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Happy Holidays!
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File: 1396308816164.png (102.41 KB, 862x734, fucker.png)


I already regretted a lot of my posts and the videos themselves, but after this happened, I decided to remove the thread.

Sorry. I know I'm being a whiny little bitch here, but I think I'm gonna stay off this website for a while…


Uh, booger, you might want to talk to Sei/Writer about this. If it gets to something more than collecting pictures and gets to your personal information or harassing you, give them their IP.

Jesus fuck how creepy.

You should probably be more careful with posting pictures/names or using the same nickname on several places, especially if the information is public. The internet is a scary place sometimes.


File: 1396315538500.jpg (45.68 KB, 261x355, 1318002103610.jpg)

Uh, >>2012 here. Looking back at that post I just noticed I really sound gross and creep as fuck. I am also feeling pretty bad for not noticing how unsettling >>>2011 was and how smoothly I answered as if was a joke. Really, I want to die now. I'm really a dickhead. Stupid fucking piece of shit I feel sick of myself.

About the place you upload your files, don't worry, you yourself gave me the link as a sign of trust on the IRC once, and so I never shared it nor I took pictures from there with any kind of bad intentions. Only cosplays you've done that I liked and some images like the "just according to keikaku" jokes that I used sometimes here. Checking my IP will reveal who I am so, I hope, it will make you fell less nervous, at least regarding myself as a possible stalker, though I can't speak for the other poster.

I know any kind apologies will never be enough, but I want you to know I am deeply sorry. It wasn't my intention to scare you/make you feel uneasy at all, but it seems sometimes I am just too fucking blind to see the obvious things that I deserve a couple of bullets in my head. TOO fucking blind. Too fucking stupid. Too fucking cancerous.
This can't be fixed so easily and I just keep doing these stupid errors again, and again, and again. It's like I'm doomed to fuck everything I touch up, crush, hurt, even when it's not my intention at all.

I really wish I was dead sometimes.


File: 1396317427773.jpg (1.45 MB, 1444x2000, 109bf5c92fa581c61a4867d226….jpg)

>be cute girl
>post pictures on the internets
>stalker appears

When something happens in ubuuchon, nothing happens. It's just another mod scarred.


Please tell me again how and why is stalking okay. Posting pictures on the internet, while might be a security breech, does not entitle anyone to collect them. It does give that possibility, but the act itself is still something extremely off, and the choice and will of the stalker. Do you think that "she was asking for it" is a legitimate excuse to rape somebody, too?


I'm not saying it's okay or that booger was asking for it. I'm saying it happens and there isn't an effective way to prevent it. "Better beware" doesn't mean "it's your fault if something happens". As you said, posting pics online makes collecting them possible. And there's no collector if there's nothing to collect.

I'm not happy with the outcome as it is now. I wish one day booger could become an adult and live happily ever after as a good woman since now she's such a good girl. If it didn't come through from her subconscious or knowledge before, maybe this will make her turn inward and become a little cynical like an adult should. I'd be lying if I said she wasn't ridiculously cute and adorable here, but some things have to end sometime. I'd argue childhood is one of them.

implying people are pro-rape is bad manners. So is my post's mean tone. Can't say I feel bad or ashamed, but I can't say any of that was necessary or good (or even neutral). Stalker person, killing yourself won't solve this. God I'm thankful I can post "anonymously". implying someone couldn't find my address and name


Dude, if collecting pictures of people on the internetz is stalking, then I have a bad case of porn stalkery.

Even the guy in the pic says "I'm not really stalking I just saved pics".

Unless she's getting creepy phone calls, spams, etc, it's not really cyber-stalkery I guess. Nobody is actually taking pictures of her without her consent.

If that thing was never posted, she'd never know anyway. I don't think this whole thing is harmful.


>saving pictures you technically already have on your hard drive by virtue of downloading them in the first place after someone ELSE posted them is the same thing as raping and/or stalking someone
If you're going to post something online, you need to consider that someone will probably save it. How they use it is what matters. It's not a matter of others being "entitled", you're pretty much agreeing to have these things archived somewhere online by putting them up.


The thing that makes this weird isnt saving pictures of someone, its the amount of pictures saved. Where they didn't exactly do anything wrong i can see where Booger would be kind of freaked out. Who knows what some stranger is gonna do?


