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Dream On!
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File: 1322136338954.jpg (5.49 KB, 236x214, cry baby 2.jpg)


Any one else have those dreams where they are talking to a girl/guy that you want to date? Not a person in real life, but a person in your dreams.

Well I just had one of those dreams, and they always suck after wards what with waking up realizing its not real.
Heres the insult to injury though, I swear, that dream was real. I remember the entire dream from beginning to end in perfect detail. I remember what I said, I remember what she said, I remember what I was going to say to ask her out, I remember where we were, and for the most part, the dream was a perfect mimic of real life.

Oh did I mention she was amazingly hot?

Thanks /yume/ for listening to my rant, i'mma go cry now that I almost got to 1st base with my subconscious.


Sob I guess I have these a lot.
And it sucks because you know it'll never happen in real life, and feels more real.


>> 296 Whats even worse is that I could tell we were beginning to form a relationship. We were going to start getting somewhere. ;_;


Not sure if I had a dream like this specifically, but it certainly rings a bell.

I've had dreams about an IRL person a lot though, although they were never about datig, lol.

File: 1319338076975.jpg (305.25 KB, 480x640, 1316809284108.jpg)


Last night I had a dream where me and some people from my class went to this camp ground. It was winter and the snow was as high as the tree tops. My friend had a baby (Not in real life) and she put the baby on a tree branch and left to get fire wood. I brought my laptop so i could play Broken Bottles and the screen went black. I put it by the baby and the baby cooed and the word "hello" went on the screen. I typed in "Who is this?" and It said "Your Name is Lenore." and I typed in "Yes. Who is this?" and the conversation went on for a long time and I learned I was Satan of nightmares. I make people have nightmares. It told me the power I had and I went on a killing spree using my mind to make peoples heads explode. Giving them Nightmares.


>>190 "Uh huh…..tell me more as I slowly back away into this van and buy a ticket to Mexico."


Even that won't save you from the explosive nightmares.

Odd dream, OP. What exactly did you do that night?

File: 1317531622321.jpg (133.5 KB, 1205x874, art2.jpg)


Who has a Dream Blog?
Sawlogs is a really good one

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I don't have a dream blog, but I do occasionally post about them on my tumblr.
Yes I know, look at that faggot for using tumblr, etc.


I have a day log, but i definitely should have a dream log… thank you for reminding me about this.

those of you that keep it private: is it because you want to keep all your dreams private from people or would you ever be willing to share? are you willing to share?


File: 1319545246449.jpg (197.42 KB, 1241x780, 1280914369986.jpg)

I used to share my dreams with my friends on livejournal, now I keep them private.

I guess it's because my dreams began to reflect my personal issues and frustrations more clearly and I want to keep that shit to myself. They used to be more abstract and fantastic, and though they are still like that often enough, my personal life has become pretty fucked up over the past couple years and my dreams reflect that more now. No one else needs to know what's going on inside my head these days.

Also hardly any of them shared their dreams with me or had anything to say about mine except "wow that's awesome/weird/scary lol", so fuck 'em.



I have to agree with this statement as to why I'd prefer to keep mine private.


I have various dream entries scattered about on paper and text files. I've been meaning to centralize everything into a dream log, either in physical or digital form.

As for sharing, I only tell one person my dreams, and they've always listened.

File: 1319657281593.jpg (46.36 KB, 329x480, 1308890456396.jpg)


Hey /yume/, I have a question.

When you record your dreams, do you put the date of the night you had the dream or the date of the following morning?
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the date of the day i wake up, as my sleep most often happens past into that day or in that day entirely.
just makes sense to have the date being the endtime to me


Current date & time, obviously


I write down the date when I have the first dream of the night. The next entries until the next date are the times that I woke up to record the dreams. For example:

5:09 Dream of girl. Fragments, airport.

6:40 On rooftop, take plunge. Fly into sunset.

16:30 (afternoon nap) WILD dream. Met family


Seems obvious to me. What way do you go about it exactly?


I put the day it is as I record it. I go to bed at 10:30 but all my dreams most likely occur after midnight, so technically it was that day anyway, ya know?


I record it with the date of the morning after.
It's more of a habit of putting the date of the current day as I am are writing my dream.
I don't put the time, although I will mention it if I fell asleep at an unusual time, like a nap or accidentally dosed off.

File: 1319064506543.jpg (192.66 KB, 800x601, rtyhnb.jpg)


Last night I had dreams about a friend of mine and I told her about it. She asked me a very good question.

I've never seen many of her tattoos, but shes told me about them; I just cant remember if I did.

So /yume/, for those of you with tattoos, are they on you in your dreams?
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Also in my original post I meant to post this with it but it didn't upload it, this is the symbol I have on my hand.


Going to try this one more time if it doesn't work, oh well.


File: 1319554346299.jpg (98.59 KB, 700x465, zxgvz.jpg)


I'm not sure how you feel about using a Sharpie.

Thicker, darker lines are easier to see again the skin at night. If you have some kind of electronic device that glows use it (IE desktop tower in stand-by mode = blinky power source.)


counter to the dark problem:
… are you ever in your dreams, in a place where you will not know what is on your hand if you look?
No matter the lighting situation I've always been able to see animate objects with clarity, or even, known it was dark/difficult to see but still was able to see it anyway (I dont really know how to explain this better than that).
The purpose of the image on your hand is not to legitimately check if it's there while awake but to notice a difference when you check it in your dreams.
Even looking at your hand, while not seeing the symbol but knowing what the symbol looks like, when you are awake, reinforces the habit of checking whether it's real or not… so as long as you can always see your hand in your dream, regardless of lighting, the purpose is fulfilled.

Does anyone actually not see their hands when they put them to their face or whatnot in their dreams?
now im very curious.


