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Neet\hikikomori use drugs?


File: 1344548597183.jpg (48.72 KB, 500x362, 33187.jpg)


Just cause Satou from nhk used them doesn't mean everyone does


the neet/hikikomoris who say they use drugs are too anti-social to even go to a drug dealer and get some stuff


I do when I can afford it/am not looking for work/dealers actually have stuff

just bud, shrooms, and (once in a very long while) acid… though one day I want to try mescaline and maybe dmt

my dealers are generous with weed but they never have psychedelics, and I hate hanging around talking with some dick in a trailer after buying


Then you're not a hikkikomori


Most people wouldn't even know Satou used them unless they'd read the manga, which most people haven't.

Anyway, yes, I have used drugs and gladly do so with each opportunity. There was a time I abused my trust fund to buy acid, shrooms, weed and whatever else came along. Opiates are pretty nice. High-grade salvia is particularly insane.

>inb4 someone comes along foaming at the mouth with their horrendous social stigma surrounding recreational drug use


Doesn't he take drugs in the first episode of the anime?


He starts hallucinating, so it's implied, but besides smoking and alcohol consumption he isn't shown to abuse other substances.


>phlebian tier uboachanners not getting mail order drugs off the deepnet


File: 1344614461998.gif (313.78 KB, 248x200, 1340242289670.gif)

I'm open to drug use but I'm not nearly in the right situation to responsibly use drugs right now.

They'd probably speed up the downward spiral as-well as sucking up money I don't have.


Why would you guys need to find a drug dealer or go outside?

You can order seeds off the internet and grow weed in an empty PC case if you really wanted to. Mushrooms spores are legal and you can purchase those off the internet and grow them in a plastic container, that's even easier than weed. Mescaline can be made from san pedro cacti which are legal, can purchase them right off amazon. If you want opiates then you can grow poppies and make poppy tea.

Not to mention you can just order any other drug that you would want off silkroad. There's really no need to even go outside anymore if you want drugs.


/n/ turned from a bunch of kiddos eating ramen and talking about social anxiety to druggies. what the fuck.


I whole-heartedly support this change.



o sry


buying local is cheaper when you can


That would involve getting drugs mailed to you and using up lots of electricity for the lightbulbs which the authorities are bound to pick up on



>using up lots of electricity for the lightbulbs

That only really applies to weed. Don't need lights for mushrooms and you can just put the cactus on your porch or next to a large window since it's legal to grow those.


Too lazy to GOogle, but growing mushrooms seem spretty hard considering they grow from microscopic pores and who would go through the trouble to collecting spores anyway



You just order the spores from the internet, the spores are legal and they come inside of syringes.


It's real simple stuff. Just need a couple jars, a plastic container, some brown rice flour, and some vermiculite. Can pick up all of that stuff at walmart in the gardening section and the syringe is like 10 dollars off the internet.


File: 1344889482465.jpg (9.92 KB, 250x250, cos.jpg)

Drugs are bad. Alcohol is where the pain relief is at.


2ci, vodka, salvia, gin, ecstasy… fuck it. Whatever's handy, you know?


Right, because it's totally practical to go to 711 and pick up some salvia and ecstasy.

Confirmed for not hikikomori.


>does drugs
>not hikikomori
>"Neet\hikikomori use drugs?"

I don't know where you learned to read, but wherever it was you'd better fuck off back there pronto.



He's not hikki, just a waste of space



why did you post that

fuck, why did you even save it



Google ishygddt


But those words mean the same things.



They don't. I was trying to use my words but caved in and used wikipedia definitions

Hikikomori (ひきこもり or 引き籠もり Hikikomori?, literally "pulling inward, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal") is a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents or young adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. The term hikikomori refers to both the sociological phenomenon in general as well as to people belonging to this societal group.


NEET is a government acronym for people currently "not in education, employment, or training". It was first used in the United Kingdom but its use has spread to other countries, including Japan, China, and South Korea


Keep wearing your "hikikomori" status as a badge of honour, kid~


File: 1344936943256.gif (468.07 KB, 256x152, 1277545166534.gif)


>the joke




>your head

drugs are awesome, the end


File: 1344949916381.png (133.45 KB, 361x358, butthurt.png)


You seem to be confusing me for Kaede. Sorry but I'm neither a hikki nor a NEET. Also pic related


Then you have the worst sense of humour in existence


>implying recreational drug users are a "waste of space"
>implying you're not afraid of the big bad drugs




"Neet\hikikomori use drugs?"
>Not hikki
>Implying NEET
>Implying "not in education, employment, or training"
>Implying you're not a waste of space
>Implying you complain about another's reading skills while being unable to read


>"big bad drugs"



>trolls /n/
>thinks he's such a badass

You're such a badass XD



>implying you're /n/

>implying I'm a troll/threw the first stone
>implying you weren't the one who flaunted his use of "big bad drugs"

No man you're way more badass. Ecstasy so hardcore


>implying you're not in a drug thread

You're too sick for me brah, I can't compete!