File: 1396360826897.gif (77.1 KB, 250x277, Eyebrows.gif)

i am laffin.
>be anon
>admit you have shitload pictures of booger
>be booger
>be suprised


I wanted to clear things up, I PERFECTLY understand this, and I think it's correct.
And THAT'S why I feel like crap.
I'm regretting having so many pictures of myself so easily available.
I feel really stupid now

If you're someone that I was friendly with, then I feel more safe but kind of offended, I guess. Like, I have no real issue with saving pictures of me, but they way you showed me just seemed kind of aggressive and made me realize how much danger I'm putting myself in


My problem is not that it happened, but how it's considered something normal and it should be no big deal to her. I am very paranoid about putting anything personal about myself up on the internet, yet someone I don't know collecting information about me is still unnerving. I had a person follow me around in an mmo before because they saw a screenshot of my character somewhere. It's unpleasant. If I found out that someone collected actual, personal information? I would be very, very scared.

Booger should be more mindful about what she puts up on the internet, true, but that does not mean that what was done should not be extremely unpleasant and uncalled for to her.

I will give another example, as I obviously didn't mean this=rape.

You are in high school. There is this cool popular person that you only exchanged a couple words with. You go to their facebook, get all their pictures and put them in a dedicated folder. Creepy? Y/N? A more extreme form of that would be building a shrine for them or something like that.

Also >saving pictures of porn [to fap, with full consent and intent of the pornstar] is the same as saving pictures of a random girl and her family members [for ???? without her consent.]

My point is, those who did that should seriously re-evaluate this habit.


File: 1396375385653.jpg (68.33 KB, 600x600, 1356376339233.jpg)


Just to make things clear, I'm not the brazilian dude that showed you that pic. I'm the post that follows it.

No, I don't think I will ever make this up. You're in your right to be offended, I wanted to post something like "Oh, I also have pics about booger and I enjoy editing her pics to make jokes", but it ended up like "I also have 30gb booger image dump u pleb I am the queen of stalkers". I really didn't mean it that way, but apparently I'm too fucking retarded to realize what kind of post I was answering to and it seems I can't even express myself well so just I end up fucking shit up.

I like you booger, because, as an user, I consider you are very cheerful person in a place that tends to be pretty dark/depressive, which brings some light. You're good too, don't judging others and encouraging people to do things they'd like to do.
But that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with you or anything, nor that I have a huge folder with your pictures. I saved your mado cosplay and some pics you have a sailor uniform/hat, besides some images with captions. But it didn't went further than that.

I feel bad because I feel like I am acting like a creeper while unnecessarily scaring you and betraying your trust. I understand how unsettling having someone saving your pictures compulsively is, but I ended up bringing up that kind of image upon myself with my post.
I still can't understand how I can be this stupid.


well jeeze if you're not 2011 that changes a lot.

You're fine, dude. Like, if both of those posts were the same person that really changes the context. I think I know who you are and if I'm right than it's cool.

I'm fine with cosplays being saved and stuff, but the way that >2011 had pictures with my mom and niece and boyfriend really made me feel weird. Hell, even I save pictures of my friends and I have folders for them. but it's like, a "this is my friend so looking at pictures of them makes me smile" thing. I can get if someone was saving my pictures like that. That's kind of like what you were going for, right?
Brazil-dude just came across as gross and impersonal and stuff. Saved pictures I'm not exactly happy with them having.


It's not, though. No one's denying that this is a "creepy" thing, but at the same time it's not that big a deal as long as we're assuming the anon isn't planning to do anything unsavory with the pictures and supposed information.
Even if he *hadn't* saved all those pictures of her and her family, he could still get to them just by clicking around the site a bit if he wanted to.
And yeah, that scenario is a little bit uncomfortable, but posting photos of you and/or your relatives on a private FB for friends and people you actually know is a bit different from posting them on an anonymous imageboard that's open to everybody.


File: 1396394580146.jpg (67.32 KB, 1280x720, deal with it.jpg)

Brazilian dude here.

This is me giving fucks as I watch this thread.



Joke is on OP. There are reasons why chans are anonymous and sharing pics on the net is at your own risk…


What is this drama and why I wasnt involved

Damn I'm getting old

brazil chan is now a cute animu gurl nice


this is the most unimportant, nothing-actually-happened shitfest ever


Wow Booger, you're a fucking wuss.


>post pictures on internet
>regret when find out anyone can save and collect them
This is why you don't do this.
This is also why things like Facebook are cancerous and screwing over the next generation.



back to >>>/pol/ i go


You know… you are his waifu.


2314 get


I come back here now and then but mostly forget the site exists for months at a time. Is booger-chan really gone? :(

I know the whole point of chans is to be an anonymous poster, but I like small communities that have regular posters who you get to know. Booger-chan was one of my favorite posters on here, some of her posts on the otaku board reminded me of really nerdy shit I've done in the past and am not brave enough to talk about like she did.

I don't post pics of myself on the internet for this exact reason though. I was proud of her in weird way, for not being scared of doing that. Booger if you read this you're a cool internet person. I hope you're doing well.

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