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File: 1316718531713.jpg (328.84 KB, 739x908, f2672250be68bf27164f7629259…)


Madotsuki is beautiful, why would she stay inside all alone??




also, 'sup kuri


File: 1316725981828.jpg (9.3 KB, 308x264, faggot dog.jpg)

Because Scowl.jpg


File: 1316726052682.jpg (55.45 KB, 656x762, 1315485489492.jpg)


cool this board is actually sufferable and not immediately repulsive and creepy now. oh wait thats cause theres no posts hahahaha


cuz she dont wanna get raped


She already got raped?


File: 1316837998115.jpg (148.57 KB, 710x423, 1311981570961.jpg)

No. She did not.



hrm, I think Mado's beauty justifies even more the famous rape theory…


I would love her tenderly, if you know what I mean.


>implying artwork
What are you, twelve?


File: 1317151636669.png (146.43 KB, 603x393, inthefresh.png)


File: 1317164856133.png (1.3 KB, 50x75, Madotsuki_Normal[1].png)

Actually, beyond this we don't know what she looks like
her being beautiful is just fan speculation.

Even if she is pretty; beauty doesn't equate to being social. Some people prefer to be left alone. In contrast, not all ugly girls are nerdy recluses.
There's more to a person than appearances.




I think she's actually a 40 year old bipolar/agoraphobic woman on medication.


I think her left leg is actually a penis



This, the sprite leaves room for possible dumpiness or homely features.

I think it's somewhat unfortunate she is always portrayed as cute or perfect as she is in fan art. I think it romanticizes her situation a little too much.


File: 1317274746994.gif (479.12 KB, 160x120, pigtails[1].gif)

I think this is the true madotsuki


Easy, how can you say she's beautiful with all the artwork making her so? You have 4 main sprites of mado, that's it.
She could be 10 for all i know, ignoring loli right now.


Agreed. It's wrong to assume that Madotsuki is definitely an attractive character.

That said, we all have our own personal images of Madotsuki. Her beauty depends on what we prefer her to look like.


I remember watching a video of a gorgeous girl that made I video complaining about bully, and then three days later killed herself. I tried to find this video, yet I did not find it, I did find lots of others arcticles and news with gorgeous girls kiling themselves for a variety of reasons, lots. It's hard to understand, but most girls killing themselves in japan, US and europe are attractive… I've seen tons of videos where chinese ugly girls beat up a silent, non-reaction far cuter girl. There are places that being cute is very stressful, the men only want to fuck you, and the women hate you.
Well, I personally think she is cute.



I remember watching a video of a gorgeous girl too


If you look for videos of 'cute' girls offing themselves or being otherwise tortured, you'll find them, just like if you look for videos of 'cute' girls not killing themselves or being beaten up, you'll find those too. IMO, focusing on beauty is restricting and wasteful for both 'cute' and 'ugly' girls.[/s]


fuck this, i'm not arguing with a moron over the internet at 3am


File: 1317700930995.png (626.81 KB, 644x748, Toriningen_by_lmputation.png)

Being "cute" or attractive probably manifest themselves as burdens often enough to some people, but no more than any other aspect of a person. Cute girls certainly don't have it especially tougher in any way, it's just hard to be anything, as people are ready to zero in on anything they can find. You're always bothering someone with something about you.


I think this was a great post, until the little dismissive eye poke. Maybe you could expand on it at an hour you find more suitable.

I remember in the old board, there was a photo in /cos/ with a chubby girl dressed as Madotsuki, and people were just taunting and making Fat Effect jokes. I don't understand what Mado as a character means to people if this is the reaction. Is her general depiction as an adorable young petite girl an essential part of her value now?

That anecdote seems somewhat ironic, as I'm sure that mean spirited instinct in people help create shut-ins.



What these two said. Beauty is a vague, irrelevant thing when it comes to personality. Pretty girls can be manipulative bitches, outcasts, social, charming, victims- pretty much anything. Same can go to ugly girls. It depends on what you make of it.

I think fans just make nearly every Yume Nikki character pretty and cute (also applies to males and monsters), but that's just how we prefer to see something that we can choose.


well, from the looks of things we apply beauty to a rather vague sprite because we like mado, also the fact that if she looks like a well kept girl then she'll look more attractive to the eye, which is a bit of a stretch given her situation.
i mean think of it this way, some people are scared of monoko, and when drawing that you would make her look more scary to express your feelings about her, others really like her and make her look adorable.
there is probably more artwork that displays Madotsuki as a sympathetic character since after all she isn't really doing much and we like to be romantic about the situation but really, there are theories that she's a murderer so you do have the other side of the coin there.