And yet no one else felt the need to talk about it like it makes them cool. I wonder what led you to do that


>implying you're not in a drug thread



>implying you're in a "look at me I do drugs ain't I cool" thread


>feels so insecure he thinks everyone else is always trying to look cool

dood rly?



No one else is trying to look cool. Contrary to what you might think you're not everyone


Do you still think I tried to "look cool" by naming a few drugs in response to Kaede preferring alcohol instead (which was mere sarcasm, I assure you)? I honestly don't know why you were so offended by that, man. Did you have a problem with the "cool kids" picking on you for being a geek or something?

Not that I'm picking on you. It was a joke. Lighten up, okay?

And anyway, I inb4'd people like you in >>2122, 'cause I knew some kid would eventually start raging over this thread.

But you can keep replying if you want. I'm having fun :3



It's actually the other way around. You thought I was picking on you for using recreational drugs, which I wasn't, and you still don't seem to have realized that

At the same time you played your "big bad drugs" card, as if any of those were even remotely like hardcore drugs

So really, take a look in the mirror before throwing those accusations. You seem to be a much better fit than I


>implying i implied they were hardcore drugs



>implying you weren't

Care to tell me what's so big and bad about them then? Because I don't think you threw it out there just to look stupid


>knows all about looking stupid


File: 1344975975800.gif (67.33 KB, 448x394, lol.gif)

>all these implications

Continue the butthurt, drug addicts.


y can't we be friends


File: 1344977340878.jpg (23.39 KB, 700x394, yandere.jpg)

We can, just don't talk to me about your delinquent drug abuse.


wasn't gonna butt in but that takes the cake. you really shouldn't talk about looking stupid after posting these http://uboachan.net/purarara/res/92.html

@other anons please stop answering the slobbering cunt. I know you mean well but /n/ has enough shitposting without this argument.


B-but onii-sama, aren't I prettyful~?


I'd do drugs, then hit it Soutai


File: 1344979021980.png (76.33 KB, 857x1105, qcc5X.png)

I do flintstones vitamins.
Shit's unreal.

Also soutai.



Can't say I know what was there, but it looks like it was pathetic enough for him to delete it after that post

Your point is well-taken though. I'm out of this thread. And I apologize for the shitposts, even though honestly it just feels like pissing in an ocean of piss


I didn't want you ogling me, that's just creepy :/
Everyone I like already has the pictures though, so it's okay~


Takers of illicit drugs are fucking stupid and its a fruitless ordeal to argue with them. I am glad theres hardly any drug culture here in Australia as compared to the US. Our drinking culture is fucking bad enough.



are you kidding? there are shitloads of australian stoners. wikipedia's article on cannabis in australia: "Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia, with a reported one-third of all Australians aged 14 or older (33.5%, about 5.8 million) having tried cannabis and 1.6 million using it in the past year.[1] It is estimated that 750,000 Australians use cannabis every week, and approximately 300,000 smoke it on a daily basis.[2] Australia has one of the highest cannabis prevalence rates in the world […]"

also every nation drinks, unless they're muslim. personally I don't drink more than a couple times per year but most of the people I know do drink. only a few smoke weed


File: 1345042441567.gif (1.26 MB, 679x461, gif3.gif)

I'll be the first to admit that I drink far too much, but nothing hard. I just really like cider and a few different craft beers. Also, I don't ever drink to get drunk, just buzzed.

I like the feeling.


File: 1345053099015.jpg (46.68 KB, 460x455, 1341124138690.jpg)

you are obsequious

also I intake so-called illicit substances whenever I please


Nothing wrong with that, really. Supposedly a little alcohol is even good for you. That's only really valid if you burn the empty calories off, though.


yep thats a great idea taking illicit substances, why dont you take more?


File: 1345384812054.jpg (214.85 KB, 500x639, 1339785814676.jpg)

I had my time of that, when I was 15-16ish. Never done hard drugs, but I'd drink quite a lot, and I've smoked tobacco/weed.

