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Why does everyone hate the manga edition? I've been a fan of this game for quite a few years, and I'm looking forward to seeing a manga approach to the game.

Also, I kinda like the way she actually talk. I really would love to see in the future more into Mado's psyche.


>trying to start a shitstorm
>wrong board


I'm not trying to start anything. I just legit want to know why you guys hate it, and everyone's opinions of it in general



It violates YN canon by not having any rape.


My partner says that if Mado doesn't have a penis, it's not cannon.


To me, it feels too forced. It's pretty much just an overdramatized "let's play", as someone already perfectly described.

The art is nothing groundbreaking either.


Since it seems to be going for a fairly comical route, I'm just kind of taking it in stride and not applying much criticism to it. The way I see it, this manga probably isn't being because the game had such an incredible plot that HAD to be converted to the format of a visual novel for the sake of carrying on the series' integrity to an entirely new audience and frontier in the media world.

It's probably being made just cuz people will make a manga for practically anything that other people like/enjoy. They're not giving a thought to the fact that the game doesn't translate well into… words… I guess. It's just to see the 8bit style of the game drawn into something more detailed and visually impressive, and also satisfy the not-quite-so-hardcore fans who want a semi-logical, verbal explanation no matter how ridiculous it is. And I think it accomplishes that much.


File: 1377437523447.jpg (459.27 KB, 876x1236, 14.jpg)

The manga is "good". I didn't liked the fact that she was trapped in her apartment, like, seriously?
The art isn't bad, just isn't incredible. The way that Madotsuki talks is a bit funny, but i would prefer if the manga doesn't have dialogues.
But, in the end, i think that the manga is "average", not good, but in the other hand, not as bad as people says it is.
(Just my opinion though)


Mado's inner thoughts are the biggest flaw in the manga, imo. They kill the atmosphere entirely.


I really don't want it to start at a dramatically sad route. You have to remember, Mado is only a kid. Kids tend to try to forget their sadness and when it comes it just comes in one huge bursts, and afterall, we don't know exactly the darkness is in her, so everything is in interpretation. So this is just the mangas interpretation to it.


We don't know Mado's age, though, and it's possible for young people to get Depression.


File: 1377788652060.jpg (282.62 KB, 1228x1028, 1338775216369.jpg)

I don't like the manga because as someone else said ITT it's very forced, also Mado's comments are very… ugh…

>Mado is only a kid.
…See pic


File: 1378290310847.png (110.95 KB, 275x298, mado.png)

I'm talking about according to the manga, and how low she is to the door knob.
Also, what do you expect her to talk, being a kid from japan?


File: 1378305571994.jpg (172.27 KB, 1052x704, HOLYSHITDUDE.jpg)

>According to the manga


I like you.



Yes, the manga that this thread is about.


I personally love the Manga, at the very least take it for what it's worth. It takes a lot of it's own liberties here and there but that's kind of the point when it's meant to be a Manga adaptation.

I'm pretty lenient on the canon of the games myself, but I'm not going to judge a manga over something as miniscule over Mado speaking her mind. Especially with such an early translation.

It's better than having nothing at all imo.


I dislike the manga because Yume Nikki is a story that can only be told in the videogame medium, the one requiring the least exposition.



I feel like the plot is being too faithful to the game. The scripting is very lazy and boring. It would be more interesting if it were more fanfiction, like the .flow manga.
Although, I believe part of what makes Yume Nikki so great is that everything in it is subjective, much like the player is experiencing a dream, and interprets everything without rules telling them how to feel. So, I can understand wanting to stay faithful to the original production. However, it could have been executed better for sure. Instead, it feels like the protagonist is the player instead of Madotsuki herself, with incredibly bland monologue like "This place is spooky I'm leaving..". Maybe they could have done something in similar fashion to Angel's Egg, without using much monologue. At some points I feel like Madotsuki talks too much because of how bland her thoughts are, and even more so, her over-use of monologue actually sort of makes the manga feel less subjective. Also, I feel like if there was less monologue, then maybe the actual story would be more eventful. Actually, it would do good to interpret things a little differently and give an interesting twist on the game, because it feels more like fan art than a story - I don't feel like I'm really presented with anything new. And it's not only the same as the game, it's a worse experience as the game.

At the very least they could have made the immediate plot more eventful, and had her go to the mall first.

also Madotsuki looks like a monkey.


I like it, I mean it's no 10/10 but it's still enjoyable.


