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Dream On!
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This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.
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I keep having super vivid dreams about my nails breaking off at about the halfway part where they're stuck to my fingers. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't, but I'm always surprised to see they're in tact when I wake up. It freaks me out. Also it's usually through shaking someone's hand or touching someone else normally, but they just break off into a chipped mess, sometimes even bleeding.


File: 1494020368273.jpg (202.52 KB, 427x500, 4de4df263e1b5bf6863097ed80….jpg)

I had a dream when I was in an art exhibition. The floor, roof and walls were all white. Every artwork was on the top or a stair. I climbed one and there was an old man who told me Here's a painting of Monet in is last year of life, but the artwork looked like a cubist painting except it was all white and black.

Guess this is normal considering I saw a Chagall exhibition and restarted playing .flow the last week.


crazy nuts


I've got a few short ones from a while ago.

>go on youtube and see a video that i think is degenerate in some way

>comment "hitler was right" and somebody replies in a joking manner
>type a reply as i say it out loud
>no, really! hitler was right! hitler was right!
>think about how fucked up things are and start sobbing while i just repeat "hitler was right" over and over

>argue about politics with an ugly as fuck tranny or crossdresser or whatever with a shitton of makeup on

>bitbull with gigantic droopy balls the size of pillows walks in
>while we're still talking tranny gets on the ground and tries to get the dog to fuck him
>i pay no mind to this but i stare at the balls and wonder how they could possibly be that big

>be in a courtroom or bank or some kind of office

>there's this kike standing there with a fancy suite on and he looks smug as fuck
>he's jewed me in some way and i'm fucking pissed
>start ranting and raving at him about how he's a worthless kike, he deserves six gorillion gas chambers, the holohoax should have happened, anything i could think of that might trigger an adf tier jew
>people walking and working nearby but i don't care
>he just stands there with that smug look on his face and doesn't care how much i verbally abuse him
>get worried that he might be planning something and wake up

I also had a dream that Trump got assassinated, but I don't remember much. Basically everyone was really depressed about it and didn't want to admint they saw it coming.


File: 1497138696376.jpg (295.09 KB, 245x230, 3a7780d1d4ef2ecf26c210cc29….jpg)

I once dreamed that my PC came alive and read my browsing history to my family.

I cried even when I woke up.


I dreamt I was Elliot Rodger's girlfriend…?


File: 1499134925907.jpg (76.47 KB, 634x564, bernd.jpg)

You were given the honor of being the girlfriend of the supreme gentleman.


File: 1499892088099.png (169.51 KB, 382x434, Screenshot from 2017-02-11….png)

I had a dream that I went to the supermarket with my sister. Later, I slid across the supermarket floor on my belly, propelling myself by pushing against the floor with milk bottles.



File: 1506001300745.gif (84.02 KB, 253x230, tumblr_ogr1w5wkeq1snwujro1….gif)

In the last 10 days I've had 5 similar dreams. The story and setting was wildly different for all of them, but in every one of them I was about to have sex with someone, then suddenly the person loses interest before we engage in anything and instead I watch them have sex with someone else. I am so tired of these dreams. Just let me have a good ending for once. I'm literally getting cucked in all of my dreams now. An even worse part is that in 3 out of 5 dreams the person looked exactly like my boyfriend but I was aware it wasn't him. In the other two they were characters from visual novels I've played recently.


File: 1513082265893-0.jpg (80.52 KB, 662x900, lobby.jpg)

I had a dream recently, which started like a documentary, with the stereoptypical background voice talking about the "marvelous Thailand", which apparently looked like Singapore, had Japanese Empire Army flags all over the place, and people were speaking chinese or vietnamese, couldn't tell. I then started walking down the stone-paved road in some narrow alleyway, brightly lit by sunlight, bordered by tall buildings on each side, with all sorts of shops open.