I don't really see anything wrong with it. What a person does with their body is their own business, as long as they don't get so shitfaced they cause danger/disturbance to others. So as long as you're responsible and reasonable with what you put in yourself hue it's all a-ok.


File: 1345399419034.gif (305.86 KB, 395x296, 1341901174174.gif)

you speak as though you don't think for yourself

many illicit substances are perfectly safe to use in moderation


File: 1345760372096.png (119.21 KB, 500x500, 1329854840027.png)

Yes, some hikikomori do use drugs.
Though bringing that up seems to cause a lot of fruitless arguing, as usual.


I intake marijuana regularly. It's 100% safe. It's not like I'm going to die from smoking too much weed. The only reason I am able to procure said ganja is through a friend I've known since I was a wee toddler.


<obligatory comment about a guy who almost died from taking three marijuanas>


File: 1346599686433.png (299.48 KB, 488x414, her shirt.png)


>but he still couldn't quit the reefer

>last seen injecting marijuana crystals into his eyeballs with dirty needles outside a nightclub known to be frequented by homosexuals, communists, and homosexual communists

there but for the grace of god go I


File: 1346704516632.jpg (3.76 KB, 176x221, panicking.jpg)

>homosexual communists


LSD, Artemisia, alcohol and Marlboros.



I'm Neet, not so much Hiki, but I smoke ganja. (: I grew up with my parents dealing it, so its never really been a big deal.

I've also done Shrooms with my dad and his new girlfriend. (And our room mate. Bad trip, probably never again!) And k2, which is basically just a synthetic ganja.

I plan to try LSD and EX in the next few months, but thats about where my train stops. There's a lot of drugs that I'll never do for my own health and safety.

There's a difference between drug USE and drug ABUSE. (:


File: 1348231864690.jpg (33.3 KB, 460x639, 1340740044630.jpg)

I smoke marijuana every day. no addiction, recommend


>There's a difference between drug USE and drug ABUSE

Yeah — all you gotta do is go from A to B!


I used to smoke weed, but I have to control my NEETness in order to not have anxiety attacks with it.


I eat pills that I need to because of my brain diseases, but if the normal quantity of them is exceeded, I become happy and start doing things. It helps me much. Their primary target is to widen veins in my brain 'cause they're too thin and no oxygen flows through my head.


I don't have a source for acid or shrooms anymore and that makes me sad. I should grow shrooms… can't make my own acid though. on the other hand, I don't want to drop with anyone I know locally :/


don't give yourself a stroke brah


I smoke cigarettes and am considering starting drinking.


Much like Kaede here, I drink way too fucking much. Beers, whiskey, the occasional sake. Don't do drugs though, never found myself using them.


File: 1358202487012.jpg (153.58 KB, 523x4409, Kaiji.jpg)

Too NEET to drug it up. Whenever I've tried, it's been a very bad trip. Anxiety, horror, painful heart palpitations, feeling like my body was being stretched apart and the walls in my room sucked out to the horizon by enemy stars.

Conversely, drinking my brains out never scared me. Currently enjoying a licorice liqueur and wishing my present and future were different.


Because drinking yourself stupid is really going to help you change anything


File: 1358208032547.png (244.46 KB, 500x499, full richards.png)

Peasant please, some of us can have a drink without losing control of our faculties.

Besides, I'm wishing things were different because I don't see any ways to do anymore to change things than I already am. Having a drink in this context is just a coping mechanism - much like wasting one's time posting on Uboachan at the age of 27 is.



The way you describe it almost makes it sound like you're going to become an alcoholic. Yeah, maybe drinking makes you feel better, but the body can build up a tolerance to alcohol fairly easily. And once that happens, you'll find yourself drinking more and more just to get to that same level.

I'm not saying you are an alcoholic, nor am I saying that you WILL become one. But the "drink to improve mood" mentality is a dangerous one, and it's not too far removed from outright alcoholism. I've only known maybe 3 people who were alcoholics, but trust me: it is definitely a road that you DO NOT want to go down.


File: 1358252498131.jpg (57.6 KB, 750x600, CHOICES.jpg)

Ah, yeah, reading it again I can see it must've sounded that way.

I don't know if I'm on the road to alcoholism or not. I don't drink compulsively, and not on a daily basis. Probably weekly. And I never feel like my mood needs improving through alcohol, it's more like "fuck, if I'm going to feel miserable I might as well have a drink", knowing full well it's not going to up my mood at all. Is that addiction or volition? Kind of hard to assess from a first-person perspective.


