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My quest for Madotsuki's hug still alive. I'll never give up.
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Honestly I think this fandom needs more art that doesn't focus on Mado being a psycho. Can anyone draw a cute Madotsuki winking and giving a thumbs up?
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I remember seeing this really cool picture of mado a pretty long time ago. My depiction is just (as far i can remember) what it contained. It looked pretty bizarre and nightmarish
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Request. Pictures of Mado

Hi guys, can u give me some pictures in this style?
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mado jacket

merry Christmas just made this for the hell of it
should I make more?
also here
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Hi. I want a really surreal Yume Nikki picture. Got any?
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ahhhhhh this game
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i don't know if anyone posted this yet but if they did I will delete this. Anyway it was something i found 2 days ago while looking through my files =p
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Madotsuki confirmed for not being effay
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Listening to this soundtrack makes my cry, I have never once in 8 years cried untill now. I tried so hard not to cry but I couldnt.

Its ok to cry, right?
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Madotsuki is beautiful, why would she stay inside all alone??
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Personal Work

Fast sketch of Mado
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Post the contents of your Madotsuki folder. All of it.

Just do it.
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Do you think Madotsuki was happy?

I know she killed herself, but do you think she was ever happy at some point?
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Does Mado have a Yandere Face?
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What would her personality be like?
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what are your thoughts on Mado's current sex life?
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is there a mado version of this
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Is there any sort of Madotsuki merchandise?

And I'm not talking rubber straps, I mean figurines, plushes, even homemade stuff being sold. I'd be willing to pay money for something good, I just cannot for the life of me find anything.
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Madotsuki lookalikes

This probably belongs here because it is directly related to the character. Have you found any pictures of characters who look strikingly like Madotsuki? Post them here if you want.
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Our Goddess

Everyone should be more like our goddess madotsuki, so kawaii
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holy shit guys, for the last months i've been googling about the paracas culture and look what ive found

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Mado's symbol?

So I've been thinking about doing a Mado cosplay. I wonder what to do with the symbol on her shirt. Most people interpret it literally - that is, a checkerboard pattern with a red border. It could also be seen as a window (I think that's what it is). One person once said they thought it was a grayscale rainbow.

Point being: what do you think it could be, ubuu?

Also, my cosplay will be of a slightly "modified" Mado (it'll be fun, you'll see). So now I don't know whether to stick to the simple pattern or maybe paint something interesting. I did like to draw it as an open/broken/bleeding window and it could look good… But idk.
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My dumb video thread removed

I already regretted a lot of my posts and the videos themselves, but after this happened, I decided to remove the thread.

Sorry. I know I'm being a whiny little bitch here, but I think I'm gonna stay off this website for a while…
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Дорогой анон ващи некорректные действия раскрывают ваше припадочное состояние
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just showing off my "art"

mdtsuoki loung heir effvect, tottaly not moneoe
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Will get a Spanish version of yume 2kki
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since when was it raining blood

how weird
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Friend of mine doodled for me. Credit to Cinan.

What other festive Mados are out there?
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My friend and I are making some YN related joke t-shirts. So, could anyone share a fanmade picture of Madotsuki with the cat effect?
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My lady got me a commission for my birthday. I love her face.
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New Mado cameo thread.
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any other furry art of madotsuki??
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How do you think Madotsuki would feel about her fame?
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Dat gif

R: 20 / I: 5

Does that mean that Mado is a tsundere?
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The proper way of saying Madotsuki.

This is the proper way to pronounce Madotsuki by a Japanese speaker: http://youtu.be/3fj2cSzHMKk?t=9m37s

(I had no idea what to put as an image.)
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oh my god why did i dream this

ok so im a pansexual female and i had a dream last night that mado was my bae/bff and we dreamt and collected effects together and i stopped her from killing herself and i want to cry now and just oh my god now i have a crush on her what do i do
*pic not related*
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oh fug

Weirded me out that I recognized the source image right away on a non Yume Nikki imageboard.
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Hope I'm not making this thread in a wrong place, but I was hoping if you guys could share some wallpapers of this magnificent game. I'll post what I have found as well.
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How d'you think Madotsuki would be IRL