Weird thing is: there were customers (who were speaking that chinese/viet gibberish), attentively checking what was on the shelves and talking to each other, but there were no cashiers or shop owners. The moment I turned away to look at these shops, and then looked straight ahead again, there was no alleyway. Ahead of me were railroad tracks, extending through some plain with yellow-ish grass, an old train carriage on the tracks, even more grass on the left, some soviet-style utility building made of white bricks, with an ornament made of red bricks on the right, along with some cheap pedestrian road that's just asphalt poured on the dirt. I decided to go right and follow the asphalted road, and when I turned right, I saw a large train station, that also was oddly reminiscent of soviet architecture. Its perimeter was barriered off by a rather tall fence, plated with grey-coloured metal plates, the air around which was extremely hot, as it slightly quivered, like when you open a window at winter. A strong, loud electric hum could also be heard, which made me think that the fence must had been electrified. I looked at the station again, made sure there was no possible entrance, and turned back to where I was.

At the place of the alleyway was another train car, with its door open. I entered it. It was dimly lit, with half-transparent windows covered in dirt being the only light source, and the light didn't seem to really illuminate anything, it's like all the particles were immediately absorbed by the pitch-black surroundings, making it so that window was simply a white-ish square patch in almost complete darkness. The air was also quite stuffy, making it hard to breathe. I opened the door that was in front of me, leaving the small pre-entrance lobby of a train car, only to find another one exactly like this one behind the door. I went through the doorway, and opened another door, and then another one, lots of different doors, until I noticed that the rooms were getting progressively smaller. In one of such rooms, I found a device that resembled a segway or a gyroscooter, except it was made of ribbed metal panels, and had a pedal which you had to press on with your leg for it to move forward. Once I did that, a Call of Duty indicator that pops out when there's a grenade nearby appears in my vision, and I rapidly start stepping on the pedal, blasting through one room after another, simply clipping through doors and walls, while there's shooting and explosions happening behind me. Once I arrived to the smallest carriage possible, I got off and started crawling through the vent-like doorway. I pushed against a wall, and could finally see some light. I got out, except there was no train behind me, just a wall - I landed onto some crates filled with oranges.

I got down from these, and took a look around - I was in some U-shaped open pavillion, which arched around the railroad tracks, serving as an end-destination or a roadblock. I stealthily creeped around other crates, until my position was perpendicular to the tracks. This was when I decided to peek out and see what was on them. On these tracks stood a traincar, blocking all the space between the two ends of the U-shaped pavilion, making this area look like an O, with a table in front of it, covered with food. At the table sat people in military uniforms and some more or less famous political leaders and dictators of XX century like Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara, Mao, Pinochet, Hitler and others, reenacting the Last Supper scene. For some reason I found a grenade in my hand, and tossed it right into the feast, taking cover behind a crate. Once it had exploded, I looked out to find that all the people turned into stone busts, now scattered around the area by explosion.

This was when I woke up.


I had a dream I hired a really really cute maid to do my housekeeping once or twice a week. One morning she offered to do breakfast as well since she noticed I didn't eat any. While she told me about price, we stared into each other's eyes and was about to tell me "you know what, you're kind of cute". She didn't manage to finish the sentence as I tried to kiss her, but she moved her head away.

Not sure if we fucked or if I forced myself into her afterwards. Damn.


The city is Fallout, still relatively intact. darkness around every corner, elite holed up in towers.

i'm at a black tie party at a big screen movie theater. i'm bored and hot and take off my blazer. PT is by my side and we're on our way get drinks.

run into E on our way to the bar, she's wearing an understated vintage dress. we make meaningful eye contact and in that moment i'm just as much of a fool for her as i was those sad springs. awkard looks are exchanged and we go our separate ways.

"who's that?"

"E, my ex, I told you about her a while back?"

"oh okay."

drinks are drunk. at some point PT peels off to do his own thing. i drain my glass and feel compelled to go to the backroom for some reason…

and there's PT, his fists dripping white conductive fluid. he's beaten E half to death - her scrawny synth body contorts and twitches on the floor in a pool of oil and mechanical detritus. their heads both turn my way, eyes both red. E holds my gaze plaintively, like she's begging for me to undo this; PT gazes at me with pride and affection, like a good dog might gaze at its master. they open their mouths to speak…

a sense of impending evil washes over me. I run! run! RUN! back through the party, knocking over waiters with trays of snacks. parking lot reached. car hijacked. I am suddenly a passable (if reckless) driver and hightail it back to the apartment. the driveway seems empty but I blink and E's body is there…

her frailness wrapped in the remnants of a power armor frame. her head cocks to the side, crying oily black tears at me.