With me, its because booze tastes really good with fatigue. I don't sleep much.


I've done plenty of prescriptions drugs recreationally before. So far, the opiates give the best high, but are also the most addictive. After a two week Percocet binge, I'm pretty antsy about getting more, even though I can't. I also have a reasonable source of income, so I can drink whenever I want, i.e. weekly.


Mail order drugs. Shrooms and other psychedelics, RCs and other assorted stuff.

The psychedelics I don't regret at all, great experiences and hard to abuse.


File: 1360878029488.jpg (146.36 KB, 450x640, drugs.jpg)

I thought those days were over when I was stuck in the house, but I recently found a way to acquire them. In an attempt to balance out getting high as shit with trying not to have a mental breakdown (psychedelics are my specialty), I don't do too much. Sometimes spending an entire day online just isn't enough escapism for me.


Silk Road has ratings, reviews, quality control and a pirate lord arbitrator. It's the Amazon of drugs, really. It has advantages over street dealers, even for those with the luxury of choosing between the two.


The only real difficulty with growing shrooms, AFAIK, is sterility, but you can get pre-sterilised grow bags that have a medium and just need spore syringes.

Re: weed growing detection: a few plants shouldn't show up. Law enforcement only have the money to take down big operations, and even then, they hardly care about weed compared to other drugs. You hear of college kids growing a single plant in their closet with a lamp leaning against the wall.

Yeah, IIRC, Australia (and New Zealand) head the leaderboards for weed consumption.

I'm convinced the only people who think it's two steps to full-on addiction are people with no experience of alcoholism or illegal drug use. There's the different between physical/psychological addiction, the individual's behaviour, the chemical, etc. It's a steep slope, but it's not an instant jump from experimentation to addiction.


File: 1360953508660.jpg (217.53 KB, 480x656, 1357844884741.jpg)

I am a 10 year hikki.
I have been living with my hikki GF for the past 8 months now. And I've been smoking Weed since I was about 14? I've also tried a lot of other things like. DXM. DPH. Acid. and a few other substances. I don't think it's as rare as people think it is though.

Picture Unrelated


How the hell did you end up living with another hiki if you're both hiki?


Cigarettes and alcohol.

I've tried weed before, didn't appeal to me enough to make me actively want it.


File: 1362186186549.png (48.69 KB, 294x200, ahyuk.png)

Drugs are bad, mmkay.


Pshh I don't have the money for that, and it'd make it even harder to get a job as every place now does drug tests. I wanna know who's paying for that; makes fuckall sense for companies to be wasting their moners trying to make sure their employees are on the straight & narrow when not at work…


File: 1362260129582.jpg (64.79 KB, 630x480, 1354382561844.jpg)

Drugs are for losers and faggots


My friends and I all started smoking pot at the same time. I smoked the most. They all began to bitch at and shun me, so I went through the grinder trying to cut back from "constant" use to not buying it at all, and we stopped being friends. I went without friends or pot for ~1 year, and then my friends came back looking for me, as it were, and first thing they did was offer me pot and (my choice notwithstanding) "got me smoking again."

It has kind of ruined my enjoyment of both weed and my friends, and I know for a fact that if they contact me to hang out, they will have weed, because if they didn't have any, they wouldn't contact me, as they can't seem to stomache doing things together without being baked.

With no money of my own, the only way I can get stoned is by hanging with them, which skews my feelings for them as people, and makes me incredibly mad that they could just do that to me, back and forth, smoke weed, dont smoke weed, heres a joint, dont talk about weed, LETS GET BAKED, you smoke too much.

I made the year 2012 my year to wean myself off of it gradually, both in need and desire, and 2013 seems like it's going to see me both drug-free and friend-free.

NOTE: Drug is used in this post to refer to any chemical compound ingested to induce alterations to a human's state of mind.

Weed isn't crack, but it can crack shit up just the same.

I still like it, but none of this is the same as it used to be.


I had a problem a bit like that before life landed me where I am now. The difference was that I was more often than not drunk or high on something when I was around people. Of course, at those times things seemed great, but there were two downsides. I became known as the "junkie", even though I never did hard drugs, and that puts off girls. Then, when sober, I realised how generally unpleasant people are, and that most of the people I spent time with weren't my friends, just people who were "there".


and people wonder why its made illegal


File: 1362485931176.jpg (30.75 KB, 354x480, drugs-can-ruin-your-life.jpg)

Because it's not a very good solution to a problem that won't go away anyway?