I personally think she'd probably be a bit of a bitch due to her insecurities, unfortunately.
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Mado's Personality

So we have a thread a few pages back talking about what she looks like physically, but what do you all think her personality is like based off what we know about her?
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Post your best/favorite wallpaper of Mado
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Madotsuki Pronunciation

How do you pronounce Madotsuki?
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Heavy question here guys

What did you feel when you saw Madotsuku kill herself?
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Why does everyone obsess over Madotsuki having a knife? You act like it's the most important thing in her life, like she's obsessed with murder and cutting, when this is never true. Hell, I'd say that she's afraid of the knife, since it's tucked alone in the middle of a massive, dark void. Nearly every version of Madotsuki either has her as a crazy knife-weilding psychopath, or weilding it in defense. It doesn't really come in handy in the game very often, either. If it held some crucial role, I'd understand, but it doesn't.

TL;DR, I'm tired of muh waifu being called insane.
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Original content. I had this Inception drawing commissioned at a convention in Iowa. Enjoy, Uboachan! (first time posting, I hope I'm putting it in the right place)

Crossover thread, I guess?
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Truth time...

Alright guys, don't hide it…

Confess your love to Mado!

Give us every… single… detail!!!
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is there a version of this picture without the text
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A friendly reminder

>You will never hug Madotsuki
>You will never bring her a drink as she writes in her dream diary
>You will never wake up to Madotsuki crawling into bed with you and snuggling against you softly as you pretend to still be asleep
>You will never hear her complain about the nickname Mado but know she secretly likes it
>You will never hold her bridal style and carry her to bed when you find her asleep at the desk
>She will never sit on your lap and play video games as you braid her hair
>You will never get a surprise kiss on the cheek from Mado
>You will never laugh with her
>You will never cry with her
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Reasons for Mado to leave her room.

Alright guys, in this thread, we give Madotsuki reasons to come out of her room and be happy…

1. I love her ;_;
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What race is Madotsuki? Is she Caucasian? What's she doing in what is apparently Japan? Maybe she's mixed-race? Or maybe she is Japanese, but done with a lighter brown hairstyle as part of the game's style (Only Monoe and Monoko have dark hair)
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I recently read a crazy long fan made theory/story about yume nikki on Reddit and I could never find it again. It's so upsetting. It was about her being in a car wreck? Anyone?
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yuki onna thread?
yuki onna thread.
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Man I love this piece.

… wait a second…
R: 13 / I: 3
Anyone know of any instances of real life people having the name Madotsuki, or kids being named after Madotsuki?

Picture unrelated.
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Eye color

What color do you think Mado's eyes are? I'm painting a picture and i'm just wondering what you people think.
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Gravity Falls

Hi /mado/ I’ve recently watch the show Gravity Falls and find a striking (and morbidly funny) similarity (design wise) between Madotsuki and Mabel Pines. I was wondering if anyone could share some fan art showing this crossover.

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How long do you think her braids are? Need to know for a cosplay. The sprites don't give alot of information. Also, what color socks do most people seem to think?
Sorry, English is not my first language.
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How old do you think Madotsuki is?

I always pictured her being around 11, whereas I picture Sabitsuki around 16, Urotsuki around 15, and Chie around 8.
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Why does everyone hate the manga edition? I've been a fan of this game for quite a few years, and I'm looking forward to seeing a manga approach to the game.

Also, I kinda like the way she actually talk. I really would love to see in the future more into Mado's psyche.
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God damnit.

I found this game and fandom a year ago, but i felt too immature and young to join it, so i let it be.

Now it seems like it's dying :(
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….suddenly she looked at me.
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this game isnt even fucking scary you gay weeaboos.
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Had a little too much fun with food.
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What we see when we think of Madotsuki.

So, Going off of the sprite, what would Mado REALLY look like?

Oh, you people hush!

As i was saying, before half of the people on this forum decided i was an idiot, I'm ALSO wondering about how the different players see her. I mean, we only have this tiny little sprite to go off of! (And yet there is so much fan-art!) How old is she? What is the color of her eyes? There are so many things left unanswered.

Pic sort-of related.
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It very bothers me...