Easy. The Toriningen are not as pretty as her, and bullied/threatened her out of school.


Would it really be that serious? If I were a girl, and a bunch of people went continuously pointed out how pretty I was, I don't know how emotionally damaged I could be.


Beauty does not equal happiness. A girl can be beautiful and know it and not have any problems with how she looks, but be sad about something else in her life. it's not like looks are the only thing girls think about.


Every fucking time a guy hits on me I get more uncomfortable and don't want to talk to any of them. What makes them think they can just step up to me and hit on me like that? am I supposed to be complimented by the fact they want to fuck me, think myself more valuable because THEY would think to want to have sex with me???? I don't want to hear about you wanting my body, i wanna hang out with people i can talk with and be friends with, i wanna hear about how you like me for who i am, not what i look like… really. :/ what am i, visual entertainment? fuck that. women are NOT public property.
people coming up to you and telling you you are pretty is CREEPY.
If go to a bus stop and observe, you will understand why it is emotionally damaging (and physically threatening).

even if it was done in a kind and nonsexual manner (telling your child they are beautiful and handsome), why put so much value on appearance? why put value on it at all????? what value does it even have? what in your life is made better by being prettier? are you a better artist because you're prettier? are you a better writer because you're prettier? can you design a marketing technique because you're prettier? can you use computers better because you're prettier?
you know?…


Body acceptance and positive body image are crucial to health. if a child grows up never being told they are wonderful and look wonderful they will be affected, surely. … but positive body image and self-acceptance definitely SHOULD NOT rely on adhering to a standard of beauty (unfortunately, as mentioned in this thread, it is. for too many people.(just one is too many, folks…)).

compliments on appearance aren't always negative, but they have a time, place, and conditions where they are APPROPRIATE as opposed to invasive or insulting/degrading.

all bodies are beautiful. all. bodies. are beautiful.
and madotsuki is beautiful, no matter how we imagine her to be… fat, skinny, pear-shaped, burly, petite, hairy, flat-footed, small-chested, large-chested, long hair, short hair, blond, loose, braided, bunned, with makeup, without makeup, covered up, wearing a kimono, anything.


I also think that the portrayal of madotsuki as only being cute/pretty is, in general, an artist's/illustrator's problem, on the whole.
From the very beginning of time there have only been "visually pleasing" characters and people. perfect proportions fitting to the standard of beauty at the time. The desire to draw something we LIKE to look at is… well… there… and everyone before us has done it, so we are compelled, in looking to the people who have made art before us (consciously or no; the images are everywhere around us all the time and we internalize them all)
media is pretty crazy.

a way to tell if an artist is good and conscious of their drawing power, i've always thought, is their capability to draw something "ugly." even guro can be visually appealing, with nice shapes and perfect bodies and lacy insides, instead of gruesome, realistic, hard, grimy, grotesque, "misshapen", ….
….. realistic.

I'm sure you all notice how unrealistic most media is.
(or, i hope.)
yet the majority of all populace accept that as the norm…
funny, huh?


No, really. Don't state your opinion as fact. That sort of stuff kills discussion altogether.


There's nothing wrong with a compliment; so long as the guy isn't a jerk about it (ie touching) just take it for what it is. Guys are naturally sexual deviants and you really shouldn't just antagonize somebody for a single aspect of who they naturally are. What's wrong with telling somebody they're good looking? It doesn't contrast everything else, it doesn't automatically mean you think everything else is pointless, it's just a compliment. How can that be emotionally damaging?

>all bodies are beautiful. all. bodies. are beautiful.

That's all a matter of opinion, don't state it like a fact. Oh, and I thought physical beauty didn't matter?

Now you're just ranting, calm down.


Then eat a couple tubs of ice cream, cut your hair boy short, and and buy some 2 dollar dresses. Go outside and see if being ugly is any better. Why would you even let strangers get to you so bad? This is one thing I hate about you girls, the way you care SO MUCH about the way strangers think. It doesn't matter. Didn't you just say "all bodies are beautiful" and all the shit about the media? If you were a true individual above society's bullshit you wouldn't let them get to you.

But it's 1 am here and I'm waiting for my damn food, so sorry if I'm sounding weird.


>madotsuki iz hotz
>we make madotsuki look like we want her to: attractive/hotz. also, this is what attractiveness/hotness is. because I said so.
>is appearance everything?
>"i dont understand why girls would be like x, y, z. who could be scarred by compliments???? i dont get it."
>girls come in and talk about all of these things



This thread is fucked, just let it die already.