Not to sound like your local stoner libertarian, but illicit drugs are illegal because they have no recognised medicinal value (read: pharmaceutical companies can't make money off them). More people die from prescription meds annually than all illegal drugs combined.


I once climbed into an open grave, dragged the wooden boards covering the opening back into place, and smoked salvia 6ft under the earth, in the darkness.

I've never experienced a silence so impenetrable like when inside that grave.



I'm claustrophobic. that would be the worst experience of my entire life

how was it for you?



I started to sing everything I was doing "♪~♪~I'm cliiimbing out of a graaaaaaave, tooo-daaayyyy"

I started to sing to random objects around me, but salvia being salvia, the effects wore off in 10 minutes or so, and there I found myself, muddy and spaced, to make my way home.

A woman was buried there within the next couple of days.


You should try to put salvia under your tongue and lie down in a dark room. It's like having a really trippy lucid dream. If you stay active in a well lit room you wouldn't notice that much aside from the body high and the occasional auditory hallucination (which is kind of scary).


File: 1362781965887.jpg (34.62 KB, 223x310, 3 fleshformer.jpg)

You don't even know. It's a really long and crazy story. But basically. Facebook. Picture Unrelated.


Lol at post ending in 420, derp herp herp, etc.

That sounds both novel and terrifying. I've only smoked salvia roughly half a dozen times, and that was years ago. Because salvia is the kind of hallucinogen with the potential to be a really out-of-body experience, I'd never risk doing it a) at night, b) alone and c) in a fucking graveyard. That said, I did like that last line about the silence, though - reminds me of being on ketamine, alone and late at night/early in the morning.

Of course I don't even know… that's why I asked. To be a hiki and live with a hiki you met when he/she was already a hiki, one of you must have left his/her home. Not that it's terribly important, but it was just illogical, because I can't help myself.


File: 1364173134343.jpg (50.64 KB, 300x220, 110609_akira03.jpg)

I don't do drugs but today I tried out a new higher dose of my ADHD meds. RItaline, Methylphenidate. from 16 MG to 25. Or maybe it was 7 to 18? I can't remember. It was some kind of a 9 MG difference!

I took it at noon and felt fine, more attentive and less hyper than I am un-medicated, but for some reason slightly less attentive and more hyper than I am on my usual dose. Ever since 6Pm (~3 hours ago) I've started feeling weird, the volume of everything is going up and down, my eyes look funny and my vision is weird, and I feel like I'm floating. going back and forth from giddy to slightly nauseated. Little shaky. Ahaha…is this "high"? I hear people try to get this ritalin stuff to get high, you get high from it if you don't have ADHD and you take enough. This dose must be too high, I took to much, I'm moving a little faster than time right now, ya know? I can't decide if this is fun or not. I'm just sitting but I keep feeling like I'm dropping or falling. A little like I'm flying. then I feel like I'm gonna puke for a second but then back to flight. feels like someone keeps coming into the room but nobody's there.

Don't take ritalin guys oh man this is not fun make it stop


Yeah, my friend used to take ritalin. It was fucked up. I hated seeing him like that.

He's not taking them anymore though, thankfully.


I don't know a lot of people, but I do have this one friend from highschool. He got me into weed back than. I can go to his house and buy from him.

I can actually socialize to some extent if I'm high. It also cures my joint pains from the shitty bed I sleep on. However, I mainly use it to put my mind in a different state so I can explore different parts of it, and learn more about why I am the way I am.



Adult life is just kind of like that. Most people do something or other to cope. It turns out there isn't much reason to be proud to be a teetotaler unless you're a recovered addict.


Admittedly, I too use drugs as some kind of escape. I can agree with this post.




Well, it's either that or staying depressed and suicidal 24/7.

I'm a different person from who you're talking to.


>>3729 Pretty much this, although at first I thought it was pointless to say anything.

>>3727 This anon just wants to fight on the internet.





Do me a favor and blow your brains out with the nearest firearm available. If said firearm is not available please feel free to ingest ungodly amounts of bleach.





but im too poor to afford bleach


yes I'm better than you



Improvise. I heard that rat poison works too.


This person is just looking for attention and/or is a complete social wreck.


You forgot your tripcode


Don't have one here. I don't see the point in anyone imitating me. I guess I'll get one.


Congratulations asshole you've created a tripfag, I hope you die in pee


I only tripfag on small boards, it's more viable to be distinct here (and similarly "museum"-like boards) if you want to make a point sometimes.


