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File: 1369322282889.jpg (261.56 KB, 937x800, Depressed_mado.jpg)


God damnit.

I found this game and fandom a year ago, but i felt too immature and young to join it, so i let it be.

Now it seems like it's dying :(


File: 1369333990656.jpg (197.69 KB, 1280x960, 1369156891890.jpg)

I'm pretty new myself but to me it seems more active than a year ago (with Project Yume Nikki and stuff). Though the fangame side seems to have slowed down a bit. I think a lot of the devs just stay off Uboachan now which really sucks


File: 1369339214611.png (593.53 KB, 1000x1500, 1340714691582.png)

Funny, i just found the translation of the manga.

God, i hope that was fanmade. That first chapter was horrible ._.

I also never realised that .flow is actually a fangame, i thought it was just another game by the same developer (never took the time to investegate it).


File: 1369340684993.png (129.48 KB, 320x313, 1327636495489.png)

We're terribly sorry for the slow death of our beloved Ubuuchan.

First the PDP thread now the manga >>1518 is mentioning has people saying:
Poor Praesul had to do something about it, it was getting that bad and he didn't seem too happy doing it either.

What have we become…?


I'm here since 2 years and I can tell you this site was pretty dead by that time too, but we had less shitpost.
There's people here from 2009 though, I still consider myself a newfag.

>What have we become…?

See this >>>/sug/1284


It's written by not Kikiyama, so yes it's fanmade. And this isn't some "fraud" shit either, the writer is Machigeritta. A music writer with the notable distinction of not being Kikiyama.

I guess we were too busy being…well, faggots, to ask "hey can Machigaritta write? I like/hate/fuck that Vocaloid shit his music but how are his manga creating abilities?" Well we learned that he's not that good. Or maybe he was trying to hard to pander to everybody that he ended up making some bland over literal shit.


Well, "literal adaption" was one of the approaches I'd have liked so I'm pretty satisfied.

I just want to relive Yume Nikki in a different format, manga in this case.
Also interested in seeing the backgrounds turned into something more… spatial, tridimensional.


File: 1370894206633.gif (869.37 KB, 400x211, tumblr_mlbbbqgSus1r88u00o1….gif)

>Trying to start a shitstorm


How so? I'm just voicing my opinion. Unlike other most people I didn't say "everyone who like the manga is a tween faggot that likes to suck corporate fraud cock". It's not even that I think it's the worse thing ever or that it somehow ruins the Yume Nikki name, I just don't like it.

You see, the difference is I respect a person's right to have an opinion as long they convey it and in a respectful manner ie: like a fucking adult. Also, I don't spam single word posts that just say "fraud".

If something I said some how offended you then I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but frankly speaking, I don't like the manga how it is so far. I don't think it takes enough risks in giving a personalized interpretation. This is Machigeritta, I was expecting a horrific surreal fuckfest not some dramatized Let's Play. Granted however this is just the beginning and it's too early to make definitive judgement, but I'm judging what I've seen so far.

Though to be honest, I do find it odd that the manga opens up the same exact way my first play through was; going to the number world, turning around then heading to the forest and getting the Frog effect. You know if this like one of those magic perceptive things where everyone sees a recollection of their own personal play through then…


File: 1370909229557.jpg (18.84 KB, 288x150, tite-kubo-troll.jpg)

everyone who like the manga is a tween faggot that likes to suck corporate fraud cock


>I was expecting a horrific surreal fuckfest not some dramatized Let's Play
I feel same way.
Manga has good arts (to be honest I saw better fan art than this), but story is extremely poor. Even if authors is afraid to add something, which is understandable, they could at least interpret gameplay. Damn, when I'm playing YN I can see dreams behind pixels and Mado's feelings about it.
In manga it's not Madotsuki, it's averaged player OH I SEE HERE I CAN SAVE AND THIS IS HOW I CAN AWAKE MM OK.




File: 1375786782479.jpg (289.71 KB, 758x457, yn1.jpg)

Yeah, one of the main things that was compelling about YN was its silence, almost to an oppressive degree. You're left to wonder "if all this is in her mind, what the hell must she be thinking right now?" It added a lot to her as a character. It forced the player to try and identify with her and form their own conclusions about her mental state.

…and I'm pretty sure NONE of us assumed her thoughts were "uaa which door do i pick uguu~~~"

I also felt it was annoying that she's now "trapped" in her room, as opposed to refusing to leave it. Her outright refusal to go outside was a really important detail about who she is. Now it's just like "oh no someone locked me in, i think I'll play nasu and sleep"


File: 1375795233869.gif (122.73 KB, 500x606, tumblr_mp1cszA2WA1s2jsz9o1….gif)

I feel the same way OP, it took me too long to appreciate how good a game Yume Nikki was.



There is nothing that implies that she is willingly barricaded. Hikki Mado is pure fanon.


There is nothing that implies that she is unwillingly barricaded, either.

And the ending seems more like something a voluntary shut-in would do than someone trapped against their will.

Seriously, man, don't be daft.


If she was trapped in her room, there'd be more obvious signs. Such as her banging, or looking more sad or despondent instead of just shaking her head.


Maybe she's already tried all that and given up. We don't know at what point in time the game begins, we don't know the circumstances.

It's fine if you like the interpretation of hikkikomori Mado but trying to say it's absolutely canon is laughable.

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