I scream and wake up.


I think of myself as someone who's totally not spiritual, very sceptical of the supernatural, so it feels dumb to ask but… has anyone tried dream-related tricks? I suppose I'm asking for actual magic. Like has anyone tried contacting someone else through dreams? How did it turn out? Have you attempted to use dreams for any other effect in real life? Asking because I have a friend who has nothing but mundane dreams about real life or 'in underwear in public' scenarios that make them feel anxious/self-conscious, but mine are basically an isekai fan's wet dream/god-mode sandbox and I want this to rub off on them. I tried to arrange us to go to sleep at the same time and we would try to 'call' each other but our NEET body clocks are never synched.
I suppose it's not possible otherwise it would be a known phenomenon in human history.


File: 1521802537511.png (182.88 KB, 386x406, 1452224530268.png)

I keep having dreams that involve me being forced back into school. Typically it's because my hick school's diploma doesn't count anymore (I graduated high school 7 years ago) and my whole class needs to go back for some classes and tests to get a real diploma. Every time I have this dream it involves me walking out and going home because I'm to dumb to pass any of the tests with me telling myself "I'm already a loser working fast food, not like a real diploma would change anything"

I've been having dreams like this almost every week for the past 1-2 years.


i have about 93 dreams written down and none of them are as cute as this


File: 1522692152691.png (10.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I had a dream where many things happened, but this one part is the one I recall the most, because of how odd it was.
I was in the hall of the elementary school I assisted when I was a kid. There was an ex-classmate of my highschool years there, playing Vaka Vanha Väinämöinen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JRaBoiN0_A ) on a very odd version of a 7? stringed kantele; but although it looked extremely homemade, the weird thing was that it wasn't a traditional kantele, because the chords crossed and overlapped in a very odd mess of steel. It looked more like a piece of wood with a branch in the middle from where all the chords parted and crossed on the corners of the wooden plank (I tried drawing it, excuse me for my poor skills). And even so, it sounded as magical as a real one.
She asked me if I wanted to play, and I naturally knew, though with some doubt, which chord played which note. I played the very basic melody of Väinämöinen first, and then started again but adding the harmonics as well. I remember she looked surprised and I commented the song was about 2000 years old.

I remember every single movement I executed with my fingers and the note placement was coherent. Hell, I was even able to play with the chords in the corners (which added high-tone harmonics). The sensation was similar, if not the same, of that I have when I play guitar or any other plucked string instrument. And it was so vivid that, if I had the very same instrument on my hands right now, I could play the melody again.


File: 1527692339310.png (785.71 KB, 743x422, Son of dracula 2.PNG)

Had a dream last night about finding an album that didn't exist on a highway at night I used to frequently visit, here's a recreation of the artwork by me or the best I could do. It was a sequel to the James Ferraro album "Son of Dracula" the squeal in the dream was very minimal with lots of goopey slime sounds & robotic female voices drilling in & out, okay all I got to say dream log over *signing out*



I also love James Ferraro, albeit his later works (FSV and later)


i had a dream about being in some temple (probably) and hanging out with some people(edited)
dont really remember what we were talking about
but suddenly
one of them says
its time for you to go home
5 seconds later
i wake up


Tonight, I had a violent dream.
I was in our house together with mom and dad. Dad hurt mom for some reason, really badly, and I grabbed a rock and slammed it on his head.
I tried to kill him, but all he did was laughing. As I was smashing the rock against his head with all my force, all he said was "you can't kill me, you're powerless". Then, he grabbed my neck and snapped it.

That being said, my father is long dead, mom was raising me alone. I guess I wanted a redemption, as mom was giving all her time and love to him, not me, until I turned 16. I'm 25 now, still craving for love she doesn't want to give me because I'm too old now.

I don't like the dreams that reflect my own mental state. They're too dark.


File: 1540311135498.jpg (2.3 MB, 1944x2592, Statue_of_Xochipilli_(From….jpg)

I woke up from this dream maybe 25 minutes ago.