File: 1364794726752.jpg (191.73 KB, 416x632, image_1363539686454743 (1).jpg)

>Thread derailed at about 13:57:39


File: 1364825449261.png (14.64 KB, 384x384, 1149376451715.png)

I have a script for clonazepam(generic klonipin) that I tend to take a bunch of at once to get high since its for "social anxiety" and my treatment is to avoid going out heh

I love smoking weed but my friend isn't buying much for me anymore because she says it's part of my problem. Damn it.


>I live in cloud


I use Lexapro… doctor's orders. Not sure how that counts.


File: 1407231523722.jpg (216.39 KB, 500x625, drugg.jpg)

>Drugs I raf

I never used drugs im not against people who do weed, since 80% of the youth does it anyway same for drinking I only used to drink a bit but thats 5 years ago now all the other drugs crap no thnx

drug users who say
>use drugs
>to expand your mind
>see visual things

Or just read a fucking book and think for your self and watch anime titties visual enough


File: 1407682065163.jpg (36.68 KB, 490x278, hiki.jpg)

Good for you but don't be all knowing about things you know nothing about.

I am drunk and very emotional atm. Hate it because I drank to forget about my problems for a moment. It is getting better though. The last few hours sucked.
Lying around for 2 hours while loosing myself in negativity and bad dreams.


And yet, we all rise again. You'll be okay. Promise.


we don't


Thanks for the kind words.
It is the cycle of alcohol consumption. Drink->euphoria->everything is okay->problems seem to come back->drink more->euphoria->more problems again->drink even more->…


Like the tides, the mood always oscillates, a cycle of highs and lows.

Your drinking merely increases the frequency and amplitude.


i don't except caffeine, non-daily.


File: 1411097602402.jpg (42.03 KB, 512x512, image.jpg)

Just experienced my first trip on 3.5 grams of mushroom, alone. I dont there's anyway to put into words what it was like. Im not sure if Im just sensitive to the stuff or if 3.5 of dried mushrooms is a lot, but I would say I experienced some form of ego death and god only knows what else throughout the duration of the trip. Felt like it lasted eternitys. Over all, I cant say it was a negative experience at all, scary yes, but more one of learning than anything about myself and everything else going on in my monkey brain. Sort of a sensory overload really.

Anyone else have experience with psychedelics? To be honest its kinda scary thinking about what the effects of LSD and DMT would be if just mushrooms are this strong on me.


File: 1411105405268.png (676.04 KB, 924x812, 1339470588915.png)

To elaborate, the drug really kind of gave me a perspective on just how insignificant and narcissistic humans are, but at the same time how we're all just organisms like any other doing what it takes to survive and be happy. I really dont know what to make of it all, honestly.



There is not a huge difference between LSD and Psilocybin. DMT is a whole different story. LSD just lasts a lot longer and isn't as dream like.
I had the feeling that something guides me through a trip on mushrooms. It has a very spiritual character to it.
Then again taking psychedelics is like putting a mixer in your brain. You never know what you get and you can alter your perception permanently or at least for a few weeks/months.


File: 1411133788300.jpg (329.9 KB, 800x680, 6c29b9bd7c41ca6002481de72f….jpg)

There seems to be a massive amount of ignorance on the subject of drugs here. Most drugs, whether illegal or not are safe if taken with care and moderation. Whether someone get's addicted or not usually depends on the person despite some drugs having addicting properties. A lot of human beings just don't have self control. Taking drugs does not make you stupid. Alcohol has killed more people then a lot of the drugs listed here in this thread. In my opinion if you need to drink to live then you are a loser. If you just enjoy it then you are not. People who take drugs to be cool is something only common with drugs like weed or cocaine. It's typical for human beings to feel the need for acceptance but this goes for a lot of things other then drugs. People drink to be cool as well. Psychedelics on the other hand, while on it I can't imagine anyone giving a fuck about their "cool status" in such a dream like state. I take psychedelics to explore the mind and know myself in an unimaginable way. I have never felt any abuse urges ever. Any one who says people who do drugs are losers are usually pretty unfamiliar with drugs. If they did a drug once and had a bad time I would cut em' slack of course. People who do drugs and don't do drugs are not better then each other in anyway. However I do have to admit that their are things you could never understand about the world or yourself without doing drugs. I used to be straight edge, no drugs or drinking. I was just like the "drugs are bad mkay" people once. But a lot of that is just ignorance, however some drugs you should just not touch(heroine).