If you guys never played Yume Nikki. And read the manga, what would you think of it?


Fan stuff is okay, but at what point are artists trying to hijack the original content, and usurp it?

They remake an old movie, and the new version is "the movie" now…only purists care about that tattered old original, and they don't know anything (because they are smelly and lame)

The American team that made Silent Hill: Homecoming - - -

They make their own Silent Hill, and include what they wish the other games had included, to satisfy their own desires, that players may now "do those things that they wished you could do" in Silent Hill…only, it's no replacement, equal, or a part of the canon.

Silent Hill Origins took this further, by taking icons from the series, such as the seal of Metatron, and making scary little girls throw seals of Metatron at fire to dispel it. Utter nonsense. Why not have Jesus make a cross with his hands to scare away dragons? It doesn't apply to anything but their own desires.

Relating to topic, an artist decides to put what they think Madotsuki would say or think, so that you can read what they think she would say or think.

In this way, artists harm the original idea, by enjoying it so damn thoroughly that they have to put themselves into it, and then give it to you, and say, "How do you like MY THING?"

It was never theirs! It is Madostuki's!


File: 1384176163416.jpg (13.71 KB, 259x195, autism.jpg)

le creepe kawaii mango for tumblr girls


I'm the guy you quoted. Agree with all your points and props for having seen Angel's Egg. I'm not a frequent poster here but I imagine it's popular.

Both Angel's Egg and Yume Nikki feel more like they take place in paintings than narratives, so the comparison is quite apt.


If a Yume Nikki anime were ever made, it would have to be paced similarly to Angel's Egg; very little to know dialogue, focus on scenery and music.


I haven't read it yet, but I imagine Yume Nikki doesn't translate well into anything that isn't.. err.. Yume Nikki.


The problem with the Manga is that it reads like a bad Let's Play of the game. In fact you could say it's problem is that it is TOO MUCH like Yume Nikki; a literal playthrough in manga form, which is n't any fun to read at all. Maybe if manga Mado would shut the fuck up for one panel, but noooooooooooooooooooooooo



Hmm… I don't remember Uboa grabbing Mado's Umbrella and beating her up with it in my playthrough, or the fact that the diary got smothered in ink by an exploding pen.

Those must have been really rare events I've missed.


I don't remember Mado saying "oohh, this is a door. Ohhh, this a forest. Ohhh, I'm walking. Ohh, this is spooky. Ohhhh, these are numbers. Ohhh, a frog! Ohhh, look at that. Ohhh, OHHH


Funny, because she only specifically says "Oh" twice in the manga. But is it really such a big deal that she speaks her mind occasionally?
Considering psychologically she is mostly by herself in this world it would seem more likely to me that she would talk to herself.


It's a big deal because it is not fun or insightful for the audience to read. She literally just describes what she is seeing.

Now I agree that the manga seems to be headed into an interesting direction with Uboa and Madotsuki losing her memories, but again, it SEEMS that way. I will hold my reservations until the next few chapters.


It get's annoying when she's just saying things that we already see. She's adding nothing new or interesting with her dull narration. The tone and mood would be completely different if not for the show-and-tell style writing.


is this porn manga dialogue


The Yume NIkki fanbase isn't much better so idunno what you're trying to say



I request rule 34 on this!


The manga is ok, but it can't capture the dreamlike atmosphere as well as the game, which was the whole point of the game in the first place.
The weird sound effects, the surreal music, the sense of dread when toringen are chasing after you, is something the manga can't reproduce. YN is one of those games that doesn't translate well into other mediums.
Also the whole game was made vague so that you kind of make up the story yourself.


I actually really like the manga. For what it is (it being giving a plot to a game with absolutely no plot whatsoever), it's pretty good. I like that they gave Madotsuki a bit of a personality, as well.

To those of you saying, "BUT ITS NOT LIKE THE GAME" or "ITS TOO MUCH LIKE THE GAME", how about you grow a pair and make a manga yourself? There's no solid story or character there, so the writer has to come up with one on their own. If they didn't, then it wouldn't be a manga. It'd be a picture-book.


To be fair, you can't really incorporate a dream-like atmosphere into a manga. You can't make a manga be like the game, because in a manga there is ALWAYS a story. If a manga didn't have a story and was "up for debate" the way the game is, then it wouldn't be entertaining. It'd just be a bunch of fan-art strung together in a book.

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