I remember that it was a survival "game" involving a huge amount of people. One part I feel had a largely or entirely black segment of players riding a bus when all of a sudden the front of it caught fire and everyone had to escape. People were screaming and crying as the bus was going up in flames; I think even babies were somehow part of this twisted competition. There was a vague knowledge that it hadn't started out this dangerous, that to have gotten to this point you had to have come very far. I would say were in the burning bus you were about half way through the game.

The most vivid part was that the rest of us left by this point were in a massive, bright gym-like room with a huge "tower" for lack of better words in the middle that I think we had been living and sleeping in for some time. I (or whoever I was looking through; perspective changes rapidly in dreams) had come out from one part, using stairs to get around the area. I THINK there was still an option to quit the game entirely for the earlier part of this "challenge". I'm not sure what we were supposed to do exactly, I think maybe it was a scavenger hunt to survive. I believe the answer turned out to be some plant or key that unlocked something.

The thing I do remember is that there had at one point been something of a forest or at least a number of trees around. By this round a cult had formed among the survivors and they chopped down all the trees at least partly out of desperation to find the answer. They worshipped evil looking grey stone statues outside the locked door inside to the temple.

By the time we had found whatever needed to be found I "knew" that they had condemned the Earth to die to global warming and/or mass suffocation through chopping the trees down. I felt guilty for even being a human after that, wishing we had searched a bit harder and wished that I had left the round as maybe this would have canceled out the effect somehow, as I had vowed to stay with the game until the end. The ceiling and parts of the walls began flaking and dropping off which made everyone scramble towards the tower. I think a number of people near the top of it were impaled on steel spike death traps some point in the game. We all entered the tower, which had transformed into a massive pyramidal Mesoamerican temple.

It was very dim in comparison to the outside, and may have been one of those "larger on the inside" deals. The doors had locked behind us. There was ominous chanting coming from all around us, but I knew it was coming ultimately from the four dark stone statues inside the pyramid, just a few feet away. They were the creators of all this - Mesoamerican gods, the true rulers of the universe. I looked up at the beige stone ceiling and knew that it was rigged to fall down and crush us and felt we had too little time to find anything before it did. The gods cruelly continued to chant. They wanted sport out of our deaths.


File: 1542849890569.jpg (172.38 KB, 850x519, __haru_original_drawn_by_r….jpg)

I just had a nightmare while taking a nap.

I was back in high school and riding this massive bus. On our route was an elderly woman who kept walking onto the road in front of her house because her mind wasn't quite all there. We kept almost hitting her on multiple occasions. In school I was much more vocal and honest than I remember being back then. I was having in depth conversations about my my issue with forming new relationships. One girl lectures me on being more open or some of the usual thing you hear. After she finishes another boy plainly tells me i'm just an asshole. "How, what do I do to anyone"? "You use avoidant energy to keep people away". This explanation is convincing to me.

I'm back on the bus and talking to the boy, the sun is setting. A lot of what he says seems to make sense. We get to the woman's house and see her walking towards us. We scream. This time the brakes don't stop on time and we collide.

Her body instantly collapses into a flurry of red paste and gore spreading everywhere. We were all mortified and unsure of whether to keep going or call the cops. We do the later and a cleanup team show up. They use these hoses to propel the guts and blood way off the road. They put some hoses in the bus too as a protocol and I figured it's for if someone got blood on them. I use it for some reason. We drive past the remains and I see the faint outline of a skeleton in the mess. The strongest feeling was of the visceral disgust at the body and how callous everyone and myself seemed to become instantly. I thought this would be the end of our drive, but we just kept going. I think music was playing and when the driver asked us if we to turn it down, we unanimously declined. The music helped. We got on a highway and just went on and on. The driver was determined to finish the route as fast as possible and a police car started chasing us. Five cars fall from an overpass and collide on top of each other. The bus circles around the crash and moves onward. I feel like there's some kind of bad luck bent on killing me before I get home.