>>209 When I looked at my hand it was more of a situation where I was half asleep, half awake. So I suppose it was like my dreams were projecting themselves onto reality.

Also, my body for some reason has never changed in my dreams, teeth never fallen out, things have never been out of place. Then again I can't ever "feel" my body inside dreams except a few specific times. My dreams have never centered around me though, more often than not I'm not even myself in my dreams.

Whenever I look at my hand while awake I repeat this mantra while looking at it "If it looks like this I'm awake, if it looks different I'm dreaming." It serves as a good reality check too.

File: 1316860835653.png (77.61 KB, 310x157, staffff.png)


I feel more alive in my dreams than I do in reality. When I don't remember my dreams it feels like I've forgotten some important aspect in my life. However, all my dreams include are death and destruction or other such unpleasant things.

Any suggestions?
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being faced with mortality gives a sense of more "aliveness" because your life is made more apparent as something that is not permanent. you become more aware of your personhood, your own reality, your own life, your own consciousness. or… i assume so.
it seems to make sense…

I would also seek enjoyable activities in real life, do things you like. get involved in things. start some projects or something. take on responsibility for something like an indoor garden or something. anything, really (:


I feel more emotional in my dreams than real life, that's for sure.


File: 1319105512546.jpg (80.22 KB, 614x461, dvf,mv.jpg)


OP, maybe it's the rush; like sky diving, etc.

However, unless you elaborate on what death and destruction entails (death = other dying, you killing, etc)


File: 1319586849899.jpg (1.33 MB, 750x1500, 1317213396403.jpg)

…ah, but isn't it refreshing to tare things apart, I don't see what the problem is here, there's nothing wrong with this.
Just stop resisting it, if you resist that witch makes you feel more alive you will never be happy.


>stop resisting that witch.

I'd let Yuuka dominate me anytime.

File: 1318764775355.png (629.47 KB, 900x607, 43cb4e5c3bd2f0d39a960ddd8e….png)


Last week I had this dream about a nice little village. I walked through it peacefully until I realized something strange on my right arm. There was a couple of band aids UNDER my skin pressing against it from the inside so you could tell what it was… Then suddenly I heard a voice saying something like "there is a way to heal yourself" and then all of the sudden a giant black shadow like monster - the first time it was a dragon without eyes in the last dream I had it was a giant black shadow like dog without eyes - anayway these monsters did the same exactly thing. They opened their jaws and roared the shit out of me… but I stood still. Then the band aids got more and more and I thought OH MY GOD and after a while they disappeared completely. The monsters then closed their jaws and vanished into nothing. After that I woke up…. I wouldn't mind something like dreams and shit but man… this was intense AND I dreamed it twice in a week not once in a week…


This would be completely relevant if you were a heroin shooter.


File: 1319147843590.jpg (151.67 KB, 777x777, 214b048cffa277df36f08c9ed8….jpg)

how d' you know


>>174 Because I was THERE bro, I saw what went down.

File: 1316981724666.jpg (7.85 KB, 307x305, dreams.jpg)


I'm almost always having dreams were I'm multi colored, or eyes and boxes are surrounding me. Sometimes I'll have a dream were an event is happening and it'll be kinda happy, but then I'll see a box at the end and I wake up feeling scared. Does anyone know what these mean?


Boxes are restrictive, maybe you're afraid of what you interpret as limitations?


It means whatever it means to you.

If the box is a recurring theme, just get yourself into the habit of thinking "Oh, a box, am I dreaming?" each time you see one, then attempting to will it out of existence.


it means too much yume nikki


>>70 You do realize that whenever he/she goes to a shipping company that they're going to pull an inception and never believe they aren't dreaming now.

File: 1318647838729.png (81.96 KB, 659x572, frgtyu.png)


When I was a little girl around 7 to 9 years old I would lucid dream a lot. But still in all my dreams I guy whos face was always covered in shadow would grab my shoulders and yell "WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!" and I'd wake up. Slowly he got in my dreams more. When I was running from a monster he would grab my hand and fly me away from it. He wore a baseball cap backwards and his face was covered in bangs and a shadow. Anyone else have the same dude in his or her dreams multiple times? Also Thats how he looks. I was only a little girl so of coarse he looks strange.


yeah sure why not

File: 1318164810460.png (613.13 KB, 600x800, bae021218154f778fb7c49041e….png)


Last night I had a dream than I was madotsuki. I explored a very surreal world full of things in Yume Nikki and things my own mind made up, all of it very surreal. I don't remember anything specific before this point though. At one point I went into an elevator on the side of a featureless apartment, I came up to an office sort of place that had a couple of creatures I didn't recognize, Masada was there too. I went through an elevator on the other side of the room and wound up on a small planet with the drowning man from the area you get the witch effect from floating in space. I came back, told masada to record it. Then as I go to leave I suddenly spaz out and leave and enter the room over and over again. The planet changed each time, like I somehow new it would. Then all of the sudden I was outside at the apartment balcony again. Just as I walk to leave, I feel my stomach burst on the inside, I clutch my stomach (me still being madotsuki) and I feel my stomach get warm and bloated, almost like I was pregnant. Then I woke up. After I woke up the feeling was still there, my stomach has been feeling funny ever since.
Just thought I'd share that. Go have a field day with your theories on what it means.


stop playing yumi nikki before bed it gives you knightmares


It does :( But then again, using an electronic before sleeping usually gives people dreams anyways.


Stop playing Yume Nikki before bed. Play .flow before bed. It will give you happy happy dreams. Post results.




File: 1318647205426.jpg (110.01 KB, 466x669, masada was a rapist!.jpg)

I think Masada was her piano teacher and raped her…

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