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File: 1318026683756.jpg (820.4 KB, 1944x2592, WP_000024.jpg)


Guess who arrived in the mail today?


File: 1318106274164.gif (490.02 KB, 320x180, 1316884816881.gif)




What exactly is it anyways?



Rubber strap, hang it on your phone etc


That's freaking neat-o :o!!


How much??


I just imagined this music to go with his dancing





Yes, that works quite well.


Guys click here: >>171

It's a pretty good site. I collect a lot of weeaboo shit so yeah. I had no idea they had Yume Nikki stuff or I would have tried to grap the Monoko and Masada charms!

And…what exactly are these? http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=CGD2-12417&template=default/product/e_display.html

What's a Sleeve Pack, lol?



Put them over cards and whatnot~


File: 1318732263114.jpg (38.41 KB, 480x480, 1318642406665.jpg)

Saw this in a 4chan thread about the Artscow online shop.

This shop had a promotion, 2 years ago, where they gave mousepads for free. Lots of people got like 3 or 4 mousepads with customized pictures.

Now they're doing another promo:
With the WOW2011 code, you can get up to 200$ in things for free, but this time you have to pay shipping costs.

Basically, you can use any pic and make a mousepad, dogtag, watch, just check what things can you customize.

I'm sorry if this is considered advertising or something, just wanted to share it just in case anyone is interested in making some Yume Nikki merchandise for themselves.


Did you order from this site? Seems kinda sketchy but I may just be paranoid. How is the quality of the products?


I can only say about the mousepads.

I got one of them in that last year sale, and I'm still using it.

Quality is better than expected, the material is good but the edges are kinda unpolished, though.

Here's a /jp/ mousepad thread from that sale:


I was the OP of that thread, ordered all 5 of my mousepads earlier today.

Quality is pretty good, very much worth it considering you pay so little for shipping


File: 1318803273841.png (31.52 KB, 265x163, Screen shot 2011-10-16 at ….png)

I'm totally making some t-shirts. I totally want these flip flops, lol.


I just made like 20 shirts, and put in the coupon code. It doesn't put any discount on shirts. I am disappointed.


>>283 here,

Woah, I recognize you!, I've seen you on /v/, promoting Yume Nikki threads.


File: 1319058147845.jpg (32.49 KB, 480x480, Madotsuki Pocketwatch.jpg)

I like how this came out.



I love pocket watches


I got a notice from AmiAmi that said their backordered yume nikki phonestraps are unavailable. :( Maybe YN will get Figma one day…maybe…


I ordered an Al Ree one from N'oubliez Jamais, waiting for it to arrive.


File: 1320574466189.jpg (59.22 KB, 638x876, liselsia_first_i_was_like.JPG)

>mfw people order stuff from my game


I can't seem to find it anywhere!


What do you mean?


Problem is solved. Googling it only gave me a musician.
I found it anyway. great game.


File: 1323575323325.jpg (193.6 KB, 425x640, tumblr_lw0s8sEOgB1qa6cw3o1….jpg)

Oh shit these are cool.
I put the card sleeves on my old Digimon cards. I don't play much TCGs.
I wish I got a chance to order the other characters, I hope they make more.

OK, off to /t/ to connect yumenikki to Digimon.


Is it worth the twenty dollars?


Dear God. Link me.



They only have card sleeves in stock on that site at the moment, just search for yume nikki.


If you have spare moneys, why not? I'm not good with money though, lol. If it wasn't merchandise like this it would be weed.



I found this stickersheet. Anymore Yume Nikki swag elsewhere? We should post them all here.

I think I'm going to try to frame my phone strap and make a little Yume Nikki swag shrine, and the same with my Earthbound swag. (Actually I got the idea from seeing so much framed stuff on earthbound sites.)

I jut like saying swag…


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