I then see a younger boy and an older girl in a room with a shaky ceiling fan. I got the sense that there some kind of, "world project meltdown", where technology and scientific experiments suddenly malfunction or explode in a way that kills people. The girl and boy are spinning around and dancing. The chord of the fan somehow gets wrapped around her neck and tightens around as the fan spins. The boy doesn't know what's going on and sees her turn purple. He tries to spin her in the opposite direction, but he's too light and weak, so he just starts to spin in the same direction as the fanin imitation. I think I heard her pleading.


Had some edgy dream where I'm in post apocalyptic world infested by some monstrous mutants or something… don't remember what those creatures really were, but the interesting part is that for some reason they were all in severe physical pain from the very birth, so it was like some object of worship to them.
When they captured me I got my limbs torn off and then they would fry me on a big frying pan in volcano.
You could say I got culturally enriched.


I started a dream journal a couple of months ago to take drawing/writing ideas but when i wake up it's always an erculean task to write down with an understandable handwriting what i remember about the dream.
The last things i wrote on it are "Fat chimpanzee wearing a puffy white shirt and a flat wooden mask of a horned ram demon" and "Turkish Aliens. Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptian but with spaceships". While i have no damn clue what the latter is referring to, i vaguely remember the shape of the primate.
Maybe i'll draw him someday.


File: 1550622505434.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080, 1516026052837.png)

I started a dream diary when I was around 12 and never completely stopped (excepted to some occasions, I'm 23 now) and the more I worked on my diaries, the clearer and longer my dreams became (I had dreams that lasted days (in one night of course)). Not too long ago, I dreamt I was someone completely different in a strange port city where everything was kinda bluish (like sunlight underwater in a pool on a clear day) everyone acted kinda normal, but there was floating,glowing particles all around the city which made it quite awesome-looking. I tried interracting with people who seemed to know me but everyone acted kinda too weird so my taste so I just stuck to exploring instead. I saw very strange fish like creatures flying around that were kinda scary but didn't seem to be hostile. I went back to my "home" and saw that I lived in a rad penthouse with an amazing view. The colors were so trippy I wish real life looked like that. Anyway this place looked so fucking cool I wish I could just decide to dream about this place again. It's cool to have a dream where you just explore since more than half of my dreams are more like stories unraveling that I take part of.


One of the few dreams I've remembered was one where I was in some mechanic's garage. I had no idea how I got there other than that I had been kidnapped and was being kept there for labor. A lanky old man, the boss, came in and gave me this evil smile as he asked what I was doing. I told him I was going to run away back home. His gaze turned somewhere behind me, distant, and he flatly said "It'll take you 'till the evening noon." Then he pinned me to the floor and started tickling me so hard it hurt. I just repeated "I won't go. I won't go," over and over hoping he'd stop. After a few seconds something clicked in the back of my mind that this had to be a dream but I couldn't wake up. It took me a little while longer before I managed to force myself awake.


i noticed i have a lot of dreams where i kill someone out of distrust by implailing them in the neck
the most recent one was just random dude who seemed friendly in a world like rust i also remember them being cute


File: 1557980047812.png (31.49 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I remember having this one dream where there's an ad for chocolate pudding, and John lennon was in the ad as well. Even though the year was 2045 that the ad takes place in. Yeah, it's plain odd.
(Doodle unrelated)


I had a dream where me and my mom were looking for apartments and one of them struck my interest so we go down to the landlord and I touch a knick knack on the counter and a policewoman comes out of nowhere and handcuffs me from the front. She takes me to a police station (that really fucking big, like 20 stories) and on the way to the 15th floor I see two friends of mine who are trying to get a marriage certificate (the boy had a tuxedo and the girl had a dress on). After that I started screaming that she’s not a real cop (she wasn’t) and that I don’t want to die and she’s an assassin and all that then she holds me up above a ledge and said “do you want to die here?” I sweep her leg and stomp her head in. “No but you will”
After saying that I immediately get shot in the head by two cops.


That sounds awesome. Maybe not the best way to go bt still badass


had a dream where I shot my girlfriend in the face on the street. there were people surrounding us standing. after I shot here the ppl didn't react at all. I dropped the gun and ran down the street, dunno what happened then


I've always been into online-webseries and ARG-like stuff, this came to me after brushing up on some of that and reading the last chapters of Exodus.

