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File: 1326818056653.png (65.47 KB, 152x255, Wow cool looking.png)


So, Going off of the sprite, what would Mado REALLY look like?

Oh, you people hush!

As i was saying, before half of the people on this forum decided i was an idiot, I'm ALSO wondering about how the different players see her. I mean, we only have this tiny little sprite to go off of! (And yet there is so much fan-art!) How old is she? What is the color of her eyes? There are so many things left unanswered.

Pic sort-of related.


Nn I'm a weird artist so I like to think of designs as close to the sprite as possible. And I love typing. So here comes a large nonsensical rant off the top of my head sorry.

I like imagining that she'd be rendered a bit like Ness or Lucas from Brawl in 3D, maybe with the head a bit bigger or wider.

Her hair is obviously in brains behind her, somewhere between shoulder and elbow length, with either red ties or beads at the end. She has more of a forehead than Poniko, but sideways it makes her bangs still look like they're coming down rather than being pulled back. She's always looking down at the ground, as her eyes are always lower than the other humanoid characters, and become level when she sits down on a bench, most likely due to tiredness.

Age is really hard to peg. I'd put her somewhere between middle school to high school age. The monochrome girls seem to be wearing school uniforms, after all. Honestly anywhere between 7 and 17 for me, probably 14ish or younger.

Shirt is a color similar to cerise, sleeves as the main color. The logo on her shirt… It's hard to think. When I first started playing I thought it was similar to a Mickey Mouse icon for some character she liked, then I started thinking just a checkered, then a window. For simplicity, it's a grey and white checkered pattern with a red border around it.

Skirt is probably knee-length, as with the uniform of the monochrome girls. I personally think her feet have red socks on. Not sure why they're a bit shiny, but there are shoes on her balcony that she probably leaves off while inside, and she's sleeping all the time.

Anything else is really just too much speculation. I just draw her in a chibi-style similar to the sprite. Eye color… I want to say hazelish, because it goes well with her hair and a nice counter to Poniko's blond hair and blue eyes. Cat effect makes her eyes red, true, but I like to think they're just glowing red cat eyes with slits down the middle.

Personality wise, she's most like a Link I can think of. She really is mostly a window to her dreams. Everything she does feels empty, almost pointless.

THERE'S MY OVERLY ANALOGICAL OPINION ON HER APPEARANCE. What can I say I just woke up and had a sudden urge to rant.


From my perspective, Urotsuki has red eyes. Her sweater is mildly big for her, or kind of baggy. Her skirt is knee-length. Her braids are hip-length. She's somewhere between four and five feet, she's kind of short. She's somewhere between 13 and 15. Personality wise, I'd say she's kind of like a mildly emotionless girl, but, she kind of gets annoyed sometimes. Either that, or she's easily scared.




Fascinating! I'd love to see a drawing of that! (Also, a bit off-topic, i always thought of the Lucas in brawl to be like Ten year old Lucas from the first part of the game. he seems mush older and taller in the second half)

About her age…It's really hard to peg. On one hand, she looks short, and very young. BUT she has dreams like…YOU KNOW! And only a mind that was seen some very strange things can create things like that. So she might be older.


i bet she's ugly as fuck.
age? doesn't matter. 14 year old japanese girls look the same as 30 year old japanese women.


>BUT she has dreams like…YOU KNOW! And only a mind that was seen some very strange things can create things like that. So she might be older.

i used to visit gurochan when i was 12. i mean, i can't say i've seem some shit but i guess that this sort of thing feeds your sick imagination.

also, i think that madotsuki is a female representation of the creator of the game.


I just realized that, even though she seems like a teen to most people, she might be EXTREMELY young due to the fact that she is so short that she needs to climb a staircase to jump off a balcony


Snorlax Eyes
Squeay shoes
Shut in



Or maybe Kikiyama just didn't want to animate her climbing it?


I imagine Mado to be in her mid to late teens. Scrawny and malnourished, she is always swimming in clothes too large for her. She isn't very tall due to undernourishment as a child. She's generally very waifish and sickly.

