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File: 1331851347226.jpg (9.12 KB, 225x225, vomit-chan.jpg)


Man, I LOVE Vomit-chan! I came here from 4chan. What's the anime like? I heard she kills herself though.


It's pretty good, but the episode order is kind of confusing. I personally like the part where she gets raped and has a sex change.


File: 1331852469099.gif (451.94 KB, 300x227, tumblr_m0wjbuXAp91qb95o5o1….gif)

asdfghjkl my blood is boiling so much you could make some kind of sick twisted tea from it asdfghjakhdfbaskhate


You need to learn what a troll is.


You need to learn what sarcasm is.


Oh my God, is the anime really that bad?! D:


File: 1331855326697.gif (357.38 KB, 300x227, tumblr_m0wjbuXAp91qb95o5o2….gif)


B-but… ;_;


Don't worry the english dub is really great.


Just looking at it now. Can't believe they got Crispin Freeman to play as Googlyeye-kun!


Don't forget!
Julie Nathanson as Madotsuki
Yuri Lowenthal as Masada
Laura Bailey as Poniko
Johnny Yong Bosch as The Midget
Christopher Sabat as Uboa


File: 1331868465545.jpg (16.23 KB, 204x220, 1331504955048.jpg)

>> namefag
>> says he's from 4chan
>> mfw
>> 2/10


Holy shit, everyone on this board is stupid.


Care to give a reason? You're here to by the way.


The first season was great. Half of the second season had a shite story ark, but the movie more than made up for it. Crispin Freeman was hilarious as ever, of course.


File: 1331930829733.jpg (63.55 KB, 655x641, sweet-jesus-have-mercy.jpg)



>Wrong use of "to."


HOW THE HELL DID I KNOW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT?!? I swear a few minutes after I posted it I said, "I bet someone will call me out on that 'to'" And you DID!


File: 1331961684180.jpg (37.03 KB, 442x477, 1329208824826.jpg)

this thread


It's a really kawaii anime. Yume Vomit-chan goes on a car ride with her sisters, Twintails and Long Hair, and their father, Tall Alien. They get in a car accident and her whole family dies, but then they come back as spirits to live with her forever, while she lives with a perverted blonde girl named blonde girl! They have lots of fun and drink lots of tea and eat candies and have secret parties!


I stopped because it wasn't funny anymore.


okay, definitely not interested in this anime

i thought there would be wayyyyy more vomiting


>0/10 bad troll.
>not even form /b/.
>try harder kid.


File: 1332173915533.jpg (125 KB, 800x566, 77f6dd041e5ab9d6e0675bbc04….jpg)



File: 1332175633350.jpg (633.58 KB, 780x780, mado-chan.jpg)

this thread.


can people really not tell being silly and having fun from trolling these days



It's a bad case of retardedness that's commonplace in the internet nowadays

People have no idea what trolling means so they just call anything that can be seen as misleading (even if only by mentally handicapped people) a troll. Best solution is to ignore and move along


This thread gave me a few larfs. 'Twas good.


That was from that one episode where Poniko was making perverted onions and it irritated Madotsuki's eyes, and for revenge, she ripped up a bunch of Poniko's yaoi doujinshi, right? Haha, that was so hilarious! And then Poniko took her clothes off and was like "WE'LL MAKE OUR OWN YAOI!" haha, so funny!


polish-style trolling yea

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