The series focused on the antics of some animals. It was done a lot like a puppet show with stuffed animals being the puppets aside from the worm character, where a real worm was used for him. It was episodic, each episode covering the general shenanigans the animals get into in their daily lives, things getting strange near the end, and then ultimately resolving and continuing to the next episode like nothing ever happened. There were a few reoccurring elements, the big one being a pile of human bones in one of the settings.

About halfway through the series their would be the classic, "character spends the day raising a child" episode. The child was a large black egg. When things get strange, the egg is seemingly cloned out of no where by another character, a mix up occurs, and the characters can't figure out which one is the original egg and which is the fake. Without knowing which, they choose one egg and smash the other.

A few episode later, an episode would start by focusing on the human bones and then proceed into a flashback. The bones were the bones of an ancient Israelite. We first see the man as God makes his covenant with Moses and the Hebrews and then, several thousand years later, god speaking to this nameless man telling him that humanity is no longer the beings he wishes to make a covenant with and tells the man he will end mankind and find a new chosen people. The episode ends with a serene shot of the black egg by the human bones as the voice of the Hebrew man wonders about the fate of the world in the future.

The next, and last episode in my dream, things get serious much quicker in the episode. While the series has mostly been innocent with hints of dark in each episode, a character reveals that they knew about God's plan to create a new chosen people. This character purposefully copied the black egg, revealed to be the seed for God's chosen people, and replaced the original with it. By doing this, the characters would have some way of influencing the next chosen people.

Weird dream for sure. I've always wanted to make a webseries/ARG of my own, but I think this stuff is a little to out there for me to use.


File: 1592780711369.jpg (48.39 KB, 840x472, download.jpg)

Had a dream today about there being insects of all variety randomly generating on my skin or around me, some were insects that weren't real, ones I can specifically remember are brown sand grain size spiders with only heads and four legs, as well as pea sized ladybugs with "mecha-like" arm attachments being created and crawling out from between my toes of all places.

Sometimes they would generate under my feet as I walked and shatter like plastic when I unintentionally stepped on them.


last night i had a dream there was a live action yume nikki movie and it was weirder than game, but it was also quite funny


I keep dreaming that I'm back in highschool and there are people who clip through the floor and keep trying to pull me down. Sometimes they succeed and pull me into a dusty concrete basement.


I've been playing some fgs and they probably influenced my dream.
There is a dark, pitch black place with a few black benches with a white outline. When you sit on a bench for a few minutes, you get transported to a dream world (every person has their own dream world). There is also a bench in a corner where you can sit with other people and enter a shared dream world. I sit there with two friends. We arrive at a hallway with multiple doors. The first door leads to an empty shop. We take some things and leave. Another door leads to a room with giant toys on a white background. They are all copies of the same toy in a row and they are moving to the left in a loop. The last room we visit is a bedroom, it is very ugly with clashing colors, beige and bright colors, the window is open. After this we return to the real world and the dream ends.


File: 1641459768854.png (178.51 KB, 640x320, Untitlafaed.png)

I typed this up years ago but recently remembered it. Found myself walking through my hometown a short while ago and it strangely felt a lot like that dream, like almost deja vu. The crazy thing is that I found a house that looked almost exactly like the one I had described in the dream, down to the pillars out front and big window. I've never been in that part of town so there's no way I had seen it before and then dreamed about it. I don't know if I'll investigate it any further since I already felt weird thinking I should snap a pic of it, but it'd be funny if some old childhood friend was living there. It was a nice little bit of nostalgia on a cold day. Happy New Years and keep dreaming.


Is this thread still a thing? Or has it decayed into the dream world?

Around a year ago, I began writing my dreams down in realtively detailed notes. It gave me some sort of surreal perspective on my life, that became was much needed at the time. (Self therapy, yay!).

Suddenly I stopped writing my dreams down, and it became increasingly difficult to remember them, as time passed.

But it didn't end there, and now, just recently, I'm beginning to remember my dreams again, and I'll do my best to write them down.

Maybe I'll share some of them here, into the abyss.


File: 1652311900501.png (36.21 KB, 291x252, 2854_8e8a0e77760e173f.png)

I'll read what you have to share.