Thats generally a psychedelic experience in a nutshell. Im glad it took you in that direction, or vice versa. Some people just take them to get "fucked up" and that to me is a waste of a spiritual journey.

I have some experience with psychedelics. Ive done Mushrooms, DMT, and LSD. Every time I did Mushrooms or DMT I would come out of it feeling like I just had the craziest adventure, and that sort of thing leaves you really motivated. The last time i did mushrooms, I started dressing up real nice, working hard at organizing my life, and being happy. I have no reason in the world not to take mushrooms but somehow it scares me. Part of me wants to die and yet that part of me that wants to die, and needs to die so I can help myself, somehow wont go without a fight.


File: 1412047408540.jpeg (125.31 KB, 579x819, 1f0734312becabe9c2ddecb06….jpeg)

Thats the fucking beautiful part of lsd

It still leaves you the ability to think while on it, and thats all the more reason why everything is fucking beautiful

Or at least for me right now
My freedom is coming this week dude
Im fucking moving out again and instead of like, anxiety that should be normal to focus on
There this that aspect of freedom thats only completely clear to me while under the inluence of this drug
Its fucking beautiful man.



File: 1412156114538.png (27.3 KB, 457x368, 1406397282378.png)


File: 1412301210499.jpg (438.62 KB, 999x1000, Alex_Grey-Collective_Visio….jpg)

Don't worry, I can't handle mushrooms for shit but I do fine on LSD and DPT (haven't done DMT so DPT is as close as I've tried). Only bad trip I've had was on shrooms (and I'm never doing em again, fuck). I found LSD and DPT a whole lot easier to think on than shrooms. But if the shroom mindfuck was too much for you and you want something super clearheaded, I'd recommend 2Cs. 2C-E is really nice with good visuals and introspection but awful intense and lacking in euphoria imo. Still I can think way easier on it than LSD or shrooms. 2C-B and 2C-I aren't near as intense and quite euphoric, good for starting out. Although compared to shrooms even LSD is way clearheaded. I only got serious mindfuck on 3 pretty strong tabs, and that wasn't as bad as a moderate shroom dose. Pic related, it's what my bedroom turned into during that trip.


DMT, weed, and shrooms are the only drugs you should be doing.

Hell DMT is so natural you release a shit ton of it during sleep. Learn to breath and clean out your system, you'll produce more DMT and connect with your innerself.


I have done a lot of fucking drugs. Mostly dissociatives and psychedellics.


File: 1413659936747.png (10.41 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Coming down off a 500 or so ug acid trip. Gotta say it was a pretty nice experience. Ego death, multiple realities, intense visuals, etc. I hate how its just so hard to explain or remember in vivid detail the things you see on the other side of egodeath. Every time I try to write the "knowledge" or information there is to be had from that side of a trip, something always reminds me that its best not to bring those kinds of things into my normal everyday sense of reality so that I can stay functional.

Like I said, kinda hard to explain. Anyone else get anything similar?


File: 1413722876202.jpg (122.42 KB, 979x648, 1406280598003.jpg)

I haven't tried LSD yet, but I once had an mind-shattering experience with dissociatives (namely MXP). It was the realization of the atomic structure everything is bound to. I got completely aware, that I don't differ from a stone, a dog or a chair on the lowest level of matter.
As the trip went on I became a universe, spinning eternally in the left direction (hitting my knee badly against the kitchen table). When I had a conscious moment I was like "omg, what do I do now? I will never see my parents, the world or myself in the same light again!". Also I had the impression, that I somehow could influence this world by will, so I tried to establish the world I knew, but that was pretty hard, as I couldn't remember properly how it was before.

This was like I saw the matrix with my very own eyes.

At some point I became conscious again and was on my bed in my room. I didn't know how I got there, but at that point the journey ended and I could sleep after a couple of hours comedown.

How much I took? Two times a pinch of crystals. The second after 3h or so.

A week later I got heavy flashbacks thanks to drinking beer(!) at a friends place.


File: 1413775602342.gif (108.65 KB, 172x200, 1405922403461.gif)

>As the trip went on I became a universe, spinning eternally in the left direction (hitting my knee badly against the kitchen table)
This is great


People use drugs here just because its fashion and cool saying they do


Except that's not the reason at all? How the fuck do you even get that. Most normies hate drugs


>Most normies hate em
That's the reason anon, its edgy and darky and all the cool teens use it even if they are just shit.