Well sorry if we don't follow your example and start kissing the ground these posters walk the very minute they say they're girls. Also your argument fails because those posters also follow the "x is x because I said so" rhetoric you're so keen on applying to the rest


File: 1319352866459.jpg (12.89 KB, 450x329, WARLOCK FACEPALM JPG.jpg)


The King of Evil now disapproves of this thread


File: 1319355889843.jpg (20.65 KB, 680x368, KING OF EVIL DEMANDS JPG.jpg)

The King of Evil now demands cute pictures of Madotsuki


File: 1319356032409.jpg (19.89 KB, 682x366, THE KING OF EVIL WAITING J….jpg)

…He's waiting…



Well, it's not necessarily natural to comment to a random stranger about something (regardless of whether it's good or bad) so I think it's fine if she decides to antagonize guys that hit on her, as long as it's not like "holy fuck there's something wrong with the male race they're all horny bastards" because of a few sleezebags.

That'd be like me deciding to hate all women because they're hormonal and bitchy, while not all women are.


File: 1325353495689.png (846.11 KB, 900x700, 1319002917493.png)

or we could have just posted pretty pictures…


File: 1325387152661.png (1.01 MB, 429x600, 90-Isolation.png)


I always pictured Madotsuki as a cute girl, but not knock out gorgeous. And like someone else said, a lot of 'attractive' girls are depressed/ suicidal. I saw the video that guy is talking about with the pretty girl killing herself cause of bullying. Our society stigmas stereotypes that only fat/ugly ppl are bullied and that's a terrible myth. My ex was very beautiful and she was a cheerleader, but she was depressed and at times suicidal. She would self-harm. She broke up with me cause we both had psychological issues. My mind-canon of Madotsuki is similar to a lot of the theories of her being raped and the lesser known one about her being born a boy and she is a transgendered woman. Both are psychological hard to deal with and could lead to depression, isolation, disturbing dreams, anxiety, and even suicide (which is basically Madotsuki in a nutshell.)


I imagine her pretty normal looking girl, not beautiful but not ugly.


She's beautiful and tragic, the virgin mother of a spirit of perdition. I want to meet her, see her, speak with her, but she is beneath the earth ;_;


No. Why did you resurrect this thread. Let it die.


I feel like the fact that she is alone and therefore not tainted or effected by anyone else adds to her beauty.


Because how you look does not equal how you feel.

You must truly be the Asperger Overking.


maddy was an ugly little pig ;_;


Please let this thread die holy fuck. There has been no logic used to argue anything thus far. Everybody just stop discussing this because the longer the discussion goes the more obvious that most of you have no idea what you're talking about or how to logic.

>Tl;dr Go home and learn to logic


Because the world outside is so ugly…
And in the end you're just alone outside as you are inside…


Because the world outside is so ugly…
And in the end you're just alone outside as you are inside…
maybe :3




Fucking buzzwords.

I always related to yume nikki because I am autistic and I guess autists/anxiety disorders are similar to hikkikomoris.


File: 1346363876298.jpg (56.73 KB, 500x375, godDAMMIT.jpg)

Why did you douchebags have to bump this thread stop posting in it you goddamn aspies



How 2logic




But why.


Mado is a beautiful gitl


I love when some motherfucker necrobumps a fucking useless thread and everybody gets mad.


bump for you


Goddammit anon.


File: 1431823750711.jpg (14.17 KB, 236x250, Rest_in_peace.jpg)

Thank you. Good work, soldier.


File: 1437009740811.png (313.12 KB, 462x414, 1407364041548.png)

Did somebody just say useless thread?


I'm doing this. I'm sorry.

> Why put so much value on appearance? why put value on it at all?????
Appearance can mean quality for breeding. It's all animal instinct. In the past there was a greater liking for fatter individuals because fat meant wealth. I do also wish people gave less value to it, though.

Actions can have many effects. A compliment can be as good as a moral boost or as bad as an insult. This variety do render the discussion moot, but It is worth to point out probability. In a society where compliments are generally viewed as good, most people will like them. So there is a greater chance that Madotsuki is ugly. :(
>Guys are naturally sexual deviants
Asexualisty exists.

Most people don't know, but Madotsuki probably looks like this:

She lost her keys.


File: 1445463467034.png (81.12 KB, 526x480, derp.png)

Absolutely infinite self-loathing.

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