I find it odd the board dedicated to dreaming on a site dedicated to a video game about dreaming is one of the most silent ones there. The whole place is silent right now but /yume/ moreso.


Basically, I’m standing on a long, infinite pillar. Everywhere is dark. Also, Komi is in front of me for whatever reason. This dream has literally no meaning.


I like posting dreams as greentext because it aligns well with the way I write my dream diary.
>Browsing osint sites, see slavefinder.com
>Remember an old ubuu /x/ thread where we were trying to track down a japanese girl called Kuroki Noeki who was probably sold into slavery
>It was a long thread but the case ran cold and it hadn't been posted in for years
>Ask a private investigator to help me use the the slavefinder website to track her down
>He needs info, I have a fluffy hello kitty style traumacore plushie with info like her name and some sort of 3 letter code written on it (737), the slavefinder form required you circle one of several 3 letter numbers and one of them was 737
>This isn't very much info, go to pull up the ubuu thread on his computer for him
>It's not there
>Searching the catalog for her name has just one thread (deleted but accessible) with only 1 reply ("rip" or something). Thread image is a crop of her getting fucked by a fat japanese man, has the title "NOEKI IS A GAY PORN GROUP 💀"
>Remember there was investigations on reddit too because there was a long reddit thread screencap in the ubuu thread, go to look for it
>Every search result for kuroki noeki is that image
>Get an absolutely horrible feeling in my heart, noeki was never a real person, the story was fabricated from jav screenshots and no one was able to find out because of the language barrier to the japanese internet
I realise now I'm awake that human trafficking for porn is a thing that happens. I want to go back to that same dreamworld and save her.


File: 1663835954197.png (118.45 KB, 202x298, Screenshot_11.png)

so i have recurring dreams of being trapped in mmo worlds that converge in some way with real life, (you lose you die in real life kind of deal) and usually nothing really eventful comes from them, but the other week i had this really awful dream where i was banished to the ends of the game world for being indirectly responsible for the "cutemolds" incident, which i have no memory of what even happened, just the name and the fact that it caused horrible inhumane things to happen. i could also only remember the overwhelming guilt as a result of creating cutemolds and i think by the end of the dream i was going to kill myself. pretty cool dream though


File: 1664041225389.jpg (740.91 KB, 2048x2778, f43a9dc6151347b81daca13690….jpg)

I had a pretty strange dream a few months ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the details and the only place I wrote it into after experiencing died.
Before I get into it, I want to explain something about myself. My entire life I've had a very special and deep relationship with the concept of anime girls. I discovered them at a very young age, used them to cope with horrible living conditions, I've "fallen in love" with specific anime girls several times in my life before, both tried to kill myself and stopped myself from suicide because of them, and I spent the ages 9-12 doing nothing but fantasizing about them. I had no friends, did not even talk to others and only communicated by nodding and shaking my head. I spent about 18-20 hours every day doing nothing but fantasizing about anime girls and how my relationship with them would be thoroughout those years.

In my dream I was in my old house from a few years ago, for some reason the layout of my bedroom was how it was right when I had first moved in, not how I had left it when I moved out. I was talking with a friend on IRC about cute anime girls for some reason, after some quality discussion he logged off and then I closed my computer and sat down on my bed. I looked outside through the window and saw that there was no sky or scenery, just endless void and a single big white moon right in the middle of it. I don't think anything existed in that world other than my house(or maybe just my room?) and that moon far out there. I was slightly unnerved by the sight, but I ignored it and tried to go to sleep. Right when I was about to fall asleep, my phone suddenly started ringing.(it might have been a flip phone?) I was annoyed, and ignored it for a while until I saw that the caller wouldn't give it up, so I reached out for my phone, the caller had some sort of stereotypical anime girl name. (the name wasn't really "clear", like it could just change at will or something, I think my brain may have intentionally made it that way) I refused the call and shut my phone off, then laid in bed again. Immediately after having done so, the call continued despite my closing the phone. And then somehow I started receiving two calls at the same time, from two different people with anime girl names. Then three, then five, then ten, then dozens and it kept up until it reached the hundreds and then thousands. Somehow I knew they were all anime girls, or at least that's what they probably were. The more they increased the higher the pressure on "reality" was, and I could feel their anger at me not picking up the phone. After the number of the anime girls calling me reached the hundreds the scenery outside of the window started changing, I think it all slowly became red and there was a constantly increasing number of eyes(their eyes) looking straight down at me from outside the window, trying to pressure me into answering, and also demanding the reason for why I have not already done so. I was naturally freaking the fuck right out, I just hid under the blankets while the sound of the calls gets louder and louder and their gazes and anger intensify in unison. I was trembling full force under the blankets, and I shouted 「something」out to 「someone」outside of my bedroom, but inside the house, hoping for some sort of affirmation and safety. I got an answer, and it was just what I wanted to hear, but there was something discreetly off about the voice and it filled me with fear. I woke up immediately afterwards.