File: 1413818970253.gif (164.74 KB, 500x583, 1373848022914.gif)

So youre saying the only reason people use drugs is to be 2kewl? Yeah, id hate to break it to you but thats fucking wrong. Try em some time before making stupid generalizations.


I'm not pathetic enough thanks I'll pass


Please leave, and never come back.



It has nothing to do with being cool unless you are 16 and want to impress your schoolmates.

It has something to do with this.


File: 1413979805054.png (104.4 KB, 245x281, patchyfashion.png)

Sorry did you feel touched by my words anon?
>I dont like your opinion leave
Rule 1
I guess /n/ is like some kind of high school but you have a point, each person's willpower is different.


>like some kind of highschool
Except its not? What are you even talking about dood


I dunno, im high, becas its cool


File: 1413990524133.png (55.23 KB, 455x451, 559.png)

And that's ok.
It is very healthy not to take drugs and you can live a long fulfilled life without any illegal substances. I am happy about every person who never touches this first joint.

But those posts might sound highly arrogant in some ears and won't lead to anything productive. You don't need to tell drug users, with or without an addiction, that what they do is bad,
>pathetic >>12632
or trivialize by turning it into a laughing matter when you say it is just to be cool.

Trust me we heard those words enough. From the media, worried friends and parents and still decided to take drugs. The only thing happening is making some people posting in this thread angry. It doesn't help the ones who need help. It doesn't really solve anything. In the end it will end up being provocation even if it wasn't intended that way.
Doesn't this suck?
People won't take your posts seriously and everyone feels a bit shittier than before. Besides, most people on this board feel down enough already.


File: 1413992461308.jpg (34.43 KB, 340x460, 1413940291427.jpg)

>don't need to tell drug users that what they do is bad
But it is, they are supporting death merchants, lots of people die every day because of wars over that pest, its not even about the "being high"


Damn this is pathetic. You can't reason out with drug users, leave them alone. Personally I don't like people who smoke joints and feel mighty proud about it. I hope they get cancer.



Every person living in the western world with a certain live standard supports the suffering of the 3rd world.
If you eat meat you let animals suffer.
If you use cellphones containing Coltan you let people suffer.

Almost every asymmetric being destroys to fulfill its needs.

Even though this justifies nothing. Don't go all moral on this topic we all have blood for something on our hands.
Maybe all the drugs I take are fair trade.


File: 1413997920184.jpg (70.05 KB, 1008x378, 19ecf6ee.jpg)

>Humanity is not perfect so I'm allowed to be proud of buying drugs supporting el narco
>Don't go all moral
While just saying drugs support death


File: 1413998609981.png (567.46 KB, 1075x2333, coll kids clb.png)


I'm not proud to be a drug user.

The thing is you can play the moral/ethic card for so many things but I still like to eat meat, take drugs and talk on my phone.

What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.
I won't pretend to care enough to stop.
I am not even sure who suffers here in central europe when I take ecstasy. Someone, somewhere. I don't care.


File: 1414003390113.jpg (95.28 KB, 624x624, wat.jpg)

At least you are sincere saying you just dont care, you're right, and I'm not even pointing at you as individual, but the people who make drug culture look cool or edgy, it's almost the same as the atheist pop trend.

There are people who consume drugs and dont go over there spreading pro-acid propaganda, as there are atheists who respect people's beliefs.

It is about who is a retard, and who is not.


You forgot 4-using a tripcode for circlejerk threads


File: 1414004890954.png (422.92 KB, 1075x2333, coll kids clb.png)


I thought the very same thing five minutes after posting that image.
Here's edited version.


I actually agree with you. You can't live as a first-worlder without putting your comfort before that of someone else, sure, but the least you should do as a conscious person should be to try and moderate that. Personally I don't really feel too much empathy for cows and chickens anyway but people I do. I've never owned a cellphone or smartphone so I can't say I feel too implicated by the facts of how and where coltan is mined. I do feel guilty living as I do, as basically a leech that consumes a lot of goods that are produced exploitatively, but while it's not very possible to totally cut that without living in the woods (and even then in this day and age you're going o get taxed so even that isn't a foolproof solution), that doesn't justify doing cartel drugs just because why not.

Ironically however, the best way to minimize the effects of that is to decriminalize drugs, so yeah, you're best off not making it a moral issue beyond the support it gives for death merchants. Pretty sure I've heard quite a bit of news about the cartels hurting a lot just as a result of a few states doing it. Good stuff.


File: 1414027360076.jpg (1.73 MB, 1456x1000, 1408760982969.jpg)

I actually do use drugs to be cool, sorry guys

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