She wears a tightly knitted mauve sweater that hangs to her hips. The sleeves overlap her hands until she rolls them up. Her maroon skirt falls just short of knee length, unpleated and wrinkled. She wears bright red slippers/house shoes.

Her braids are loose, and fall halfway down her back. All of her hair is constantly disheveled from her tossing in turning in bed, though she tries to keep it parted out of her face. Her eyes would most likely be brown.

Her skin is pretty dry and thin, pale from lack of exposure. Her eyebrows are sparse. Her cheeks are sunken. Her teeth aren't perfect, but neither are they a wreck. She has bags under her eyes constantly, and sleepily lidded eyes. Not a very pretty girl, overall, but not hideous. The only thing that would make you look twice at her would be how sick she looks.


"I see Madotsuki in her early twentys. She was rather short for her age. She lived in an apartment that was, In fact, Bigger than just her room. She had sleepy, Darkish brown eyes. She wore a short purple skirt, An old pink sweatshirt that was" a bit "too big for her and a pair of red slippers. She was pale and weak. She had light brown braids that came down just below her shoulders."

Yeah, that's all I got. Personality? That's another question.


File: 1328338435631.jpg (306.8 KB, 512x696, 1322052013902.jpg)

I see her as being around twelve years old, fourteen at oldest. She's short, maybe about four and a half feet tall. Definitely shorter than the other characters in the game, as well as Urotsuki and Sabitsuki. Her sweater's baggy but not long. I picture her skirt as being floor-length and corduroy. Her eyes aren't always closed, but she never bothers to open them all the way and they're kinda baggy. Her shoulders are slumped forward.


File: 1328572234185.png (205.36 KB, 384x680, goodnight.PNG)

Just like Rlabs
But with sleves longer than her arms. Like in pic.


What do I imagine Madotsuki to look like?
Hmm. I see her as an average girl, normal, even. But everyday/night, she locks herself into her bedroom to sleep and dream.


File: 1329835355272.jpeg (219.26 KB, 700x1000, 5875_c427_700.jpeg)

>parents died

12-15 in my opinion.
Just because she lives alone, doesn't mean she's 20-something.
Compare her size to Poniko's size.


File: 1330293690073.png (249.94 KB, 500x535, Umbrellaeffect.png)

>Implying the dreams would have correct hights.

Also, How do we know Poniko is a kid? And don't say "Poniko mean Ponytail Child durr hurr". That is a fan given name.

QED, bitchs. Pic un-fucking-related.


File: 1330530020640.jpg (17.63 KB, 150x205, 1328422761187.jpg)

No one knows anything about the damn game his theories have as much power as whatever you got.


Pretty sure that's her RPG Maker object name.


Duh. That's easy.
Everyone knows Madotsuki is Shizuka from Doraemon.


When I first saw Madotsuki my first thought was that she looked like me. A few months and a crush on Masada later… I discovered that I am almost exactly like Maddy. I don't go out that much,Because of autism and paranoia I'm anti-social,I have a strange mind and appearance. And Aztec Rave Monkey and FACE are alot like the things I dream of.


She is ugly


A window
Uboa, Monoko, and Masada (there are 3 sets of black and white.)
Just a girl


I think she would be cute, but unkempt.


I'm horrified about how much that sounds like me, except I'm not short.


i always kind of imagined her with a big nose

you know, keep it a little realistic


Always tired
Stares down at the floor a lot
Small for her age (10-15)
In and out of the hospital frequently (imagine your own reasons)
Messy bangs, braids that are coming undone from lack of care
Red hoodie faded and "pilly" from being worn too much
A plain brown knee-length skirt
Ankle warmers or socks similarly oversized like her sweater
Crocs, indoor sandals or similar footwear

I guess that's it.


Mousy hair. Okay, now I'm done.

If she wasn't so ill and malnourished she would be kind of homely and skinny-fat.

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