An interesting thing here is that in my entire life this was the first time I had ever shown an expression of fear in a dream before. There were plenty of times that I was scared in a dream, and times where I jumped out of bed and looked around my room furiously, but I had never done something expressing fear in a dream before. Not even in that dream I had where I was covered in hundreds of spiders small and large, up to 10 times my size in fact, had I shown any signs of fear, despite feeling it. I have severe arachnophobia and I even jumped straight out of bed after that dream. Even now, about half a year after this dream, I have not shown any expressions of fear in a dream other than in this particular one. I'm thinking that it might have been because of all of my guilt regarding this particular subject, but honestly who really knows? I'd need to have more dreams about this to really understand what was so special about it.


had a short dream of a multiplayer Minecraft server where I upped all the diamond spawn rates and the worlds were generated like a floating island, don't remember too much of it though but you kept your items on death.


File: 1681231423544.gif (187.21 KB, 1024x800, fat2.gif)


Once or twice a week, I dream of a recurring location, a large two storey house with a mirrored structure.
One particular room in this house has a small area, usually a very cramped bedroom. If you lie in the bed at specific times, a secret entrance opens into a futuristic bath, where a young ghost girl csn speak to you. She is so kind, but her exact words always fade upon awakening.
NPCs in the dream will desperately try to keep me away from the room that leads to her. They do not acknowledge her existence, but are very unsubtle in trying to keep us apart.
In every dream where I succeed in befriending the ghost girl, the other dream NPCs will immediately despise me, as if I had done something unspeakably vile.


I keep dreaming about nothing? Or i don't dream at all. It is just black and a horrible feeling sometimes and i wake up.
I also used to get harassed by a giant spider that was upclose and it scared me a ton to the point i wake up and try to throw off the spider away from me and my bed. I screamed once i think.
I do rarely have a dream where i meet and hang out with an old friend from a past memory but it always ends horribly and i feel horrible, we end up fighting or something or they say something mean.
I did have a really rare "nice" Dream though i think i had tears when i woke up anyway it was like instead of fighting with a friend or being attacked by a giant spider and waking up, it was like an old memory but instead of being insulted they said they understood the pain i went through and that just existing in general is really tough for me, i think i even got hugged.
if this doesn't go here i am sorry i am new.


File: 1693551101357.jpg (26.99 KB, 680x510, Fs7MKjaaAAQ0sOu.jpg)

I was in the changing room before PE class with my other class mates, girls and boys. We were just sitting around for a while with two of the teachers and vaped out of long straws and hoses.

Since we can't change together, the guys had to go to the next room this time. On previous occasions it seems to have been the other way around. I searched for my shoes, but couldn't find them in the chaos that ensued. We changed in our sports clothes and I just kept my sneakers on.

After everyone was already gone, Osaka came over from the other room. She proposed, that we should skip classes and do some sort of ritual instead. I was down for it, but then I woke up.


File: 1707097865100.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1280, 1538032807179.png)

I had a dream two nights ago that I was running up this street back to my house. I was deathly afraid of something that was chasing me, but every time I turned around there was nothing there. Then I finally reached the street my home is on, I looked up the road, and everything was supremely dark except for the line of streetlights burning like orange stars and slightly illuminating the darkness, and I felt numb but at peace. It looked kind of like this picture, except everything was much darker.

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