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okay, just finished the game. i swear that was the gayest ending ever. you all are the biggest faggots i've ever seen for participating in a board dedicated to this horrible fucking game with the worst ending i've ever seen. SHE JUST FUCKING [spoiler] OFF THE [spoiler]!! actually upset i wasting time and invested hours trying to find all of the effects just for the awful ending. i was expecting at least some closure but all i fucking got was some blood stains and dancing fucking mushrooms. this shit was gayer than boku no pico. i'm so upset. i wanted to find out about her past and where she came from. there was no dialogue or text. we found nothing about her or where she came from. this board is dedicated to the worst story progressed game i've ever fucking played and i've played parappa the rapper.


File: 1364526997668.png (1.15 MB, 960x1049, 2453_6096_960.png)


So you expected a happy ending with all explained and didn't made your own theories…?



>you are being exagerated they said
YOU SEE? YOU SEE?? SUMMER! I fucking told you


theorizing about a game without a story is like guessing what an unfinished painting would look like

it shouldn't be praised for missing content.


File: 1364527155375.jpg (108.98 KB, 532x748, 1362448326823.jpg)

>inb4 doritos


File: 1364527347930.jpg (193.9 KB, 599x600, 1363195942368.jpg)




look, we discussed this already right? The game itself it's about guessing and theories, if it had a script, dialogues etc it would not be different from any other game… You don't like the game, what are you doing here? Now go back to facebook and your FPSs




I just finished playing through this game with Mobling after he showed me the game. I had a hard time getting into the theorizing but after I drank a 4th of vodka I really got into it. It's not a game with a definitive story or characters. If you're looking for that go play COD or something. This is a really interesting game with plenty of open room for communities to come up reasons and explanations for things. I must admit, it seems almost lazy in some ways that there are no story elements, but who knows if it's on purpose or not? Even if it wasn't, look what this has turned into! It really is a great game with a great community.


>this board is dedicated to the worst story progressed game
Wrong, the entire website is, the board is about madotsuki, also you should have posted in /yn/
>this shit was gayer than boku no pico
yet you played it until the end wich makes you…
>posting this troll thread when Project YN appears
6/10 nice try, but less rage would make it more intersting




>I dinn nt unerstard d pont f d entr pst…


File: 1364527860027.jpg (40.71 KB, 600x640, 1363749352712.jpg)

You seem upset.


File: 1364527983292.png (313.33 KB, 500x434, 1363768509336.png)

you seem fukkin gay kid i mean that dog looks so srtupid and ur post makes u look like a little retard why don't you go moderate ur mum's asshole


File: 1364528300467.png (144.9 KB, 300x650, 1337044076822.png)



Tell me anon, what made you feel the need to say this on an imageboard full of people who adore this game? If you did not enjoy the game, that is okay, everyone has their own tastes but the people here really do enjoy this game and you posting your negative thoughts about it on an imageboard dedicated to the game makes no sense at all.

So why did you do it? Your logic makes no sense to me.


That's because he's a very low level troll without logic
Sei you're sexy



Not OP, but are you kidding? That's the best place to post something like this! Somewhere where you can feast on the tears of enraged fanboys/fangirls by telling them about how shitty their game is, and them for liking it. Or at the very least, get some answers about that ending.

Echo chambers are boring as shit. That's why the TV Tropes forums are so terrible, because no one's allowed to disagree or really argue without getting banned. Well that and the fact that it's full of pedophiles. And the fact that the mods are all either pedophiles or just plain idiots. And the fact that Fast Eddie is probably the worst admin I have ever seen in my life.

No joke, I'd say a fansite is legit the best place to post a scathing criticism of something, because that's where it will stick out the most, and have the most effect.


>the best place to post something like this!
Yume Nikki General



Posting it in the wrong sub-board just means more rage.


File: 1364837524177.jpg (332.9 KB, 1280x720, 1357256179080.jpg)


I would say it only means foolishness…


File: 1365189952447.jpg (233.84 KB, 640x600, 1364844618683[1].jpg)

You gotta give some credit though, Kikiyama sure knows how to make a penis more disturbing than it should ever be allowed to.



Aww… did poor anon get butthurt? Let me go get a fuck to give you to help it… oh wait, I have none!


>hating on Parappa


File: 1365304047928.png (67.73 KB, 306x400, Parappa.png)

P to the A to the R to the A~♫
A groovy beat to know OP's an ASSHOLE~♫


File: 1365621616814.jpg (36.4 KB, 600x357, Bored_at_Work___Parappa_by….jpg)



I dunno, it doesn't look like upset anon's the one who's butthurt here.

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