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File: 1389027692742.jpg (246.52 KB, 1124x2048, image.jpg)


>You will never hug Madotsuki
>You will never bring her a drink as she writes in her dream diary
>You will never wake up to Madotsuki crawling into bed with you and snuggling against you softly as you pretend to still be asleep
>You will never hear her complain about the nickname Mado but know she secretly likes it
>You will never hold her bridal style and carry her to bed when you find her asleep at the desk
>She will never sit on your lap and play video games as you braid her hair
>You will never get a surprise kiss on the cheek from Mado
>You will never laugh with her
>You will never cry with her


I-I-I mean…
It's not l-like I care…


File: 1389031996430.gif (612.8 KB, 230x273, mado.gif)

It would be cool to have Mado as a friend. We could play nasu together and shit.

I don't think she would do things like cuddling up to you or kissing you on the cheek/sitting on your lap though, she doesn't really seem like an imouto type to me. Or, at least, imagining her like that feels extremely out of character….oh wait. Right. You will never do that.

She's probably more likely to stab you.


File: 1389032613606.gif (619.35 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

Why must you ruin my dreams.


File: 1389037946854.png (265.26 KB, 2504x2488, sadfrogsuki.png)


>You will never hug Madotsuki

That was for me, right? I know it was. You made all this topics, but this one is specifically for me, right?

As the OP of the a-few–years-old hug thread, I may say you are wrong.

I will do it. I will.


File: 1389070921179.png (11.46 KB, 643x445, Pls_no.png)


Unless you lucid dream yer way into creating a thoughtform of Mado.


There's only so many canon traits we know of poor Mado. So I suppose I'm too hopeful thinking I can have Mado.


File: 1389840369882.png (374.19 KB, 800x800, ibaZEImgmxljbX.png)

>You will never flip light switches on and off endlessly with her because of something she saw in a dream
>You will never listen to her play the recorder while in your arms
>You will never get to gaze at the sunset with her on the balcony
>You will never jump off a building holding eachother's hands
>You will never be stabbed repeatedly, frozen in time and pulled towards her while she's a cat
>You will never get to see her beautiful eyes when they're open
>You will never be able to see her smile


File: 1390238419727.jpg (137.22 KB, 600x600, Madotsuki.full.1611572.jpg)

>You will never sleep next to her and be there to wake her when she starts stirring
>You will never brush her bangs from her forehea dthen kiss it
>She will never act totally tsundere towards you
>She will never sit by you and play NASU
>You two will never sit next to each other on the balcony
>You will never slowly put your hand on hers
>She will never take her hand away and turn her head
>You will never see that she was smiling when she turned her head
>You two never slowly fell in love after months of playfully picking on each other


File: 1390360986557.jpg (333.38 KB, 435x600, Madotsuki_by_mushisotisis.jpg)

>you will never come home to find Madotsuki leaning against your fridge silently
>she will never give you a chillingly hollow look as she brandishes one of your knives
>you will never shout in panic as she stalks toward you menacingly
>you will never feel the agonizing pain of her burrowing the steel into your lower gut, twisting it as she goes along
>you will never feel her cold lips graze yours as you sink to the floor
>you will never scream and gurgle as she stabs you multiple times in the same area
>you will never feel a mixture of agonizing pain, terror, and arousal as she peels the pants off of your bloody body, knife still lodged in your abdomen
>you will never watch Madotsuki gargle on a mixture of your balls and your blood
>you will never hear Madotsuki's low grunts as her hips buck against your own
>you will never feel her tight, lukewarm innards squeezing your own
>you will never feel your life slipping away just as she exhales with her orgasm
>her cold, unmoving glare will never be the last thing you ever register


File: 1390362816425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.69 KB, 274x200, This pleases me _691612f5b….jpg)

This pleases me


File: 1390414106316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.01 KB, 221x228, 12879345.jpg)




File: 1396232852500.jpg (266.06 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n2hxgnU8V31rkk9x9o1….jpg)

course' I can do shit with Madotsuki. She's my bff, yo.


I got real confused because I ahve that totoro purse and I used it at setsucon.
"I don't remember taking any pictures with anyone during the breif 2 hours where I was mado…"


Ironically enough, that is actually me.
…and it was taken at Nakakon.


I'm the kid with the Totoro purse, I didn't really make that clear.


I highly disapprove of this use of the word "ironic"
Although it is vaguely ironic that it is you in the picture, it is only due to the fact that for a split second booger thought it was herself who was in the picture and not you.
This is not enough to constitute the use of "ironic" although it is accurate in a sense.
Because booger realized that it wasn't herself in the picture, the loss of a double audience makes the fact no longer ironic.
Please be careful when using the word "ironic" because if you aren't careful and someone knows what the word actually means you can seem fairly ignorant.

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