year, but then she shows up all of a sudden out of the blue. It was kind of like when the ghost of Christmas past shows up to tell Scrooge "Hey Ebenezer, you fucked up!". Except she was here to tell me "Hey Distortion, you fucked up at your only opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with someone who actually cared about you and was genuinely interested in everything you had to say and didn't annoy the hell out of you."

the last time I ever saw her I was trying to avoid conversation with her so badly that I practically ran away from her. I only realized it afterwards it made me feel like a total dick. At the time I believe that emotions and friendships were waste of time, and therefore relationships were double waste of time.

I wish I could take back what I did, or at least apologize.

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