Why the heck Madotsuki on Uboachan's main page doesn't have a nose?
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okay, just finished the game. i swear that was the gayest ending ever. you all are the biggest faggots i've ever seen for participating in a board dedicated to this horrible fucking game with the worst ending i've ever seen. SHE JUST FUCKING [spoiler] OFF THE [spoiler]!! actually upset i wasting time and invested hours trying to find all of the effects just for the awful ending. i was expecting at least some closure but all i fucking got was some blood stains and dancing fucking mushrooms. this shit was gayer than boku no pico. i'm so upset. i wanted to find out about her past and where she came from. there was no dialogue or text. we found nothing about her or where she came from. this board is dedicated to the worst story progressed game i've ever fucking played and i've played parappa the rapper.
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So I drew a picture of my favorite effect, Long Hair.

Does anyone else have any long hair effect pictures?
I love it.
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The Towel Effect

I cannot get enough enjoyment out of Madotsuki using the towel effect

It's so majestic
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Just had to post this old, but beautiful fanart. Does anyone else have anymore like this?
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Madotsuki Ask

you like YaoiPaddies don't you Madotsuki?
R: 64 / I: 48
Does anyone have any art of Madotsuki using effects besides Bike, Knife, Demon, Cat, Flute, and any other overly popular effects?
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Ricci would be a great mado…
Does anyone remember how she looked like in Addams Family.
R: 15 / I: 6
Would anyone happen to have a high-res image of the design on Mado's shirt? Trying to get a cosplay together and that's the only thing I'm missing.
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Um.. yeah.
R: 11 / I: 7
I wonder why they still haven't made a Madotsuki with Yuno face ): would be so win <3
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>There is no bike saddle.
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So I just found out that our little Maddysuki here is also known as "Vomit-Chan" by a lot of people.
Weird, huh?
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I want to do drugs with Madotsuki.
R: 21 / I: 3
Is this mado's favorite pastry?
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She jumped because she couldn't accept reality for what it is. How hard was that you morons.


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Hi guys.

Picture says it all
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Closed or not

If Mado's eyes are closed shut, why are Yuki Onna effect eyes red-colored? Unless she has red eyelashes or something.
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Alright, a bit of promotion here. This is my really good friend Quianna's art. She does a lot of really great Yume Nikki inspired things, and I seriously suggest checking out her artwork! I think that anyone who likes Yume Nikki would probably really like her artwork. Her deviantart is NatsuOkami and her tumblr is lambtoots, check her out!
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Sup /mado/

Leaving this awesome artwork here and testing out my new tripcode :P
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My little Madotsuki; Boredom is Silly
R: 9 / I: 0
This would prove the theory that Madotsuki was raped… Kinda..
R: 9 / I: 3
does mado want to be the guy
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R: 29 / I: 7
Man, I LOVE Vomit-chan! I came here from 4chan. What's the anime like? I heard she kills herself though.
R: 25 / I: 1
Madotsuki is a boy, right? I mean, he uses the boy's bathroom almost half the time! Also, she has very vivid dreams about his lovely penis.
R: 33 / I: 6
Guess who arrived in the mail today?
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When I try to play Yume Nikki my computer restarts.. any solutions to this problem?
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I think Her favorite color is pink.
R: 14 / I: 4
meanwhile at deviantart
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WIP - Some comments?

Uhh, alright.

Usually, I'm not motivated enough to draw anything, since I dislike my own artwork a lot, but recently I had the idea of painting a Dream/Diary Girls project.
I'm planning to draw all girls from the Nikki related games, starting with Madotsuki.
Also, I plan to make each one resemble a manga cover… anyway, here is the Wip of Madotsuki. I'm not very good, and I suck in anotomy and composition stuff anotomy, so here we go. I would appreciate some comments related to what I should improve.
R: 52 / I: 27
Guys, I do not know about the other boards, but /mado/ is doomed.
After that poney thread I realized how fucked we are.
We have less than 20 people, yet half of them are tripfags. Also, most of people here are teenager girls. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one male and born before the 90's.
If you are 20yo or older, male, oldfag from any other chan, and sick of this teenager pop crap, please, tell me I'm not alone.
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Everything is so bright!