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Dream On!
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I'm almost always having dreams were I'm multi colored, or eyes and boxes are surrounding me. Sometimes I'll have a dream were an event is happening and it'll be kinda happy, but then I'll see a box at the end and I wake up feeling scared. Does anyone know what these mean?


Boxes are restrictive, maybe you're afraid of what you interpret as limitations?


It means whatever it means to you.

If the box is a recurring theme, just get yourself into the habit of thinking "Oh, a box, am I dreaming?" each time you see one, then attempting to will it out of existence.


it means too much yume nikki


>>70 You do realize that whenever he/she goes to a shipping company that they're going to pull an inception and never believe they aren't dreaming now.

File: 1318647838729.png (81.96 KB, 659x572, frgtyu.png)


When I was a little girl around 7 to 9 years old I would lucid dream a lot. But still in all my dreams I guy whos face was always covered in shadow would grab my shoulders and yell "WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!" and I'd wake up. Slowly he got in my dreams more. When I was running from a monster he would grab my hand and fly me away from it. He wore a baseball cap backwards and his face was covered in bangs and a shadow. Anyone else have the same dude in his or her dreams multiple times? Also Thats how he looks. I was only a little girl so of coarse he looks strange.


yeah sure why not

File: 1318164810460.png (613.13 KB, 600x800, bae021218154f778fb7c49041e….png)


Last night I had a dream than I was madotsuki. I explored a very surreal world full of things in Yume Nikki and things my own mind made up, all of it very surreal. I don't remember anything specific before this point though. At one point I went into an elevator on the side of a featureless apartment, I came up to an office sort of place that had a couple of creatures I didn't recognize, Masada was there too. I went through an elevator on the other side of the room and wound up on a small planet with the drowning man from the area you get the witch effect from floating in space. I came back, told masada to record it. Then as I go to leave I suddenly spaz out and leave and enter the room over and over again. The planet changed each time, like I somehow new it would. Then all of the sudden I was outside at the apartment balcony again. Just as I walk to leave, I feel my stomach burst on the inside, I clutch my stomach (me still being madotsuki) and I feel my stomach get warm and bloated, almost like I was pregnant. Then I woke up. After I woke up the feeling was still there, my stomach has been feeling funny ever since.
Just thought I'd share that. Go have a field day with your theories on what it means.


stop playing yumi nikki before bed it gives you knightmares


It does :( But then again, using an electronic before sleeping usually gives people dreams anyways.


Stop playing Yume Nikki before bed. Play .flow before bed. It will give you happy happy dreams. Post results.




File: 1318647205426.jpg (110.01 KB, 466x669, masada was a rapist!.jpg)

I think Masada was her piano teacher and raped her…

File: 1317233394426.jpg (23.31 KB, 250x250, AAAAAs6-e0YAAAAAAOSLTQ.jpg)


Please excuse my bad writing, I just had to mention this since it had been
disturbing me for the past few weeks.

I had a nightmare that stigmata-like bruises appeared on my feet
and then my mom appeared with a giant nail and hammer. She started to hammer
the nail on to my feet and it created a large hole in the middle of my feet.
It was very deep that I could put my hand through it and touch the floor.
It was so revolting that I almost threw up, but I didn't feel any pain or bleed.

Later, my mom told me she found this wonderful group and that I should join.
It sounded like a cult so I told my mother that I wasn't interested. Then at night when
I was about to go to sleep, these people wearing hooded robes came into my room
and kidnapped me. They took me to a old, dilapidated building,I saw my mom waiting in the building.
They said that I needed to give birth and attempted to rape me. I tried to fight back, but they all held me down
and I started crying. My mom then started saying "Don't cry! This is going to help you"
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Don't ask us, if you believe that your dream has meaning, nobody but yourself can accurately interpret it. Any one thing that one person dreams about could mean something completely different to another person, because every individual has a unique perception of reality.


Maybe you should get to know your dad more.


Oh i know him well, he just decides to act like a total douche bag. But who knows, he could have another side to him that isn't verbally abusive,hehe.

I was just simple asking for other peoples' opinions. sheesh..don't get your panties in a bunch.


There are two ways you could see this.
1) You have an imagination that can grow from a simple image very fast.


2) There are actually ephemeral dream entities that can enter your dream and shape-shift into familiar people. These entities then absorb the conscious energy you emit when you attend to their dramas, for negative or positive energy emission.

The second option is out there, but is it really impossible?


stop joining cults before bed it gives you knightmares

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